Interview with Robin Gupta, CEO of leading Seo Company

I recently had the opportunity to interview Robin Gupta, Director of RobinGupta.Com. Robin is well known name in SEO industry. With Alexa Rank under 16K we can guess the power of SEO done by his Company. Robin has been a prominent member of various SEO and webmasters community and has been a helping hand, always ready to guide the newcomers and other members of the Forums. When you check, you will find many interesting services which are unique offerings from this company and the testimonials from the clients show how result oriented their services are.

Without any further delay, here’s my interview with Robin.

Robin can you give us a brief overview about you and your company.

First of all I would like to say big thanks to you John, It’s an honor for me to be here at your blog, well my name is Robin Gupta. I am 25 Years Old running SEO Company (RobinGupta.Com). We are one of the most Popular SEO Services Provider in Web. We provide a range of link building services and other SEO Services that can help your website grow and your business expand. Each of our services possesses the irreplaceable quality and efficiency that has made us a favorite among our more than 350 clients worldwide.

When And How Did You Start Your Business? Share Your Success Story.

I started my internet career in March 2006 as writing article (I wrote 2-3 articles) but I realized that content writing is not my forte and I started learning from various eBooks and joined many Webmaster and SEO Forums to enhance my knowledge. I started learning about SEO and it was the field that I got Interest. I started interacting with various senior SEO Professionals and Forum Members and learnt a lot from them. I also joined many freelance sites to get started with this newly learnt knowledge at first I started to do directory submissions service as seo and got my first order of $10 in Jun 01, 2006 (can’t forget this ) It was from the webmaster Forum after this there were no work in next 1 month but I always watching peoples doing good on web so I continue learning and in August 2006 I got a work at 8000 INR monthly salary where I worked for about an Year, Simultaneously I never lost my hope to make my name in the field of SEO. I continued working on small project for directory submissions and other small SEO works. I used to get this projects from various webmaster Platforms and freelance sites. I realized that it was not enough to establish a steady business. Hence I decided to build my own site and offer these services through this website.

On March 3, 2007 I registered This was my first step towards Serious Entrepreneurship. However all my fellow SEO Friends and seniors were against my choice for registering personal name. They made fun of my decision said it was not good for SEO related services. I felt guilty but I continue with this domain. Following months I was too busy with small projects for directory submissions. While promoting client websites I ignored to promote my site. This was one of the big mistakes on my side, so year 2006 & 2007 was all about starting, learning and small orders.

In beginning of 2008 I started one way link building service (at webmaster forum) also started promotion of my site, I got an overwhelming response to this offer. This was the time when I started building my client base; most of them are still with me. Promotion was on the way for and got small orders from my site too, 2008 went good for me. Now in 2009 I started experimenting with some of my own methods to promote my site. I became expert in this field and started getting reputation of an SEO expert from the Internet Community. My Contacts Network increased and I started considering SEO as a Serious Business. I established this Business Under my own Name i.e. RobinGupta.Com. I bought my First Office in 2009. Today I have a team of SEO Professionals who are well Trained and qualified to deliver the best SEO Work as per the customer requirement. Time by time we added lots of off page seo services and right now we are complete web Solution Company.

What is the size of your company?

We have a team of 20 Full Time SEO Professionals all over India. These Professionals are Highly Trained and give 100% Results to all our Client Requirements.

What services do you offer?

We Offer all Types of SEO/Web Services under one roof. The List of services offered by us is as follows:
Web Design & Web Development, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management, Reputation Management, Blog Management, Social Media Optimization, One Way Link Building, On Page Optimization, Press Release Distribution, Content Creation & Many More….

What is the future of SEO?

I think future of SEO is bright because today online present is a must for any business to grow. As the No of websites increases so does the need to have the website on top of the search pages. SEO hence is destined to grow multifold in coming years and more and more companies will like to take help of established SEO Experts to bring the desired results.

Who are Your Main Customers: Companies/ Individuals or Webmasters?

We have all type of clients: Companies/ Individuals & Webmasters too, In Today’s time building your reputation online are the top most priority for any company whether it is a small, medium or large company. As an SEO Company we encourage all types of companies/Individuals & webmasters to have their website optimized for long term benefits.

What are your achievements to date?

From business point of view I think my achievement is I have received good reputation in seo industry, I personally own more than 1000 websites on various topics, we receive clients from all over the world and so far we have served over 14,000 websites. Our clients care from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many European countries. Today we have more than 350 clients from across the world. Today we are a prominent name in the industry.

