John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now!

After bypassing the lineup and buying 11 Apple iPad 2s on opening day, you kinda knew this was coming. The Apple iPad 2 went on sales last Friday and quickly sold out. Right now, you’ll be hard pressed to find any units in any stores. Every Apple store, AT&T store, Verizon store, Best Buy, Target and Walmart that I called are sold out and Apple’s online store is showing a shipping time of three to four weeks. However, I’ve got you covered!

This is the first of many iPad contests to come so if you don’t win it, you will have other opportunities. The prize up for grabs is a black 16GB WIFi iPad 2. Here are the contest rules.

  • Make a comment letting me know why you should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2
  • Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter
  • Send a tweet about this contest linking to this page with the hashtag #JCiPadGiveaway

The giveaway will run until the end of this month. The winner will be drawn April 2 at Dot Com Pho. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you’re reading John Chow dot Com, then chances are you can enter. Good luck and enter now!

683 thoughts on “John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now!”

  1. Hey John,

    Of course we knew this was coming! I think that I should win because I am one of the most frequent attendees to Seattle Dot Com Pho and an overall good guy πŸ™‚ I’d put this bad boy to great use!

    Looking forward to seeing who wins, but I’m sincerely hoping it will be me!

    1. I already followed and liked you, so i guess I just need to tweet and leave a comment. Easy enough. I should get it because I’ve been reading for so long.

      Not only did I like you on Facebook, but I’m a friend too. Obviously I follow you on twitter as well. Here is my tweet btw:

      Good seeing you at ASE and doing a beer funnel!

      1. Hey John,

        It’s a good idea to have this contest and everybody thinks they should win. I haven’t won any of your contests due to the luck of the draw looking in other directions.

        I should win this time because of the saying that eventually the luck will get tired and will fall on anybody.

        The iPad 2 seems to be a good toy and I’ve been a good boy and good boys need toys.

        1. Hey John,

          I met all the contest requirements, even posted a comment on your Facebook wall.

          The only thing left to do is to tweet but twitter is down right now. Hopefully it will come back on soon.

          It should be back before the end of the month eh? When it is I’ll tweet your hashtag #JCiPadGiveaway

    2. I’m an IT Professional and would really make a lot of good use of an Ipad. Maybe get into programming apps for it.

  2. I want it so I’ll enter. Cool!

    1. I want it, that’s why I should get it!

        1. LOL you are so enthusiastic. I feel your energy to get the ipad2.

          1. He is very much interested! πŸ™‚ There’s nothing wrong with being confident.

    2. d3so says:

      I’m definitely entering this contest.
      I’ve entered many ipad contests last year but was unfortunate not to win any of them. I’ve always thought that the ipad was just an over sized iPod but my views have drastically changed. It’s a tool that every marketer should have.

      1. Good luck to all! πŸ˜€

        1. Good luck to you and all of you.

  3. You owe me a CNY ang pow John so if I win this iPad2, we are square ok πŸ™‚

    1. It will still be the luck of the draw that decides who wins. Making the comment and meeting all the other requirements just gives you a place in the draw.

  4. d3so says:

    Man, I wonder how many people will enter, lol.
    I’m nervous. I really want to win this one! πŸ™‚

    1. Just check how many ‘likes’ John has on Face and count how many number it increases, you will get the number πŸ˜›

    2. I think You will compete with over 300 people.

      1. D3so,

        You have already won twice since last May. You have also promised to write a review of the book you won. I must have missed your link to it somewhere. Can you please give it to us here again?

  5. moneca says:

    of course john, my kid alex would think i was the coolest mom in the world if i got my hands on an ipad2. as well i could plug my Amega Global business on your site and get a few more leads for my instant organic energized skincare line!!!
    will have to check in with the boys at pho to see if this is kosher. thanks again for all the valuable information on internet marketing and blogging. i am still a newbie in the computer and i am more passionate in feeling good and being healthy.
    for anyone who wants more information on e-smog and radiation protection, give me a call!!!

  6. JoeyfromSC says:

    I’d definitely love to be the winner of this, and need it because my laptop is on it’s last leg lol-I am trying to get my blog to take off more and I love surfing the internet. This would come in handy!

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway and the chance to win!!


  7. Vivek Parmar says:

    already following you on twitter and liked on facebook.
    Here is my entry!/techvivekparmar/status/47342077054431232
    wish i’m in this for contest and hope i will get one for me

  8. JoeyfromSC says:

    Tweeted about your giveaway:


  9. JoeyfromSC says:

    Liked you on facebook

    Joey J.

    Following you on twitter @JoeyfromSC


  10. teecup says:

    I’ve never had anything from Apple in my life. An iPad 2 would be mind blowing! Here’s to a like, a tweet and some luck in the draw! Count me in this contest, Mr. Chow.

  11. Rick Krenz says:

    This is my final thing on the list for me to complete…
    So why do I deserve to win the IPad?
    1. Because I have never once replied to each and every single comment on a post…
    – So I could be number 1 in Top Commentators for the month.
    2. I just want to take the thing apart and check out the insides.

  12. Pete says:

    Tweeted liked and followed.

    I would love to win because then I’ll have one more way that I can follow for great blogging tips!

    1. This is one of the best suck up to John comments so far.

      Good luck with the draw.

  13. John,

    I would love to enter the contest and will do everything as outlined.

    I should win because my wife’s laptop is about to die and I do not want to buy another one right now. All she uses it for is checking email and blogs and looking at shopping websites, so this would be great for her. I would love to surprise her with it for our 13th wedding anniversary coming up in a couple months.

    Whether I win or not, thanks for the great blog. Yours was the first one that I started reading when I realized that people actually can and do make serious money from blogging. Ever since then I have made it my mission to replace my current 9 to 5 income with blogging income and will not stop until I fulfill that dream.

    Best of luck with everything.


  14. i love iPad 2 design and this is the coolest gadget in world, hope to win iPad 2….
    Followed on Facebook and Twitter..
    Here is my entry –!/VijayRajReddy/status/47346848129744896

  15. kamal says:

    Hi John!

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win that lovely apple toy that I’m dying to have πŸ™‚

    * Facebook fan – DONE.
    * Twitter – DONE.
    * Twitting the post – DONE.
    * Why should I get the Ipad 2 ? :

    Because I’m a reader from Morocco that was reading you since loooong time ago. And in Morocco, we do not have the chance to have such devices. We have to wait ages and ages, and still….

    I’m gonna pray days and nights to get it πŸ™‚

    Kamal, you fan from Morocco !

  16. Josiah says:

    Followed, Liked, Tweeted.

    I work from home and i spend much of it looking at a desktop monitor. When i take breaks i wish i had something to kick back and browse the net or watch videos. I’m stuck with leaning forward straining my eyes, for now..

  17. Followed, Liked, Tweeted.
    Why I want Ipad 2?
    ans: Before Making My masterpiece, I just want to know what the hell steve job made…

    So please king enough to give me this..

