Into The Technorati Top 100

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The good news just keep coming in. I got up this morning to find that Technorati likes me again. They have unfrozen my account! That was the first good news.

The second good news is I have broken into the Technorati Top 100! I’m currently at position 76, ahead of TechDirt and just behind Autoblog. Technorati hasn’t updated my rank on my blog directory page yet – it shows me at 101. I’m sure they’ll update it later.

Not only have I broken into the Top 100 most popular blogs, but I’m also ranked 21 for Most Favorited blog. Add me to your Technorati favorites.

Getting into the Technorati Top 100 was one of my goals for 2007. I gave myself an entire year to achieve it. I never would have thought I’ll be there in three months. A big thanks to everyone who helped me achieve this goal!

144 thoughts on “Into The Technorati Top 100”

  1. Jason says:

    Congrats John … nice to see that you have been unfrozen so that you can take your rightful place amongst the most popular blogs on the net!

    Watch out that they don’t learn about your evil practices now 😈

    1. ilker says:

      Congratz John! :mrgreen:

      1. We all knew you would make it! 😈
        John Chow, Technorati extraordinaire!


        1. So what’s the difference when John was banned and now that he’s back? (with regards to his effect on the sites that links to his) πŸ™„

      2. I’ll add you to my Technorati favorites if you add my site to yours πŸ˜‰

        1. Jez says:

          Wonder if he will do that! Are you offering a swap here John???

        2. ilker says:

          John is too busy making money.. he won’t do it!

        3. “I fave u, U fav me”

          Any takers? :mrgreen:

        4. Jeff says:

          lol seems like a good bargain, what about my blog?

          Jeff –

    2. Congratulations John – you sincerely deserve it. Your blog contains a lot of useful, practical and relevant information and you’ve helped thousands of people get started on the road to blogging and making money online.

      My goal is to get my blog into the top 100 by July. I’m at 3,000 now – dropped 117,000 in the last few days, so I have no doubt I’ll catch you 😈 :mrgreen:

      1. Marc says:

        That’s a fantastic improvement Mitchell, way to go.

      2. Jane May says:

        Good luck with that one. You’ll hit a few platues, but it shouldn’t be too dificult.

        1. HMTKSteve says:

          Only 76? With all the links you have you should be number 1!!!

          1. He would need to have a few hundred K links to reach that far, dude. But it depends on the number of blogs linking, not the total number of links.

          2. Aris says:

            He has a loyal army that are going to multiply the links and he will reach the top 10 in no time. 😈

          3. Mark Shead says:

            John has some other things contributing to his success. The contest hasn’t brought in links from the 3,000 blogs.

            I think he found a loophole in Technorati. If he is lucky it will get him into the top, so that by the time they close the hole he will still be in the top 100.

        2. Kumiko says:

          I hear that! I’ve been stuck around the 6,000 mark for what feels like forever!


          1. Jez says:

            Ill link to you if you like, only 5999 to go :mrgreen:

          2. Make that 5998! i’ll link you too Kumiko!

      3. Jez says:

        How did you manage that? Have you bought one of the add spots on here (Ill look for myself in a mo), or are they genuine links from other blogs?

        1. Genuine links from other blogs is hard to get…

    3. simon says:

      Good job! John. When will you be rank #1.

    4. Aris says:

      When I checked it last night, it was still in 103. In less than 20 hours it has jumped another 27 points. Wouw!

    5. What does this mean to John’s “followers”? :mrgreen:

      1. Jez says:

        Errrm, weve helped him out again???

        1. Well… he’s helping us also.

          It’s just that there’s a lot of us helping him and he’s the only one helping us. :mrgreen:

  2. Kiltak says:

    “A big thanks to everyone who helped me achieve this goal!”

    The only reason you got there so fast is because of you evil ways.. common, admit it! πŸ˜‰

    1. Jason says:

      Shhhh … he’s trying to stay in Technorati’s good books πŸ˜‰

      1. Marc says:

        No he isn’t 😈

    2. Kiltak says:

      Oh, and by the way, what kind of traffic does being in the top 100 brings you?

      1. Does it matter? John takes anything and everything! 😈

        Please correct me if I’m wrong :mrgreen:

        1. Jez says:

          If you lived in his part of the world, Im sure there would be a steady procession of people leaving his offices in their underwear, begging for taxi fair outside πŸ‘Ώ

          1. Jez says:

            make that fare ❗

          2. Hahaha! :mrgreen:
            How many employees does he have?

  3. Frank says:

    Congratulations John, if you keep going like this you’ll start running out of goals to achieve. What’s next, the Technorati TOP TEN? The Alexa TOP 100?

