In Today’s 24 Hours Newspaper – How To Get Featured By Print Media

In The 24 Hour Newspaper

I am a featured story in today’s 24 Hours Newspaper. If you live in the Vancouver area, you’ll be able to grab a copy at your local newsstand. If not, you can read the full article online by clicking the above picture. 24 Hours also filmed a video with me on tips to make money with Twitter. I’ve embedded the video at the bottom of this post.

How To Get Featured By Print Media

In the past month, I’ve been featured by the Vancouver Sun, the New York Times and now, 24 Hours. Every time I am featured by “old world media,” I get many emails asking how I did it. Rather than answering every single email, I’ve decided to write a post with my three-step method on getting some old world media love.

1 – Have a Story To Tell

The number one things that magazines and newspaper are looking for are stories. If you have a good story, you have a good chance at getting free press. The best place to tell your story in your about page. If you don’t have one, then you better make one. People visit a blog for the writer as much as the information. I visit Shoemoney not just because he tells me how to make money online but because he’s an interesting guy as well.

I was featured in Entrepreneur magazine a few years back because the editor downloaded and read my free eBook. What caught his eyes wasn’t the moneymaking techniques I wrote about. It was my story at the end of the book. You need a story.

2 – Start At Home

Generally, the bigger the news outlet, the easier it is for them to find content because they’re bombed with story ideas all the time from people or companies wanting to get coverage. Your best bet is to start at home with your local papers and magazines. Once you’ve been featured locally, you can leverage it to get featured nationally and internationally.

Send your local paper an email to the editor and tell them your story. Every editor loves a story about a local boy/girl doing good. I recommend you start with the biggest local newspaper instead of the smallest. It takes the same amount of effort talking to a 1 million circulation Vancouver Sun as it does for 10,000 circulation tab. Aim high locally to get maximum bang for the buck. Another reason for doing this is it makes it a lot easier to get coverage from the smaller papers once you’ve been featured in a big one. If the biggest paper in town says no, then move to the next biggest and so on. Starting from the top down is much better than going from the bottom up.

3 – It’s All About The Brand

In order to get tier 1 media coverage, you have to stand out from the 120+ million other blogs in the blogsphere. You can’t do that if you don’t have a brand. What makes your blog different from all the other? If you can’t answer that question, then you can forget about getting readers much less getting in a national magazine or major newspaper.

When you have a brand, you have an advantage over the blog next door. Even if the two of you write about the same thing, you will be the one who gets the press because you are a brand name while the other guy is a no name. At a minimum, building a brand means you must have your own domain name and custom blog design. Read my post on how to brand your blog for more tips.

You can be the most knowledgeable person in the world on a topic and the media won’t care because you have no brand and no story to tell. These two items are the foundation on which on great media coverage is built on.

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  1. chester says:

    Good article, nice!

  2. Will says:

    Great post. Another factor is timeliness to current events. got tons of media coverage a while back for a new website I created to help people buy/sell parking spaces. This was related to recent articles about the high cost of parking in downtown Calgary.
    Currently there is a recession and other things that you can possibly relate your story to.

    1. If that is the case, I think it will only bring short term effects as if the factors/problems that cause it have been solved or move away, the major reason people visit the site will be gone.

      I think it is better to create more contents for our site that will compliment the original purpose of the site.

      Therefore, it will ensure that the visitors has something else to expect and look for in future 😉

  3. Sunil Jain says:

    Well this is cool John 🙂
    People must have a brand name and this can be done only by the below two points :
    *A creative domain name
    *A unique blog design => This includes logo,banner,theme

    After you have a brand name , you must be brave and confident enough to mail the newspaper agency about your work and be ready to answer their questions correctly 🙂 🙂

    1. For me, domain name is less important than ‘unique blog design’ as you mentioned in your comments.

      It is because the domain name will only be considered creative and good only when we make effort to market it and bring more exposure to it.

      Without enough effort, the domain name will simply like other domain names.

      One of the way is by ensuring our ‘unigue blog design’ supports our domain name+its logo through colour scheme, avatar and others.

      What do you think?

      1. Sunil Jain says:

        You are wright Helmi 🙂 🙂
        Your blog also can be taken as an example 🙂
        and somewhere i feel even the content is the king , what do you think ?? Is Content or Design , Which among two must be given higher priority ??? 🙂

        1. For me, both are equally important. They will compliment each other.

          1. No matter which “one” you decide to build your brand around, it’s the brand that you must make stick out. Build your brand to stick out and make it recognizable and you can be extremely successful.

