Is The Future Anti-Social Media?

A few things to tell you about today…


“Social Media” is all the rage everywhere you turn. On TV. In Magazines. Newspapers. Movies. And more. You’ve probably heard “Facebook” and “Twitter” so many times now in your life that you’re probably tired of hearing about them.

But the big question is… is using Social Media really good for you and your business? I think for most entrepreneurs the answer is NO.

At least “no” because of the way most people are using it. I’ve always said that Twitter and Facebook are great for SYNDICATION efforts. There are some great ways to auto-publish links to your articles, blog posts, etc. with them. And that is definitely something you want to be doing.

But I see so many entrepreneurs spending hours upons hours of their time ‘chatting’ with people on Facebook or Twitter. Somehow they feel that because they are using those sites, and because the media is so ‘big’ on Social Media, that somehow their business is benefiting from it.

In many cases, it’s THE OPPOSITE. Spending hours of time on Facebook and Twitter is most likely LOSING MONEY for folks.

In most cases, the traffic that can be generated from those sites is often very untargeted or very unqualified. Facebook Ads is the exception and I highly recommend you test with it and use it to generate targeted, profitable leads if you can. That’s where you can buy ads that run across Facebook based on user demographics and interests.

If someone takes the same amount of time they spend on Facebook or Twitter and spends it setting up ad campaigns on Google Adwords, or creating some targeted, highly optimized content for their site, they will make more money in their business. I guarantee it.

Something to think about.

Again, I DO think those sites can help your business, but you shouldn’t be spending more than 5% of your “business time” on them.

I challenge you to use “Anti-Social Media” for 2 weeks. (Or longer if you can do it.) Don’t use Facebook or Twitter at all. Put all of your time into SEO efforts, setting up AdWords campaigns, and writing articles. You’ll be surprised how much faster your business grows.

The second thing to tell you about today…

Is an update on ME. πŸ™‚

A lot of people have been asking me about my travels and my ‘experiment’ with minimalism. After traveling non-stop for 2 months, I can tell you one thing for sure…


It’s rough to go from place to place and constantly be on the move. It’s like it’s hard to ‘relax’ for very long because you know your current surroundings are only temporary.

And being without a “home base” of some sort, I believe, works against you mentally. Your mind is always aware that you’re just a perpetual nomad and in ‘motion.’ I think the key to being able to perpetually travel is to stay in certain places for long periods of time. Even setting up a little “home base” and then travel to and from that point.

What’s up next for me is to spend some more time in MY OWN COUNTRY. There are some great cities in the US that I want to experience. I also want to be in the US to spend more time with my family. I’m realizing more and more that that’s what is truly important in life. (Yes, obvious, I know.)

As many of my long-time customers know, my brother died about 5 years ago. And not a week or so goes by without being reminded that I wish I had spent more time with him while he was still alive. And I know that one day (even, though, I definitely don’t like to think about it) I’ll probably have the same thoughts about the time I spent with my parents.

So along with a lot of other areas that I want to have more balance with, spending time with my family is one of them.

I definitely still have lots of destinations on the “To Do” list and I still plan on getting to them all — but I have already come to realize that I need a more balanced way to continue to travel or I will reach a major point of BURN-OUT.

As for the minimalism stuff, I’m still a huge believer in it. Not necessarily in only having a few shirts and outfits, etc. but just not having tons of STUFF in my life that can become a distraction. I’m sure that I’ll be acquiring some new things as I set up a little home base, but I’m definitely never going back to the life I once had in regards to owning an overkill of stuff.

The one thing I’ve really experienced so far on my little ‘journey’ is getting some perspective. I’ve had plenty of time to think about my life and focus on what’s really important — I’ve also thought a lot about past choices and how things may or may not have been different.

More than anything, I’ve realized the value of BEING PRESENT. That life really is short and it’s passing by in the blink of an eye. And I’ve been doing an interesting “Time Machine” mental exercise (you should try it)…

Whatever you are doing today, or with your days right now, imagine eventually being 10 years into the future. And imagine being able to get into a Time Machine and visit TODAY (10 years earlier). Would you want to be doing whatever you were doing then? Or would you wish you had spent those days doing something else?