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      I’m thinking the hill will get much steeper from here on out. I have no doubt in my mind that John should be able to break into the top 50 on Technorati in no time, but getting into the top ten is one crazy (although probably achievable with some evil) goal.

      I’m just hoping to crack into the top 10k (currently 23k or so).

      1. Jason says:

        I’m thinking the evil master has a trick or two up his sleeves that will boost him into the top 25 or so (I agree, top 10 is tough).

        Personally I set modest goals … I’m trying to crack the top 1,000,000 (currently I’m at 1.8M) πŸ˜›

        1. I guess with more ReviewHisBlog, and contests to factor in linking, what he needs is to get more new audience to come in and read his blog.

          1. Jez says:

            His google rank will get him more readers….

        2. Aris says:

          Are you kidding, Jason? Hey, I just voted for you this morning. 😳 OK, I went there to check and OK,… you’re not kidding. I’m sure you will get up to 100K in no time if you just follow the master’s teaching. I was in your shoes last week or so, now I’m up to 36K.

        3. You’re too modest, the Master will be displeased πŸ‘Ώ

          As of last check you’re still at 1,858,475

          I’ll link you up and fave you also!

          Good luck! Share the link love! 😈

      2. 😯 I thought it’s a bit easier to jump from a lower to a higher ranking when you’re in John’s top 10 commentators? Mark Robinson claims one can be “under 5000 in an hour” ❓

        1. Aris says:

          Yes, but that means like MrGary said in his blog, you really need to spend a lot of time to keep up with the number of comments. 😈

          1. Michael Kwan says:

            It used to be that you only needed about 200 comments to be right at the top of the top commentators list… that was when it was reset monthly. Now, you need at least 70 to be on the list at all… and that’s in FIVE days.

          2. I can sleep now John.
            I’m your Top 10 :mrgreen:

            oh wait… maybe I should add some more and make it to # 9 πŸ˜†

      3. Jane May says:

        You mean with or without John’s help on Technorati πŸ˜‰

        1. Aris says:

          I thought nothing can be done without the blessing of the master of πŸ‘Ώ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

      4. HMTKSteve says:

        The top ten is near impossible. Every time a bog knocks Engadget out of the top spot it mysteriously vanishes from Technorati…

        1. I haven’t seen any blog that has rivalled engadget to that level yet. Which blog were you referring to, Steve?

        2. Aris says:

          Last time I saw Engadget is in Top 4. Does that mean as long as John stays under it, let say at Top 5 would be okay?

        3. Jez says:


          Maybe it goes up into a different league πŸ™‚

    2. Zach says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see John in Alexa’s top 100 at some point

      1. Aris says:

        What is John’s Alexa’s number now?

        1. Michael Kwan says:

          Traffic Rank for 3,632

  4. Joseph.C says:

    Congrats JC….Sometimes evil is good ….get yourself a evil blog….Hmmm even better πŸ™‚

  5. So the question is, why hasn’t Technorati figured out your loop hole and fix it? Mark Robinson and Undergroundrevolt both clearly document how you got to the top of Technorati, but the company doesn’t seem to both plugging the hole.

    1. Gary Lee says:

      maybe they can’t fix it?

      1. Jane May says:

        That’s my guess.

        1. HMTKSteve says:

          Or they do not want to because other “top blogs” will fall?

          1. Jez says:

            Why would other top blogs fail, has this stunt been pulled before???

      2. They must be able to fix it – it can’t be that hard. I suspect it will take a few weeks then poof – I’ll be back up to 650,000 or whatever. If they can’t fix it then that’s pretty pitiful.

        1. Mark Shead says:

          If it is doing what it looks like it is doing, they aren’t going to be able to fix it very easily.

    2. I’m sure they’re trying to fix it. Their credibility depends on it! 😈

  6. yoshi says:

    Congratulations! You well deserve it!

  7. Nathan says:

    Congrats John.

    I guess you deserve it πŸ™„

  8. ilker says:

    No need to thank us John.. if you are not all that evil, if you have a heart like all humans, if you love your kids.. you will return the favor to us one day! πŸ™‚

    You have the rest of the year to do give back to the community who helped you become a Top blogger..

    1. Aris says:

      By matching fund? 😈

  9. James says:

    Are you sure its you?
    Great job saving those seals then. πŸ˜€

  10. Chris C says:

    Congratulations John – you’re an inspiration to this newbie blogger πŸ™‚

  11. santosh p says:

    Congrats, this is a double good news for my time zone, 1 day google #2 & technorati top 100 and unfrozen.

    John out of topic, A question which I would like you to answer as a blog post.

