John Chow And Problogger Vacation Video

First off all, I don’t know how 45n5 managed to get their hands this video that featured Darren Rowse and myself doing the hula. However, since it’s been released, I guess I have no choice except to release an official statement on it.

Official statement: This video is a fake. That is not me doing the hula. However, I can’t say for sure whether that is really Darren in the video.

98 thoughts on “John Chow And Problogger Vacation Video”

  1. Hehe, I was wondering if this linkbait will work. Nice job for 45n5.

    1. DeboHobo says:

      Most linkbait works, but this one is funny and cute 😉

      1. yep, very funny, good thinking!

        1. Jack Book says:

          your blog is read by people all over the world, so please tell us the truth.
          is it really fake? or is it real?

    2. Geedos says:

      Yep another bit of creativity! And I’m sure there are people who are again left thinking “why didn’t I think of that”!

      1. Steven says:

        Yay, I can finally access John Chow again… My router was blocking this site and only this site for some reason.

        On another note, I don’t ever think like that… “why didn’t I think of that”…

    3. Well they got a link from That has probably made it all worthwhile on its own 👿

    1. I call shenanigans, that totally is you John!

      1. DeboHobo says:

        Looks like someone is talking about John again. This time they are calling him a ReviewMe Scammer. I know his review are harsh, but they should be used as a learning tool. I don’t really think he is a scammer. John I just thought you would like to know.

        You can read about it here:

        1. Honestly I don’t understand why he is biasing (actually i commented on his blog). I don’t like to offend people but this time i have to, ask, whats more stupid, his post or his haircut.

          1. DeboHobo says:

            No, what’s more stupid ordering a review from John when you’re not ready or throwing yourself from a moving train?

          2. Steven says:

            He isn’t bias. He is giving his honest opinion. Whether he thinks it’s good or bad, he’ll write it as it is. How is he being bias, after all, the ReviewMe is meant to be a review done by him on the site that orders the review. I don’t understand why people think it should be positive reviews.

        2. Steven says:

          I could of sworn John said no more linking to your own site in the comment section lol

    2. WarriorBlog says:

      LOL this is just hilarious :mrgreen:

  2. Can’t see, what format is that?

    1. ditto, it’s not coming up for me either. And I really wanted to see John get his hula on!

    2. Geedos says:

      Works fine for me.

      1. Steven says:

        Yeah, it works fine for me too. See if you guys have all the codecs and plugins needed to display the vid.

    3. I think it is in HCHD format.

      HCHD = Hairy Chested Hula Dudes

  3. Matt Jones says:

    Hahaha John,

    your hips don’t lie 😉

    1. KingJacob says:

      And the truth isnt so pretty

      1. DeboHobo says:

        It never is 😈

    2. Geedos says:

      And neither does that grass skirt!

    3. Steven says:

      If only someone would merge this video and John’s actual dance vid together lol

  4. 45n5 says:

    I have it from a good source that said the problogger in the video is real and the video was leaked as a publicity stunt for

  5. john choe says:

    cant view the video 😕

    1. Simon says:

      I didn’t see the video neither 😕

      1. Weird because i saw the video and i still can see it…

  6. Oh come on John, confess that thats you doing the hula, after all you are a good dancer …as said, you got Caught 😛

  7. Neena says:

    You obviously have some hidden talents. Perhaps you are in the wrong field.

    1. Geedos says:

      There’s nothing very hidden in those outfits! 😆

  8. LOL – nice coconuts John!

    1. Geedos says:

      I’m surprised it took this long before someone left a comment along the lines of “John’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts”!


  9. blogcrowds says:

    Have you seen any other videos on jibjab?

  10. Rick Yuen says:

    “So you think you can dance” finally has competition.

  11. Angel says:

    John you’re very hairy.

    1. 😳 that’s kinda mean!

  12. samuro says:

    Hahaha… really funny video. lol 😀

  13. DeboHobo says:

    OMG! Where should we put the dollar bills. 😳

    1. In a fund to get them dancing lessons.

    2. Geedos says:

      Put the dollar bills away now – you’re scaring me!! 😆

  14. Fake yeah right, that is some top class video editing if so 😉

  15. Hip Hop says:

    lol!!! That was great, just remember to invite me next time.

  16. …….

    Well that woke me up.

