Incentivized Advertising with BLAM Ads Network

Looking to make money online? Considering that you are here reading John Chow dot Com, I’d say it’s a pretty safe assumption that you’re interested in some money-making ventures, particularly those within the online realm. One such possibility is affiliate marketing.

Even within the industry of affiliate marketing, there are sub-groups and sub-genres, one of which involves incentivized offers. Focusing squarely on this niche is BLAM Ads, the network that serves as the subject of today’s review.

It’s All About Incentives

While most other affiliate networks do have some offers that allow for incentives, they also provide a number of other offers in a number of other areas. Such is not the case with BLAM Ads. It is an incent-only ad network.

In fact, BLAM Ads goes so far as to say that it is “the complete solution for incentivized advertising.” The “unrivaled advertising technology” promises to “drive you more profit.”

How you choose to incentivize your offers is completely up to you, but the offers do span a number of different categories. Commissions range from a few cents to about thirty dollars, including offer categories like email submits, financials, health, mobile, quizzes, dating, and zip submits.

Your Account Snapshot

The application process takes a couple of days and, if you’re like me, you’ll probably receive a follow-up email before your account gets approved. After that, you’re assigned an account manager and you’re granted access to the control panel.

As can be expected, the main dashboard is initially revealed to you as a snapshot of your account. You get at-a-glance information about your statistics, your account manager, your referral link, and your account totals, as well as quick links to your total stats by hour, billing history, and other pertinent information.

For general ease of legibility, I probably would have preferred a more generic white background with black text, but the dark blue background with light grey text offers a dash of personality. From the dashboard, you can also access your reports, account information, and support documentation.

Where Are the Ad Creatives?

Since BLAM Ads focuses only on incentivized advertising, many of the offers don’t come with as much supporting documentation as you may expect elsewhere.

Take this offer as an example. You are shown information about the name of the offer, the payout level, and the applicable countries, but there are no ad banners or pre-written email creatives available here. Instead, you get a tracking link, with options for adding sub IDs, generating tiny URLs, and so on.

If pressed, your account manager may be able to help you in this department, but you may not need those ad creatives anyway. That’s because BLAM Ads comes with another tool.

The Content Locking Gateway

Have a website with some premium content? Instead of charging people to access it, you can simply lock it behind a BLAM Ads-powered gateway. This puts a pop-up in front of your site content and the visitor can’t access or navigate anything until he or she fills out an offer.

The reward for jumping through that hoop is access to your website’s content. Inserting this locking gateway involves just a short snippet of code that you place on the website you want to lock.

The pop-up can be completely customized through the gateway control panel. From there, you can name the gateway, define its dimensions, choose the color scheme, upload background images, and select the available offers.

A Little More to Consider

If you’re more into developing applications, the virtual currency platform from BLAM Ads may be more your cup of tea. Either way, this network gives you the potential to make a fair bit of cash, but the onus really does fall on you to implement the right strategies in the right places at the right times. No one said affiliate marketing was easy.


36 thoughts on “Incentivized Advertising with BLAM Ads Network”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Ryan Eagle strikes again!

    1. d3so says:

      Yup, there goes the Birdman.
      I envy him lol. Makes me want to start my own network.

  2. Nice review Michael. I’ll have to take a look at BLAM!

    1. d3so says:

      I was think about joining blamads. I thought they were a contextual network like adsense.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        If you decide to join, please blog about your experience. I’d be really curious to understand if BLAM Ads works for you.
        All the best,

        1. d3so says:

          Sure! I applied. Now, I’m just waiting for approval.

  3. Iman says:

    Incentives are one of my favorite in terms of offers in affiliate marketing.
    Does anybody know how much is the minimum investment on ads to start in Blam?

    1. d3so says:

      As an advertiser correct? You should contact them yourself. I’m sure they’re aren’t that strict on budget.

  4. d3so says:

    Michael, you forgot to add the payout info. That’s one of the most important details regarding ad networks.

    1. Abhik says:

      Nice observation..
      That shows you actually read that whole damn thing!! 🙂

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      Payment is mostly through bank wire, but they do checks, ACH, and PayPal too. Min for US is $500 for a wire, but they’ll go less if you fork out a bigger fee for the wire.

      1. Paypal option is great.

        With that they can also cover small affiliates as well.

        1. d3so says:

          There’s also a paypal fee.
          The best way is to go with direct deposit.
          I was hoping they’d do weekly payments like EWA.

  5. Abhik says:

    Michael, nice review..
    Going to check them out.

    1. Let us know your experience about this one.

  6. This looks like a killer program. I am going to have to check this out a bit more in depth.

  7. How difficult is this to work with WordPress?

  8. This looks pretty interesting, I am currently promoting CPA Lead, and blam ads look quite similar. I’d give this network a go, but as d3so said, the payment info is an important factor.

    their customisable content blockers sound like a good idea too.

    Another thing I want to know, is if they have a referral system? this is also an important factor.

    1. imKazu says:

      Have run with EWA for quite some time now, they are weekly and on time, every time.

      I’d just check with Blam what the terms are, but credibility wise, don’t think you could go wrong.

    2. Michael Kwan says:

      Yes, there is a referral program. I think it’s 3-5%.

      1. d3so says:

        That’s funny because there isn’t a set referral system with EWA.

  9. make money says:

    BLAM is actually very great for affiliate marketing. I’ve made some solid income with this program I’d recommend to anyone.

    1. Any screen shot or any review on your blog about the BLAM.

    2. Abhik says:

      Yeah!! I’d also like to see that.

  10. I guess I don’t really realize what incentivized advertising is. Who are the incentives for? The publisher? Wouldn’t that just be CPA advertising? Is this another name for it?

    1. Incentivized advertising is a advertising medium where you’re allowed to incentivize your users for completing the offers, which is a powerful marketing tool as you can encourage your users to complete the ads.

      Other ad networks, such as Adsense for example are non-incent, and you will actually get your account banned if you tell your visitors “click on my adsdnse ads an I’ll give you something in return”

      The main feature in incentive advertising are the gateways, A javascript code you add to your site that will block the content from the user, and unlock it once the user has completed a survey.

      This is a powerful method of advertising, and I fully reccomend it if you’re new to CPA. you can basically get PLR content, software, ebooks, videos or anything like that behind a content blocker, and reveal the content to the user once they have completed an offer.

      I have had gerat success with incentive CPA (click my name for more info) and reccomend this to anyone, weather you’re new to IM or a pro, this is a great source of income.

      1. John, I seem to have misspelt “whether”…

  11. Dawn Le says:

    Sounds interesting. What about the payout info and joining conditions? Could it be better if you added them?

  12. PPC Ian says:

    I like the BLAM Ads logo, it’s really cool.

    1. I agree. eye-catching design 🙂

      Good job Mr Eagle!

  13. I prefer incentive networks over all the others…

    I will subscribe to test it…

  14. Thank you for the post !!! i think this will be better than what i have found recently ! and as you said blam ads gives the potential to make a fair bit of cash !!!

  15. fas says:

    Nice and sexy logos they have, i likes.

  16. Harshad says:

    Ryan is a real cool guy to work with and so are the other people from Blam Ads and EWA…Highly recommended.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Ryan is always on his grind!!! 🙂

  17. The review was very clear because of the screen captures of the personal account and will really try to do some time for their project to promote mine.

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