Internet Marketing with Easy Video Player 2.0

While I don’t think text-based blogs are going anywhere any time soon, it’s undeniable that video is becoming an increasingly popular format for sharing your thoughts and opinions. It also happens to be a very powerful marketing tool, especially for sales pages.

Yes, you could go ahead and host your videos through a service like YouTube, but sometimes you want something a little more powerful that grants you a little more control. For people who want more features and customization, Easy Video Player 2.0 could be the ticket. It serves as the subject of today’s review and it just so happens to be a brand new product.

Quick Features at a Glance

Easy Video Player 2.0 is targeting people who want to make “big profit” from their videos, particularly Internet marketers who need more powerful metrics and functions that places like YouTube cannot provide.

The above screenshot is taken from a sample project created and powered by the software. As you can see, there are social media “sharing” buttons embedded right in the player itself.

As you make your way through the online software, you’ll also find the ability to embed buttons and URL redirect overlays directly within the video. This can be great for sales pages, as mentioned, as you can put a “buy now” button right in the video itself.

Other highlights include full video stats, Amazon S3 storage integration, the ability to turn embedding on and off, and split-testing capabilities.

A Look at the Dashboard

The control panel for Easy Video Player 2.0 gives you the sense that you are accessing a full-featured content management system.

My demo account seemed to have a broken image link on the main page, but that’s where you would find your stats at a glance. I’m sure this is just a hiccup with the demo account and it’s likely not a problem with a proper installation.

On the main dashboard, you are immediately shown the most popular file, the number of views, number of sites that have embedded it, and the total income it has generated, among other pertinent information.

Through the navigation links in the header, you can access the other areas of the control panel, like the upload utility (which can upload your video files directly to your Amazon S3 account), settings page, and so forth.

Includes Facebook Integration Too

To facilitate commenting on your video pages, Easy Video Player 2.0 comes with Facebook integration.

This makes it pretty easy for random visitors to post their thoughts on whatever video you happen to post. Naturally, you can turn this functionality on or off depending on your specific needs and preferences.

If you’re using EVP for a sales page, for instance, it might not be a good idea to have comments turned on. The space can instead be used to provide information about your product and send interested buyers in the right direction.

Split Test Your Video Pages

Perhaps the most powerful tool built in EVP is the split-test function. You don’t have to buy separate software to deal with this very important step in your Internet marketing exploits.

Setting up the split test is reasonably straightforward. Pick the videos you want to use, define some of the options, and embed the code where you want to do the split test.

Different people will value different metrics, so it’s good to see that the split test allows you to measure plays, clickthroughs, FB likes, FB shares, FB comments, Diggs, Twitter shares, amount of sales, and income generated. Based on the metric you feel is most important, you can also get the system to display the “most effective” video after a certain date automatically.

More Control on Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming a hugely powerful part of the sales process and that’s why sites like are using it so extensively. Easy Video Player 2.0 can help you build your list, improve your sales, and expand your branding. This is an interesting tool for Internet marketers.


29 thoughts on “Internet Marketing with Easy Video Player 2.0”

  1. Video marketing is great. Conversions increase, profits increase, and makes me more happy..

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree with that! The only downside is videos take so long to make!

      1. That is something that a lot of people think. Video experts like Gideon Shalwick have the exact opposite view. For them videos take a lot less time to make than writing text.

        1. Once you get into a pattern of making video’s it doesn’t take to long. This software is awesome though. I’ve been using version 1 for a good while now and some the features it had then were great. The new ones make it a must have tool if you do any video at all.

  2. Abhik says:

    Looks like a great tool..
    What’s the price BTW?

    1. I’d also like to know the price. Great tool. I’ve been reading a ton about video blogging lately.

      1. Hey Michael,

        Not a really bad review but I’d say not as good as your usual quality reviews.

        You have provided no negative things about the product and I fail to see the price for it.

        I was really looking forward to finding out more about the product from your review than I got from all the sales pitches I received in the email about it.

