Internet Marketing Case Study – Social Media Vs. Email

As some of you may know, I submitted a presentation topic for the upcoming Product Camp SoCal. This is an “unconference” where session topics and presenters are not determined until attendees vote online and during the check-in hour at the event.

For the past week (since Oct. 15), I’ve been promoting my session using nothing but social media. I’ve posted about the session on my Facebook page and sent it out via Twitter. This was enough to get me into second place with 120 votes.

Here Comes The Email

This morning (at 9AM EST), I sent out an email asking subscribers to vote up my session. Within three hours, my session went from 120 votes to 514 votes! In just three hours, my email list was able to generate over four times more votes than Facebook and Twitter did in an entire week.

My email list isn’t bigger than my social media list. I have about 97,000 people following me on Twitter and about 20,000 fans on Facebook. Combined, this is a higher following than my 100,000 name email list. But as you can see, the response rate to email is far greater than social media.

When It Comes To Getting Results, Email Is Number One

I have said this many times: when it comes to getting results, email is number one. While social media marketing has made huge inroads and received tons of press, it’s still no match for good old fashion email marketing. If you need more proof, just look at all those “social media guru” marketers. They all use email to market their social media products!

Most new bloggers are using social media marketing to help build their blogs, and that’s great. However, they’re really missing the boat if they don’t have a mailing list. A lot of this have to do with cost. Social media is pretty much free. Email marketing requires a service like Aweber, which starts at $19 per month. For many, this creates a mental barrier of entry.

I say mental because people think it’s costing them money. The truth of the matter is, it’s costing them more money by not having a mailing list. If you’re making money off social media, you’ll be making far more if you combined social media with email marketing.

After today, I have a feeling those other presenters at Product Camp SoCal will be looking at the session leaderboard, and will be wondering what just hit them. 🙂

Try Aweber for Only $1.00

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13 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Case Study – Social Media Vs. Email”

  1. Thanks for the stats John. I’m actually putting together a course for the college that combines social into email marketing. It’s stats like this that help prove that email marketing is definitely still king of the hill.

  2. Hey John,

    I love your blog buddy. This is some fantastic stuff.

    I use social media to build my email list. YouTube and Facebook are my favorites so far. I mainly use YouTube to review my free e-book and then send human traffic to my squeeze page. Facebook works the same way.

    Did you used to be a UFC figher? Or did I mistake you for someone else?

    Anyways, I’ll be checking out your blog quite often!

  3. Edgar says:

    Its true. Emailing list is more powerful than social network.

    with social network you will get more hits/traffic but in the make money world I prefer to generate sales than hits.

    make sure you vote all 3 times for John!

  4. George says:

    The fastest way to make you see my message is by commenting. Hostgator has its 10th anniversary today. 40% discount on all plans. Expires in 3 hours. I thought you’d want to send your list an email.

  5. Jason James says:

    You know those with “mental barriers” fail to realize that there are nice free auto responders for wordpress. Not as good as Aweber, but better than nothing.

  6. I totally agree with you John! Email lists have proven to pay for them selves over and over again! for some websites, I have tried mail chimp but I always go back to Aweber!

  7. Ben Troy says:

    The most compelling evidence for Aweber seems to be the nearly universal rave reviews of those using it. There is something about a monthly fee that makes me nervous. But someday I am convinced I will begin with Aweber

  8. faisal says:

    Social media users are not as serious as email.

  9. John, congratulations for your jump in votes. Obviously email is a critical tool, but isn’t this a false dichotomy? It’s not either it’s both. We too get massive boosts from email campaigns, but many of the people we email already know and like what we do. Social Media is better a brining in NEW leads and converting them to become email subscribers. In this scenario we can have our cake and eat it.

  10. Robert says:

    I never dealt with social media figuring most people use it for leisure rather than for business purposes. This post just clarifies that, thanks.

  11. Ben Hebert says:

    Social, email, seo they are all channels to bring in new customers. Depending on your business or niche some will work better than others. Test… test… test!!!

  12. Good stats comparison.

    With the way social media has been hyped, you would think that it would do better than email.

  13. Noelle Kocot says:

    Thank to share.. Great site brother!.

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