    Many of my friends, may be many in the world too use Adblockers, Internet Security software like the famous Kaspersky, nortan, mc afee INTERNET suites (Not the anti virus), where in your ads, and ads on blogs are not shown. So how do you suggest us to work out with it…?
    Throw some light on it, trust me most of us would be profited

    Atlast we also like to be evil πŸ‘Ώ

    1. Marc says:

      Get into affiliate revenue streams, sponsored blogging/links, etc… There are now lots of streams that will avoid those problems.

      In all reality though, it’s a pretty small population segment that use ad blockers. It shouldn’t be a major concern. If you feel like you’re missing out, get a bigger audience.

    2. Marc’s advice is sound. If you think you can make money in advertising by waging a adblocker-antiadblocker war, like the email spammers versus antispam programs you are just leading yourself into a tight spiral that leads nowhere.

      The Internet and the world of business that doesn’t live on the ‘Net (yes, there is one) is astronomically huge in relation to the set of folks who use ad blocking software.

      If your intended audience is limited to your friends then, simple solution, get a lot more friends. Hint … you don’t need facebook or myspace or some other artificial means. You get a great lesson here every day. Watch what John does and emulate him … note I didn’t use the word copy … check the subtle differences in the meanings.

      John provides something of value … usually quite a few “somethings” each and every day and he doesn’t tie this to a “client” action like annoying “squeeze pages” to get a “special report” and all that other time worn crap. he treats the readers as fellow players of the game and shares. Does it work? Well Technorati thinks it does … if they know anything LoL, and I ain’t going there.

      A friend is not someone whom you agree with on every single point, (John and I disagree on several fundamental issues, but I’d be proud to count him as a friend), a friend doesn’t have to be in the same age group, local area, ethnic group, gender or country code. A friend is someone you respect and who treats you with respect. You can make them.

      Don’t focus on “making people click”. Focus on providing people with value and making people friends … your clicks will blossom.

      Look also at Darren Rowse … did you ever see him push people into a squeeze page situation? Do you think he looses any sleep over ad blockers?

      You might also take atip or two from Liz Strauss …
      “You’re only a stranger once.”

      1. Jane May says:

        This is really great advice Dave. You’ll be safe by listening to this guy πŸ˜€

        1. HMTKSteve says:

          Ad blockers are not interested in your ads, even if they could see them.

      2. Excellent post Dave, and I agree with you 100%.

      3. Aris says:

        >Don’t focus on β€œmaking people click”. Focus >on providing people with value and making >people friends … your clicks will blossom.

        I love this!

        1. santosh p says:

          Thank you people. Your Words are truly Gold.

  12. Congrats! I have no doubt you can maintain that ranking for the rest of the year.

  13. Chris says:

    Today is a good day for me too … I cracked the top 100,000 πŸ˜†

    1. Aris says:

      Congrats Chris? When do you think you will craks the top 50,000? A week, 2 week or 3 days?

  14. Eric says:

    What about being ranked in the top 10 now?


  15. collis says:

    Well done, that is fast, but not surprising somehow!

    Do let us know if being in either of those top 100 lists actually generates any traffic, Ive always wanted to know that!!

    1. Aris says:

      That’s a good question. Sometimes I wonder though. Does the top 100 bring in more traffic or traffic pushed him up to the top 100? Hehehe, few more jump and he’d be in Top 75. 😈

  16. Zach says:

    wow congrats. How much value do you think that brings do your site?

    1. Aris says:

      John will post it at the end of the month. We will know it by then.

  17. Post says:

    Can you install a “congrats” widget on your blog that we can just ping on every day cause just saying congratulations is getting boring. πŸ˜‰

    Something like Jaxtr.

    1. Jason says:

      Ha ha … that’s a great idea. Maybe we can have different ones … “Congrats!”, “You’re the best!”, “Thanks for the great tip!”, etc.

      It sure would be simpler πŸ˜‰

  18. Char says:

    Here’s to life’s little (okay big) victories! I am very happy to step into the top 40,000 today. I’d like to make it to the top 25,000 by then end of 2007.

    1. Aris says:

      Congratulation. That’s a big step. But I’m afraid your goal is too long in the evil world standard. But having a goal is always good, hope you can achieve it earlier.

    2. Mark Shead says:

      If you take careful note of what John is doing, you should be able to get to your goal in a few months or even weeks.

  19. Doug Karr says:

    Great job, John. You’ve got great, fresh content that I’m consistently referencing. Thanks for all the assistance you may not realize that you give!

  20. Jeff Kee says:

    I’m trying to get into the 10,000.. 200 more to go.. haha

    1. Zach says:

      well thats still very good

    2. Zach says:

      I’m still trying to get under 50,000, granted my sites still only 2 weeks old

    3. Jane May says:

      You’ll be there in no time Jeff! I hope to break 1,000 soon πŸ˜‰

      1. HMTKSteve says:

        I’m just under 2K right now.