        I didn’t find enough info in your review either.


        1. The price on it is $127.00 and then a $37.00 a month charge for some marketing group which you can cancel at any time. There are a couple upsells with it like having the option to track your video views as well as how many clicks the button you put in it got.

  3. Kirk Taylor says:

    Does the software do a complete presentation such as embed music and allow you to splice your presentation together or do yo have to have it done and then upload the video?

  4. Terry Dunn says:

    This looks like a great tool for marketers and I think it’s unique too. I haven’t seen anything else like it. With the popularity of youtube and videos, it got to be a winner.


  5. Mick Morris says:

    Looks like a really interesting tool…one which I would be interested in exploring.. but regardless of your 60 day money back guarantee..I want to know HOW MUCH I look like investing before having to go through your sign up process… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE…

  6. Great tool for marketers and with the popularity of video marketing, it got to be a winner.I haven’t seen anything else like and is a very simple tool

  7. Thank you for this woderful tips. I reallly like people like you that are ready to unvail all that they find helpful on the net to others that they think are in need. i am currently following everything to see where I will end.

  8. Brian McVay says:

    $127 for regular and $204 for commercial license

    1. Abhik says:

      WOW!!! Man, that’s pricey.. 🙁
      I hope this is NOT a recurring payment.

      1. I wonder what the difference is between the regular and the commercial license.

        How many more things can you do with the latter?

  9. EWP is nice, and I understand the advantages, but one thing comes to mind — if you choose to stop paying the subscription, all your videos are going to vanish.

    It’s more difficult, but it’s better longterm if you use Amazon AWS. It can be cheaper too depending on traffic.

    1. Hey guys,

      I am the owner of Easy Video Player, and first of all, I want to thank John Chow for doing this article!

      Secondly, thank you for all of these comments..

      Just to confirm, EVP is NOT a monthly fee, we have a marketing training free trial which you can cancel at any time and if you do cancel your EVP is not affected in any way.

      Your videos WONT go offline like the above person suggests. Once you buy it for the one time price, its yours for life.

      Thought I should clarify that point.

      Josh Bartlett
      Easy Video Player

      1. In that case Josh, I apologize. I just assumed it was a monthly fee.

        I was confusing it with ‘easywebvideo’ – very similar name.

        Should have checked first.


        1. Hey Josh,

          Thanks for the clarification. It makes a huge difference in how people will receive it.

          I would like to suggest to you that you change the sales page because it doesn’t show the price anywhere unless people click on the buy button which I have not done and most people won’t do it.

          I have received tons of emails about it from different marketers and at least for me if I don’t know the price right away after reading the whole page I’m not clicking on the buy button, ever.

          I was also under the impression that it was a monthly fee product.


      2. Is there a upgrade price for those of us who owned the first version? I didn’t get any emails about it if there was.

  10. Rajnish says:

    In future video marketing is going become the biggest source of sharing thoughts instead of blogs ?

  11. Video marketing is very helpful these days . the profit gets higher !!!! looks like a great tool !!

  12. Very useful post us. Properly done video marketing can certainly be a great way to get your website moving up the search engines.

  13. I’ve been running review blogs for some time and to be honest my conversions increased by 200% when I added video to my text-only reviews. This is really huge. I actually feel really stupid for not having used video marketing earlier in my internet business!

  14. Dwight says:

    I love the concept of evp2, it does alot of the technical work for you so you can better concentrate on video marketing. This is where the future is at. I remember when i first tried to embed one of my own videos for the first time, it was something of a nightmare if it’s not from Youtube. this makes it easy and things like conversion testing as well.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

    1. Having the premade embed code that allows you to just track the views from it was worth the price IMO. The other features are a huge bonus for sure.

  15. Will try atleast one time as soon as possible because these type of players stands in the front during promotion and makes us fool to give the actual as says out on the regular basis.

  16. ikki says:

    Looks like a great tool..

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