So what makes your client come back to you again and again?

Our Quality Service & instant customer support (before & after sale) is our USP. We offer best result oriented services to our customers. Our Services like Complete Link Building and PR2+ One Way Link Building are our best sellers. Our Clients are so pleased with these services & results, they return back with more projects.

What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?

I want to be in the remembered every time, whenever/wherever if there is discussion of SEO then our name should present there. In Short I want to see my Company be the NO1 Choice for any type of SEO and Internet marketing needs & beside RobinGupta.Com I want to set up one Web Development Company.

And what are your plans for achieving these goals?

We have planed everything to achieving our target; we have increased the no of services we are offering to our clients. From a Solo SEO company we have stepped into Web Development / designing Services and Brand Development – Management Services. These have helped us to service more to our existing clients and also opened a whole new gateway to reach many more clients.

What are the challenges you see in the near future?

With the Daily changes in the field of Search Engines and Social Media Updation, the Definition of SEO changes with it too. These are the fields we are continuously updating to and are focusing our services. We are market leaders in these latest techniques and our customers are very much satisfied with these services. However we need to stay updated with all the latest changes and find it very interesting and challenging to work on this ever updating market.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Not at all. Every experience has been a lesson for me. The good and the bad have helped me become a better business person and have helped me continually grow and cultivate the business. I’ve had a few major obstacles, but those obstacles made me stronger and wiser. They stretched my thinking and made me step out of my circumstances to find alternative solutions. So as hard as some of those situations were, I’m glad I went through them. The Only thing I wish I could do is to complete my higher studies. I was so involved in the online business that I could not complete my higher studies. However time has made me learn many beautiful lessons and also helped me learn Management Skills which I think would be at par with those Management Gurus.

What is Seo Charity? It sounds quite impressive and helping, tell us more about this?

We have initiated this unique concept in the world of SEO. This is the first of its kind effort to contribute to the society in a good way. This service is going to be a part of our Non Profit Initiatives where we will offer Huge Discounts on our popular services to encourage our clients to order through our charity page. All the earnings through SEO Charity will be donated to the charity. It will be win win situation for our clients who will not only get our services at very low price but also have an opportunity to contribute to the Charity and serve back to the society in a big way. Visit our Charity Seo Page to help society.

What are your greatest strengths?

My biggest strength is my Self Motivation but offcource there are some person in my life who are my strength in lots of ways…

If you could go back to being 18, what different career choices would you make?

If I given a choice, I would select this same career again however would like to start it after completing my higher studies.

What would you recommend to our Readers who would be inspired by you?

I believe we can achieve all the impossible targets and win every game of life with hardwork, dedication, honesty, Sincerity & Patience.

I would like all readers to note that: “Efforts Always Pays”

Robin Gupta

I want to thank Robin for doing this interview and I hope you got something out of it. You can find out more about Robin Gupta at

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  1. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome interview! Robin seems like a sharp guy. Looking forward to checking out his company.

    1. Hey John,

      PPC Ian is right but I’m wondering if posting this interview was your nice friendly help gesture or if you have any business connection to this man and his company.

      I realize the importance of SEO and the role it plays in people being able to find your site when searching for something specific.

      I will check their website too.

      1. Abhik says:

        I guess John took his help for some of his projects..

        1. I don’t think John needs any SEO help ..he can do without Google 🙂

    2. Me too.Looks and sounds very professional.Great interview John.You should start doing more. 🙂

      1. Alex says:

        He is an amazing guy with great communication.

        I like two things about his company –

        Number 1. His communication
        Number 2. Quality of his service along with detailed report.

        1. Robin Gupta says:

          Thanks a lot to “PPC Ian”, “Email List Building”, “Bradley” & “Alex”..

          1. Yes Alex

            I am also impressed with his communication skill.

            Though he always deliver on time but however if sometime any assignment delayed even for one day he send email with the update.

            This kind of quality is very rare in all those SEO company which I hired earlier.

          2. Alex says:

            You are always welcome Robin.

            In fact I should give thanks to you for all the effort which you added for our website promotion and SEO work.

          3. We are really happy for you Robin.

            Looking forward to see your name in the other leading blogs.

            Best of luck.

          4. Hey Robin,

            Your Payment system is not working on your site;

            It is showing default text ‘

            I don’t know how you are accepting payments

    3. Bob says:

      Good also if he mentioned the google algo in his SEO tips/business.

      1. Joel Raitt says:

        To know more about SEO and tips I think you should contact him personally.