  18. I’ve been waiting for the iPad 2 for a year now! When iPad 1 finally came to Malaysia, the salesperson told me iPad 2 will be out in a few months. So I waited. And now, it’s out and I’m not even sure when it’ll arrive here in Malaysia. I wanted to buy one over ebay, but it’s so overpriced! (and it worries me on the package handling by the postal service)

    I am a medical student, and an iPad will really help with my scheduling, studies, and patient education using some of the featured apps. It’s an awesome tool to catch up on social media feeds especially for a busy person like me, and also to keep in touch with many! Also awesome tool for my presentations.

    Thanks! (fingers crossed)

  19. Hey John, this contest is awesome! I’ve spread the word about it and hope I can score one of these amazing pieces of technology.

    I’m deserving because I am a big Apple fan, my iPhone 4 is a spoiled only child and needs his big brother, I am starting to have iPhone apps developed and I’d like to branch out to having iPad apps also developed, and I plan to blog a lot more on the road and on vacations.

    The iPhone isn’t the greatest tool for long blog posts and a big clunky laptop isn’t the right answer either. The iPad is perfect! Also, no one I know has an iPad as I feel they are all skeptical still. If I had one, I could easily sell them on it’s amazing benefits.

    Likewise, I’d write a post on my site explaining how grateful I am to have won, how it has helped me be more productive & mobile, and to promote your site as much as I can. Your site has a lot of great content on it and I may have a different/new audience for you.

    Thanks again John!

  20. James says:

    Liked on Facebook.
    Followed & Tweeted:

    Even though there are a lot of alternative tablets out there, I prefer the iPad because of its ease of use, intuitive features and comfortable handling.
    I would love to win the Ipad 2 to help me in setting up a movie/photo blog, composing music for events and other web based work.
    Thank you for the opportunity and please include me in the giveaway.

  21. Crystal smith says:

    I should definitely win the iPad 2 as I’m your beer drinking buddy in NY and in Vegas! I also make most of the beer runs for you & I!!! Ohhhhhhh AND I ate more meat than I could handle!!! And let you video it…. πŸ˜‰

  22. Tony says:

    Hey John, thanks for the cool contest! I should be the lucky winner because I can use it to help grow my two new blogs, one of which is a tech blog and I can write a great review on it!

    Heading to fb and twitter now…

    1. Tony says:

      done, done, done and done! Thanks again, very cool contest!!/DesireToSuccess/status/47371115336695808

  23. Why should I win one of the iPad 2’s?

    I could say because I think it’ll help my blogging and side-business. I could say it would be a fun treat for my family and myself. I could say it would be a great blessing for us as we welcome our daughter tomorrow (3/15) morning. I could say all these things but in reality I really would love to win of these just ‘because’. I don’t ‘need’ one and that’s probably why I don’t even have the first version let alone any apple products. I will say I would definitely LIKE to win one given the opportunity.

    Thanks John for the opportunity. I truly appreciate it.

  24. Carlos Julio Morillo says:

    Why should I be the lucky winner of an iPad 2?
    Well because my first name is Carlos, just like Charlie Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Estevez, so obviously by having the same awesome first name, I also have tiger blood, so that means I must also get some of his WINNING! abilities which would help me WIN this contest. But also, now that I think about it, he is BI-WINNING, so that means the least you could do is give me two iPad 2, duh, WINNING. If I WIN this contest, ultimately I’ll be winning at life, I will start to fly and win the lottery too, black will be white, up will be down and short will be long, and then I’ll win at everything I do. WIN here WIN there, WIN WIN everywhere, but this could only be accomplished if I won this fine contest put up by you fine gentleman. *wink *wink.

    Here, I “made” a song for you.

    I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen
    It’s not available, if you try it once you will die
    Your face will melt off
    And your children will weep over your exploded body, over your exploded body

    You love to party
    What’s not to love?
    The run I was on made Jagger and Richards look like
    Droopy eyed armless children
    That’s how I party
    That’s how I party

    I was bangin 7 gram rocks, that’s how I roll – winning
    I have one gear: GO – epic winning
    Are you bipolar?
    I’m bi-winning
    Win here, win there, win win everywhere

    —– inspirational bridge —–

    I’m a total frickin rock star from mars – winning
    C’mon bro, I got tiger blood – winning
    You borrow my brain and you’re like DUDE, can’t handle it
    Win here, win there, win win everywhere

    I’ve got a list — help me sort this
    From the epic win to the desperately winless

    Chicken nuggets – WINNING
    Bubblegum – WINNING
    Pretending to text to avoid someone – EPIC WINNING
    Slow dancing – WINNING
    Slow pantsing – WINNING
    Breakin the rules of the Geneva conventions – WEAK

    Adonis blood – WINNING
    Violent love – WINNING
    Givin needy women caresses and hugs – EPIC WINNING
    Childbirth – WINNING
    Colin Firth -WINNING
    Tinky Winky’s purse………duh, WINNING, WINNING (song link)

    Also, I want an iPad so very very very veeeery bad but don’t have any money and last night the yelling floating disembodied head of Colonel Sanders that lives in my bedroom keept telling me that he would stop crying gravy if I didn’t win this contest… kthnxbye.
    I love you…

  25. Earl says:

    HI John,

    I’m already a fan on facebook – just followed on twitter and retweeted.
    I’d love to win the iPad 2 so I can shoot more content for my blog (without having to drag a laptop around). We met up in New York and I went to the apple store with you to make fun of the geniuses ;).

    My new blog is about to launch and an iPad2 would make it a whole lot easier to bust out the content :).

    As for our upcoming JV – I just got clearance from the powers that be (legal wise) that what we’re putting together is compliant, and it’s almost time to rock and roll! I’ll be in touch soon πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to working together!

  26. It would be great to win an iPad, John. Here in Africa you don’t get enough opportunities to gain an iPad. It would be really great to have one.

  27. judith_2911 says:

    by winning ipad2 will help me in my job and the things i do for the ministry .. it will fasten my work and i do the ministry job anywhere which demands most of my time. so while doibg the bible study i can assess thw bible right away and show some other stuff. i pray that i can win the ipad2 .. it will be my greatesr gift ever.. thank you in advance.

  28. Billy Fung says:

    I want the ipad to use it as a secondary screen for a studio set up so that the client can view pictures as they are being taken. I’d also use it for some awesome in bed ebook reading and netflix.

  29. Kuzmanv says:

    I didn’t have chance to buy or earn iPad on some giveaway, so I think this is good chance for me to taste this Apple product. Not really a big fan of Apple, but since I’m blogging addict iPad 2 will be good for me. This is hell of a product :). I’m entering this contest.

    I’m following you on Twitter and Facebook. And here’s my tweet:!/kuzman0v/status/47379515785228288

    Thank you.

