Interspire SendStudio NX Review

Earlier this month, I posted a review on Mitchell “Harpz” Harper’s personal blog, Mitch was so impressed with the amount of buzz the review generated for his new blog, he decided to order up another ReviewMe review for one of his company products.

Mitchell is the co-founder of Interspire, a software company that makes PHP software for web designers and web site owners. Of the eight products Interspire sells, Mitch felt readers would be most interested in SendStudio NX.

What Is SendStudio NX

SendStudio NX is an email marketing program that helps you make money online. The software lets you create, send and track an unlimited number of email messages and auto responders. The software is used by over 25,000 web developers to stay in touch with their subscribers (check out the SendStudio demo).

Right now, I use a third party mailing service to handle my email newsletters. I pay $50 per month for this service, which is quite reasonable for the size of my list. However, Mitch says that SendStudio would eliminate the need to sub out my newsletter mailings. If that were true, then the $239.00 software would pay for itself in less than five months.

SendStudio NX

SendStudio NX is extremely easy to install and use. If you can install a WordPress blog, you can install SendStuido. However, if you are not sure how to go about it, Interspire does offer a free installation service. You just have to tell them within 30 days of purchase and they’ll set it up for you.

Full Unencrypted PHP Source Code

The first thing I noticed after unzipping the SendStudio files was the codes were not encrypted. You are free to customize the code in any way you like, such as adding features specifically for your site. You can even remove the “Powered by SendStudio” link. Except for the licensing code, Interspire do not restrict you from changing any of the code to suit your needs.

Professionally Designed Email Templates

SendStudio Nx

SendStudio includes a bunch of professionally designed email templates that have been tested to work with all email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmal, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can use these templates to design a custom email template or you can upload their existing email template.

This Thing Is Fast!

The number 1 reason I sub out my newsletter mailing to a third party is performance. I have tried other email software but it was either too slow or cost too much. SendStudio NX is almost as fast as the $10,000+ Lyris ListManger software used by my hosted email service. That is truly remarkable.

Before the initial released of SendStudio NX, Mitch and his team spent days testing it to make sure it could handle even the largest of mailing lists on a standard shared server setup. Their test results for sending a HTML email with embedded images and tracking enabled are shown below.


SendStudio NX will allow you to take your hosted email back in house and save a ton of money. The software can send out over 50,000 HTML emails in less than an hour on a 2.66GHz Pentium 4 with just 512MB of RAM. On my Dual Xeon servers, I should be able to send over 100,000 emails an hour.

Complete Campaign and Link Tracking Reports

SendStudio Nx

This is my favorite feature of SendStudio NX. For each email campaign you send, you can see exactly how many people opened their email, how many people unsubscribed, which links they clicked, email forwarding statistics and more. Except for the number of newsletter subscribers, my current hosted newsletter service offers zero stats.

Start Your Own Email Marketing Service

SendStudio NX is a complete private label solution. You can use the software to start your own email marketing service. It is easy to add your own logo, text and color scheme to SendStudio so that it looks like your own email marketing program. You can even change the “Powered by” to your company name.

Each of your users has his/her own unique SendStudio control panel login. When they login, they will only see their own mailing lists, images, templates, campaigns and statistics. They can never see your other customer’s email marketing data. SendStudio has a built-in form creation wizard for subscription forms that clients can place on their web sites to collect visitors details. Existing email subscriber list can be imported as well.

All this for just $239.00! With this software, you can really make money online. No wonder Mitchell has sold over 25,000 copies. SendStudio NX is by far the best email newsletter software I’ve used to date. If you’re an email marketer or have a big list hosted by a 3rd party, then this is a must have piece of software.