  4. Hector says:

    Short and sweet video.

    2010 should be my year to really focus on my blog. I do webdesign, keeps me a bit busy.

    1. So what will your niche of your blog …

      I think you should go for web design and share your experience and trick with your visitors and specially for new bie.

  5. George says:

    Great ideas. I think many of us who are developing businesses would love to be featured by print media. I know I would!

    I think the story is really important. If you have a compelling story about the business, or about the problem that your service solves, then it captures people’s interest and they see the value. These stories are a powerful method of communication, and they make great subjects for articles by the media.

    1. Totally agree with you. It is easier to tell something by encouraging others to imagine and dream rather through simple and boring stuff.

      I’m sure most of us over here start to imagine and dream about to get featured in paper one day once John Chow told us about it.

      I’m right? 😉

  6. Great article John! My blog is too small to attract any attention from print media here where I live, being an English speaking blog here in Prague (Czech republic), but your tips are surely something to keep an eye on it and to bear in mind for the future. Thanks also for the reminder that as bloggers we are first and foremost story tellers (in the traditional sense of the word) and to finally get around and kick myself to update my about page with is in dire need of it! A worthwhile post reading 😉 SY

  7. S Ahsan says:

    This is sweeet! love the vid.. way to go John. Also appreciate your work on the post. Cheers

  8. Kevin Pasco says:

    I JUST saw this John, nice job!

  9. John, this is great! Thanks for the awesome info. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on buying PR at first: and then leveraging that to gain the attention of old world media.

    P.S. How the heck do I get a picture in my comments? 🙂

    1. Ok – so inspired by this I figured I should write an article myself about it. You know, I took a picture with John a few months back when he spoke at a meetup event (I got to help him set up his camera). And for some reason or another, I got convinced to create a vision board. And again for some reason posted the picture of John and myself on it. Saw you in the paper today and it was like a sign that I should pay more attention to you or something… Anyway it’ll be up tomorrow.

    2. Do you put proper email in the comment section?

      1. Yes – I have real email in the comment area. How would you associate a picture with an email?

  10. Read about this on the newspaper. Great work!

  11. Having stories seems really work. Yeah — newspaper always search story that can tell.

  12. Jack says:

    Another great post! I’m so inspired that I worked on my blog for 5 hours last night and that’s after working 8 hours at my other job. And I could have kept on going!

    1. Yes keep this momentum going on at least for first 3 months and I am sure you will see the outcome of your labour.

  13. Great piece. Nice to see Sun Media covering you like this, especially with video.

  14. games 388 says:

    John, this is a great post!

    Thanks for you video too.

    1. Yes would love to know about your chair and size of your LCD.

      So John … now this is your new workstation ?

  15. I saw you in the 24 hours paper today! It was on the 2nd page! =) Good job!

  16. mini laptop says:

    Getting featured in a newspaper is going to be dream of many people. John, your footprints are going to help all of us. May be in another two years, I can reach this level. Let’s see how my future turns out 🙂

  17. bestlinh says:

    4 years of blogging :D, of course, you r so pro, Chow!!!

    I love what you write in this blog: specially about the ”brand” tip 🙂

    Hope that we can see you on TV also 😉
    Do you keep some visualizations about this future? ;X

    much love

  18. Good article John.

    By the way, when do you think is the best time for us to approach the paper – as soon as possible or after our sites reach certain amount of traffics/blog post?

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  19. bestlinh says:


    And do you plan to have a book (offline) for getting
    as Steve Pavlina?
    Much love
    Best regards

    Best linh

  20. fas says:

    John you are so so famous 🙂

  21. Not that your other points aren’t important but having a good story is so critical.

    Every blogger should know what their “headline” would look like, even if they’re not looking for press coverage.

  22. You’re building up quite a collection of newspaper articles now.

    I’ve never heard of Kim Kardashian. :-/

  23. Nice to see that newspapers are showing you now often. Before few days we saw you in other newspaper as well.

    So you are not making news only online but offline as well.

  24. You’re right indeed – having a story to tell shows you’re not fake, it’s sad thought that most bloggers want to get print media advertising but they lack a proper story, or have no story at all.

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