Increasing Web Traffic – The How To’s

Everyone who runs a website has the same thought going through their minds at some point every day – how do I generate more traffic to my site?? Especially when it comes to a small business with a tight SEO/marketing budget!

There are a few options that cost money – ie SEO, PPC and banner ads – however there are a few ways to generate traffic without spending any extra money. Let’s review those options! After all, why spend money when you don’t have to?


1 – Social Media

This is without a doubt the easiest way to generate traffic for free. By posting links to your site – with a great landing page of course! – those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, will be able to click right over directly to that page. Not only that, but you will be able to reach people who may be interested, but just didn’t know it yet! Along with posting links to your site on social media networks, you need to install a widget on your site that allows readers to quickly and easily share the page to their own social media networks. All it takes is one person sharing your page and your traffic will increase exponentially!

2 – Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing the sources of traffic you already have, you will be able to organically raise your ranking through search engines as well. By using keywords, negative keywords, and keyword rich content, you will be able to increase your traffic by simply keeping your content coming!

3 – Create Great Content

Along with SEO traffic increasing, it is necessary that your website/posts/pages are full of relevant, interesting information that a user will want to read in the first place! The truth is, when it comes to increasing traffic, you will only be able to increase traffic if people are searching for what you have to say. Your site must serve a purpose, solve a problem for a user, and fulfill some sort of objective that your users are searching for. By creating great – relevant, entertaining, interesting, and helpful – content, your readers will continue to come back to your site because they know it is full of reliable information.

By using the three tips we discussed above, your site will be able to not only generate more traffic, but it will be valuable traffic, and not just traffic that in essence becomes nothing but white noise. Keep in mind that increasing traffic is a slow process, and one that takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Be willing to put in that time, and you will be rewarded greatly! Also, keep in mind that large amounts of traffic mean nothing if they aren’t qualified readers – quality readers are sometimes much more valuable than just the quantity of readers. By following the three steps listed above, you will be able to increase both quality and quantity visits – and that’s what we are all looking for!

13 thoughts on “Increasing Web Traffic – The How To’s”

  1. Joseph Thanh says:

    This is great content John, thank you for providing that to us!
    About SEO and Content, I think it’s very important for you to do this “consistently”, and actually when come to getting traffic and specially with “free traffic getting method” consistently is the key! I can see that you posted valuable content very consistently! And I love that too! 🙂
    Also there are many ways to increasing web traffic, like: forums, article marketing, social (twitter, facebook…), yahoo….etc. Basically I think when we do on site to increase web traffic, we need to do offsite even more! Just find where your target visitors and try to drive them back to your site.
    That’s what I thoughts for this post John!

    Again, thanks!

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Today everyone is driving tons of social media traffic to their sites.

  3. Vikaschand says:

    Hi. this is the very good info for me and wish you to publish more content about traffic.

  4. Thanks Jon, 3 simple tips – but effective ones. For me content has always been the base, but SEO and SMM are there to support that. We all need to keep these three things in mind.

  5. Traffic is the life of internet marketing.There are various ways to generate traffic to a site.Thanks

  6. faisal says:

    and Patience as always.

  7. Nisha Pandey says:

    Hello John,

    Fantastic article shared. All bloggers has concern about increasing the traffic only. Your article will give some idea about the same.

    I have downloaded your current eBook. It’s amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences.

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Hi John,

    I think social media and seo are the big two things right now that will make your traffics explode. I have a social media account that increase the traffics from 100 dailys visitors to 1000. Sure enough, my income saw an increase as well.

  9. Hi John,

    Great content really makes the engine go.

    Craft in depth pieces. 2000 words or more, or like me, 2500 to 3800 words or more if you really want to pop up on the radar. Don’t hold back. I’m posting this comment from Fiji because I over delivered.

    If you want traffic, give something up to generate the traffic. Giving precedes getting and those who give generously of their time and talents, to enlighten their readers, will have few problems boosting web traffic.

    Detach from outcomes too. I deleted/cancelled/close out all of my metrics plug ins/apps/etc. It hasn’t hurt me. Since doing so I’ve been featured on 25 plus blogs, and I have a few more interviews in the pike.


    I detached largely from outcomes, and focused my creative energies on publishing super helpful content for people who want to blog from paradise, and I spent the rest of my energies connecting with niche leaders, through an aggressive blogger outreach campaign.

    That’s the great secret; give freely, and you’ll find that receiving – aka generating traffic – becomes easier and easier.

    Thanks so much John, tweeting this post in a bit.


  10. Aahna says:

    traffic is so much important to get success on wesite

  11. 3 good advice that requires a lot of work if you want to have success without a huge budget. On the social media today there is a plethora of different groups in different niches, etc. Take the time and search and you’ll find good groups to get good traffic from.

  12. Edgars says:

    This one is a good piece of information. Have to work for more traffic!

  13. Hi John,
    Nice stuff to increase traffic. I totally agree with your that creating a great content help in getting good traffic.

    It’s my first time on your site and I found this site helpful.


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