Interview With The Big Fish

Andrew Johnson has posted an interview with Markus Frind, owner of internet dating site, Back in 2003, Markus was making $40 a day from POF. Today he makes $10,000 a day. How does he do it? The interview touches on some of the methods Markus used to drive up to 14 million page views per day to his site.

Now why didn’t I think of doing an interview with Markus? After all, he’s local to me. Then again, him being local to me would be the reason.

3 thoughts on “Interview With The Big Fish”

  1. Thanks for the link John. Love your Blog. I’ve put it on my RSS newfeed reader list.

    Plenty of must be worth a fortune if he sold it off…

  2. umberto says:

    Hi, I love your blog.
    Great tips from money management to how to eat fois gras.
    I read a lot about the big fish making 10,000$ a day, but I read in forums and on shoemoney that he advertise a lot. I’m more interested in what is his net profit per day.

  3. John Chow says:

    The next time I meet Markus, I will ask him what his net is. I’m pretty sure he’ll say “None of your damn business!” 🙂

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