How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog Like The Pro’s

The goal of all bloggers especially those that are looking to make money is to develop a great amount of traffic. This is not as easy as it looks but can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. The owner of Moz has found a way to not only do this but has updated his information to match the most recent SEO changes. We have decided to share some of his tips with you.

 #1 – Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share

When strategizing about who you’re writing for, consider that audience’s ability to help spread the word. Some readers will naturally be more or less active in evangelizing the work you do, but particular communities, topics, writing styles and content types regularly play better than others on the web. For example, great infographics that strike a chord, beautiful videos that tell a story and remarkable collections of facts that challenge common assumptions are all targeted at audiences likely to share (geeks with facial hair, those interested in weight loss and those with political thoughts about macroeconomics respectively).

One of the best startups that I have seen this in is  They put up lots of posts and content that people like to share.  This content is then shared with tons of people in the online search marketing space.  This causes them to have tons of people giving them links and sharing their content online!

#2 – Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers

Advertisers on Madison Avenue have spent billions researching and determining where consumers with various characteristics gather and what they spend their time doing so they can better target their messages. They do it because reaching a group of 65+ year old women with commercials for extreme sports equipment is known to be a waste of money, while reaching an 18-30 year old male demographic that attend rock-climbing gyms is likely to have a much higher ROI.

#3 – Make Your Blog’s Content SEO-Friendly

Search engines are a massive opportunity for traffic, yet many bloggers ignore this channel for a variety of reasons that usually have more to do with fear and misunderstanding than true problems. As I’ve written before, SEO, when done right, should never interfere with great writing.” In 2011, Google received over 3 billion daily searches from around the world, and that number is only growing.

SEO for blogs is both simple and easy to set up, particularly if you’re using an SEO-friendly platform like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. For more information on how to execute on great SEO for blogs, check out the following resources:

  • Blogger’s Guide to SEO (from SEOBook)
  • The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (from Moz)
  • WordPress Blog SEO Tutorial (from Yoast) SEO for Travel Bloggers (but applicable to nearly any type of blog – from Moz)

Don’t let bad press or poor experiences with spammers (spam is not SEO) taint the amazing power and valuable contributions SEO can make to your blog’s traffic and overall success. 20% of the effort and tactics to make your content optimized for search engines will yield 80% of the value possible; embrace it and thousands of visitors seeking exactly what you’ve posted will be the reward.

#4 – Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections

Twitter just topped 465 million registered accounts. Facebook has over 850 million active users. Google+ has nearly 100 million. LinkedIn is over 130 million. Together, these networks are attracting vast amounts of time and interest from Internet users around the world, and those that participate on these services fit into the “content distributors” description above, meaning they’re likely to help spread the word about your blog.

Leveraging these networks to attract traffic requires patience, study, attention to changes by the social sites and consideration in what content to share and how to do it. My advice is to use the following process:

If you haven’t already, register a personal account and a brand account at each of the following:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook,
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn (those links will take you directly to the registration pages for brand pages).

For example, my friend Dharmesh has personal account for Twitter and a brand account for OnStartups (one of his blog projects). He also maintains brand pages on Facebook,

Fill out each of those profiles to the fullest possible extent – use photos, write compelling descriptions and make each one as useful and credible as possible. Research shows that profiles with more information have a significant correlation with more successful accounts (and there’s a lot of common sense here, too, given that spammy profiles frequently feature little to no profile work).

Connect with users on those sites with whom you already share personal or professional relationships, and start following industry luminaries, influencers and connectors. Services FollowerWonk and FindPeopleonPlus can be incredible for this:

Start sharing content – your own blog posts, those of peers in your industry who’ve impressed you and anything that you feel has a chance to go “viral” and earn sharing from others.

Interact with the community – use hash tags, searches and those you follow to find interesting conversations and content and jump in! Social networks are amazing environments for building a brand, familiarizing yourself with a topic and the people around it, and earning the trust of others through high quality, authentic participation and sharing.

#5 – Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results

At the very least, I’d recommend most bloggers install Google Analytics (which is free), and watch to see where visits originate, which sources drive quality traffic and what others might be saying about you and your content when they link over.

Employing analytics is critical to knowing where you’re succeeding, and where you have more opportunity. Don’t ignore it, or you’ll be doomed to never learn from mistakes or execute on potential.

These are the basic ways to increase the SEO for your blog and increase traffic. For a more technical approach see The SEO Experts Guide to Blogging SEO Part 1, 2, and 3.

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29 thoughts on “How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog Like The Pro’s”

  1. I think participating in websites where your audience already gathers is powerful. Even when you write guest posts, target the top blogs that have your target audience – that’s the best way to drive HUGE traffic, and convert them.

    Thank you John for this post.

    1. John Rampton says:

      Glad you liked them!