  30. I had already liked you on fb, now following you on twitter as well.
    My tweet:!/autismfather/status/47380985960075264

    I’m not entirely sure I *should* win it, but I really would love to.
    My son has Autism and you’re doing the drawing on Autism Awareness Day.. on top of that, the promo vid that Apple released during their iPad 2 announcements had a big Autism segment. It helps so much with communication, sensory issues, education and more…

    I have been wanting an iPad for my son for quite some time but have never been able to get one.. something else more important always comes up and so the funds are just never there.

    Last week, my wife’s laptop died (power cord housing caved into the machine) and now she is unable to do her customer support work.

    I’ve renewed my push for an iPad since it would now benefit both my son and my wife as she could continue doing her work for it. However, we’re still not really able to get one at the moment.

    This would benefit my family in far more ways than I could count.

    Your giving one away is a truly nice gesture, no matter who it goes to.

  31. I loved the way you were able to get 11 through bulk purchase. The video of your unboxing is classic.

      1. Following you on Twitter and Facebook

  32. Chris Brodie says:

    I am a BIG fan of you and your work John, and I highly look up to you :0)
    I live in Great Britain and it will be a while before we get ipad 2’s over here!
    Right now, the only reason I can think of as to why i deserve an ipad 2 is so i can SELL it on ebay for lots of money to one lucky person in Great Britain, and DONATE 100% of the funds for relief to help rebuild peoples lives with the terrible earthquake that has recently happened in Japan! I don’t know how much i will sell one for over here, but every single penny will help repair someones life in Japan. Please help me to help them John. I will give you the receipt from ebay and the donation receipt to prove that i mean this and that i’m for real!

  33. John,
    I (you) think (know) I should win because of my great use of subliminal messages!


  34. Adeeb Afshar says:

    Ever since the iPad came out last year…Ive wanted one sooo badly! Back last year, I had a Macbook Pro and an iPhone, so I really didnt want it as bad as now. A few months ago, I had to sell my Macbook Pro and my iPhone because my school debt was killing me. I used my iPhone for everything, and now I need something to replace it with. Im entering so many contests and really really hoping that I can win one of them. Im really hoping I can win here.

    Thank you for running this contest πŸ™‚

  35. Miye says:

    I should win the iPad 2 because I will utilize the iPad2 for my internet business and be able to promote you even more!

  36. Bob Buskirk says:

    Hrmmm the reason I should get an iPad 2. Well first off it would be awesome to read on the iPad 2 laying in bed or on my couch or even outside! Secondly you know I run a tech website and having an iPad 2 would really help me get in more products to review like iPad 2 cases and other accessories, further helping my business grow and expand. Lastly, the best reason is for when I have females over…”so you want to go into the bedroom, I have an iPad 2 in there” should work flawlessly πŸ™‚

    Great contest john! Good luck everyone!

  37. Kristi says:

    Hi John,

    Let’s see, here are a few good reasons why I should win an iPad 2 from you!

    1. I followed all of the rules by being a fan, follower, and spreading the word using the appropriate hashtag.

    2. I could utilize the iPad in many ways. I could have it on me everywhere I went so I could multi task and get more blogging / social media activities done throughout the day. I could use it to improve my photography, as it would allow me to preview my photos on a larger screen to know I got it just right before I leave a particular place. It would also make my load a bit lighter when walking around a conference as it weighs significantly less than my laptop.

    3. Speaking of conferences, I was your “favorite stalker” at ASW.

    4. I have entered SO many contests for an iPad and not won one yet, so you could save me a lot of lost business cards and productivity time by saving me from having to enter another contest down the road.

    5. I don’t make videos often, but I would make sure to dedicate my first iPad related video to you and your site ! πŸ™‚

    Best regards,

  38. John,

    I think I deserve to win the iPad 2 because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! Just a little humor. Seriously, I was getting ready to order this sweet new gadget and life struck. My wife is pregnant for the second time and I had to spend the money I had saved on preparing my new son’s room and getting all the necessary items for him. It would be awesome for me to be able to use this iPad to blog while I’m at lunch and on breaks at work. No Internet access at work is a bummer. I don’t really have much time to blog at home so I haven’t added many posts to my site. I’m also an amature musician and would love to be able to record on the new GarageBand software.

    Thanks and good luck to all that enter!


  39. Lauren reilly says:

    I should win an iPad 2 because I am brand new to and I will spread the word about this contest to all my tech savvy friends πŸ™‚ I’ve never won anything before and normally don’t try contests like these, but it sparked my interest because I reallly realllllly want and NEED an iPad as my computer JUST crashed at the beginning of the semester!!! Yikes! So good luck to me! I deserve it ! Haha πŸ™‚ thanks John!

  40. Julio cezar says:

    I should win an iPad because with it I might be one day closer to living your dream, making a living out of the internet, raising my kid while working at home.

    Not to mention the fact that the iPad2 is way too expesinve for me here in Brazil. Best of luck for everyone!

  41. John Rampton says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the iPad2 because I’m just that cool! Plus, it’s always fun to give away iPad’s to people you actually have met in person!

  42. Hey John, I am your follower on twitter with the twitter username and I like your facebook page too I hope if i win you can ship it to Nigeria because that is my country?

  43. elcosario says:

    excellent john…. lets go..

  44. Liz says:

    I should win the iPad because I LOVE Apple’s products! The only one I own is an iPod Nano from 2006, too πŸ™‚ which is still chugging along, so I haven’t replaced it.

    I also love technology and the new iPads. πŸ™‚

  45. Troy Sampson says:

    John, I am a follower on twitter (@roybus) and I “like” you on Facebook. I think I should win the Ipad2 because I have a 8 year-old Autistic son who just loves his mommy’s Ipod Touch but needs something bigger that he can really enjoy. With several apps available like Sentence Builder, Question Builder, and Story Builder, I think my son would trying benefit in so many ways if he were to win the new Ipad2.

    Thank you so much for being a supporter and “doing good” in a world where so many do bad.

    Best Regards,
    Troy (@roybus)

  46. Angelo changas says:

    I should definiatly win because I live on cumming and they are sold outtt also because I was.made to win one:p

  47. Akhilesh says:

    I should be having the IPad 2 with me because i have already started thinking which apps i am going to use…So without the device my efforts(thinking) would go in vain…..:)

  48. Hotdogman says:

    Hi John-

    I already follow you on Facebook and now I follow you on Twitter. I also tweeted about the contest.

    I think I should win a new iPad because I would really like to give it to my daughter for a graduation present. She will graduate high school this year and she has been accepted to pre-med programs at BU, Case Western and RIT (she’s holding out for Carnegie Melon). College is expensive and with 5 kids, it’s tough to get cool gadgets for the kids. She has worked hard, is a high honors student and she wants to be a doctor! What parent would not be proud?

