Infolinks Launches World’s First In-Text Ads Marketplace

Self Service Infolinks Marketplace

Infolinks has introduced the world’s first In-Text ads Marketplace. The Marketplace allows you to create and optimize In-Text ads campaigns in a matter of minutes. Now advertisers can effortlessly create and manage their ad campaigns just like with Google AdWords.

You can use the new Marketplace to promote your blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel, etc., for a bigger brand boost at a reduced cost. While most bloggers work on free ways of generating traffic, the use of paid traffic sources like Infolinks can get the job done a lot easier. As an AdWords advertiser, I’m looking forward to testing out the Infolinks In-Text ads Marketplace.

Quick and Easy Interface

The self service In-Text Advertising Marketplace allows you to create campaigns in only a few minutes. You can select your own keywords, target geographically and monitor the campaigns with a real-time reporting system. If you know how to set up an AdWords account, you’ll have no problem with the Infolinks In-Text ads Marketplace.

Opening an advertiser account in the Marketplace is simple and will only take you a few minutes to complete. Simply visit the Marketplace, complete a short registration form, fill out your billing details and then activate your Infolinks campaign. It’s really that easy.

Infolinks In-Text Advertising Marketplace