  21. Congratulations John, it’s always nice to see people reaching their goals! I’ve been a silent observer of your blog up until now, but I thought that a special occasion like this deserved something special from me as well πŸ˜‰

    I enjoy the majority of your posts, and you definitely deserve your place among the top 100!

  22. Leftblank says:

    Congratulations John, as present you’ve received another couple of backlinks πŸ˜‰

  23. ian says:

    Congratulations John, I had no doubt that you would make it into the top 100, now the cool free stuff should really start rolling in.

  24. Gary Lee says:

    congratulations John! I’m pulling for you to crack the top 25 now!

    1. Jane May says:

      Top 25? Comon. I still think he’s got top 10 in him, especially with his evil ways. πŸ˜›

      1. HMTKSteve says:

        Technorati says:

        Rank: 102 (62,793 links from 3,871 blogs)

        Engadget: Rank: 4 (460,984 links from 27,121 blogs)

        I guess John has a ways to go?

        1. Aris says:

          OK Steve, here is what I got. Are we looking at the same number?

          Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com
          Search this blog Rank: 102 (62,804 links from 3,871 blogs)
          Updated: 1 hour ago

          Is this the same problem of data propagation or are we looking from different countries again?

          I went back to check one more time and I got the same number from:

          Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com
          Rank: 102 (62,804 links from 3,871 blogs)

          1. Mark Shead says:

            Aris – it varies slightly, but your numbers are in line with what was posted.

  25. IndoDX says:

    Congratulations John, that really happy if our goal was done perfect ^_* I hope I can be there soon as possible too

  26. Mubin says:

    Heh, now this is really evil!

    1. TheAnand says:

      that is evil of course. . .johns photo and your blog. . .got me thinking!

      john. . .r u noticing??? πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

  27. derrich says:

    Congrats, my evil liege!!!

  28. Marc says:

    So since someday is not an option, when will you be #1 John?

  29. Xof says:

    Good for you man! Just added you as Fav!

  30. Albert says:

    Congrats John, just added you in my fav!! Keep going up John!!

  31. That’s great! Hail to the Dark Lord! 😈

  32. Kubiac says:

    Congrats John, well deserved! Now Lets go for top 50! πŸ˜€

  33. Alex Shalman says:

    I’m currently at 8,744 on technorati – No where near John! But I guess somebody likes my blog.

  34. Alvin Phang says:

    Congrats =) I also.. will be aiming for that too =)

  35. Jane May says:

    Congrats John. But I really think on this one, it was all you πŸ˜€

    1. IndoDX says:

      He he he…. πŸ˜€

    2. HMTKSteve says:

      All him and the thousands of bloggers linking to him!

  36. Gdog says:

    Whoa, nice work John! Evilness pays off. 😈

  37. Zach says:

    i think they should make a site like technorati, but have it rank the number of feeds a site has, that would urge people to get the number high

  38. Josh Rives says:

    What’s the next goal? How much extra traffic from being in the top 100? All good post topics…wink

  39. Wow that some great news, John! Start aiming for the top 50. Only afew more thousand blogs need to link to you.

  40. knupNET says:

    Way to go John. This blog is truly amazing.

  41. Rex says:

    John — you rock man! your tips and tricks here are quite informative! – Rex

  42. Mani says:

    Great going John – i’m chasing you πŸ˜‰

  43. Mubin says:

    Hey, my trick didnt work!

    1. Mark Shead says:

      I think it did.

  44. Sohaib says:

    Congrats in getting back into technorati, thats good news :mrgreen:

  45. Gaz says:

    Is it just me that thinks the technorati rating system has gone to hell in a handbasket in the last couple of weeks then?

    I mention a way evil-doers can game the system and push their ranking up quite easily with the current state of technorati in my Technorati Blog Reactions post…

  46. Hockey Amor says:

    Congrats John, time to revise your goals…!

    1. Mark Shead says:

      Staying in the top 100 for the next 6 months might be a good start.

  47. Jose Tudor says:

    Congratulations John,

    It was only a matter of time!


  48. Deb says:

    Congratulations on the quick dip into 100 land of Technorati!

  49. WooHoo!! Huge congrats, friend!!! πŸ˜€

  50. Praveen says:

    Congrats….! You did a great job.. excellent
    I learned interesting matters on technorati..

  51. praveen says:

    congrats…! great job…

    I learned something new about technorati… thanks.

  52. Dave says:

    Well done John, next goal: Top 50? πŸ™‚

  53. flavio says:

    now your are at #73!! cant wait to see you at #1 πŸ˜‰

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