Invesp Is Now On My Shit List

A couple days ago Shoemoney and I decided endorsed ZK of Web Traffic ROI to win the Invesp Top Internet Marketer of 2009. We asked you to vote for ZK instead of us because we felt ZK deserve the win and with it, the recognition.

You guys did your part and within a few days ZK was crushing everyone in the contest.

However, it seems that Invesp wanted someone else to win and has removed most of ZK’s votes.

If you can’t trust Invesp to run a legit contest then how can you really trust them to run your PPC campaigns or optimize your conversions? What a bunch of douche bags!

Invsep. You just got on everyone’s shit list!

60 thoughts on “Invesp Is Now On My Shit List”

  1. Joe Tech says:

    Ouch… I can’t imagine a good reason for them to remove his videos on purpose. Bad marketing move, for sure.

    1. They may be do not want ZK win. As simple as that.

      1. That’s not a good idea to hold a contest and then say that a particular individual can’t win.

  2. Rahil says:

    Oh Dear!! I thought making top 100 list is the only thing they do..such a pity they cant do even that

  3. Vince Cianci says:

    Are you 100% sure they did this? Could it be that someone else was promoting someone more than you were promoting ZK which made it look like ZK didnt get that many votes?

    Either way it’s great to have a shit list!!

  4. my votes were about 7.8 % after John’s post …they are now 1.2 %

    Thanks John for promoting me :), I would love to hear about this mess up from it Invesp..hoping someone sees this post and comments

    1. oes tsetnoc says:

      oh they have removed 6.6% of your votes 🙁 that’s really bad

    2. please share whatever they say friend. So we can have clear thought about it.

    3. Have they had anything to say as of yet? I’d like to hear their side of the story, and it had better be good!

    4. Kind of a dumb list to begin with. Just getting a bunch of votes doesn’t make someone Internet marketer of the year.

      1. very true ….This is not the way to promote someone…Sorry to say but I would also remove anyone form the list if votes come in this manner.

  5. Kevin Pasco says:

    WOW… This isn’t high school =/

  6. Melvin says:

    what a bunch of douchebags

    1. people who voted for him without knowing about his stuff? or the people who is running that site…

  7. oes tsetnoc says:

    oh thats bad to read.. i think requesting for vote like you and other blog author did could be against rule..

  8. I guess they don’t like your idea to up beat some big boys through marketing strategy: you said :

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we can push ZK to the top of the list and ahead of big names like Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk? We can show Invesp the true power of marketing!

    But from the bottom of my heart i believe ZK deserve to be in TOP TEN of that list, he is a great guy.

  9. videostar says:

    It is unpleasant to here.But it is not the greatest tragegy in the world.

  10. S Ahsan says:

    I have come seen shoe’s post earlier.. I like it when you say “douche bags!”..ehh !

  11. That is so badd!! really sickk!! Would never trust them for anything of course!!

    1. If they are going to promote a contest such as this, they should honor the votes, even though it’s kind of a dumb contest.

  12. I had a quick look around there contest page and couldn’t find anything that stated “you can’t ask your friends to vote for you” In fact, I didn’t find any rules at all, not very professional! SY

    1. Joel says:

      Seeing as this entire exercise is just your standard linkbait/marketing campaign they certainly would want you to tell all your friends about it.

      They don’t care about the results, they get the links and the publicity no matter what.

      Funny that they’ve gone and screwed even this up.

    2. oes tsetnoc says:

      hmmm… its mean they cheat us.. contest with out rules… WOW

  13. They just joined my shit list as well

  14. How dear they do this! Yeah, invesp surely in my black list if they can not give a good reason for their action regarding this ZK vote.

  15. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Omg! No wonder I saw ZK’s vote was 8.2% and few hours later it turned to 2.4%..too bad to see that!

  16. ProBlogineer says:

    oh that’s sad.
    what invesp want to say on this topic? 🙁

  17. Jay Auto says:

    Your shit list is my shit list. Very unprofessional!

  18. It is very unlike you to just wildly throw accusations around, John, so I would really like to hear what Invesp has to say about these accusations, and would like to at least have their response to all of this. This is one of those cans of worms that has been opened, and the worms have all wriggled out. Some serious explaining is needed here, otherwise Invesp’s reputation is going to suffer accordingly!

  19. Not a good idea to get on the sh*t list of someone who reaches as may people as this blog does. Bad move.

  20. scheng1 says:

    I wonder how Invesp explains this, curious to hear what they say

  21. tv links says:

    Have they explained why they done this yet?

  22. That is shit! I would also like to hear what they have to say about this.

  23. TechZoomIn says:


    I know you’ll not answer for this, but still i want to ask

    1) How you know that invesp deleted ZK’s votes?
    2) Why you think that he deserves that position?

    I just want to know, as i don’t him and his blog is simple and nothing much special there.

  24. fas says:

    This is called a jealously in contests, LOL./

  25. chester says:

    That’s total BS.

  26. LukePeerFly says:

    Wow. Bad decision on their part.