Like not to harp on the Facebook/Twitter stuff, but think of a day in the recent past when you caught yourself ‘surfing’ for several hours on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You know, when you were just chatting it up with people, etc. and you really didn’t do much to make more money in your business that day – heck, we’ve all been there and done that many times.

Don’t you wish you could have a ‘do over’ and get that essentially worthless day back?

Something to think about.

And if you have a dream to start a certain type of business or to do something you’ve been thinking about for a long time, DO IT. Don’t wait. Just go for it NOW. Often times the “worst case scenario” if it happens when pursuing that dream isn’t all that bad — so it’s definitely worth the risk.

Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of having a video game company. And now, after putting it off for more than 25 years, I’m finally going for it. And even if it ends up not having the same success as other businesses I’ve had in the past, I really don’t think I’ll care. Because I know I’ll be a lot HAPPIER and excited about it. And at the end of the day, that’s really what matters.

So I challenge YOU… don’t wait. Do whatever you’ve always wanted to do TODAY — or at least get started with ‘it’ in some small way that you can accommodate in your life right now.

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese

110 thoughts on “Is The Future Anti-Social Media?”

  1. Thanks Reese for this emotional post, although human can never go back in time, I believe most of the time we human had a second chance. If I’m to go back 10 years from now, I did like to start blogging other then playing soccer, but thinking back again, if I don’t play soccer 10 years ago, will I be fat and fit now or will I be just “okay”
    Although life now since to be really hard for me, but I never look back at what I had went through, I truly believe all those bad and good moment is a life line where every moment is to put me into the next level of life which is experience new stuff.

    1. I didn’t see your comment when I made the comments that appear below.

      1. Manny says:

        This is the first blog I read from John Chow. I saw one of his youtube videos, and it lead me to his site. I read his book and was amazed, now I’m going to read his posts.
        John, you techniques are amazing. I haven’t even finished developing my website and I’m already getting good numbers on it. Your book and tips are amazing. I don’t want to spam your blog, but if you go to my website: you will see how its not even ready and I’m already making money with it thanks to john’s book and tips. John, thank you. I learned a lot and yes, I read your whole book.

  2. The Mad Ape says:

    Well the anti-social media is alive and well – more like anti-new world order…but it is the same thing. will be launched by the people of Iceland, will be launched by a group on how to tell Google to shove it, in an effort to make them irrelevant because they plan to destroy the FREE internet.

    Thanks to Max Keiser of telling us about the Financial Terrorists of Wall Street and their Casino Gulag, I now own the domain

    Max’s new site is providing a new way to get your movie made.

    Alex Jones, of and, will be launching a new social network that allows people to leave Facebook and it’s poor security behind.

    There is a lot of activity in this realm and it is very profitable, and all for a great cause…the freeing of the human mind from the co-opted mainstream media and social media.

    1. hmmmm…you sound very anti πŸ™‚

      1. Lol, very anti, but also sounds like he’s thinking of some ways to make some money from it.

        1. that can def be an interpretation πŸ™‚ Probably the more realistic one…

    2. It’s interesting. thanks for the info @Mad Ape

    3. d3so says:

      Oh boy, more conspiracy crap; it could be true but the masses don’t care.

      1. All these comments are kind of off the topic. A reaction to what is not there in the post.

        1. isn’t that usually the case with most of these guest posts?!?!?

          1. It tends to happen quite often but I’m not sure if it’s happening with most guest posts.

  3. Ryan Yu says:

    Thanks John for your good points about Anti-Social Media.

    Especially I quite agree with:
    “… think about my life and focus on what’s really important … realized the value of BEING PRESENT. That life really is short and it’s passing by in the blink of an eye.”

    A lot to think about.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      5% of your business day for facebook?, i think no more then 5 minutes a day is much more practical!

      1. Even at 5 minutes, it’s still 5 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. I hate fakebook

        1. Well I agree facebook make you distracted. But it’s depend on yourself on how to think about it. They are like us too earning online income.

          1. depends on what you are using fb for…if its to bs with friends, then yes, def distraction.


            If it’s used to promote something to a population that has no interest in it, then its a major waste of time.