        He is a nice fellow and I am sure he will provide you few SEO gems tips from his treasure.

  2. I;ve never heard this guy before… I guess i am going to check him out though since you said all this good stuff about him

    let’s see

    1. But look at the alexa rank of his company’s website and also list of service which his company is offering.

      Would love to give a try to his one way link building.

      What do you think ?

  3. John this was awesome interview and really inspiring one.

    This show the determination of Robin. Along with that I am sure his quality service helped him to get at this position where he is at the moment.

    Just checked his website and he have all kind of fruits in his SEO basket, really impressive.

  4. GTA 5 says:

    Great interview! I have never heard about him before, i’m gonna check out his compagny.

    1. Daniel Rochier says:

      And believe me you will never regret about your decision of hiring Robin Gupta.

      He is highly professional guy.

  5. Alex says:

    Let me describe Robin in one line –

    “Robin is the man of his word.”

    He is so professional and so honest with his business that its hard to believe that in this industry where scam is a part of it, we got people like Robin and his company.

    Nice to see you at here.

    1. John Griffin says:

      Congratulation Robin,
      I agree with Alex.. Robin is truly man his words… i am using RobinGupta.Com since last year and what i can say is they are market leader, Robin Gupta is very smart and confident guy. Their services and communication exudes a belief that they know their job, Great service, good communication, and effective presence. They are much better than many others that I have tried in the past. Results were quite visible and my websites saw a clear improvement in the page rank and visitors.

      1. Michelle Robinson @ Healthy Life says:

        Yes John

        One thing which really impressed me is Robin deals all customer in the similar fashion.

        I still remember when I ordered small package for the directory submission and I got similar reply which I am getting rite now when I am ordering bigger package of directory submission for our all network.

        This kind of quality makes him very special.

  6. Good interview. Robin’s story is an inspirational one. Makes me want to get off of my behind and start a company.

    1. Robin interview is really inspiring one.

      If you give your labour and dedication in the right direction than success will sure come to your way.

  7. WTF News says:

    Never heard of the company, but sounds promising. Will be looking for an SEO guy soon

    1. Yes if you love the free and targeted traffic than you should and you must go for SEO.

      Simply hire these people and let them do the magic on your website.

  8. Dino Vedo says:

    Wow! Hes got a bunch of files on his computer! lol

    1. Yeah his screen is full of files.

      Few people have their own way to manage things.

      But I must say that this one is really impressive, specially the SEO Charity part.

      I think we should support Robin for that, What do you think ?

      1. Robin Gupta says:

        @dino i always use my desktop of any quick file saving but same time it going backup-ed in my other hard drive…

        @ZK , myself too excited while starting seo charity and i got good response from this charity page & from this i like to know peoples thinks about society and want to do something good for required persons..

      2. Bob says:

        Those are his tools in his business but I wonder if he could also give us tip and insight how google rank pages this days as I know google also changes its algo when it comes to SEO.

        1. Alex says:

          Do not think that he will share his tips openly here on commenting section.

          Because this is how his business run. Through personal message is always there if you want to clear any query.

  9. Rohan says:

    Robin is master in his business, apart from business he is very nice guy, he help me lot to set my career & i know lots of other peoples which helped by Robin Gupta, according to me he is most decent and helping guy on web i came across till date. there were a time i was nothing but with Robin help i am established now. a guy who always ready to help. i wish you success and good luck…

    1. Robin Gupta says:

      @Rohan, its all your hard work… i only guide you & rest of things was done by you only…

  10. Daniel Rochier says:

    Robin, its really nice to see you at JohnChow.Com. Congratulation for this.

    We were knew that you are hard working guy and always deliver on time.

    Congratulation once again to Robin and thanks to John for providing us such a nice interview.

    1. Robin Gupta says:

      Thanks Daniel, its been long time to see your mail… 🙂

      1. Daniel Rochier says:

        Yes we are working on our one project, let it complete from our end and we will send you the details for complete link building and SEO package.

        Would love to see the climbing our website with the help of your SEO service.

  11. Joel Raitt says:

    John this one is really inspiring interview and showing how determination can help you to reach at your destination.

    Interested in his Complete SEO service.

    However I have question for you John. How do you know Mr. Robin Gupta ?

    1. Robin Gupta says:

      Hi Joel.. its nice to read you like this interview.. you are most welcome any thine at RobinGupta.Com to use our services…

      1. Joel Raitt says:

        Yes Robin we are considering 3 companies at the moment and you are one of them.

