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While there are many other job banks out there for you to peruse, is looking to provide you with more functionality, a huge selection of postings, and excellent search tools. They aim to be different and the best part is that it’s all free. They ordered up a ReviewMe review, so he we go!

For Employers and (Potential) Employees

On the job seeker side of things, the experience is a familiar one. There is a growing database of job postings — provided directly by recruiters and “supplemented with additional listings” — and you sift through these using a number of filters. Shady postings (like home based scams) are also consistently deleted. Alternatively, you can put up your resume for employers to browse through. Job seekers also have the option to hide certain details that they wish to keep private.


The level of detail found in these listings is largely up to the individual employers, so you’ll find some that’ll tell you exactly what they expect, what you’ll be doing, and how much they’ll pay. On others, the information can be pretty scarce. In either case, you can oftentimes apply online directly through JobSearchUSA.

For employers, the tools appear to be more powerful. At its most basic level, you can post up individual positions in JobSearchUSA’s listing and wait for the applications to come in. When you create an account, you are presented with an employer dashboard that tells you how many jobs you’ve posted, how many have been approved, how many job searchers are registered, and so forth. You can also search through the resumes posted by the job hunters, filtering through based on geographic location, primary field of experience, years in work field, management experience, and highest qualification.


Perhaps the coolest thing for employers is the ability to have a self-branded mini-site, either hosted on JobSearchUSA directly or on your own company website. I had some trouble setting up the banner on the mini-site and the design is very, very basic, but for the most part, it works.

How Does JobSearchUSA Make Money?

As John Chow dot Com is all about making money online, this is the key question that you’re probably asking about this job hunting (and posting) website. Well, the short answer is: they don’t. At least, not right now.

JobSearchUSA has only been around for a relatively short amount of time, so they’ve taken the approach of building up their user base first before making an attempt to monetize that traffic.

Why? Well, when you look at JobSearchUSA‘s direct competition, they have “featured employers”. I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the reason why any of these employers are “featured” are because they pay for that advertising space. If you have a small user base and limited traffic, companies will not be willing to fork out the big bucks for a spot on your homepage. By contrast, when you have millions of registered users, you can demand top dollar for your valuable online real estate. The same can be said about having their HR departments provide “featured articles.” You can charge companies to advertise themselves that way too.

I personally think that it would be best to avoid any sort of contextual advertising like Adsense or Kontera, because there’s a good chance that you will be directing your visitors away from your site and onto direct competitors. Think about the ads that would be served up based on keywords like “job search”, “post your resume”, and “post a job.”

Fiasco could perhaps have two or three “featured employers” per job type (accounting, education, hospitality, etc.). It’s a little more adventurous, but he could even try charging job seekers to “feature” their resumes, paying a small fee to place their names near the top of the list when employers are looking for workers.

Find a Career with JobSearchUSA

I enjoyed the interface which was clean and straight-forward, and it will be interesting to see how well JobSearchUSA can compete against some of the bigger boys in the job posting industry.

25 thoughts on “JobSearchUSA Hooks You Up With a Career”

  1. thesilly1 says:

    So the idea is to target the employer as that’s who’s paying money at Monster, etc…

    Basically, trying to get people to go away from paying thus creating a job bank. The job seekers will look wherever the jobs are being posted.

    This might work well for the smaller companies as they don’t have to fork out $$. It’ll be interesting to see if it works for the larger companies. As Monster has a pretty good handle on the competition …. right now.

    1. blabWire says:

      I agree about the job seekers going wherever there are jobs being posted. The issue with Monster is that the companies pay to list their available positions, but it is still a pain to navigate due to the amount of ads. Hopefully a site like this will change that.


  2. Great Review, If I still lived in the States I would have used them for sure.

    I love the simplicity of the design, the majority of employment websites are way to complicated.

    1. Jauhari says:

      Yes, I agree this great review 😉

  3. Matt Jones says:

    It sounds good but there are already sites that do much the same thing. There was (and I think there still is) on called ‘Monster’ that is pretty similar. I wonder how JobSearchUSA will differentiate themselves…

  4. Another ReviewMe post…. 🙁

    1. Matt Jones says:

      There are lots of reveiewme posts but that is irrelevant because their are the same number (if not more) non-reviewme posts than there used to be anyway.

    2. Kumiko says:

      Yet you still come back! John must be doing something right!


      1. blabWire says:



    3. uncle sha says:

      i think it’s still related to the blog … john has yet to ‘sellout’ :mrgreen:

  5. Jane May says:

    Sounds like they are right up our alley 😈

  6. Gath says:

    On the surface, it seems like a good idea to shy away from Adsense – but then is making millions using exactly the same strategy in the dating sector.

  7. Chris M says:

    Interesting article – thank you! 🙂

  8. Mike B says:

    John –

    I like your blog. I really do. But lately you’ve been doing so many paid adverts that it is really distracting from the main point of your blog. I know the goal is to make money, but maybe your content-to-commercialization ratio has gone too low? I don’t care to read over silly advertisements for dime-a-dozen job search boards…. Please change!


    1. Peter F - Job Search USA says:

      Reply to Mike,
      Firstly thank you everyone for your comments and John and Michael Kwan for your review. I understand your concern Mike, however the point of my review was to point out the monetization dilemma that i am facing. I have enough traffic and links that im not looking for a promotion but rather ive asked for a review to find out the best monetization option possible. I can sellout to adsense, in fact it is possibly the easiest way to monetize the site. This approach may be more effective in the short term but it does create the “dime a dozen job boards”. I can however take a long term view and look at the other options available….

      1. Mike says:

        Peter F –

        I don’t know who you are, and I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone at JobSearch. I didn’t even read John’s article (actually posted by Michael K). It’s so obviously a blatant plug for yet another review-me article, that I skipped right over it. Much the same way that we all ‘auto-skip’ over TV ads with our Tivo.

        My real comment was to John; requesting that we ratchet down the review-me ads before readership starts going elsewhere.


        1. James says:

          Like you said, you did not read the post. It really was informative if you are trying to figure out different ways to monetize a site or make money online. Much better than the cookie dropping post.

  9. Great for bloggers who can’t make a dime on the net. Get a real job.

  10. ill be looking for jobs soon, definitely check it out.

  11. This will definitely help a lot of job-seeking individuals (and employers, too). The deletion of dubious job postings is also very appealing to those who are in dire need of legit jobs.

  12. I’m in the market, I may have to check it out.

  13. James says:

    I think the idea of selling ads to job searchers and providers was an interesting idea. If you have the traffic it might work.

  14. Great review. I’ll go check out the site.
    I hope I never have to get a job though. 😀


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