Infolinks Hot Air Balloon African Safari Giveaway

Celebration of Infolinks’ New Site

Now this is how you celebrate the launch of a new site! Leading In-Text ad network, Infolinks, will reward its publishers with an opportunity to score a 5-star luxury getaway in exotic Kenya which includes a hot air balloon safari as well as a volunteer day of tree planting to give back.

After a two month long series of promotions entitled “Happy New Website,” leading up to the launch of their brand new site, Infolinks announces the pièce de résistance – an exotic vacation for two in Africa.

Fly High with Infolinks

Infolinks’ new website is centered on the concept of “Let Your Revenue Fly High with Infolinks.” The sky blue background and images of rockets and hot air balloons help to convey this uplifting message. To further instill this idea of flying high with Infolinks, the VIP getaway includes a hot air balloon safari where the winner and his or her partner can gaze upon the picturesque African plains of Maasai Mara while watching wild animals in their natural habitat and indulging in 5-star accommodations.

Infolinks is also sponsoring a day of “Giving Back” for the winner and his or her guest. This will be a day of volunteer work focused on the ecological needs of the area. “We want this to be a trip of a lifetime for one lucky winner and their guest, “remarked CMO Tomer Treves. “But we genuinely believe in giving back, even while spoiling our publishers.”

The Rules

This grand expedition can be won by any Infolinks publisher that has reached the minimum payout threshold and is a fan of Infolinks on Facebook. To enter into this extravagant contest, Infolinks publishers must send an email containing their name (as appears on their Facebook account) and Publisher ID number to blog [@] The cut-off day for applicants is June 25, 2011. On the 30th of June the winner will be drawn randomly and announced.

This Infolinks sponsored deluxe excursion bypasses any previous promotion hosted by an In-Text ad provider because of its cost and unique quality. “This competition is the biggest Infolinks has hosted so far,” shared Tomer Treves. “We expect to receive a record-breaking amount of applicants for this exotic getaway.”

39 thoughts on “Infolinks Hot Air Balloon African Safari Giveaway”

  1. Alexander W says:

    Lol, it would be awesome to win it but it seems like the chance of winning is verry small. I stopped using Infolinks a while ago due to the low earnings I got from it, but I might pick it up again in the future once I get more traffic to my sites. Maybe I can win one of these competitions in the future. 😛

    I wonder if they really have a baloon that says “infolinks”.

    1. Ah, you’ll get there. The chances are very slim but you can do it!

    2. An African hot air balloon safari sounds pretty cool.

      1. Of course. It sounds really great.

    3. I’ve never heard of infolinks, but that is some way to get someones radar. Offering a 5 star trip to kenya!

      1. So what do you use for the monetisation of your blog ?

  2. PPC Ian says:

    Another great contest! Seems like there is always a contest going on around here. I have never been to Africa, seems like a great opportunity.

    1. I am also looking for this opportunity.

      1. d3so says:

        Looks like an awesome adventure. Though, I don’t think I’ll be able to participate this time around.

    2. Why don’t you have an opportunity to go to Africa, and get a great opportunity.

  3. Definitely a great opportunity! I don’t meet the requirements yet though! That is too bad as going to africa is a must alteast once in a lifetime!

    1. Fazal do you believe in the list of doing things before die ?

  4. John Rampton says:

    I don’t think I meet the min either, but who knows… spend a few bucks and I could be!

    1. this will be lifetime memorable experience … I am sure.

      1. Yep that’s right. If you win the contest, it will be lifetime memorable experience.

  5. Joseph Bison says:

    Africa does not appeal to me if if the prize were a trip to Barbados then yes that would guess more people would be interested.

    1. Yea, it is a bit out of the way, but I think it would be great to go.

      1. I think it would be a blast to go as well!

    2. Interesting to see that some person do not like african safari.

      What is the reason ? What picture come to your mind when you think about african safari.

  6. That’s a great looking site! It looks like they also changed the format for the ads that display. Huge improvement. Might have to sign up and give it a try 🙂

    1. If you want to get more and more business than you will have to do keep experimenting and with that adopting change as well.

  7. hmm, I don’t now about it… may be try on my site. thanks for review.

  8. Sounding great adventure John. Would love to take part ….

  9. You can do it i would love to go.

  10. africa would be so cool.

  11. ah this is a good opportunity to go to Africa. I would to take part. Thanks John

    1. yes enjoying the vacation on other people is simply awesome.

  12. Thomas says:

    A five star rating would get no complaints from my wife. 🙂

    Always wanted to visit Africa.

  13. Interest to visit africa

  14. Abhik says:

    Saw this on their blog.. Not going to participate.

    1. Is there any specific reason for it???

  15. Tammy says:

    Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Glad to see all the feedback about our new giveaway! Anyone who has not yet reached the first $50 payout – email us at [email protected] and learn how to optimize your site for better monetization. Also, check out the InfolinksO – the newest addition to the Infolinks family – he’s very charming

    Happy Blogging,


    1. guru says:

      I wish! I wish! especially because I am in Kenya and hotair baloon rides over the Mara/Amboseli are the most desired safari experiences. However, I have zero chance but whoever wins will be the happiest person in the world for a couple of hours.

  16. fas says:

    John are you going to win and give this away ;p

  17. Its very nice to heat that infolinks is growing. these gestures show the growth of your compnay. its really appreciated.

  18. Techabouts says:

    I heard many times that infolinks affects credibility of your blog
    Is it true?

  19. infolinks really works well i have tried this for my blog

    1. Nasif says:

      They have very low Cost per click 🙁

  20. with your good tips, i have recently joined in infolinks. hope it will be good.

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