        Just one little advice – in the interview you should also add your twitter and facebook account.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. Robin Gupta says:

          JohnChow did this interview not for business exposure so we didn’t mentioned any link link of our services OR any other link… any ways here you go with our facebook fan page and twitter ..

          1. Joel Raitt says:

            Thanks for providing your twitter details.

            We will follow you so that we can be in touch with you always.

  12. a little correction he says;
    – On March 3, 2007 I registered

    But stats says it is
    -Created on: 2007-01-10 at 06:17:16

    Never heard about him but for sure he is doing good job there.

    One more thing, this is an example where people says ” Your domain name must contain your business service as far as SEO is concern” . Here he is providing SEO service with his own brand name. Amazingly ironical

    1. Abhimanyu Dev says:

      So from India what names you heard Shanker ?

      1. Can’t get you, what you are asking here?

    2. Robin Gupta says:

      @shanker, yeah there are some correction, this is my mistake as i consider my domain from its hosted date…

      Yeah, we have proved that there are no need to start with keyword rich domain name..

      1. Thats a remarkable achievement, keep it on….

  13. Awesome interview! very inspiring.. i know Robin personally he is quite decent and well manners person. Robin is great guy and very helpfull with Big Heart. His Knowledge is Top in SEO Field, his helping hands always ready to help other.. he is my motivator…

    1. Corey Mitchell says:

      Its nice to see that John is helping so many people.

      Otherwise we all know that normally any people will never share or help other people to come into same field.

  14. Bob says:

    John, what about the latest Google algorithm when it comes to SEO, did you discuss it with Robin? I also wish SEO experts will give insights how Google index or rank web pages this days as Google Algorithm also change.

    Thanks for this information.

    1. Alex says:

      I do not think that Robin is going to disclose that one. Because here Robin is providing such services not teaching.

      So no one is going to disclose his or her secrets unless and until they are in teaching or into some kind of programme.

      However you can contact Robin to gain some tips and knowledge.

    2. John does not need Google ….he has enough traffic from his community

  15. Its you Robin ?

    OMG you are on John Chow and that also your own interview. This one is amazing.

    So ultimately hard work really pays for long term.

    Keep up the good work Robin.

    1. Robin Gupta says:

      Yeah Michelle, hard work always pays 🙂 BTW: happy to see you here ….

      1. Michelle Robinson @ Healthy Life says:

        We are also happy for you Robin.

        Wishing you best of luck for the future. Would love to see your interview in other top blogger’s blog as well.

  16. Deepak Kumar says:

    I have worked with Robin, he is amazing guy with clear vision of what he has to achieve.

    1. Alex says:

      You worked with Robin ?

      Did not get you what do you want to say here ?

      But yes he is very focussed and knows his field very well.

  17. Wow from $10 to 1000 websites.

    This is also in mere 3 years. That means 333 websites in every year. Almost 1 website on daily basis on an average.

    That is amazing growth.

  18. Maksa says:

    Well Done Robin 🙂 I am really happy for you…

  19. saar avrahamov says:

    Hello John

    This is my first comment here and I must say that journey of Robin is really phenomenal.

    I checked the conversion rate of INR and US $ (US $1.00 = INR 45.52). So he was working for INR 8000 = $176 and now own company.

    Robin I really wish you best of luck. People like you always prove that never take short cuts in life, give your dedication, effort and money will be in your way.

  20. Robin this one is really great and I think you are the first Indian whose interview published here at JohnChow.

    Wishing you best of luck and keep doing the good work for business and society.

  21. Smith Tyler says:

    The best way to learn the things regarding the interview against the leading Seo Company is displayed on this webpage. And its a very useful method to understand because it is given as a question and answer format so quickly we can get the idea about it.
    thank you very much for the great upload on the internet.

  22. Now this is called a right person.

    So much success in mere 3 years and now started to support new comers and society as well with SEO for charity.

    Robin, we are sure you are here for long run and you will leave your mark in this industry.

  23. iwatch says:

    Simply awesome interview and I simply love this line from Robin Gupta –

    “I would like all readers to note that: “Efforts Always Pays”

    1. add honesty and work ethics ..also building a good relationship with clients is critical when you offer a service

  24. Tech Guy Ankit says:

    Robin you are our Hero.

    I read this interview and got the enthu to start my own website.

    Following you in twitter and also added you in my facebook account.

  25. Robin you are the common name in our friend circle.

    You have helped our one friend and now he have his own set up and own office.

