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Despite what some of the gurus might tell you, it’s not exactly easy to make money online. Whether you’re interested in professional blogging or affiliate marketing, it’s just like any other business or any other industry: you need to be armed with the right information and expertise if you want to enjoy any kind of real success.

The trouble, then, is discovering the best information that can prepare you for that kind of success. One resource that you might want to consider is, a blog that aims to “teach a man how to fish,” so to speak, and it serves as the subject of today’s review. Will you learn how to feed for a lifetime?

What Is Direct Response?

Direct Response is a blog that focuses exclusively on online marketing and how it has been able to create “pockets of entrepreneurs thoughout the world.” It aims to be a valued resource for people who want to learn how to make money online and it does so by bringing together “the most prolific minds in online direct response marketing.”

This comes by way of the official about page on the blog. Direct Response is headed by Rich Gorman, but he is supported by several members of his team. The blog “provides free access to the ways online direct response marketers make millions on the Internet.”

In addition to the core team of writers, Gorman has also elicited the information of advice from “an extensive network of insiders.” These include Zac Johnson, Seth Godin, and John Chow, among others.

An Initial Reaction to the Site

This is largely going to be a matter of personal preference, but I find that the overall site design to be “too busy” for my tastes.

The header image consists of a caricature, a background image, a logo, a slogan, and a box for social media. This is in addition to the featured article, navigation links, and 468×60 banner that sit above the fold, as well as the e-mail newsletter opt-in form. For novices to the industry, this can be very overwhelming, making for a site that doesn’t really look like a conventional blog at all. Of course, your preferences may vary.

What’s interesting is that Direct Response hasn’t even been around for all that long. You’ll notice that the introductory post seems to be perpetually dated for today, even though it was originally published on December 14, 2010. Even so, that’s only about a month.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the archiving of the blog posts isn’t particularly well-designed. You can go through page by page, but there are no date or category listings in the sidebar, header, or footer. These would help new visitors to the site find more content to read.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect?

Not surprisingly, the focus on this blog is about everything to do with making money online. It seems that the authors behind the site prefer the “list” type format, as there are several articles that take advantage of this kind of structure. This makes sense, I suppose, as many people are drawn to such posts.

Some good examples of Direct Response’s blog posts include 5 tricks to creating killer banner ads and the 13 laws to overnight success. Numbers speak and that’s how Direct Response is trying to get you to listen. The posts vary considerably in terms of length. Some are quite a bit shorter than others, but they’re reasonable casual in tone.

What Else Do They Do?

Yes, you could certainly read all the articles that the Direct Response team have to offer, but what if you want more help?

Well, they also offer consulting services. You can hire the team to help with targeted media buys, landing pages, copywriting, legal concerns, and so forth. A one-hour consultation with Rich Gorman will put you back a cool $350.

*Update – Rich has removed the $350 consulting fee. Thanks for giving him feedback.


48 thoughts on “Internet Marketing with Direct Response Blog”

  1. dotCOMreport says:

    Well, I suppose their web design guy wanted to make sure they got their money’s worth.

    1. Have to check it out. I’m sure it’s worth the read.

      1. Hey Michael,

        Thanks for bringing this blog up by reviewing it. I’ve never heard of it and no wonder if it’s only been around for a month.

        The consulting fee is pretty hefty I’d say, especially for something that has just come around.

        1. d3so says:

          Seems interesting. I haven’t heard of it either will check it out though.

          1. Nice looking and well contend …

            Looking forward for this blog for coming six months and will check their consistency and quality of content as well.

            Thanks Michael.

  2. Adam Jones says:

    I found this very interesting, I have been on this site once before and came up with similar conclusions. The landing page has way to much going on, and although some of the articles are interesting they certainly would not leave me anywhere near inclined to pay the exorbitant consultancy fees. There are so many apparent ways “to make millions on the internet” and looking at this site, I wouldn’t be entirely convinced that this is the answer.

    I really like the blog as a whole though. Your writing style is informative and to the point.

    1. Agreed very interesting article.

    2. No it probably isn’t “the answer” just another attempt to get close to it though. Everyone thinks they have the answer.

    3. Kirk Taylor says:

      The site is too busy for me. I can’t keep focused on one area.

  3. Domain Nitro says:

    Nice start, but I think they’ll have to have a lot more content and freebies to make people willing to pay for anything else.

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah, lots of great free content. It makes you wonder what awesome premium content they have.