  17. CatherineL says:

    Sorry John – but that is definitely you in the video. I think the Problogger guy is a fake – there are far too many hairs on his chest.

    1. How do you know how much hair problogger should have on his chest…or John for that matter?!

      1. DeboHobo says:

        They are so hairy indeed and why do they keep rubbing their rich man bellies.

        1. HAHAHA This comment made me laugh and almost fall out of my chair. 😀

          1. Steven says:

            Indeed very hairy for an asian of all things. Most asians have very few body hair lol.

      2. CatherineL says:

        Hey – I am only guessing. I definitely had no part in this video – honest!

  18. Simon says:

    BTW, John your new theme is designed by Unique Blog Designs. But the link is not accessible. I don’t know is that my problem or not, but I can access very website expect

  19. GettyCash says:

    LOL doing hula ? 😀

  20. michael says:

    Don’t be shy, john. Face it. :d You and problogger are making a very good team. Can you teach me how to dance hula?

  21. YC says:

    The 2 of you have never looked so good together! 😆

    1. DeboHobo says:

      Or funny 😀

  22. Mr. Rajawang says:

    i can’t believe that both of you went to the beach together? anything between you guys? hahaha 🙂

  23. krillz says:

    What a well practised choreography!
    I assume this wasn’t the first time you two danced this dance?

  24. Karol Krizka says:

    Lol, but isn’t that what you do over the summer anyways? 😉

  25. David says:

    This video gives me the creeps!

  26. I finally got it to come up.. that’s some funny stuff! hahahahahaa

  27. Stephen says:

    I know you have a fetish for Pina Coladas so I would hate to find out what happened to the milk in Darren’s…umm…Coconuts… 😈

    1. Geedos says:

      Ah man come on! You’re making me feel sick!

      1. Stephen says:

        I’m making you feel sick? I’m making me feel sick! 😆

  28. Click Input says:

    Great link bait… I need to start thinking along these lines…

  29. Shaun Carter says:

    that’s funny… you’re looking a little pale there John 🙂

  30. Thanks for the laugh! lol :mrgreen:

  31. CatherineL says:

    John, this video is a really shameful way of replacing the money you’re going to lose on your reviews. I think you should bring back the “buy me a beer”.

    1. Or “buy me a shirt” 🙂

  32. Stefanie says:

    That is one of the funniest things I have seen. I wouldn’t admit that it was me either!

  33. Darren says:

    come on John – you know it’s you. Shooting that clip was the highlight of our vacation!

    1. Steven says:

      LOL You should do a better job of pretending to be Problogger. He has his own avatar and surely he wouldn’t doing a typo on his own domain name (and no, I didn’t click on your link to figure that one out). 😆

      1. Darren says:

        actually I am Darren from ProBlogger – not sure where my avatar went. Not sure how to prove it – but it’s truly me 🙂
        in fact I’d have thought the spelling mistake proved it 🙂

      2. Darren says:

        the badly types URL must have triggered not having the avatar work.

  34. chtanxw says:

    It was a marketing strategy!

  35. A thought came to mind after watching that but I won’t say it. Disturbing though… [shudder]


  36. Great….now I can’t get the hairy belly image out of my head…argh
    😯 😥 😡

    – Raymond

  37. will says:

    LOL wtf @ that video. someone has too much time on their hands.

  38. john everyone has all these exclusive vidoes that you seem to forget or get their hands on – whats going on. you forgot your own video interview with me and now you are mad someone found this exclusive video of you. 🙂

  39. That is realy excelent video and I just had to visit the site…. so also good link bait 😎

  40. Excelent… I have to send me dancing with my wife and send it to my friends.

  41. Geedos says:

    I think the most disturbing part is where John is rubbing his breasts! 😆

  42. Sorry John, I will actually have to say, that video was scary…

  43. Marco says:

    Eheh that is pretty funny. I love the guys, it’s great they added that feature video.

  44. rahul says:

    evil caught on paparazi eyes 😛 😆

  45. nice video but whats 45n5 ? 🙂

  46. LOL! That’s funny 🙂

    Was it faked manually, or has someone set up an awesome service we can upload heads too, and it’ll put them into the full vid animated properly like that? If not, someone go do it! 🙂

  47. Max says:

    haha…lol…this is awesome!

  48. Jeba says:

    LMFAO!! :mrgreen: nice balls guys 😛 Bora bora islands I guess ?

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