It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s The Blog of John Jordan

John Thomas Jordan is a 17 year old Internet marketer who claims to have been in the game since the age of 14. He created his blog, back in February to talk about internet marketing and his life. After seven months of blogging, his RSS stands at a very sad two readers. Therefore, Jordan decided to try for the John Chow effect by ordering up this ReviewMe review.

Who Is John Jordan?

Despite being only 17 years old, Jordon seems to have a colorful life. He started his first business at age 11 and by the time he was 13, he was making $1,000 a month. By his 14th birthday he got into some kind of trouble with law. He didn’t go into much detail about that other than say he was handcuffed, beaten with a night stick and taken to jail. He received deferred adjudication and 6 months probation. All because he stayed out past curfew, according to Jordon.

During the 6 months, Jordan stayed inside the house and got hooked on a game called Red Alert 2. That was how he got into Internet marketing.

jordongif.gifI loved the game so much I created a website for it and saw what other people were doing and put Google Ads on it. The website made some money around 1.00 a day I was like Man! this is easy. I can just make tons of websites and make alot of the big bucks. So I started building alot of websites and making a lot more money.

I ran into alot of smart people at webmaster forums and picked up alot of ideas and built more ideas off of those. I then started creating business plans, learning PPC advertisement and affiliate marketing exstensively. I learned basic seo and built off of that to dominate with my big money making websites in the SERPS. Met some big Software and Script Marketers started learning the rules and must do’s to those.

The Blog of John Jordan

After reading through all of John Jordon’s blog entries, I can understand why he only has two RSS readers. Jordon is an on again, off again blogger. The first post was back in February 25. All it said was, “Well this is my first post WooHoo! Nothing to it.” The second post didn’t show up until March 14th and that was an “inspired” post.

Jordan did managed to make ten posts in March but the following month he made only two. This was followed by one post each in May and June, then three posts in July. For this month, Jordan didn’t write anything until August 12.

It’s great that Jordan ordered this review to generate some buzz for this blog, but if this on again, off again blogging continues, it won’t matter how big of John Chow Effect he receives. His blog will be back to two readers.

Many of the blog posts have formatting errors. There are line breaks where there shouldn’t be line breaks. This makes the blog very hard to read. It is also difficult to follow what Jordan is trying to say in many of the posts because he can’t seem to compose a sentence properly. Read Google Adwords Tips Part 1 and Part 2 to see what I mean.

Credibility Issues

I have a few credibility issues that bugs me about John Jordan. He claims to know SEO but the blog doesn’t even have SEO friendly URLs. He claims to have many big moneymaking sites but he never made a single post about any of them. He claims he use the domain because that is the name of his corporation. However, I was unable to find J.T.J. Networks, Inc. registered in the state of Texas. While I am not fully verse in US incorporation laws, I believe one has to be at least 18 before they can be a director of a incorporated company.

Then there is this post about using credit cards to buy websites. I am not sure when Jordan form his corporation but the general rule of thumb is a corp must have two years of earning record in order to qualify for a credit card. Failing that, a credit card can be issue to a corp using the director’s credit history. In this case, the director isn’t 18 yet, so he can’t apply for a credit card. The other issue I had with the post is Jordan made no mention of transferring the credit card debt to a lower interest line of credit after the purchase of the sites. Maybe Jordan is too young to know what a corporate LOC is.

Hopefully, Jordan can address some of these issues in a future blog post. I am certainly willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt but the John Jordan blog leaves me with more questions than answers.

97 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s The Blog of John Jordan”

  1. Jeff Kee says:

    Well, on the upside, the kid has enough guts to cough up $400 for a review, not to mention he DOES have websites.

    But bluffing won’t take him very far – he needs to learn, act, and achieve.

    This $400 was rather a waste of money. I won’t click on the links out of curiousity!!!

    1. Steven says:

      LOL I won’t click on links out of curiosity either. I would imagine some people here might. Now whether or not he has websites or not is yet to be determined. He has a blog for sure but you can get those for a cheap price or free these day

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        Cheaper than hookers on Hastings St. in Vancouver.