        2. Alex Dumitru says:

          Facebook is mostly a time loss, but you also need to take a pause from time to time and it can entertain you sometimes πŸ™‚

          1. Ask those people who are making very good amount of money from facebook.

            They simply love it.

          2. there are definitely a lot of people making bank of of FB…it’s being able to establish the right connections, come up with a successful game plan, and scale!

          3. Dan Lew says:

            We are all hypocrites, we say we don’t like spending time on it, but the fact is we still do!

    2. how about thanking the actual guest poster πŸ˜‰ I get fooled sometimes into thinking guest posts are actually John’s posts…just messin with ya.

      1. Reading a guest blogger’s post is like reading a news article on April Fools Day. Halfway thru the post/article, you realize that it’s not who or what you thought it was.

        1. hahahaha…true, especially when the grammar is actually correct πŸ˜‰

      2. The guest post is John Reese.. πŸ™‚

        1. Really??? Doesn’t John write all guest posts also πŸ˜›

    3. Jeff Caceres says:

      Um….I don’t think John wrote about this. It’s a guest blogger and I don’t know why they are against social media? It is a huge source of traffic and I’m using them for my own blog.

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        Where and how much traffic are you getting from ? ( social media )

        1. Nobody is against anything when it’s used properly and sparingly.

          1. right…and especially when it benefits you in some way, socially or monetarily….

          2. Well, this is how life should be.. some like Social media and some are not. I believe there is still more out there who hate it since Social media is a place their kids becoming someone else.

  4. Dan Lew says:

    Lots of inspiring words there John, I think your right about traveling and moving around can effect any business as it grows, stability is the key, being set up in one spot and being consistent!

      1. Yeah, you will only be able to to that when you really can focus on your job at any one time.

      2. Dan Lew says:

        @College Scholarships – Yep John Reese is his name!

        1. LOOOL…good catch, i feel like a fool now…haha, I thought he also thought it was John Chow….

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      Looks like your mistaken my friend. A guest blogger wrote this article, not John. Just check out the name of the publisher below the title of this blog post.


      1. Dan Lew says:

        Read the bottom of the guest post – John Reese!

        1. Jeff Caceres says:

          Hahaha! It’s John Reese, not John Chow! πŸ™‚

          1. PPC Ian says:

            This happened last time there was a John Reese guest post. Some folks thought the author was John Chow. It’s important to read the bottom of the post to see the author’s name.

          2. d3so says:

            Yeah, I remember when John Reese posted about leaving everything and everyone thought it was John Chow.

    2. Alex Dumitru says:

      This is not written by John πŸ™‚

      1. Whoever says John didn’t write this is mistaken in that it was really John, only not John Chow but John Reese.

        1. Dan Lew says:

          That is what I just said πŸ™‚

          1. Jeff Caceres says:

            There are lots of Johns here I think. John Chow, John Reese, John Cena…..hehehe. πŸ™‚

            Anyway, good work John!

          2. Have you just changed your picture? I’m sure it was different a few hours ago.

  5. I’m not a big fan of social media at all. As much as people love to try and promote it as the end all be all, they can be huge time wasters.

    1. I’ve noticed that as well…you really have to look at your niche and figure out where you can maximize your efforts.

    2. Jeff Caceres says:

      At least it’s only one of my traffic sources, but the best would be PPC or CPV. Anything that could fire up my traffic would be worth the time like social media.

    3. Dan Lew says:

      @My Lead System Pro – It’s just another money making avenue for people who do like to use social marketing, so if I am making money from people adding tweets on my twitter page for doing nothing, and if I am making money from people who want to talk about me or my products in social networks, let them do that, we cannot complain about that πŸ™‚

  6. “In many cases, it’s THE OPPOSITE. Spending hours of time on Facebook and Twitter is most likely LOSING MONEY for folks.”

    I would probably have to agree with this. Although social media is a great for some, if your business model doesn’t rely on a client base that is using social media, then it’s a waste of time. You are better off targeting your consumer base some other way.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I can agree with this! Social media can be a huge distraction. One idea: Write blog posts and get your work done on an old computer and leave it disconnected from the Internet. I read that Shoemoney does this once in a while.

