[Infographic] Inside The Brain of a Blogger

My friends over at Infolinks have created a fun and unique illustration that peels back the veil to reveal what really goes on inside the brain of a blogger. Many issues and obstacles can overwhelm a beginning blogger, so Infolinks chose a fun, quirky format to show the reality in this playful, yet accurate Infographic.

There are so many things to consider when launching your own blog from what the actual blog will be about to how you will bring more traffic and monetize your blog. When you are just starting out, SEO and Social Media can be overwhelming as well. Infolinks hopes their infographic will break it all down for you.

12 thoughts on “[Infographic] Inside The Brain of a Blogger”

  1. Thanan says:

    Very good post. Some picticture is my brain. Sure I like money. Good knowledge for blogger.

  2. Loved the graphics, lol. 

  3. Nathan Vu says:

    John, can you please write a blog post about building an Email List without a Blog.  I have a website that have a Squeeze page with an Email Capture form.  After visitors enter their Name and Email they are redirected to my affiliated product page.  With this method I’m building a Mailing List and getting Product Sells without a Blog.  In other words, I don’t have to write articles everyday.  I’m just testing it out, so I don’t know if it’ll work yet.   

  4. Nathan Vu says:

    It’ll be great if you can only write more articles about getting traffic to a website.

  5. Deen says:

    it is damn funny John… this cartoon remind me of myself 🙂 and now i still doing it… sigh

  6. simple yet so true.
    if got one question: does it make sense to set up a facebook page for a unknown blog ? will this help drive traffic to said blog ?

  7. fas says:

    Haha, really nice stuff there they made.

  8. Edwin Amaya says:

    Love it.   Newby or expert i think it is the same process.

  9. PLRNetMarketing says:

    I made the URL mistake once. Registered Domains Exchanged intending to create a marketplace where people could buy/sell/exchange domains. Sounds good right? Till you see in your browser http://www.domainsexchanged.com LOLI let that one expire! 🙂

  10. NicoleMensakHarley says:

    Enjoyed this topic as I’ve enjoyed others you have posted.  Still trying to find my way around this blogging, marketing, traffic sites but am actually seeing more hits on my blog every time I implement one of the suggestions.  Still a very tiny fish, but interesting to fiddle around and see what works.  Thanks!!

  11. I love it when you share posts like this John =) It’s fun and very informative.
    Keep it up!

  12. Wow.. So funny yet true !! Thanks for sharing.. I stopped every where whenever I saw a line which suits me 😉

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