        1. Cute Rush says:

          lol how would you know? πŸ˜‰

          1. Jeff Kee says:

            Hey hey now, everybody has a shameful past… πŸ™„

          2. Past or present who cares..anyway we know that you know πŸ˜›

      2. Debo Hobo says:

        I’m not clicking either. Perhaps there should be a follow-up. When the blogger feels they have made any nessesary changes and John Chow can do follow-up review for a fee of course, then we can click on the link then.

        until then it is nothing more than a linkbait attempt.

  2. Steven says:

    I would question a lot of stuff if I were in your shoes too. While I always want to give others the benefit of a doubt, people who make statements like those need to back them up with some evidence. Otherwise all it is, is just hype and bragging (whether the statements are true or not).

    1. Ouch. – $400 well spent? uM, no.

  3. Alex says:

    Nice review.
    You were right about the line breaks.
    They’re everywhere.
    Makes it hard to read.

  4. πŸ˜† I can’t believe this kid paid USD400 to review his site. But it is a better blog than Andrew Talks. Haha !

    1. Kingjacob says:

      Just a little bit better

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        Andrew is back up and running,btw.

    2. I think they’re best friends!

      1. Simon says:

        Lol, that’s good, it is a little strange that we get 2 similarly crappy reviews in a row. πŸ˜₯

  5. Nice review, better blog than andrewtalks i guess.. πŸ˜›

    1. Geedos says:

      Just about … it’s not exactly prime review me season though at the moment.

      Maybe all the people with decent, well written sites don’t need to splurge 400 on a review by the evil one himself?

      Who knows. πŸ™„

      1. Rhys says:

        My thoughts exactly!

        That’s why I haven’t ordered one.

        1. Debo Hobo says:

          I agree, besides I too scared to order a review now 😯

  6. Click Input says:

    His latest blog post about international CPA is fairly interesting.

    I also think I found some of his sites, not sure how busy they are though.

    Good on him for walking the walk and laying down $400 for the review though!

  7. David says:

    Um… his website looks awfully familiar. ShoeMoney anyone?

    1. Kingjacob says:

      I was thinking the same thing

  8. I subscribed… just to see how he’ll respond to the review! Can I get a signed copy of Four Hour Workweek if I get another friend to subscribe and double his RSS readers?

  9. You should have returned this kids money. He obviously doesn’t know how to spend $400. I hope he takes your advice, but after reading your review, I am not inclined to even read his blog. I mean what new information on internet marketing is this 17 year old going to offer?

    1. Geedos says:

      Good point – I think his credibility is shot instantly.

      I also think it’s a bit harsh taking the kids cash. Are there any rules about the age of people ordering reviews?

    2. you dont know about that im a 12 years old kid that understands all about SEO and making money online look take this advice from me any person can have a blog and make money online it does not differ :mrgreen:

  10. “I have a few creditability issues that bugs me about John Jordan. He claims to know SEO but the blog doesn’t even have SEO friendly URLs. He claims to have many big moneymaking sites but he never made a single post about any of them.”

    That is why I don’t trust 99% of the so-called “Internet entrepreneurs” out there. That is what separates the yaro staraks or shoemoneys of the world, who are open about what they do, from everyone else, who seem to never mention their projects.

    While I won’t say he is lying, I think it is funny how there are hundreds of teens these days who claim they make thousands of dollars a month and are experts in internet marketing but very few of them are open about their sites.

    I love the way on his myspace page he claims he is white hat and black hat seo (“BH and WH Seo” as he worded it). I wonder if he has any clue what a black hat seo is, because nobody who knows what it is wants to label themselves as being that, at least without being hidden behind an alias.

    No offense to the guy, but something seriously screams “scam” when I look at the blog. Maybe with some proper formatting and a decent logo it would look a lot better.

    Something just smells fishy.

    1. haha yeah, I was looking at that too. I agree!

  11. Vincent Chow says:

    The $400 at least earned my visit. My first thought is, where the hell he get the “Shoemoney” theme?

    1. Ron says:

      I thought the same thing with regard to the Shoemoney theme. I haven’t subscribed but I’ll check back to see if he gets his act together for the blog. Bold move though ordering a $400 review.

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    Well I can clear up some things regarding US law for incorporation. It is possible he incorporated in another state… most corporations in the US choose to incorporate in the state of Delaware or Nevada for tax reasons. However you are correct that he cannot legally be a director of the corporation. One of my corporations is based in Delaware, another in Michigan.