      1. hmmm…i can definitely see people be productive that way…

  7. Hey John Reese,

    I think that you are right about being careful of how much time we spent on FB and twitter.

    Nice to read about your realizations. Having time to look at things from afar is invaluable.

    Living and being in the present is not always easy but it’s a key to maintaining the right perspective and sanity.

    Good luck with your new coming venture, video games company.


    1. I would agree…many people jump on the bandwagon of SM without doing the proper research.

      1. That’s because they are just following what is being “preached” by so many these days about how much more traffic flakebook gets than google or anything else.

        1. Some people can really milk social media and make good money. A good example would be Shoemoney using FB.

          1. A better example is looking at the ad board and watching which ads stay there for a couple weeks. THose that stay are the ones making nice money…

  8. Jay says:

    I cannot believe that there is a movie about facebook coming out – I can’t wait to go see it! Social media is media and now they are making movies about it? Our society is crazed and on the edge – I need some more coffee!

    1. I’d like to see the movie about facebook. It could be quite interesting. The story behind it and everything.

      1. I did hear many of the ideas in the movie were fabricated to make it a better movie…not sure how much of that is true.

  9. 2 weeks without Facebook, I don’t think that I could last that long.

    1. I used to feel that way about myspace, but once I realized what a time suck it was I dropped it quickly.

      1. d3so says:

        Yeah, back in 04′ when myspace ruled, I was on it forever. I wasted so much time, even on custom designing my page.

        1. Myspace is said to be pase now although it must be of value to those who still use it.

    2. I think you can do it if you want. As for me there is nothing interesting in my facebook other than the page with 22k fans that I don’t know how to make use of it since it is a page for my ex-school.

  10. d3so says:

    I actually spend more time reading blogs than I do on facebook & twitter combined.
    I rarely visit facebook on the computer.

    1. Are you not using what Shoemoney teaches in his course regarding Facebook?

      1. d3so says:

        What he teaches on the DVD is like a watered down version of what he presented at ASE10.
        Useful info nevertheless, but I’m focusing on other areas right now.

        1. Didn’t you also win the video of him on FB from the event? I’m quite sure you did.

          1. d3so says:

            Yes, that’s the DVD I was referring to.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I’ll agree with that. I spend most of my time on blogs as well. I spend a lot of time commenting on blogs! I only log into Facebook once or twice a week now.

      1. d3so says:

        I log into facebook everyday on my iPhone but I only skim the feeds and check if I have any messages, I don’t waste my time on it like most people do.

        1. That’s really good. Using it that way is not waste of time if you do it once a day only.

          1. d3so says:

            Well, I’ll admit I’ll check it at least twice-3 times a day but I’m on it no longer than 10 mins.

  11. max says:

    I hate Facebook thats why I never spend so much time on it, I hate the fact that internet marketers can take all that data and stuff ads in my face, that’s why I don’t use it caz I am an internet marketer myself. Besides that, I like my privacy, u don’t even know what my real first name is, yup, that’s how I like it. πŸ™‚

    P.S. The moment you start putting every one of your family and friend’s photos and birthdays online is when you are asking hackers to hack your bank account, seriously. I love technology, don’t get me wrong but I hate giving out TMI and yeah, I rather be James Bond than let another hacker have a hack at my bank account.

    1. d3so says:

      Facebook doesn’t stuff ads in your face.
      You’re too paranoid.
      Mostly dumbazzez get their bank acct. hacked online.

    2. Jeff Caceres says:

      I’m not really serious about Facebook, that’s why I don’t have many fans or likes in my page. But Facebook ads are really good in traffic in terms of advertising your website.

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        Friends and fans are even better πŸ™‚

    3. Alex Dumitru says:

      You really paranoid, wake up.

  12. I get my facebook up but let my girlfriend to watch it over. Let her play all the games she want but what I want there is much more connection. But since It is not a targeted contact, then I make one for my own. well, I’ve seen people do get their list from facebook group. and that is what I am going to work for.