  4. I like the look of the blog!!!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! The logo is awesome! I like the cartoon/caricature guy… I wish I knew who does good cartoons/caricatures like Shoemoney and Zac Johnson graphics. I want to get some work done…

      1. Rich Gorman says:

        hey PPC Ian, I can put you in touch with the guys that built our graphics. Shoot me an email.

        1. Harshad says:

          I guess it’s done by Unique Blog Designs?

        2. PPC Ian says:

          I really appreciate that! I will definitely shoot you an email. 🙂
          All the best,

      2. d3so says:

        I agree. The logo is eye candy. I need to update my logo as well.

  5. Rich Gorman says:

    Thanks for the post John. Hey guys, listening to your response I removed the consultation fee. Shoot our team an emails and we’ll assist you for free.

    Thanks again for the constructive criticism!!

    1. Hey Rich,

      That is a very surprising response and much appreciated.

      How long is your free offer of assistance good for?

      1. Rich Gorman says:

        Hey it’s good forever. I run a lot of high volume offers. The fee was designed to weed through the guys that were not really interested vs. those that were.

        Let me know if you need any help getting your own affiliate offer up, and i’ll point you in the right direction!!!

        1. d3so says:

          Do you guys offer affiliate mentorship? i’ve yet to hit any gold.

  6. I wonder who came up with the 1 trick of a tiny belly ad, you see it everywhere.

    1. That banner must be getting a CTR of anywhere from 10%-25%

      Or may be more. Only the the guys whos running the campaign knows that

      1. I doubt the guy who came up with it is the only one who uses it. Probably been ripped off a few times.

        1. Rich Gorman says:

          haha yea that ad is killing it – we came up with it 😉

        2. Its part of business bro and most of the experienced marketers do that every now and then but the person who made it will be making tons of dollars.

          1. Yea, it’s a great ad, but you can also use your own creativity and come up with something just as good or better.

  7. Look like a nice site to me and there are a few good posts as well. Im reading it right now.

    I just checked their consulting service and im going to try it out for sure. Its free now

    1. Rich Gorman says:

      thanks – let us know how we can help

  8. Dan Lew says:

    Direct Response: welcome to the world of blogging 🙂

    1. Rich Gorman says:

      Thanks Dan. Having a lot of fun with it !!!

      1. Dan Lew says:

        I can see that, now its time to convert that fun into money 🙂

  9. Mark says:

    You are right. The site is a little too busy. You can’t tell where to start/

  10. Abhik says:

    The blog is too slow and took almost 100 seconds to load..

    The design and look of that blog is quite nice though.

  11. Harshad says:

    Another hidden gem in this huge Internet world. Thanx Michael.

  12. fas says:

    Free consultation, hope its useful.

    1. Rich Gorman says:

      it is – hit me up

  13. It is very hard to just keep it simple. I am going to go through my blog and try to streamline everything. Just look at the design for Google. Very minimalist. I am sure Google has studied this and if a busy website with flash worked that is what they would have.

    1. Keeping things simple is indeed hard and almost all things that are genius material are simple.

      We like to complicate things by making them too complex, too busy etc.

      At first complex things are impressive. But they aren’t practical.

      Good luck with your streamlining.

  14. Well I certainly agree with the first part of your post–it is really hard to make money online. Especially with blogging. There is just so much competition, and so many factors.

    You have to worry about traffic, writing content, comments, getting hacked, and all sorts of stuff.

    But the website does seem interesting, and I hope they have success with itl.

    1. d3so says:

      But if you keep at it, stay genuine and unique, you’ll be able to make money before you know it.

  15. Nikmaya J says:

    I am looking for the valuable blogs and I want to join with theirs newsletter to learn about internet marketing more. I hope will give me valuable informations about internet marketing. I also joined your newsletter John, and thanks for write this review.

  16. I agree with you about the site layout, time and again the simple approach has proved most successful if the right colors are applied. I would be interested to see split test results from this site for confirmation of design. The content is rich for a novice and this is a great idea. Thanks for the post.


  17. nintendo 3ds says:

    The website design of directresponse is too cluttered. I went through some of their articles and they were informative. As long as the free information keeps coming in, it’s all good


  18. Nice site. Some good content in it. btw nice review there Kwan.

  19. Neon SRT4 says:

    I am a big follower of Direct Response Blog. There is always good content in that blog.

  20. Sounds like a cool websbite. I found some posts there that might interest me. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

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