    As for business credit… there is no time requirement before securing a corporate credit card or LOC. However, you do have to be at least 18 years old to open an account.

    There is no way he could have set up a corporation and used credit cards unless he is using his parents information.

    1. Kingjacob says:

      He replied to johns review saying he incorporated and got the credit cards with his mothers info. If he really has a corporation, it shouldnt be hard to find unless it doesnt exist πŸ˜‰

  13. DrToast says:

    John (Jordan),

    If you want to increase your feedcount, you need to forward your existing feed to your feedburner feed. There is a wordpress plugin that feedburner has for this.

  14. Paul. says:

    I got into young internet money as well. In the states, the cops will only beat you with their nightstick if you are a bite out of control.

    On a side note, I cut grass when I was 16…. Today, you market products on the internet when your 16….

    The only downside of the review is that you told us how old he is….. I’m no longer interested.

    1. At 17 he should have enough energy and motivation to post just about every day. God help him when he gets to my decrepid old age πŸ˜€ and everything really does seem like a struggle.

  15. Shaun Carter says:

    I just found this thread on the CNET Forums about a Jordan/JTJ Online Store scamming people out of money for cell phones.

    Think this is the same Jordan and JTJ from this post? If so, then I think we know how he makes his money.

    1. It sounds like that cell phone place was in NY, so it’s doubtful but still interesting.

  16. Gary Lee says:

    The one thing the kid has going for him is that he’s still 17 years old . . . . we’ve all been that age before and I’m pretty sure most of us have made a few poor decisions in our life . . . i give the kid credit for trying and if anything, this was a $400 lesson from John Chow on how to improve his website . . . personally, i think that’s a great deal to get some personalized consultation from someone of john’s stature . . .

  17. Michael says:

    A lot is two words.

  18. He got my visit… looks like he has a bit to learn (but then again so do I 😳 )

    I actually got into blogging a few months back myself so put up a simple blog off to test my possibilities. I am currently working on a new platform for my blog and hopefully will order a ReviewMe from John when the site goes live.

    Cheers John!

  19. Wahlau.NET says:

    nice find john…seems that there are more and more bogus blogger who wish to earn big money

    1. anon says:

      including yourself?

  20. After reading your review, I had no inclination to visit his blog. In my opinion he should have made his blog ‘worth reviewing’ before paying you for it. It is just a case of a childhood gone wrong and doing things not fit for your age. He should have concentrated on studies and left working and earning to later in life.

  21. it doesnt mean that if their theme looks similar, it’s a ripped off already. anyone can make a theme similar to another.

    anyway, good thing John Jordan is serious to explain some questions.

  22. The Old Vic says:

    Hey John – the word you were looking for, I believe, is ‘credibility’ not ‘creditability’ πŸ™‚

    1. Kingjacob says:

      creditablity: the ability to get credit πŸ˜‰

  23. they just have to know that blogging anything else aside from making money can make them earn money as well.

  24. sandossu says:

    The kid doesn’t seem to have anything to do with SEO, Affiliate Marketing or anything like this. Maybe he just read your blog and though it must be easy.

  25. ARNIE says:

    The kid needs to go get circumcized!!! :mrgreen:

    1. Woah, that’s harsh! Although he does seem a fake, and no one seems to be able to add up his story

  26. Geedos says:

    I think scammers are starting to use the reviews offered by this blog as a tool for their own mischievous ends.

    This one and AndrewTalk have been pretty poor and to be honest devalue the overall credibility of the service offered.

    I’m already building up a healthy skepticism to any sites that get reviewed on here, which ultimately means I won’t be visiting them, subscribing to their RSS or (more importantly) clicking on their advertising links.

    It’s a shame – this is in general a great blog, with great articles and lots of interesting reader feedback, but I feel the review section is not what is was.

    Not a flame just my opinion.

  27. I think that John is fair when he writes his reviews. He do tell us when he think something is bad about the site he reviews.

  28. Rhys says:

    I’d love to know where all these kids get $400 from!

    1. By setting up “Make Money Online” blogs?

  29. ARNIE says:

    Put some of your syphillus pellets into him JOHNNY.