    We would love to get such kind of tips from you too.

    So please

  26. Jamal says:

    Congratulations Robin for the efforts you have made to be successful in seo field. Best wishes 🙂

  27. Ross Taylor says:

    With 16k Alexa rank we can easily say that yes this guy have established himself.

    From $10 to the empire of 1000 websites (that mean almost $10000 of domain assets) is really amazing.

    I am sure your story will inspire many new comer.

    Best of luck in your business.

  28. Hanned Clark says:

    14000 websites served.

    This one is simply amazing and also showing you are really a busy person.

    But however you are taking time to give back to the world is awesome.

    Thanks for this inspirational post.

  29. Zahared Rubey says:

    Robin you helped me in 2010 by guiding me how to register a new domain and hosting.

    We will never forget those moments.

    Its nice to see your interview on such a big a platform.

  30. Umesh says:

    It was nice to see RobinGupta on JC. One of the reliable seo company from India, I know Robin personally and this guy is great, very hard working, focused and determined. We have worked with his company on a big project in past and it was an excellent experience working together, this guy is is down to earth and keeps you helping/motivating in all possible times whenever you ask him for any help or ask for any suggestion.

    this interview is gonna be so inspirational for many other small companies out there in India and abroad. the guy has proved that hard work pays and brings success.

  31. fas says:

    That is a cluttered desktop there :p

  32. Well it was another most motivative story in the last 2-3 days from the JohnChow and now this time who is interviewed is very closer to me and I can really be in touch with him to make more clear vision about the future business planning online.

  33. Now this time who is interviewed is very closer to me and I can really be in touch with him to make more clear vision about the future business planning online.

  34. Congratulation Robin, its amazing to see you at Johnchow.. i would like to say that robin is a person who help me a lot in my bad time. i know him since 2008 last when he start giving me work and i worked about 6 months. he is the one whom u can say is different from the crowd. a bit different, Robin is humble & very helpful person. Robin is a person with great heart. He is very practical, down to earth person, He is intelligent, motivated and has excellent Seo skills. As one of the best brains in search and social marketing that I know, Robin quite simply ‘gets’ the power of the web and how to use it.

    Good Luck Robin…

  35. Yash Vang says:

    You really inspired to many people. But all people do not give the labour and effort which you put.

    But yes as you said mantra of success is simple give your 100% effort.

  36. Sophia Hop says:

    Such a huge success in only 3 years can tell whole story itself.

    So John you learned all SEO skill by yourself.

    John please keep posting these kind of inspirational story now and than.

  37. Guys you should also see the blog of Robin Gupta.

    He often adds new post on his blog about the latest happening in SEO world and I must say that his post is really inspirational one.

  38. I must say that I learned A B C D of SEO from Robin.

    He is very helpful and that’s why he got such a huge channel of his friends and his followers.

    He is a busy person however you will find him everytime you need any kind of help.

    Best of luck for your SEO Charity.

    My simple appeal to John Chow readers please contribute from your end for this noble cause.

  39. Victoria Mia says:

    We are not a huge buyer of SEO service but we must say that Robin entertain us like we are a big customer of his.

    All queries replied within 30 minutes. Added us in his Gtalk so that he can teach us the benefit of SEO and all.

    Simply A class service and communication from this guy.

  40. Anna Taylor says:

    Robin congratulation for your interview at John Chow.

    Through this interview we came to know about your SEO charity program.

    We would love to take part in that, please let us know how to proceed.

  41. Never heard of him, will look out for him as we move into 2011

  42. Amanda says:

    Good Job Robin.

  43. ikki says:

    interesting interview

  44. Great Interview. You deserve this Fame Robin.
    Best of Luck!!

  45. Alicia Ponting @ LA Real Estate says:

    Honestly speaking I am not surprised to see Robin here at John Chow.

    Because I knew that this fellow have the caliber and quality.

    This is simply beginning and I am sure still long way to go.

  46. Jagat Pandya says:

    Wow 1000 websites that is really interesting and showing your own network.

    That is really a good investment.

    Robin you are really sharp in your business.

  47. Surprise to see that you are also providing website designing.

    Seems to me that you have added many services these days. These are simply great.

    1. Now there are alot of competition out there, So its good to expand your business.

      And i think he can still expand his business by adding more services

  48. really inspiring interview, i will check his services soon…

  49. James Astrid says:

    Robin from where you got the idea of SEO Charity.

