It’s Time To Join The Winners Circle

My buddy, Gyutae Park of Winning The Web, has just opened the door to his newest venture, Winners Circle. The Winners Circle is a new kind of Internet marketing training program & community that uses case studies, interviews, and examples to show you how to create winning businesses in various niches.

The case studies go in-depth into successful online businesses that make serious money. The studies will not only describe the sites and the numbers they’re pushing, but more importantly show how they’re doing it.

Winners Circle will release a new case study featuring a specific site every week and cover a wide range of niches and business models so that you get a large range of potential options to work with. Here’s a what a typical case study includes:

  1. Site analysis – What defines success? Find out more about the site’s level of traffic, income, and exposure as well as distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the pack.
  2. Market Research – What are some of the challenges ahead for the site? Analyze the competitive landscape and look at trends for that specific industry or niche.
  3. Traffic Generation Strategies – What are the biggest marketing strategies the site is employing to achieve success? Get ready to rip it apart and look at everything from link building tactics and SEO rankings to viral campaigns and PPC advertising.
  4. Monetization Methods – What is the site’s business model and how does it make money? Study the proven business models that work online.
  5. Site Potential – What is the long term potential of the site? What can it do to improve? Explore the risks and rewards of launching a similar type of site – and how you can do it better.
  6. Key Lessons – So what? Case studies are only as good as the lessons you take away from them. I’ll direct you towards the ideas you should focus on.

What sets this program apart from other Internet marketing sites is that it uses specific case studies and examples to show what works and what doesn’t. You can’t really find this type of information anywhere else.

The cost of the membership is normally $47 per month but Gyutae has a special fast action bonus for the first 200 people – $27 per month. After 200 members, the price goes to $47 per month. Another bonus. The first 50 people to sign up will receive a personally audit of their sites and be provided three custom recommendations for SEO, traffic, and monetization.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you don’t feel like you got anything out of the case studies, interviews, or community simply let Gyutae know in a quick email and he’ll promptly send you back your money, no questions asked. You may also cancel your membership at any time.

Whatever the goals for your online business, finding motivation through role models is key. This is where Winners Circle comes in. The case studies included in the program are real-life examples of successful sites, and will help you to stay focused on the proven Internet marketing stratgies that work in driving traffic and making money. I highly recommend you join.

Join The Winners Circle

25 thoughts on “It’s Time To Join The Winners Circle”

  1. Jake Stone says:

    Should be interesting. Personally I’m rather dissapointed to formulas and secrets, so a service that analyzes real examples and learns from them seems like the way to go.

    Jake Stone’s last blog post: Sales stories carnival volume 17

    1. Melody says:

      I agree, I think we all know by now that so called secrets in marketing/business are just a matter of few people knowing something as opposed to a larger group, or the majority..

      It would be interesting to see some of the results though..

      Melody’s last blog post: Recent Videos and Updates for June

      1. Gyutae Park says:

        That’s really what Winners Circle is all about – results. Rather than describing a “system”, I go through successful sites and show you step by step what they did to reach the point they’re at today. The response has been great so far and you should get a ton of value from it.

        Gyutae Park’s last blog post: Which Came First, the Traffic or the Search Engine Rankings?

  2. Gerri says:

    I read the post on his blog some days ago and I think this is one thing I will be signing up for. I have faith in Gyutae.

    Gerri’s last blog post: Making Money as a Stay at Home Mum | Win a Copy of ‘Give it a GO’ by Sonia Williams

    1. Gyutae Park says:

      Thanks for the support, Gerri. I won’t let you down. 🙂

      Gyutae Park’s last blog post: Which Came First, the Traffic or the Search Engine Rankings?

  3. Earningstep says:

    WOW what a great offer . i have a few choice in my mind . i wonder what is the best . but i think this is good one

    1. Gyutae Park says:

      Winners Circle is definitely different from a lot of the other “training programs” out there. It’s specific case studies and examples – not generic information and tips.

      I highly recommend you check it out and join.

      Gyutae Park’s last blog post: Which Came First, the Traffic or the Search Engine Rankings?

  4. Saurabh says:

    Don’t know about the outcome, but it looks to be a promising..

    And, when it is being handled by Gyutae, it has to be good..

    Saurabh’s last blog post: One of the most important blogging tip…

    1. Gyutae Park says:

      Thanks for the support! 🙂

      Gyutae Park’s last blog post: Which Came First, the Traffic or the Search Engine Rankings?

  5. Any products by Gyutae tend to be marvelous, therefore, I am not missing this one…

    Richael | Domain Marvelous’s last blog post: Domain Registration Length – Does it Matter?

    1. Gyutae Park says:

      Thanks Richael, I’m looking forward to working with you in Winners Circle.

      Gyutae Park’s last blog post: Which Came First, the Traffic or the Search Engine Rankings?

  6. The training program look to be very informative and enriching. But the only question is – with so many training programs like, Yaro’s training, WA training etc., available these days, which training should a newbie opt in for? Either he keeps paying for trainings all of which will have almost the same teachings because I feel that internet marketing if followed rightly is just 1-2-3, or, he work on developing his business with a mentor who can actually guide him through the initial stage in his business.

    Dilip R Kumar’s last blog post: Twollo – follow like-minded people

  7. This is a very interesting offer, I might sign up to it. Thanks for the info John

  8. Jake Stone says:

    It is very interesting that so many comment with might and could and possibly etc. I know for sure that I am not signing up for this, but it has nothing to do with the product being bad, like I wrote up there, I believe this might very well be better than many other membership sites out there I just don’t have time to allocate for any new activity.

    Jake Stone’s last blog post: Sales stories carnival volume 17

  9. man, that’s a truly remarkable idea. I think it come right on time in today’s difficult Economic times.

    1. It seems he has so many tricks under his hat 🙂

      Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Sad and In Deep Pain – I Lost My Mentor, My Inspiration

  10. Its a good idea that gyutae has come up with. The only hitch is gyutae himself has a long way to go.

    Shanker Bakshi’s last blog post: Sad and In Deep Pain – I Lost My Mentor, My Inspiration

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Good one Shanker Bakshi, you found the hole in his defense.

      Jake Stone’s last blog post: The sale is in the stars

  11. MLDina says:

    I’ve been wondering what Gyutae is up to! Good to see he’s going to be helping other marketers out. Should be a great program.

  12. game-girl says:

    Gyutae is one of the best gurus,everyone has a chance to take lessons from his.

    game-girl’s last blog post: Need for Speed: Shift – системные требования объявлены

  13. I can’t keep up! There seems to be a new program mentioned on John Chow dot Com every day! This blog gets better every day! Thank you John Chow team!

    Not John Chow’s last blog post: Dosh Dosh & Not John Chow the Pathetic Comment Spammer!

  14. EarningStep says:

    every one know john chow is better than anyblogger in the world . this make me wonder when john chow will share more secret with us

  15. videostar says:

    The guru is inspiring,I am so impessed that I should go after him just now.

  16. Gyutae is just so smart, but he can do A LOT more 🙂


    Free Arcade Games’s last blog post: Quest For Power

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