    It would mean a lot to me to be able to give her this gift, and unless I win one, it just isn’t in the budget.

    Make me the Charlie Sheen of this contest: I am winning!

    Thank you.

  49. martin says:

    an iPad 2 because my wireless keyboard keeps screwing up.
    An iPad 2 – cos.
    An iPad 2 because I keep tweeting and ‘liking’ all you contests – and you ignore me (is it a personal thing?).
    An iPad 2 because Vera doesnt believe it exists.
    An iPad 2 because you have to give them to someone – might as well give it to a wonderful deserving guy who thinks you are the Canadian Guru God of The World Wide InterWeber…thing

  50. zamzarvideo says:

    I should be the winner because my iPad 1 feels really thick, slow, and camera-less now. πŸ˜›

  51. Apl-O says:

    I liked. I tweeted. I commented.

    I’m rewarded.

    This future nurse will benefit from the speed, improved graphics & the FaceTime-enabled front cam of the iPad 2.

  52. Ipad 2 looks awesome

  53. Moulinneuf says:

    I should be rewarded because I keep telling you your ipod/iphone app is broken on ios4.2 ios 4.3 πŸ˜‰ Now I would be able to do the same on an Ipad 2 πŸ˜‰

    I would not post on the internet for one full day , so you wou d not have to read my stupid comments πŸ˜‰

    Because I could put a sticker on it that say ” I am john chow jester , he bough my allegiance with an IpAd 2 ”

    I could make a youtube vieo saying how ” I am John Chow Bitch , wait no I am john chow jester πŸ˜‰ ”

  54. Moulinneuf says:

    it would be nice if you told us mere mortal how you bipassed the lines …

    1. Just watch the video in the previous post.

      Long story short: itΒ΄s about using what everybody has, but only a few use … Brain cells.

      Thanks to John for another great example.

      1. Moulinneuf says:

        I watched he said he was a special customer , or I missed that particular video , it’s the special apple customer channel I can’t seem to find in canada.

        1. CanΒ΄t help you with that. I live in Europe. But yes, I guess he is a special customer πŸ™‚

  55. browie says:

    I deserve an iPad 2 because I have not jumped on every Apple product over and over and over. So you need to turn me into a fanboy.

  56. eDahms says:

    I wonder how much you can widen your fanbase with plans like this. not bad, really.

    i should win the ipad because i waited YEARS for an iphone, i’m sort of in between early adopter-early majority, but i want to be an innovator!!!

  57. Mario says:

    Why do I want the iPad 2? That is a good question. I am passionate about technology and as you might imagine I am an apple fanboy. I would definitely love to have an iPad 2 since it will permit me to do all of my daily tasks on a bigger screen, which will be thinner, faster and lighter.

    I followed you on twitter and tweeted (@techunity)
    And liked you on Facebook

    Hope I win, to my eyes, the dream prize πŸ™‚

  58. Hugh Kimura says:

    My girlfriend and I are going to Poland in May and it would be great to win one of these so we don’t have to lug a laptop around!

  59. Thien says:

    am already following u on twitter and ure on my fb friendlist and ive likd ure page πŸ˜› .and also tweeted about ure giveaway.
    ive been visiting ur sites since uve started and lurve it.
    few years ago when i entered in one of ure contest and won the last prize ,but dint get rewarded for the contest, was kinda upset, so hopefully i win this time πŸ˜›


  60. Ryan says:

    Hi John. I followed the steps and why should i win the iPad?

    It’s because I make full use of it! I love reading, editing movies, making music and playing games, so the iPad 2 would be PERFECT for me.

    I also had hands on experience with the first iPad and I realized how useful this powerhouse could be! It can help me organize my schoolwork and help me write down stuff i need to remember, so the iPad 2 would be perfect for me so please let me win! :p

  61. Mate Hegedus says:

    I should win it because I have written a rap about you:

    John Chow, let me tell you why I should be the winner,
    I first found your blog when I was a beginner,
    My eyes became fixed and I stopped eating my dinner,
    My beloved food was forgotten and as it dropped onto the printer

    I entered my email into your aweber form,
    And thats when my whole life just transformed!
    Your teachings always performed,

    And now look at me, I’m a pro!
    Affiliate marketing is no longer a UFO,
    No, that is not a typeo,
    You’ve changed me John, I should have found you a long time ago.

    You’ve never ever abused my email address,
    And your blog posts always impress.
    I want to let you know that I’m subbed to your RSS
    And thanks for the free installation of my wordpress.

    John Chow has made me rich,
    Allowing me to fill up my fridge.
    You’ve got me to the other side of the bridge,
    I am — OW! I’ve just got bit by a midge!


    Sorry, for the bad ending guys, could find another rhyme. πŸ˜€
    John, I’ve hoped you enjoyed it! Tell me if you want some more.

  62. Dan says:

    The only way I will ever use an iPad (1 or 2 or 999999999) would be if I won one from a contest like this. I know you disagree, but one day there will be a kick butt Android Tablet! I’m holding out…

    Didn’t but an iPod, when with a Zune.
    Didn’t buy an iPhone, went with a Motoroloa Droid.

    @missingarrow on Twitter

  63. buzz says:

    Cmon John, you hooked up my baby brother at DotComPho .. now it’s my turn!

    1. John Chow says:

      Is he really your brother?

  64. Ali says:

    I should be your winner of the ipad2 because I would put it to very good use!! I have wanted an ipad for over a year now! It would mean so much to me and my fam. (sorry I’m not more creative)Thanks for the chance. Following on twitter @geekchic21, liked on FB and tweeted! Thanks!

  65. Allen Walker says:

    Woo hoo! Another chance to win an iPad! Seriously, there’s been so many iPad contests this week. πŸ™‚

    Why I Should Win:
    Because I can it’s free!

    Twitter Tweet:!/MysteryMarket/status/47434993521270786
    I’ve followed you, and retweeted. πŸ™‚

    Facebook Profile:
    I’ve liked your page. πŸ™‚

  66. I want to win an iPad 2 so I can be more mobile. I waited on getting the first generation iPad to see how others liked it and now I’m ready for my own.

    It would help me tremendously with keeping up blog posts and running my business.

    Fingers crossed that I win! πŸ™‚

  67. Kieran Eves says:

    Hello John,

    Well I think I should win so that I can put it to use in developing my websites, being able to ensure they run correctly on iOS πŸ˜€

  68. Zac Johnson says:

    I won last year… so let’s try for it again! I could always go for an upgrade πŸ˜›
    Tweeted this page, and of LIKED on FB!

    1. woah Zac also enter this contest.

  69. Good luck to all of you guys!

  70. Marc Smith says:

    I’d love to win one as I was robbed just before xmas and my IPAD, Flip camera and a few other items were stolen from me πŸ™‚

  71. Daniel says:

    I should win this ipad 2 because I can’t get it here in my country until next year (best case scenario)….

