It’s Not An Excuse. It’s A lack of Priorities

We’re only three days into 2017, and already the resolutions are being broken. It started out with such great intentions. This was going to be our years to finally make it big. Instead the only thing most people are making (or will make in the next few days) are excuses.

Among the biggest excuses I hear on why people can’t making money online is a lack of money or a lack of time. The truth of the matter is, it’s neither. It’s a lack of priorities. Don’t believe it? Then you need to watch this episode of Driving with John Chow.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Not An Excuse. It’s A lack of Priorities”

  1. Amar kumar says:

    Hey John,

    People not able to make money easily through online such as blogging because it needs hard work and patience. In blogging there is no time limitation for complete establishment, anyone can make money within 5 or 8 months or not specific time but it completely depends upon him how he handle online business scenario. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  2. Cynthia Wright says:

    As usual, you’re correct, John. Thanks.

  3. I agree with you 100%! The video was very informative and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alex Pavlis says:

    You are right John. It depends what your priorities are and how bad you want something. Coming where you came from, you wanted a better life and went after it. The problem many times is internet marketing will sell you on a $49 program, only to reach multiple upsell pages of taking a 3,999 course that you really need if you want this to work. I am very selective on what courses I take. I believe in on going education since I am a trader trading options on equities and indexes and a Captain Instructor Pilot. Your message is good, even though you are ABS, always be selling to increase your net worth. People are naturally skeptical, but those who have drive will find a way too prevail…

  5. Hey, John. These two excuses could win a nomination of “Top Excuses of the Century” 🙂 They buried as many dreams as self-doubt and lack of confidence. I hope some of my family members will stop use those and start building their own life on their terms… Thank you for your videos, John.

  6. ken says:

    how do you get money for the 2500 you need to start?

  7. David Ross says:

    Thanks John for telling it like it is. I also liked your video about the Land of Someday. Do you like driving your Tesla? Hot! Also, thanks for the free access to all your “Success Materials.” I’m fortunate to be part of your Team.

  8. Gary S. says:

    Priorities are the hardest thing for people to follow through on. Unless one is seeing immediate results too many people jump to the next bright shiny object.

  9. Petersen bah says:

    Thank you john

  10. Donald says:

    your are always right John

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