  30. Cute Rush says:

    Not bad for a teenager. Keep up the good work kid. I’m sure its not easy with school and all.

  31. Jason says:

    I surely check his blog. All those who says they won’t visit is a lie or if they really don’t visit his blog, that means they are very jealous of him simply because they can’t afford $400.

    Just my opinion. 😈

  32. B. Durant says:

    I don’t see any reason not to visit his site and see what’s up. Not like I’m so busy with my own blog that I can’t shift my eyes to something else. I’m not expecting much based on the fact that if there is one there are 1,000,000,001 blogs out there about “making money” and internet marketing of one form or another.

  33. Jonathan says:

    John, you are kind of a magnet for these kids, but at least the last one didn’t steal any of your content.

  34. awflasher says:

    This guy is really crazy -_-# ^_^

  35. He’s done a nice reply post to John’s review but again I’m struggling to read it. I’m not the best but a little bit of spell checking goes a long way.

  36. Kingjacob says:

    This kid is questionable because he acts and writes like a kid but i read some of his posts and they are pretty decent. Wether he did any of the things he said in his post is also questionable because he doesnt even have one of his sites linked. But he was able to afford a review from john so hes either telling the truth or a 30 year old nigerian man.

    1. “or a 30 year old nigerian man.”, LMAO. They scam everywhere these days.

      1. Simon says:

        Lol, thats pretty good, I know first hand what its like being scamed by a nigerian 😳 , not cool.


  37. Interesting review. I just think that people should wait until they have some established content before they order a $400 review!

  38. Alan says:

    Looking at the site; it could use some work. However, he must be doing something right on at least one of his sites to afford a 400 buck review. However, those of you that say his credibility is shot just because of his age, I have to disagree. I’ve read a really well written blog by a 16 year old called; he manages to write posts fairly often that are very interesting. You’d be surprised that some of the most popular websites on the ‘net are written by college students, which is only a year or two up from 16.

    1. Simon says:

      I agree completely, there’s no reason why kids can’t sit on a computer and blog.


      1. Jacob says:

        Age has nothing to do with the ability to earn. I know a lot of people who are bringing in some nice money who are young.

  39. Rick says:

    THat’s what I call stealing candy from a baby…

  40. Why are people like this buying paid reviews? It’s complete madness.

  41. ben says:

    huhu i don’t think this kids know what he did..lols..anyway it’s his money so no harm to get bamboo by heh πŸ™‚

  42. No harm, but it’s getting a bit silly now.

  43. John Bennett says:

    I guess you have to expect both the good and bad when you ask for a review. Better be confident in your site.

  44. The Old Vic says:

    Lol – linkbait ? You guys are really funny. Mustn’t click on linkbait. Mustn’t click on linkbait. Doh! Too late. πŸ˜₯

  45. B, Durant says:

    To everyone who is insisting they aren’t going to go check out the reviewed site you really should. He responded to each one of Chow’s questions and explained away (I said explained, not excused) each one of John’s questions.

  46. The Foo says:

    I think you should stop doing reviews of cheezy websites just for the sake of getting $400 per review.

    Come on, it is not as if you really need the money (or maybe you do?) and can afford to be a little picky once in a while. Maybe ReviewMe doesn’t allow you to do that, not particularly sure.

    I had read that associating yourself with links from cheezy websites or websites that are suspect can affect your Google PR negatively… I might have even read it on this website.

    But bottom line is, IMHO you have to be a little more picky with who you review as it just brings down the whole John Chow site credibility. To come on and read a review of a bad website ordered just so they can get backlinks from a superior website and nothing else is just too much for me. I think is a little better than that.

    So there it is Andrew Talks, then John Jordan … who will it be next. As they say, bad things come in threes.

    No offense John Jordan, but it takes a lot of courage to order a review from John Chow (and I tip my hat to you for doing that) but if you order one, make sure that you have enough quality stuff in there as you know you are just going to be crucified if you don’t.

  47. Rick says:

    I’VE GOT IT! John Jordan is John Chow’s New Blog – ‘From Nobody to Sombody’!?

  48. The Old Vic says:

    Rick, I’ve got to admit I had the same thought, but is it possible to get backdated posts from last February ?