  72. Dan Black says:

    Hello John

    I would like a chance to win one. I would use it to grow my business and blog.


    [email protected]

  73. As a blogger who does a lot of traveling, bringing my laptop means one thing….MORE LUGGAGE. The iPad 2 would definitely mean that I wouldn’t have to lug around my old heavy laptop AND I’ll be able to ditch the camera as well. As a lifestyle/travel blogger that would be a HUGE asset.

  74. Maria Bravo says:

    WOW~! I should win this because……. because I work online all day. Between my 26 advertising sites and 2 blogs the internet is my life and if I had an Ipad it would make work so much more fun. It would really be just a treat!
    Good luck to everyone, I followed you on FB and twitter btw.

  75. John, Thank you for all your great content over the years. I attended your blogging class and bought your book, so you know that I would give your ipad a great home. I would love to win a beautiful ipad 2!!

    Thank you for everything.

    Kenneth Smith

  76. Tom says:

    I would love to win because while I’m usually not the tech-jealous type … I am when it comes to this bad boy. What a great toy!

  77. Alex Juel says:

    I should win an iPad 2 so that when I ride my bike to work, I don’t have to carry a heavy laptop in my backpack. 45 min. each way with that laptop is hard on the back, man!

  78. Steven says:

    I don’t earn a lot of money, and spend a lot of time on the bus and train travelling to work. In my spare time, I try to earn more money by developing websites, and if I had an Ipad2 I could do this while I travel to work.

    An Ipad2 would open up doors for me.

  79. Linda says:

    I want to win because I want an iPad 2. I have not owned an iPad before and would like to try it out. Also, I am a tech reviewer and an iPad would help me expand my horizons for doing tech reviewers.

    I have followed all the rules.
    Twitter: Lindasayswhat
    Facebook: Linda N

  80. Javier Roquebert says:

    I should get an iPad2. It has been my dream all my life to own one. Yes, even before it was announced I already dreamt of swiping my way through awesomeness and tapping that perfect, shiny screen. I would make me the happiest person in the planet, and it would also set me off for a successful life. Even more, the contest ends the week after my birthday (St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th), so it would make it the best birthday in the history of birthdays. Thank you for the opportunity. John Chow, I salute you.

  81. John Reddoch says:

    Hey John,
    Did all the above..Why should I win an Ipad? Simple but true story. I bought the first Ipad just over 2 weeks ago when a missionary from India came to our church. He was so impressed with it. I knew he could not afford one on his own for his wife was expecting their 3rd child any day now back in India. He is the director of a school there helping thousands. I felt impressed to give it to him and so I did. Whether I win or not, he is better off because of it. Thankful I was blessed enough to help him. Thanks John for you blog and being blessed enough to give them away.

  82. Shannon says:

    I would like to win the iPad 2 to help my productivity and become and add one more Apple product to my home.

  83. Daniel says:

    Hey John ,

    I’ve never had an Ipad before. I would love to win this as it would be so aewsome and i would be very happy !!.

    Even if i’m unlucky i appreciate the time and effort you put into the giveaways and off course your blog.


  84. dassad says:

    i should win because probably I’m your biggest fan from Romania πŸ™‚ It’s easy huh…!?

    Following you since years from few off my accounts so now i followed you from @ojaj

    Twit also posted there:
    FB like done:

    I’m done with my part… can i send my address? πŸ˜€

  85. Joerian Gauten says:

    I join because of course i want to win that iPad. i need it because as an IT web developer it would be a great help to have a tablet pc companion aside for entertainment purpose but also as a test subject for web development. And if ever work requires overtime i can use that to develop on the go. and who knows i might use it to develop projects for you.. ^^

    so please chosse me.. thanks.. ^^

  86. Salutaions John,

    The reason I would die for an iPad is because I dont have a computer and have to do everything on my phones web browser. Also I would be able to type in Pages for my book that I am putting my heart into. It would mean everything to me if I was the extremely lucky winner. I really need a iPad, please pick me John I am tired of using my phones tiny screen to do everything! Thanks so much John for allowing this opportunity to take place. It would be everything I would ever dream of. My parents cant afford one and I cant find a place to work, so the ability to use something like that will take all the stress in my life away!

  87. Count me in!

    I want to win the iPad so that I can get a hat-trick on Apple products. I won a contest for my Mac Book Pro. I got my iPhone 4 for free from Fido, and if I win this I will have successfully gotten all three Apple products I want for free – and that will make me almost as “evil” as you. πŸ™‚


  88. I would love to win one so that I can use it to further my role as director of communications at the Vancouver Men’s Chorus, as well as use it to live blog and tweet for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival as their Social Media Socialite! iPad 2 can help me out so much!

  89. John: thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously. I’m a newbie entrepreneur and enjoy your newsletters. For a little background about me – I’m a professional writer and recently combined my skills with my husband’s copywriting abilities. We love what we do and enjoy loyal customers and word-of-mouth referrals. We’re overcoming what seems like a million obstacles because we believe in ourselves and our customers.

    We want to grow our business into a company to help more people boost their businesses online. We could truly use an iPad to help us support our current clients and provide cutting edge technology.

    Regardless of who you choose, I applaud your generosity and continued honesty in a business that’s not always what it seems.

  90. joegrimjow says:

    i should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2 because maybe i will be one of the earliest user use this ipad in my country – and i get it from john chow. wohoo!!

    i will pay the shipping if i win =)

  91. James M says:

    Been following you already on Twitter (@four_sides) and tweeted the post:!/four_sides/status/47472855419592704

    Liked you on Facebook (

    And I believe I should win because having an iPad would allow me to do more reading during the day/night, and give me the motivation to look into programming for the iOS. Plus, I currently live in Kelowna, so the shipping would be much cheaper than shipping to the US or other parts of Canada! But really, the iPad would be a great product to have in my hands that would allow me to start introducing my daughter to the computing future she will most likely grow up with (she is nearly two). Read some books with her, help her learn her words and numbers, and most importantly, play Angry Birds Rio when it is released. πŸ™‚

    Awesome contest, and I’ll be sure to Retweet this a few more times.

  92. I have an iPad already ! I don’t think I need another GARBAGE

  93. I would LOVE an iPad, because I’m an Apple fanatic. All my friends think I should be the spokeswoman for the company. I would buy one of each product if I could! I’m an artist, so showing my portfolio on this gizmo would be convenient, and I think I surf the web more than the average person–it’s a guilty pleasure!
    Thanks for the opportunity, John!


  94. John says:

    I’d love to win the ipad because it would let me blog while I’m waiting for my kids at scout meetings, sports activities and so on.

  95. sweeter the berry says:

    I should win because I’m cute.

    I follow in twitter/dahliamomma and I like you in fb/letesshaw

  96. Just enter, tweet it and like it.

  97. David Marvin says:

    I would love to win one so I begin developing apps for iOS.

