It’s Time Elevate Your Internet Money Game

Elevate Blueprint

There’s an internet marketer who always seems to be ahead of the pack. In fact, in the last year this well known internet mogul has published the #1 book on social media, Twitter Power, created the #1 Paid iPhone App for 3 Weeks, generated Millions with membership sites, appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and he’s even appeared on the Daily Show. It’s also hard to imagine that in just six short years he’s gone from selling an ebook about Adsense to building a multi-million dollar internet business empire.

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m talking about my good friend Joel Comm. Not only has Joel accomplished a lot, but he’s also a popular speaker on the seminar circuit and he also took time out from his busy schedule to write the forward for my book, Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul.

Whether he’s speaking about Adsense, Social Media or simply motivating the audience he delivers massive content. People have been begging Joel for years to host his own conference, and last Fall he and his team held their own exclusive “Elevate” seminar, designed to provide inside secrets, techniques and strategies to anyone who wanted to create their own online business empire.

Tickets to Elevate sold for up to $5,000, and people came from all over the world. (South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil and many more regions!) In this exclusive event, Joel and his expert team shared exactly how they make millions both online and offline. Now, for the first time Joel is releasing his ENTIRE blueprint for making money on the Internet, but only for a limited time.

The Elevate Blueprint

You’ve probably heard of the business systems that are based on strategies that worked for a brief time, but by the time you got to them they didn’t work any more. Well Joel’s systems are built on solid online business principles that work again and again, across ANY niche. Here are just some of the incredible behind-the-scenes money-making strategies you’ll get in The Elevate Blueprint:

  • Discover the ONE action step you can take to shave years off your learning curve, save hours of frustration and headache, and dramatically shortcut your path to success..
  • Learn the 4 ways to monetize your site so that it pumps out repeat profits for work you do only once!
  • Find out the secrets of the “Guru” business model! If you’ve ever wanted to have 100% control of your business, see your name in lights, and keep the lion’s share of your profits, then you’re going to want to see what this is all about…
  • Uncover 6 powerful psychological triggers that cause long term customer retention, a strong feeling of community, and an unbearable fear of loss if your members even THINK about dropping out…
  • Learn the one, easiest, and most effective Search Engine Optimization strategy you should be doing, even if you’re not going to do ANYTHING else…

There’s so much more that I can’t even begin to list it here. You just need to go check out this incredible 18 module system specifically designed to help you build a highly successful business that can help you live your dreams. Nothing is held back and you’ll learn exactly how Joel built his multi-million dollar online empire, and how to duplicate his success.

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33 thoughts on “It’s Time Elevate Your Internet Money Game”

  1. SEO Results says:

    First!!!! Yay, it is always great to be the first to coment on a post! Joel Comm is an internet legend, and I will definitely consider getting into the the 18 modules of Elevate, even if it is only to learn his single most effective SEO trick!

    1. I always wonder what these guys claim are secrets… This might be interesting.

      1. fas says:

        Secrets are meant to be shared.

        1. Like any professional marketer, i doubt the money making secrets will be shared, but the essence of them will be touch on…kinda like this blog…

          1. SEO Results says:

            The essence is such an apt description. An elusive and alluring fragrance that promises so much, yet delivers so little. Sort of like smelling the pie, but not getting a bite.

    2. I have a ton of respect for Joel, and I bet there is some gold in there. Remember Next Internet Millionaire. Great show. They should do another.

  2. d3so says:

    It isn’t free? Lol. At least it has a 60 day free trial.
    I HATE those long sales pages; I’ve seen it here and there. And since they’re still being, I can’t believe they still work 😛

    1. Get with it…it’s internet marketing at its finest 🙂

    2. I’ m with you. I never buy anything from those pages, they naturally make me feel that there is a hard sell going on, and that is not all….aaaargh

  3. The single most effective SEO trick is back links, nothings new in that one, just ask Matt Cutts 😉 SY

  4. This sounds like a must see. I’m off to click the link.

    1. d3so says:

      Don’t! It’s an affiliate link. Lol.

      Btw, it’s foreword, not “forward”.

      1. Yeah it’s “foreword”, means a short intro. BTW affiliates are not bad depends what product. Don’t you agree you have to spend money online to make money online?

        1. d3so says:

          I know I know, I was being sarcastic 😛
          I’m an affiliate marketer myself.
          Spending money to make money is a global concept.

  5. Paul B says:

    My £5 says rehashed crap. Unique content and backlinks backlinks backlinks – all you need to know about getting natural search traffic.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! No need for secrets, it is Google itself that tells us over and over again what works and what doesn’t work in the long run, SY

      1. Being able to know what to search for and what to do with the Google information is the key!

        1. Also true, if you write about something nobody then you is interested in, not many people will search for that information, no matter how good your content is or how many links point to your site, SY

  6. Sound very intressting. I will take a look 🙂

  7. Melvin says:

    Hmmm.. Im not really a fan of Joel Comm but I may take a look at this site..

  8. Free Picks says:

    hmm sound interesting, let me check for more details

  9. Nigel Chua says:

    Ok, sounds like a deal – will check it out. Did he give you a free ticket, John? =)

  10. PPC Ian says:

    Worth a look for sure and the price isn’t too crazy. I enjoyed reading Twitter Power… At the same time, I’m in more of an “execution” phase now. Instead of learning, it’s my time to get stuff done and make $!

  11. Wow…$5K a ticket. Joel’s story is the picture of every web entrepreneur starting out. The bullets above seem to be very clear and provide clear instruction. Great intro to the blueprint John.

  12. Think everyone is always trying to elevate their game John.

  13. Wow, people came from South Africa & Brazil? Usually, you just hear people coming from Europe, Australia, Canada…dang.

  14. Hi John,

    That foreword Joel did is very nice.

    I always think of him as a social media expert.

    I did enjoy watching his video broadcast when he was showing off iPad.

    I will first do what I already know works. The secret is out – work hard. Smart yes but hard too. All the courses in the world won’t help unless you do the work.



  15. Definitely going to take a look at this. Hoping for meat in this one and zero fillers.

  16. Edgar says:

    It seems everyone is trying to sell some type of membership. and it also seems everyone is calling themselfs so call experts.

    John great book btw.

  17. I have heard of Joel Comm and his books, but I had no idea that he had done all of that. That’s motivating, I am definitely going to check out Elevate and his other products/books.

  18. Sara says:

    Wow, there are so many products coming out now, almost daily, for how to make money, etc etc.

    There are no secrets, just look at what Joel comm does…he releases products that people want.

  19. Joel Comm’s got some great stuff.

    It’s fantastic to see how many stories like Joel’s have merged thanks to the Internet.

    It’s truly amazing what anyone can do today with an Internet connection and self-passion and dedication backing them up.

  20. Hey John, I’ve been receiving emails from Joel for some time now. He has some great idea’s and received some great video training from him. He has that new Socroties WordPress blog builder. Got any thoughts on that product? It looks great but was wondering how limited the program is. Do you have any insight or have you used his product? Thanks.

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