    1. Jeff Caceres says:

      Absolutely. We consider that Facebook group or fan page is considered to be another free “Aweber” thingy that sends messages or newsletters to many fans in one click. I want to work it out but sadly my budget speaks of it. πŸ™

    2. Alex Dumitru says:

      Facebook pages are really useful, while Facebook can be a good traffic source.

      1. Exactly, it can be very useful if used for those things.

        Even John Reese would agree with that I think.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          Even though I have few followers on my new Facebook page, the traffic I get from it outpaces my large Twitter following. Facebook pages rock!

  13. Dan Lew says:

    Wait until “Google Me” comes out, then we will see how ant-social everyone will get then! πŸ˜‰

    1. d3so says:

      What is Google Me?
      Is it a social network by google?

  14. Because of the length of this post … It goes to my instapaper.

    I highly recommend that you guys should add photos if you want to add such a long post.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      Well who’s to blame that the post is long?

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I agree that photos can really break up a long post, I use this strategy on my own blog. Even though the post is long, I enjoyed reading it for sure!

  15. The post is not really that long. It is kind of deep and not just asbout money which may bore some people.

    1. Dan Lew says:

      With an answer like that I bet you didn’t even read the post properly, you are just saying things for the sake of it!

      1. I received this post in my email from John Reese and I read it. Then I read it the second time here.

        I don’t understand where you’re coming from and putting an exclamation mark in your comment is shouting at me.

        1. Dan Lew says:

          I forgot to put a smile face at the end of it πŸ™‚ There you go! πŸ˜‰

          1. That feels much better. Were you saying it tongue in cheek?

  16. Hope your life is good.How the house in USA?

  17. Great to read an update on how you are doing with your new life(style), John! Do you keep a travellog somewhere online where we can follow you around the globe? As for too much social media, I agree completely, time is better invested in growing my sites = businesses than in chattering around on twitter or facebook. For me, the trick with social media is to strictly limit my ‘social’ time on those and to automate the syndication, SY

  18. i really wanted to make video games, today i mostly play them, but it is a great thing. πŸ™‚

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I developed a video game back in college (Stanford Computer Science) with a buddy. It was our senior project. We tried to sell the game and got close but not close enough (got the red light at the Take-Two “green light” committee). It was a great learning experience for sure and set the stage for my later success.

  19. John Kenny says:

    I think that Social Media will not stop there they will have many more features to compete. Why John Chow is not open for his Social Media

  20. Wow…This one really sunk in for me. A lot of time is wasted on social media sites, and I can honestly say I’ve wasted a few hours here and there, mindlessly surfing without paying attention to what is going on.

    What I usually do to avoid stuff like this is set aside blocks of time for each task I want to complete every day. During those blocks, I keep focused until I finish the task or the block of time is up. Once I’m done with my stuff for the day, then I usually will do my web surfing, check e-mail, etc. Try it sometime – It will change the way you work and will keep you on point. I’ve got a lot more done working like this than I ever have before!

  21. John says:

    I think I spend way to much time on social media. Great point John

  22. I love your dream of the video game company and i think you should follow your dream BUT dont forget us all when you do lol

  23. PPC Ian says:

    What a great post, very compelling! John, thanks for sharing this with us!

  24. Hey John!

    No the future is not anti social media, but nonetheless really enjoyed the post. Thankfully, I think I am doing what I wish I would have done 10 years from now.

    By the way, just wanted to let you know that even though I didn’t go through the outsource force course, I learned a lot from your videos. Even hired a guy from the Philippines for data research and have ended up being good friends with him.

    Good luck on building a video game empire and keep crossing things off your bucket list!!

    1. Yeah, i doubt it will ever die, but the post does shed some light on how people manage their time and gets them thinking about how to make better use of it…outside the box or norm thinking…

  25. Simon Bunker says:

    Could not agree more. I have recently started a social media diet and my business productivity has increased as has my monthly earnings.

  26. The things we take for granted …
    Incurable disease, death, accidents, broken relationships, seem to jolt us awake.
    So did your article for me.
    I have been guilty of the accusations put forth. Facebook, Twitter can get to you. In this race against time, being the best, trying to establish oneself as an authority, I have lost focus on what truly matters.
    My daughter, my son, myself….

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