  98. Thank you for this opportunity! I would be so happy to have one. I don’t have a blackberry or Iphone and would love to have an Ipad for my Organizing business I started in 2009…
    Is good fortune with me?

  99. i like iPad2, but no monney to buying ipad 2 πŸ™‚

  100. Candice says:

    Thanks for offering this contest! Would love to win the iPAD 2. Never had an Apple product before and am looking to maintain productivity on the go. Want to test it out as a mobile creation device and use it for one-on-one video conferencing for business.

  101. Jeff says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve subscribed to your blog last year and has read your Make Money Online ebook. And because of that, I already have a blog that is giving me little side income. Thanks to you.
    Now, why should I win the IPAD? Because I need to learn more from you and other experts. An IPAD would make it easier to read more ebooks and watch more tutorial videos. More power!

  102. Justin says:

    Okay…followed on Twitter? Check. Liked on Facebook? Check.

    Why I should win an iPad2? I am a solopreneur trying to run a multi-website kitchen table business…an iPad would be a big help in doing research, blogging, and running my business!

  103. Allan Cee says:

    I believe I should win as I haven’t had my hand on any apple product. I hope this would be it. Thank you Lord and thanks in advance John. πŸ™‚ i have been having trouble logging in to twitter this week but I have already followed you since last year and LIKED you on FB. Will be twitting this definitely.

  104. Mason says:

    *Like You On Facebook – Check
    *Follow you on Twitter – Check
    *Tweet with Hashtag – Check
    *Comment on Blog – Check
    *Why Should I Win? – Because I went above and beyond the call of duty. I also liked this link on your Facebook page and left a comment on it. I also retweeted one of your tweets to my 13,000 followers on my Twitter page too!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway : )

  105. Khalil says:

    I deserve this iPad because I have read about them and used my son in laws. The iPad is a great leap forward and I want to get on the train.

  106. Addison Edwards says:

    Ok, so I’ve Tweeted the contest, I already follow you on Twitter and liked you on Facebook. Why should I get the iPad2? So my children stop stealing my iPhone to play Angry Birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Ian says:

    Heya! i sooo wanna win this Ipad! I’ve been following you since two years ago when I discovered your Dotcom Pho videos. You actually started me on the path to blogging, though be it, I’m still a bit amateur and doing it on my spare spare time. But always followed your gadgets of the week in your DotCom Pho eps and love all the restaurant reviews you guys go to. Hope I win this! Cheers!

    PS I liked you on my FB but it’s under alias as Hiro InYourPants and my twitter is CitizenMars. Just so there’s no confusion! Cheers

  108. Robert says:

    I could use an iPad2 as another tool for my writing and business.

    I have limited funds for my second career as a Freelance Writer, Editor, Reviewer, and budding Marketer.

    I would love to win an iPad and would find myriad uses for it.

  109. Allan Cee says:

    Hi John,

    I should win an iPAD2 as I haven’t had my hand on any apple product that I had so long to have for years. LIKED you on FB and already following on twitter.

  110. John says:

    Hi John.

    Send me the iPad! Why — I’m a John too, a budding dot-com mogul (but on the east coast), with a houseful of kids fighting for computer time so why not with the hot, new iPad 2?! I’ve been a pc-user my whole life — NOW is the time to make a switch (with your help of course).

    Tweeted, followed and friended! Arrrrr!


  111. That great chance for me. I hope i will win this Iphone this time

  112. Lisa Hall says:

    Hi John,
    This is a great giveaway and I’m very excited about it!
    I’ve tweeted it and already follow you on twitter & facebook.
    I think that I should win this fab iPad2 because I just recently started my blog and really need to have a way to access it all the time. This iPad would help me do that, as I am on the go a lot and even when I’m home, working on new projects for my blog and having the iPad flexibility to take it anywhere will aid me being more productive in my new venture.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and thanks for all your excellent business advice.
    So glad I found you!
    Lisa H.

  113. Yamunah says:

    Salutations Mr.John, I really need a iPad or any mobile device because I’m a university student and my father is too poor to buy me a laptop. I very much admire your site and been a faithful subscriber for several years now. If I do win this amazing iPad 2, it would be a dream come true and you will be able to help me with my studies. You see, frankly I’m an IT student and a mobile device like this is very important in my course. My lecturers keep asking us to bring our laptops and I’m always the one to be left out. So please help me sir and I’ll never forget your help for the rest of my life. Thank you for reading my comment.

  114. Mike Cecil says:

    I could’ve used an iPad the other day. It would’ve been a lot more convenient to do work on than having to take out my laptop. Hook me up! Thanks…

  115. Matt Ferner says:

    So I can run my blog on the go.

  116. Tim says:

    I believe I should win this because I am trying to do offline marketing for customers in my area now. Offline marketing for SEO and websites. What better way than to show them their low search engine results (or lack of search engine results) than on a spiffy NEW iPad 2? I think they would take me more seriously with such a cool new device thinking “this kid clearly has business if he can afford this” as I am still a “young” entrepreneur, I believe that hinders my success.

    Also, I already followed you awhile back I even tweeted you and told others to follow you cuz I love your site! You’re a true inspiration

  117. Hey John – No secrets man… I’d like to win πŸ™‚ and here’s why.

    After toiling away for the last few years learning all I could about internet marketing with some successes (and making quite a few mistakes along the way) things are starting to happen. I try to learn something every day and your sites packed with info so I’m back often, learning a lot from you. (thank you)

    I’m not sure exactly why the success now… all I know is I just had to succeed, I just HAD TO. So that ment learning from my mistakes and doing something every day that would get me ahead.

    Honestly, it was a real mind shift that had to happen… And happen it did!

    My wife and I are launching a site April 3rd offering the healthy’st horse supplements in the world using only natural & organic plant based ingredients found in your horse’s natural diet. ( — It’s NOT up yet but please visit on 4/3/11 πŸ˜‰

    We tied in a blog of course and have laid out a plan for the next 90 days on what we are going to talk about. She’s a real horse mom and I guess since I tag along I’m considered a horse husband. πŸ™‚

    If we are lucky enough to win that iPad 2 we would use it every day at the barn where we board our girl penny. (Shes an orphaned mare that we were fortunate to rescue when she was a very young foal and she makes great fodder for all sorts of interesting blog content)

    The picture quality of the iPad2 that I’ve seen so far is nothing sort of spectacular. So those pix would be loaded straight away to our blog and you’ll bet they’ll be all over our horsemoms FB fan page too!

    So we would use it immediately to help grow our business, reach out to all the other horse moms and work like hell to take advantage of the opportunity of having such a cool tool.

    So here’s the 3 things you asked for:
    1.) just checked out #JCiPadGiveaway on john chows blog. He’s always a lot of fun to read and you cant help but learn about good marketing “tweeted”
    2.)#horsemoms “followed”
    3.) “liked”

    Thank you for the opportunity and if we get lucky enough to win I’ll make sure to blog about it and share all our adventures thanks to your generosity.