  27. I ll take being featured on John and Shoe on the same day as a much bigger achievement than being in the list by Invesp. You guys rock , thank you all for your support…Thanks John , you are a noble soul 🙂

  28. Damn, that’s completely bogus.

  29. Ingram says:

    Did they give a reason for nullifying the votes? That would be the first thing they should do.

  30. How’s that different from about half the “contests” that are already out there when friends are the only winners? Not saying it’s right but it’s not surprising one bit.

  31. I posted on another blog about this.

    It’s never good to stir up the muck, for anyone. That said, it’s stirred.

    I am going to guess that ZK has massive support, as he zipped past me in the pole on Friday. Over the weekend his steam was still going strong.

    Looking through his Twitter follows, etc. I am just as curious why a person loved so much was spanked.

    Now, to the guts.

    I am going to guess that they’re watching IP addresses for all votes.

    I know, but going to their site, that they’re running Clicky, Crazy Egg, Google Analytics, and HitTrail. Chances are likely that they’re watching for bot clicks or anything like it.

    For instance, has over 1000 people, with limited IP’s. If I have everyone at vote for me, I am guessing they’d look at it as fraud.

    So for ZK this might mean that offices that have voted for him might of looked fraudulent. Or perhaps an over zealous voter cost him points.

    The only people who know are

    ZK, you clearly have lots of supporters. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you getting them to help you win.

    I used Facebook, Twitter, my blog, LinkedIn, and emails to business associates for my votes.

    By the looks of it, you have a ton of supporters. Just start over, if they do it again, we can all call it out.

    Seriously though, spreading bad blood just makes everyone look bad.

    I haven’t seen the rankings lately. Last I saw, John Janstch was killing us all.

    Anywho, congrats on the nomination, it’s far more rad to support that, then to call the people who put you out there in the first place scum or corrupt or anything negative.

    It’s karma people. Do good things, get rewarded.

    Best of luck, God Bless,


  32. Sherwin says:

    Are they removing some votes because they’re duplicates or just removing because they wanted to?

  33. Now Those are some shady bastards!

  34. Any news on that? Any response / explanation form Invesp? SY

  35. Added on my shit list too. That isn’t cool for our friend ZK, but what if we keep voting? Will they keep removing our votes?

  36. Matej says:

    TTZ Media is also on my shit list since I’m waiting for my check to me sent for over a year now. Also no email response.

    To bad no one cares about that! 🙂

  37. Khalid Saleh says:

    I posted a response to all of this on Shoemoney’s blog. Here is the response to this:

    Rest assured, Invesp is not trying to rig the voting process. We have no bias against ZK or anyone else. We are merely trying to minimize ballot stuffing by removing duplicate votes that come from the same IP address. This is done in batch and not in real time. That’s why ZK and other nominees lost votes all in one fell swoop. In the spirit of complete transparency, I am making the data backup file from prior to the du-duping available for examination (minus the database identifiers):

    With any public voting contest, it’s a challenge to keep all the gaming in check. So any advice on how we can do this better would be welcomed.

    Hope this clears things up.

  38. Mel says:

    Khalid stop short and calling some of the votes a cheat— I’ll go ahead and say it… looks like someone is trying to cheat and put in lots of votes in at one time. There are always two sides to a story but I’ve got to side on Invesp on this one as they posted up the zip file to prove it. I think John, you may want to issue an apology here and check your facts before posting up some negative comments about a company.

    1. I agree with Mel here. You slandered Khalids business.

      He had legitimate cause.

      In my company we have over 1000 people, voting from just a small handfull of IP’s, like three I think.

      I would guess that I got penalized too, but I am not mad. He’s gotta run a legit show, that’s fair.

      You should seriously consider killing this thread. It makes your look bad, and makes ZK look even worse, when chances are that some over zealous fans of his might of caused the issue.

      Either way, it was really sad to see this, as it totally killed the spirit of their efforts.

  39. Mel says:

    sorry, have to proof read before i post — i meant to say “Khalid stops short at calling some of the voters a cheat”

  40. The voting process seems to have stopped since yesterday …the site mentions it ends 12/13/2009 mid night , still 3 days away…you don’t see the radio buttons next to the nominee names and there is no vote button on the page…Am I the only one seeing that page or is everyone seeing it ?

    1. Kevin Pasco says:

      Nope, they’re gone for me as well.

  41. Dean Saliiba says:

    Certainly doesn’t sound like a company that I would want to deal with.

  42. Steve Youngs says:

    Looking forward to the “Formal Apology To Invesp” post. Nothing shows a man’s character better than his willingness to admit when he’s wrong and own up to his mistakes.

    1. Why should John do that? SY

  43. I say, don’t mess with John Chow.

    It is what it is. Move on. 🙂

  44. pennygo says:

    Don’t sugar-coat it! How do you REALLY feel?? Your tweet with the Google search page CRACKED ME UP!!!


  45. Kevin Pasco says:

    I saw your tweet about how high you and Shoemoney are ranked for the keyword Invesp. Looks like they just got themselves one of the worst reputations on the web.

  46. You and Shoe are now on Page one for “invesp” on the first page of Google, that mistake will cost them a lot of money. Did you or ZK got ever any statement back from them? SY

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