IZEA Fest 2008 – Big Money Bloggers

Houses, cars and fame! You can’t have any of it without the dinero! Fortunately, IZEA Fest 2008 brought together four big money bloggers to share their knowledge and experience. The panel featured myself, Stephanie Agresta, Neil Patel and Jeremy Schoemaker. Drew Bennett was the moderator.

I almost didn’t make it to the panel because the place where we went for lunch was so late at getting us our food. We pretty much had to eat and then run back to the hotel. Luckily, I made it on time.

The panel went off amazingly well. Drew did a great job moderating the panel. The audience and the followers on Ustream asked some great questions. Overall, I really enjoyed it. For those who missed the panel, here’s the recorded broadcast.

25 thoughts on “IZEA Fest 2008 – Big Money Bloggers”

  1. Darin Carter says:

    You guys look good up there together!


    1. Wonderful speech, John. I sat in the back and applauded you all the way. haha

      1. I wonderi if all the big bloggers could unite.. and corner tha online ad market..if you won’t be even more successful..

  2. It was the highlight of the the day at IzeaFest. I know everyone was looking forward to it, and we weren’t dissapointed.

    I’m glad Ustream could stream the video live for all of us who couldn’t make it there in person.

  3. Tyler Cruz says:

    It was nice how they really integrated the stream chat and actually took questions and notes from it.

  4. VeRonda says:

    There were some insightful thoughts here… very good information.

  5. John, your having far too much fun as a dot com mogul. Everyone else is going to want to be one now. 🙂

  6. Josten says:

    That was a very good and informative video. I never heard of the other to people neal and stephanie. John you shoulda told them to get your e book,shoemoney’s as well

  7. Gary says:

    Nice work John…everybody was great. I would agree that getting friends to start blogging is hard, even though they want to. It’s about staying committed and just DOING IT!!!

  8. If only Problogger was there!

  9. This was brilliant. Definitely one of the better panels I’ve watched in lord knows how long.

  10. the main point was about being true to your original intent….although I thought that it was really funny how shoemoney seemed to know chow’s brand more than chow did. Anyway, the point of it seemed to be to know your audience. Yes, build the base but also understand who your base is. My base is mainly my girlfriend.

    I know that i would like my base to be married couples who want a closer walk with each other and to help motivate people in general to “get up on it” and life the life they can only now imagine themselves living. We’ll see how that goes. but the panel did get me thinking about what i am saying and who i would like to address. thanks

  11. Zac Johnson says:

    This was a good panel, and quite fun too! Glad you made it out of that restaurant on time, it only took them an hour to take your order then finally start making it!

  12. I wish I could have been there to check this out.

  13. Interesting panel. Nice that there is a broadcast.

  14. Sohail says:

    whos call waz that john 🙂

  15. four big money bloggers – Wow !!!
    Individually all are great not because they are great money makes but they are on a same platform to share experience and skills.
    Sharing is Caring.
    A round of appalause.
    Cheers !!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I REALLY wish I had been there to meet you and all my other Postie friends. Hey, you should come to BlogHer next summer! I’ll buy you a drink if you too 🙂

  17. Ryan McLean says:

    Pretty dodgy quality video, but not dodgy content, so thanks heaps John

  18. BenSpark says:

    Thanks for the kind words about my moderating. I was nervous but enjoyed being able to ask you guys questions on behalf of the blogging community.

  19. One of the most interesting post on your website, thanks!!

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