    I can see that you are also ranking for this keyword “SEO Charity”

    Good work …

  50. There is an exceptional Interview. Love it.

  51. nintendo 3ds says:

    It’s an interesting case study this one. Robin Kudos to you and the effort that you’ve put in. I especially found your point that keyword rich domain isn’t all that important if you do proper link building.


  52. zenil shroff says:

    Nice interview, btw is all this text written by you?? or the replies that are given by robin are written by him?? i’ve found some grammatical errors there.

    1. James Astrid says:

      But look at the meaning of this interview, this one is really inspirational.

      How a normal person doing a job under $200 build his own empire of SEO.

      Simply phenomenal.

    2. Abhik says:

      You send the questionnaire, he sends it back with answers..
      I guess this is how it works.

  53. Julian Hadley says:

    I think I heard about this guy some where.

    May be he was top specialist in directory submission before 2 years.

    But now he have various seo services under his sleeve. This one is remarkable.

  54. Soumya Gardanr says:

    Boy he is really a gentleman.

    I got his thanks email this morning. Certainly his communication is quite good and more important he knows the value of relation as well.

  55. Alicia Ponting @ LA Real Estate says:

    Yes I also get his email. Surprise to see that he still know when I placed the last order to him and what was the order no.

    I am sure he is having some good client database system.

    1. Abhik says:

      That’s one of the ‘secrets’ of his success 🙂

  56. George Goew says:

    John this one is really nice interview.

    Surprise to see Asian country person here at your blog.

    But I think he is deserve this and this one is really a good lesson for all those people who adopt short cut in their life.

  57. saar avrahamov says:

    I am eager to take part in your SEO charity.

    Please let us know how to proceed and what is the URL of that service.

  58. Alex says:

    Robin would love to know the stats of your website after publishing this interview.

    I am sure you got the good boost up. As there are thousands of people who is also auto publishing the post of John Chow.

    Also retweet the John’s tweet as well.

    1. Richard Douvier says:

      Yes Robin, would love to see that stats.

      If you do not have any problem and if you want to share or disclose those stats.

      If you do not want to than this is also ok, we can understand.

    2. Abhik says:

      I guess he won’t mind doing that..

  59. Yash Vang says:

    Just visited your facebook page and nice to see that people at there is also congratulating you for this interview.

    So did you get any other offer from any other top bloggers ?

  60. iwatch says:

    I am sure you are also getting hundreds of phone calls from your friend circle and from those people whom you helped.

    Really happy for you.

  61. Joy McDonald says:

    This one is really long and inspirational interview.

    Let me save it and will read it whenever I will feel down.

  62. Mukesh says:

    Really an inspiring interview. We were looking for some good SEO companies and looks like we found the one we need.


  63. Abhik says:

    I know Robin personally..
    He is a great guy with equally great knowledge in the field of SEO.
    Being one of his satisfied client, all I can say that the service he provides is top notch and best in the market.

  64. Deluxdon says:

    Hey Robin. Keep up the good work as usual.


  65. dotcompals says:

    Congratulations Robin and all the best for the future.

  66. Would love to know your other website and how you build traffic with SEO ..maybe you can guest post on John Chow about this 🙂

  67. A very neat interview. The 25 year old lad has reached to become one of the top SEO service providers all around. Hard work it is, which pays back.

  68. Neon SRT4 says:

    Congratulations Robin. You are from india, right? Thats a piece of work. I had one of my friend who is dealing with your seo company. I hope you will become biggest ceo in india.

  69. warteg @ DP says:

    Wow Robin congrats. I have just start my Blog Service. During one year I have been selling blogrolls and blogposts at forums, 3 days ago I decided it is time to start wider service. I will always remember

    1. Neon SRT4 says:

      That’s nice, selling blogrolls and blog posts, but if you start your own seo, that is much better than selling to others.

  70. That’s a good interview and Robin seams like a good guy and dedicated professional. I wish every business owner took responsibility and tried to do the best for the customer, a breath of fresh air.

  71. Sean Denny says:

    Congratulation Robin, it’s very interesting and impressive interview, robin seem like you had very difficult journey, but its quite motivation for everyone, i came to know your name while i was searching for seo company for my DJ site and my friend recommended your name to me.

    in was wondering you didn’t mention annually revenue of your company in this interview, would like to know if you are comfortable to share.

  72. Imran Mirza says:

    Great achievement robin, big congratulation to you. you deserve all this success and fame.

  73. anitha says:

    He has achieved the alexa 16k its an great gift

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