John Chow dot Com Blog Stats for 2011

Everyone loves stats, so I figure I would post some 2011 stats from my blog. The nice thing about WordPress is it gives you a Right Now box in the control panel that tells you how many posts, pages, categories, tags and comments your blog has since it started.

Since this blog started on December 1, 2005, I wrote 4,321 posts for an average of two blog posts per day for six years. This blog also averaged 99 approved comments per day, which I find pretty amazing. Comment spam would have passed the 1 million mark in 2011 had I not switch the blog’s comment system over the Livefyre. Since switching, I believe I’ve received a grand total of five spam comments. I highly recommend Livefyre if you want to kill the spam.

For 2012, I expect to break 5,000 blog posts and add another 30,000 comments. You think I can do it?

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  1. JorgeDelgado says:

    2 post per day is crazy John! How can you do that…



    1. John Chow says:

      @JorgeDelgado It’s really not that hard when you don’t have a JOB to get in the way. 🙂

      1. @John Chow Congrats John that is a lot of work.

      2. JorgeDelgado says:

        @John Chow Well I have to quit soon! 😉



  2. dadispen says:

    that’s a lot of posts John! Congratulations to a great year once again!

    1. John Chow says:

      @dadispen Thanks!

  3. Harshad says:

    You should now call yourself something like John “The Blogger” Chow.

    1. @Harshad That was good

    2. John Chow says:

      @Harshad I thought I was already known as John The Blogger Chow. lol

  4. I guess that’s a lot of comments, haha 🙂

  5. Rock on John! I may switch to LiveFyre too since spam is on the rise at my site too.

    1. John Chow says:

      @Justin | Personal Growth It’s great. I don’t expect my spam count will exceed more than ten this year. 🙂

      1. JennaTest says:

        @John [email protected] Mazza Hey Justin, Dhara here from Livefyre. Let us know if you’ve any questions for us. We’ll be happy to answer them!

        1. Dhara Mistry says:

          @John [email protected] Mazza Whoops! I just realized I was logged in to a test account when I posted the previous comment. But, this is real me 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you’ve any questions Justin. We would love to have you on Livefyre!

        2. Justin Mazza says:

          @Dhara Mistry I will do that. I could eliminate three WordPress plugins if I go with LiveFyre. I will probably make the change this month.

  6. Harry says:

    John, you must be the number 1 blog of year 2011 on the entire internet, isn’t it? I think so! Amazing stats!

  7. Thanan says:

    Oh, 4321 posts, good good.

    I like about this number. I hope will have good articles like you.

  8. RichBlogs says:

    Well done John. Tremendous output.

    It goes to show that running a successful blog that makes good money is not about luck, but hard work you put in.

  9. Scholar Mel says:

    I have fiddled with one of my blogs for a year and a half. This year I plan on posting everyday and sometimes twice a day on that site.

    Blogging is hard work. Congrats on all of your achievements!

  10. Crazy that you’ve kept up an average of 2 posts per day for 6 years. That in itself is an accomplishment.

  11. fas says:

    You can do it easily John!

    1. John Chow says:

      @cpa marketing blog Not zero. Five so far since switching over to Livefyre.

      1. @John Chow thanks mate that`s a great tool am gonna do it too really spam on my blog pisses me off

  12. wmwebdes says:

    Hi John

    “For 2012, I expect to break 5,000 blog posts and add another 30,000 comments. You think I can do it?”

    These are amazing figures but I’m sure you will do it.

    After all, who said blogging was easy. LOL

    Absolutely awesome stats.

  13. recob says:

    A lot of your post are very informative and also have video description which is very helpful.

    This must take more time?

    1. Enstine Muki says:

      @recob Yeah every reader of John The blogger Chow’s blog knows the quality of his posts. He does quite some research on his topics.

  14. Hi John,

    Congrats on another awesome year for you!

    My blog only got 15 comments so far. Considering its only two months old, I’m happy enough with the feedback though.

    Two posts per day for that many years is no simple accomplishment. With the high quality of content you’re giving along the way, you deserve the success you got today!

    I’ll be more than happy if I could achieve 1 percent of what you achieved.

    Keep it up, John!


  15. themarkcraig says:

    Hey John

    Got to give it to you, two post a day for 6 years is an amazing feat! So many blogs tell you NOT to post daily, yet here you are with two posts a day and a shed load of readers. well done! What is your traffic like?



  16. themarkcraig says:

    Hey John

    Got to give it to you, two post a day for 6 years is an amazing feat! So many blogs tell you NOT to post daily, yet here you are with two posts a day and a shed load of readers. well done! What is your traffic like?



  17. Tu Michael says:

    i just wonder how much time u spend for writing 2 posts a day. for me, it takes me 3-4 hours to write one post, including research keyword n ideas 🙁 n i have a 9-5 job 🙁 could u pls write an article to give us some tips on how to write more efficiently, maybe include ur time table of how u manage the time also.. i m really appreciated

  18. inFamousOne says:

    John, I have a legitimate question. My blog is fairly new, just about to hit the 1 week mark. How do you get your readers to leave comments? I mean, is it just a time factor? Do I just need to keep putting out more content on a near daily basis and eventually my readers will comment? Or am I doing something wrong? I mean the content is good in my opinion, and discussion worthy, and that is what I’m trying to generate…. Not cash flow…. Conversation… I can get the traffic there, but I can’t seem to get them to comment….. #sidenote – im sure the blogger platform and domain don’t help anything, but i have to work with what I’ve got for now…

    1. inFamousOne says:

      And I mean, honestly, I don’t want to write more posts until I get some feedback… It would feel like I was abandoning the issues… But I’m gonna just keep posting and see what happens. Any feedback you have to help would be appreciated?

      1. Tu Michael says:

        just keep posting 🙂 anyway, i have left 2 comments in ur blog.cheers! @inFamousOne

    2. Tu Michael says:

      @inFamousOne i think it depends on how u makerting ur blog. commenting on other blogs in ur writing field to make others know ur blog’s existence 🙂 for example, i got some comments on make money online after i commented on some others’ blog discussing making money online method 🙂

      1. inFamousOne says:

        @Tu Michael Thanks for that. I’m attempting to actually find other blogs in my field. Everything’s so technical with most people though. Gotta keep searching. Thanks for the tips. And thanks for the comments. I’m just gonna keep posting. It’s there for people to read after all… They’ll talk if they want to I guess. Plus, I just enjoy writing it anyways. 🙂

  19. Lalit Burma says:

    Why only one stats … would love to see Google analytics screenshots

  20. OnIncomeH2 says:

    Congratulations on your success John. If you have maintained an average of 2 posts per day for 6 years, I see no reason why you cannot hit your target this year.

  21. 213 000 comments… wow that impressive.. that’s why i called super blogger… you are on another level John 🙂

  22. Your blog is awsome dude. The mass content on your site is very useful to all the readers and the quality of writing is above expectation. I love your writing style and creativity. The stats tells it all, 213,899 comments is an outsatnding reasult for any blogger. Looking forward to more amzing blog posts from you, all the best.

  23. Garen Thoms says:

    One day i must reach there, these stats are so big it make my head hurt

  24. I think you can reach your expected stat for 2012

  25. ayurveda says:

    John Chow if you continue writing same good and informative articles for us i think it will cross more than 30,000 comments in this because on every good post i will be there to comment it

    1. Kenny Boger says:

      me too, I also won’t miss out commenting john’s interesting articles.

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