  2. YouTube works very well for me, as I am a YouTube Partner. For me YouTube is a double whammy! You make a little money from ads on your videos, and you can and will drive massive traffic to your sites. Traffic converts into cash. The key is to use the same SEO tricks to promote your vids, as you would your sites. Remember traffic to your vids equals traffic to your sites. .Great post John Chow!

    1. John Rampton says:

      Traffic = $$$ Good point, keep up the good work!

  3. Om Sai Toys says:

    In your post I have come to know about how to increases traffic for our blog and what steps should be follow for them. It is extremely helpful for me. I hope you post again soon.

  4. JamesW says:

    Great post John, using facebook these days and promoting your website or blog should be everyones goal. Over 900 million active users is not a small thing to neglect. Creating a fan page can for sure bring your traffic to the next level.
    thanks for sharing

  5. Useful and precise article John…
    The first thing one should focus is building a community and turning readers into subscribers for long term goal…!!
    Guest posting is one of the best way….

    1. John Rampton says:

      What do you think is the best way to start a community?

  6. Android news says:

    Good article,,yes paying attention to the analytic reports are important ,,then only we will be able to understand what we are doing right and what we are not

  7. faisal says:

    These are things which are already in the know but frequent fine tuning is needed to ensure best results

  8. Kent says:

    I have been reading more than 1000 blogs. When comes to increasing blog readers or traffic, none of the blog post can differentiate one another. All of them give the same advice.

    That’s why I go back to read physical books. Books have more powerful advice.

  9. I think tracking is the most important thing you can do!

    Spending months getting 1,000 hits from Twitter and only getting 5 new subscribers would tell you that you need to improve something, but how would you know without tracking?

    Goal tracking saves me a lot of time and potentially money, that is for sure!


  10. Finally someone who says that it is enough with Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn as a social network. In combination with good articles and SEO will make you a winner.

  11. Ebenezer says:

    A well researched post you have here. Great lessons about social networking you have taught. We will continue to learn the trade of blogging from masters of the game.

  12. Getting links is also important. Submitting to high ranking blogs like this one can go a long way!

  13. Whitney says:

    Great post! I Think people really forget about analytics. If you’re not measuring your results you can’t IMPROVE them. And it’s alot easier to get seo traffic than a lot of people think. As with anything, building traffic takes focus and action….make a plan and stick to it 🙂

    1. SEO Services says:

      All methods you mention play significant role in getting traffic from them but don’t you think so that they are impractical to do..As this point “Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share” how we know which audience can share content

  14. Stanley Rao says:

    great post.. commenting on the post in the blogs is the best way of gaining traffic to the sites. but then it should be relevant enough to the post

  15. PPC Expert says:

    Thanks for the good summary but I would like to add that social media seems to be the most powerful traffic generation tool for bloggers. Not only Twitter, Facebook and Linked in but especially YouTube as well as hundreds of smaller social networks out there. Registering accounts on all existing social networks will both generate additional links and attract additional traffic because every social media site serves as an extra info channel that multiplies the buzz.

  16. Patrick says:

    You just copied that from He posted this last january 2012 and you just posted this on august 3 2012

  17. arslanh says:

    Good point about analytics! Although I have installed Google analytics on my blog but I didn’t use it to monitor my content rather I just check it for the daily page views. Thanks anyways!

  18. Technotag says:

    ok its good tips

  19. Peter says:

    Using facebook these days and promoting your website or blog should be everyones goal. Over 900 million active users is not a small thing to neglect. Creating a fan page can for sure bring your traffic to the next level. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks for the tips. I’ve followed most of the step but I’ve never implemented hashtags on my twitter posts. I’m going to try them from now on and see if I see an improvement.

  21. Great article! You have some very good points on how to increase traffic to your blog! This information is especially helpful to me, as I just started my technology blog. Thanks!

  22. Exploretek says:

    Really Amazing i have been continuously trying to increase my web traffic but unfortunately i could not able to increase it but this is i mean really fundamental of SEO and core process to increase traffic to blog so i am going to apply all of this fundamental to my web wish me luck !!!!! 🙂

  23. Danny says:

    Very good post with very useful information.

    I’m not a SEO Expert but I have some level of SEO knowledge.
    I have a personal blog (created three years ago) and started doing SEO for 6 months. But I couldn’t increase the number of visitors and then started creating few videos. After few months I could have good number of visitors.

    I could get a huge traffic after doing SEO for two years. But I had a problem with my hosting. I was using Shared Hosting and it couldn’t handle a lot of traffic at once. So I was searching for a solution. One of my friends asked me to go for a simple VPS hosting plan and try.

    In last year I bought a VPS (from VPSWEBSERVER) and moved the blog. I was surprised with the results since my VPS could handle all the traffic I received.

    So there are ways that we do not consider much. We should do SEO to get traffic but when we have huge traffic we should have a way to manage it. So I suggest to use a VPS or Dedicated Server.

    This is my opinion but would like to know your comments too.

  24. George says:

    this is some great advice. do you suggest any websites that may help you with back links or more traffic?

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