    Hope to hear from you and good luck with the contest.

    Mary and John

  118. I’ve got to have an iPad 2 so that I can test it and let everyone know how awesome it is. How can I be the official iPad Bum without an iPad 2?

  119. Patrick says:

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, give me that iPad 2. I deserve it!

  120. Why should I win the iPad 2?

    Well, I can’t really say much that means I deserve it (at least no more than anyone else out there but no less either 8=). But I’d love to have one so that I can start playing around with developing for it. I am looking towards buying either an iPad or Playbook in the next month or so but winning one would be so much sweeter.

    It would also be handy for monitoring how web sites that I work on look on the mobile platform.

    I’m glad that you had this contest since it made me realize that I wasn’t following you on Twitter — what the heck is wrong with me! Now I’ve rectified that mistake. At least I’m on your mailing list so I get your latest and greatest news that way.

    As for Facebook, you may need to look into your landing page — it is wider than the iFrame so it is being cut off on the right side and you’ve turned the scrollbars off. I think people should still be able to sign up for your list though.

  121. Gotta love the freebies when we can live to give my new friend!!

  122. David Duizer says:

    I’m obsessed with your site.

    I should win this iPad because I’m a doctorate student in Vancouver who will use his iPad everyday for the rest of his career…

    I would love to be able to take chart notes on an iPad, have instant access to the 100s of medical apps, and to follow along to my daily presentations via iPad for the next 3.5 years (that’s how much time is left in my degree).

    Also, I’m co-owner of an online Natural Health and Wellness site/blog and I know the iPad would be great for video conferencing, blogging, and checking out

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the iPad 2. I hope I can be the winner. Thanks again,


  123. Adam Tervort says:

    This feels like playing the lottery, it’s a great rush even though I’m sure I won’t win. Why should I get it? It will be forever before the iPad 2 makes it to Taiwan, and I’d like to get one from the great John Chow, it would much more meaningful than simply buying one!

  124. Shannon says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for allowing us to participate in this contest. I like you on Facebook i like you on Twitter. Dam I just like you man! lol! I should win the ipad2 because I’m a big fan of yours and I naturally refer people to your website not for personal benefit but because I know you have a lot to offer people. I have already learned so much from you. Also I love gadgets and having an ipad2 would be awesome John besides I think my computer is dying.

  125. I think I should win the Ipad2 because I won ipad 1 in ShoeMoney’s contest. Also because I’m a full time college student who needs the latest tech gadgets!


    Followed & Liked On Facebook!

  126. Paul Klein says:

    Great contest John. Tons of comments already, so good luck in your selection.

    I can use this to show off to my offline clients as I present how they will work in their social media, mobile marketing and other aspects into their total web promotion package. Ideal tool that I will put to use immediately!

    Paul Klein

  127. Emmet Gibney says:

    Hey John,
    Would love me an iPad 2 πŸ™‚

    I’ve been a loyal reader of your blog back before it made any money and hopefully that is good enough reason to earn me the iPad. Cheers!

  128. Rich Kent says:

    Hi John, I’d love to have the Ipad2 as I spend lots of time traveling and the ipad2 is great for travelers. I’ve heard you can practically replace a laptop with it and would love to test out that theory! Sounds like a great tool for running an internet marketing business at any rate. Thanks for having the competition – oh, and it’s a clever way to get lots of twitter followers and facebook likes too.

    Thanks – Rich

  129. Veronica Bennett says:

    I’d love an iPad2! I sent a Tweet with this contest, the hashtag and link, liked you on FB and follow you on Twitter. I’m well aware that the winner will be chosen at random, so I am not going to bore you with long paragraphs about why I should win it! I’ve never owned one and would love to have one!

  130. Tim Brill says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the contest! I should win the iPad2 because I’ve been at this “internet marketing thing” now for almost a year. It’s said that most drop out after 3 months, but I’m still here even after making only about $300 with my online marketing efforts. Winning the iPad 2 would give me some hope that this “internet thing” is actually real and worth the effort. Plus, I’m a die-hard Mac guy and wanting an iPad since day one, but couldn’t justify the expense.

    My Very Best,
    Tim B.

  131. Chelsey Catalano says:

    I would love an ipad for school. I am a college student who cant take carrying around a heavy laptop around campus all day! It would help me further my education and allow me to surf cool websites like yours while im on break during school hours. I unfortunately cannot afford an ipad on my own because of numerous school bills so this would give me the perfect chance to get what ive always wanted/desperately needed! thank you for this opportunity and i love your site!

  132. Joe Tech says:

    Why should I get one? I waited and waited for the iPad I won from someone else and they never delivered, so now the iPad 2 is out and I never even got the first iPad. Besides, with my new iPad, I can read more while on the go.

  133. John,

    Let me be honest. I want to win this iPad since you are giving away freely. Why not any one want to afford to spend when you have a chance to win freely.

    Hence I am giving my shot. Thanks.

  134. Wamiq Ali says:

    Well, I tweeted you @hackersthirst in twitter as i have 900 roundabout fans there also πŸ˜› they all will be getting horny to get this ipad. Besides this i think i don’t want this ipad but like the main theme behind this. Soon i will also publish my ebook but for free. πŸ˜€ SInce, I also know that facts same as John. I had already liked you at Facebook i think 4 months ago i came across your web. Also i am not much interested in making money at web. But just want my own famous platform to share what i know haha. Best of luck john. I am from Pakistan.
    Wamiq Ali

  135. carrie says:

    Great contest, and I’d love to win this! 1. I’m a communications professional and just got a super new client, so I need the latest technology for our deluxe client meetings! 2. I love gadgets yet never had version 1, so sad. 3. Would be forever grateful, and would promote you relentlessly as the source of my happiness, if I won.

  136. Hong Gan says:

    I have researched and follow your blog for a while now. Information is great. One problem is not everyone is capable to earn as much as you earn. If I am a beginner, it is impossible to use a hosting plan that cost more than $200 a month. Many ideas and advice are great in its concept, when follow the advice in practice, I have to consider whether it is feasible to apply every bit of what you are doing right now.

  137. Brad says:

    I’d like to win the ipad, because I’m a student who could use it for note taking! πŸ™‚

  138. I want to win!!! The reason I want is so I could play around with it in my spare time. Would love to have it!!

  139. Nicholas Chase says:

    TOP TEN reasons I should win the IPAD 2:

    1. I always laugh at your jokes, ALWAYS!
    2. You have excellent table manners, so do I, (honestly I do..).
    3. You do not let Michael Kwan operate any of your household appliances, cars or scooters, especially any Segway! Me Too!
    4. I need an IPAD 2 to help demo my video services, and my ‘HOMEPAGE’ would always be:!
    5. My two-year-old grandaughter needs an IPAD 2 penpal like Sally Chow!
    6. My 90-year old Mother can read her email on that beautiful screen!
    7. Our toy poodle loves watching YouTube videos of poodles!
    8. I need to download some FOREX tips as my Affiliate Marketing revenues are depressed..
    9. I need some lightweight computing device for travelling = IPAD 2!
    10. You are my BEST FRIEND, really! Like on Facebook, Twitter, etc, right? John? JOHN? “ERROR: Server down – 404 Error – Web Page Unavailable …. Try again later”


    Nicholas Chase – producer / director / IPAD 2 winner?

