Invading The Austria Club

This is a video that Lindsey and I took at the Austria Vancouver Club. We were told there was a party going on that day so we decided to see if we could get in. Lindsey is not from Austria but he is white so he shouldn’t have any problems. However, I’m most certainly not from Austria and not white either. How will the Austria Club react to an Asian guy? Watch the video and find out. I must admit, there are some strange stuffs going on inside the Austria Club!

2 thoughts on “Invading The Austria Club”

  1. hAha Shindlers List.
    Brilliant simply brilliant.

    Your like next Howie Mandel, just funnier. Go to CITY tv news and show them your videos, screw adsense, make money with your own t.v. show.

  2. an austrian says:

    What u think, that all austrians r nazis or what?

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