    1. Yes, in WordPress you can do a post for a year ago if you want.

  49. Aurelius says:

    Having just checked out John Jordan’s site, I think I agree with many of John Chow’s comments and the boy does lack some professional credibility. And my personal opinion is that he wasted his $400. But none of us are perfect, and if he takes a lot of the constructive comments onboard, he might improve and might get some value for his money.
    But if he doesn’t (and let’s face it, we were all 17 once, and thought we knew everything and couldn’t be told otherwise) then he’s flushed $400.

  50. Stephen says:

    I do agree that sites who do pay for a review from John, shouldn’t expect to ONLY hear POSITIVE comments regarding their site. Perhaps there should be a blog review preview whereby if it is overwhelmingly negative, then perhaps a choice can be made to not publish the review and get a partial refund back. But hey, as it was mentioned before, there may be no such thing as “bad publicity”?

  51. ejoe says:

    The review was fair and accurate based on the information Mr. Chow had on the blog. If you go to the actual blog he answers those questions and they do make sense.

    at 17, 400 bucks isn’t too much money in the long run, I’m sure he’ll recoup that easily especially with all his ventures. I wish I had that initiative and drive at that age.

    All blogs have potential right? And if you put yourself out there this early its a sign that you show eagerness and ambition to use constructive criticism and improve the site.

  52. alan_gbk says:

    John, your blog is going to become playground for kids. Don’t let this happen again, else it will ruin your johnchow effect… 😐

    1. I agree, such a waste of time.

    2. I agree, such a waste of time.

  53. His cartoon looks nothing like him.

  54. lucia says:

    Point of accuracy:
    I received and invitation to apply for an I Magnin credit card when I was 10. I applied. They accepted and sent the card. My family was suprised and I showed the card to many people who found the incident pretty funny.

    I never used the card.

    Yes, you can apply for a card before you are 18. It’s a bit dangerous for the company that issues the card because you aren’t allowed to enter into contracts before you are 18 — but that’s a problem for the company.

    It’s a bit sad to see you take money from a gullible child.

  55. John Jordan says:

    Hey This is John Jordan, I need to Rectify Somethings, John Chow did not “Steal” my money away from me. I paid him for his review and that is what he gave me a “Review” I got exactly what I wanted and Somethings were expected others werent but it is fine with me.

    I do see how some people are talking about my SEO. I am going to write a post later on why my search engine friendly Urls, do not make that much of a difference in the long run.

    Also the comment about the Blackhat SEO, Why not come flat out and say it? The people at Google aren’t going to flat out ban my Whitehat Sites. They strictly go after BlackHat Websites.

    For people who are testing my knowledge about Blackhat SEO Keep up with my BlackHat SEO Posts then. Slam me on my site If you can I approve all comments that are not spam.

    Part 1 Of Blackhat SEO

    Thanks to the review I think I have improved my writing Please let me know.

  56. John Seeker says:

    I posted this on John Jordan’s post too:

    Dear John Jordan,

    To be honest, your writing didn’t get better and you need to check your grammar.

    If you want to get credibility, stop having a big head, stop boasting that you know this and you know that – you really don’t have a big enough credibility yet to do so as with nothing to proof on it. You haven’t really proven yourself with anything except what you say i.e. you haven’t really backed your claims up with anything. IF you want to put out a claim — prove it and back it up. No one is just going to take your word for it.

    Earn your good reputation, not give yourself that title. John Chow can do it because he backs up what he says with evidence — you don’t. Self proclaimed gurus (without substance) are the worse kind and no one believes them.

    The future is up to you. Buying a $400 review from John Chow can only make visitors come to you for only so long, the hard part is to keep your visitors. The rate you go, they aren’t going to last long on your site and they’ll be long gone without ever coming back.

    Another question you might want to answer is how come you blatantly ripped off Shoemakers theme without even any acknowledgment. Want some credibility, learn something called ethics. YOU don’t seem to have both credibility and ethics at the moment.

    By the way, you may want to read John Chow’s review again. You may have missed that part about commenting on the credit card LOC and the formatting of your post making it hard to read. What in the world is that line breaks at the beginning of the post before the SPAM picture?

    1. Simon says:

      I never noticed till now, it is a complete ripoff of shoemoney πŸ˜†

  57. John Jordan says:

    And It was all answered πŸ™‚

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