It’s Feels Like I’m In Another Country

I’m in Montreal, Quebec right now. We’ve decided since we were already in Toronto, we might was well drive over and see the next Province. Let me tell you, Quebec doesn’t look like any Province of Canada. For one thing, all the signs are in French with no English translation. This has to be the only place in the world that does that. No matter what country I have gone into, there was alway an English translation for a sign.

The people in Quebec are nice enough. They speak to you in French first and when they realize you don’t understand a word they’re saying, they switch to English. We chatted with a few locals to try and get an idea on where to eat. They told us to go to Old Montreal if we wanted to sample some really nice French food. We ended up at a place call Les Pyrenees. The food was good but I expected better for the price. We’re heading to Quebec City tomorrow. The new GPS is getting a good work out. Here are some pics.

The Olympic Stadium


The Montreal Botanical Garden



Basilique Notre-Dame


Saint Joseph Oratory



What’s Up Doc? Mmmm, Rabbit!


43 thoughts on “It’s Feels Like I’m In Another Country”

  1. My sister loves Quebec. She says it feels being in Europe.

    Gotta get there.


    1. ilker says:

      Yeah the pictures are looking good.. you must be studying some of my photography 😉

      1. UberDan says:

        That’s what I was thinking. So where’s your photography blog, some nice photos 😉

  2. James says:

    You are in a foreign country, at least to me. I maybe heading up there in a few weeks too. I think my wife has family she wants to visit in Quebec as long as we are planning on going to Toronto.

    1. Marc says:

      You definitely should! Toronto’s got it’s own thing going on, but both Montreal and Quebec exude urban character that you won’t find elsewhere in Canada.

  3. Keith says:

    Always wanted to go to Quebec. I speak some French but I know their accent is totally different up there

    1. I speak a little French, too, but I hear they speak traditional French more than colloquial — that might just be me though.

  4. Are those butterfly on the plates edible 😈 ?

    Why are they on the plate in the first place?

    1. thesilly1 says:

      Good question? John?

    2. ilker says:

      LOL 😆

      Those are chocolate flavored butterflies for dessert!

      1. For real — I can’t tell if they’re the real thing or edible butterfly sweets. Though you have to admit, of all the insects, butterflies look the most appetizing. 😆

  5. Kiltak says:

    Welcome to “La Belle Province”.. I’m about 20 minutes away from you right now, on the south shore of montreal 🙂

    1. Kiltak says:

      Oh and if you want to have the best roast beef in the world, you should go eat at Magnan’s…

  6. Eye_carl says:

    Lapin is such a delight, I actually cried the first time I had to breakdown a Rabbit in kitchen.

    1. Marc says:

      Hehe, yeah rabbit is an experience to deal with in the kitchen. I’ve watched my mother do it a few times. It’s pretty harsh.

      1. The first time I had rabbit, I was told it was chicken. It did taste like chicken though (and kinda looks like it, too, especially with just the leg).

  7. Shane says:

    Hey john been a while since I was here last. I live just up the road from MTL , in Ottawa actually. Been there plenty and it is another world thats for sure. I just love the MTL women, theyre very ummm liberal 😛 But thats a whole other post

  8. soundofgold says:

    Haha, no John, Quebec is certainly not the only place without English translations on their signs. Try go to Europe (well ex.UK of course 😉 )

    So did you pickup any French lingo yet?

    Have fun there

    1. Kiltak says:

      Calisse, tabarnak, Ostie? 🙂

      Swing La Bacaisse dans l’fond d’la boite à bois!

      “Québécois” is such a beautiful language for swear words.. swearing in “Québécois” is just so darn satisfying!

  9. engtech says:

    Weird. I’ve done that exact same vacation in Old Montreal and to the Biodome.

    I like Pyrenees and didn’t find it very costly at all.

    There’s this little place called Cobalt in Old Montreal with great panini sandwiches. I always have to stop by there for lunch when I’m in Old Montreal.

    Did you try dinner at the Place des Armes? The caribou was amazing.

  10. I lived in Quebec for two years and loved it there. I always thought it was funny that if you go to the west side of the island in Montreal you’ll only hear English, but all the signs are still in French. I agree that it is satisfying to swear in Québécois. I haven’t been back in two years but I still say “tabernacle” far more often than any English swear word.

  11. Jauhari says:

    The Stadium is Cool.. I love it

    1. thesilly1 says:

      You can actually go up that little tower in the stadium and look down on everything. It’s actually pretty cool. I did it like 15 years ago and I remember being in awe. Although, 15 years ago I was in awe of most things…..

  12. DanyO says:

    While in Quebec City, don’t foget to go to the “Old Quebec City”, with the (fake but still impressive) castle, water front, tons of good restaurants… It’s nice out there.

  13. DanyO says:

    And if you want to test your GPS, come out to New-Brunswick, only a few more hours drive!

  14. Amanda says:

    Wow they are beautiful pictures.

  15. Quebec is one of those you-have-got-to-go-there-sometime places. Awesome tourist attractions, a lot of nice locals, and I agree, it’s a little European escape away from Europe.

  16. Derrich says:

    Beautiful pics, John.

  17. Tyler says:

    So John you going to hit up Montreal’s strip clubs right? Their supposedly the best in the entire world!

    1. I don’t think the wife would be too thrilled about John sneaking off to a strip club LOL. Or they could go together, that could be fun. 😈

  18. Russ says:

    Lets see the US compete with that stadium structure! It looks magnificent, did you get to go in side of it?
    When are you coming back home John? lol

  19. blogdinero says:

    The butterflies seems a food

  20. i’ve actually heard good things abuot the strip clubs as well… 😛

  21. blogdinero says:

    where you will go at May?

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