IZEA Fest 2008 – Making Compelling Videos

With a face as pretty as his, is it any wonder why Loren Feldman be one of the most noticeable video bloggers in the world? Loren Feldman is the President of 1938 Media. Prior to that, Loren founded and published NY Hotshot magazine and was a creative director at MusicVision, an interactive advertising agency, where he developed online advertising campaigns for companies such as Nokia and Scion.

On the Internet, Loren is best known (at least this is how I discovered him) for his Shel Israel puppet. The puppet is a parody of the Shel Israel Show and started a war between Feldman and Israel. The real Shel Israel never registered his own domain name so Feldman took it and made his puppet a star.

Loren’s presentation was extremely entertaining and well worth watching if you missed it. Video is the future of blogging and is something every blogger should look at adding to their blog.

10 thoughts on “IZEA Fest 2008 – Making Compelling Videos”

  1. Darin Carter says:


    I think you have made that a good point already. It’s almost as if every new blog post you have … there is a video attached!

    You are living proof!


  2. Great speaker. Not within my line of interests just yet, but still very good advice for when I branch off in that direction (if I do). BTW, I promised everyone I’d post about how to optimize your images for the search engines. So, I’ve done just that.

    Just click my name to visit my blog. It should be the top post. Unless you’re reading this many years in the future. 🙂

    If you are… here’s the direct link: http://www.steven-sanders.com/optimizing-your-images-for-search-engines/

  3. Andrew W says:

    Videos have there place on a website, but just like everything can be overused.

  4. Videos is becoming more popular than writing. Writing can be difficult for people.

    1. My proof above. IS SHOULD BE ARE.

  5. Josten says:

    will be watching this video later on. I never heard of this guy

  6. Great video
    Very inspiring..

  7. fahry says:

    wow ………
    nice Video…
    Its cool

  8. Mel says:

    somehow the video doesn’t show up in my google reader blog feed. is that done on purpose? also ustream.tv seems pretty slow to buffer — their servers must be overloaded or something.

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