It’s A Digg Hat Trick

They say good things always come in three so I figure I should try for one more Digg to this blog to complete my hat trick. This latest Digg, made for Using Life Insurance To Shelter Income, took a lot longer than the last two – those hit the front page at 30 or so Diggs. Not so with the 3rd one. It took over six hours and 40+ Diggs before it went to the front page. By that time it was 10:40PM and people were signing off. As a result, the traffic from this Digg will be no where near as big as the two previous ones, which were done during prime internet time.

While Digg is sending great traffic and helping the blog to set all kinds of traffic records, it’s not making any money. However, that is fine with me. John Chow dot Com was never started to be a money maker. That’s what The TechZone and TTZ Media is for.

I may try for a 4th Digg later today using the Trading Hours For Dollars post. After all, once you have a hat trick you want to do the 4 peat. 🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s A Digg Hat Trick”

  1. Matthew says:

    Why not make an attempt at the “Digg A Day” contest and see how long you can keep up at least 1 digg per day hitting the main page 🙂

    BTW… Digg A Day is not really a contest as I made that up just now.

  2. Geiger says:

    Hat Trick? You’re Canadian all the way!!!!

    btw- GO SABRES!

  3. adrian says:

    I have been using digg for a couple of months now and I have not had much success with it. Maybe a future article suggestion could be tips on how to succeed with Digg? You make it sound so easy, but there much be much more to it. Is it the number of contacts you have on Digg, the quality of the content, the topic you choose or all three that contribute to the success or failure of a Digg topic?

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