  140. Keith says:

    Did all the requirements, and was going to write a poem or rap, but someone did that. Then I realized, I know the secret password…Shhhh!


    Now give me my iPad2, bitch!

  141. Gary S says:

    Liked on Facebook
    Following on Twitter
    Posted a tweet with the hashtag: @slugbug55

    I do not own a laptop so winning an iPad 2 would be fantastic. It would be great to bring with me this summer when I travel to Australia.

    I would have loved to see the looks on peoples faces when you bypassed the line.

  142. PPC Ian says:

    I’m following you on Twitter (my account is @ianlopuch), I liked you on Facebook (Ian Lopuch), and I just Tweeted all about your iPad giveaway to my 18,000+ followers. πŸ™‚

    I would like to enter myself in the contest for a few reasons:
    1. I have been a consistent top commentator on John Chow and have provided 100s upon 100s of valuable comments. By having the new iPad 2, I will be able to comment on John Chow even more (while I’m traveling)!
    2. I’m one of the biggest John Chow supporters around and have referred everyone at my workplace (and all my friends) to your blog. I continue to spread the word.
    3. As a growing blogger, the iPad 2 could really benefit my blog (I will be able to get more work done while traveling).
    4. If I win, I will take a picture with my new iPad 2 and will write a post on my blog, PPC Ian, linking back to you and promoting John Chow as much as possible.

    Thanks so much John for your consideration, and what an awesome giveaway! πŸ™‚
    All the best,

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Thanks so much, Semmy! Good luck to you as well my friend. πŸ™‚

  143. James says:

    I love you site and have become one of your newest followers. I have no doubt it would be great for me to blog and keep in better contact with you John.

    I want to get one to also learn to develop new products that work on the new platform. That is one reason I try to get new products or have people I know let me know about it.

    I have turned learning from you into fun, as I work my way through all the understanding of things. Even my blog is about fun. I naturally do much of what you says to do in the e-book you give away. But so much of it is important to see again. Plus so much is great to learn.

    If I don’t win, I will fine. I know that through all my effort, I will make enough money soon to buy one when they become available again.

    NOTE: I mentioned you on my blog with a link to your site!

    Keep up the good work John.

  144. I definitely should win because I think you are the best teacher! Seriously whatever I read from John Chow has been the most credible.

  145. Amy says:

    I would love to win the Ipad to give to my husband as a gift. He works so hard and has been wanting one forever.
    Thanks so much and love your site!
    Amy Layne

  146. anitha says:

    Its an great opportunity to win ipad

  147. First of all, I don’t know if I have done everything right. I am following/liking you in FB, I am following you also in Twitter, and I shared your contest, even turning down my chances of winning bringing me people in!
    Now, regarding my comment, give me some help turning my blog into something profitable, please, monthly, even just a few real bucks to actually show your know-how, and I will happily let you give the iPad 2 to any other participant, and you will make 2 guys happy with just one iPad 2! How does that sound? Sounds delicious to me, ehehhe!
    If you feel that it will give you too much trouble, I respect, and I will be satisfied with one iPad so that I can, at least, have a TOD (Technological Object of Desire, ehehhe, my creation, you can have it too as a gift of exchange for the iPad) so that my friends are jealous too, and start listening to what I tweet and blog!
    Is it a fair deal? Expecting some mail from you, ehhehe!
    Thank you for the giveaway, anyway…

    Cheers from Portugal

    MΓ‘rcio Guerra

    P.s.- If I win the giveaway, that will be also awesome, because, as you might not know, even the iPad 1 started to sell in Portugal just a few weeks ago, and probably it will take a while so that we can see any iPad 2 in around here…

    P.p.s.- Not only I will tweet from my main tweet account, I will tweet it also from my blogs tweets… Does that grant me extra credits to win this? That would be nice…

    P.p.p.s.- My accounts:,,,


  148. Diana says:

    I think my laptop/desktop is the closest techy item I have, but thank goodness for wifi to keep me up to date on things? Still not the same if I don’t get the chance to play with an apple product, especially a new one!! Pick me for your iPad 2 Winner please!!! =)

  149. CaySedai says:

    I’d like an iPad, but I’m working on living more frugally – being more careful about purchases – and it just isn’t going to be in the budget for a long time. I can’t justify buying one, so I’m trying to win it.

    What would I do with it? Watch TV shows, keep track of my schedule, send e-mails, update my websites, do family history research, play games, read books, keep up with the news, search for recipes, keep track of blogs, tweet my life away.

  150. Nirmal Shah says:

    I would love to win the Ipad 2 as it would help me a lot in practicing Web Designing/Developing on the go !

    Tweeted :!/NIMSRULES/status/47517720060768256

  151. Greg Ellison says:

    I would like to be a blogger on the go with an IPAD 2. I think they are great because of the IMOVIE. I would like to be entered into your contest. Thanks Greg Ellison

  152. Clyde Lobo says:

    If I could afford one . I would have bought one.
    Also it takes ages for apple’s products to launch in India.The Original Ipad was officially available only 2 months ago!!

  153. Liked you on Facebook

    Already follow you on Twitter!/allformarketing/following

    Check out the John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now! #JCiPadGiveaway ~ The All For Marketing Team

    Best Always

    Your website is totally awesome! The information you so freely give, is greatly appreciated by the All For Marketing Team.

    The reason I should be the lucky winner of the iPad 2 Giveaway is that I will use the iPad 2 in the same way you are using it here….I will use it in a Giveaway to promote the launch of my website and deliver good will at the same time.

  154. Well, I can’t say that I’m the only person in the world that wants an iPad. There’s many people that do. All I know is that I sure want one. I’m 18. Living at home with my parents and helping Mom work, as my Dad is now 79 and isn’t able to work. She’s always wanted an iPad and so have I… I’ve said one day I’d try and get her one, and she even offered to share if I did, how nice! πŸ˜‰ – so we could have the power of our photos, documents, internet, netflix, etc and hopefully even Dad would get use out of the iPad as he’s interested (and learning to use) devices & the internet. And, of course, myself, I’d use it a bit too, because I’m starting out in the world of business and trying to have a more organized life…I must say “good luck” to everyone — but I sure hope I win πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing this contest πŸ™‚

  155. Millie says:

    This is why I should win the iPad….

    “Read an article today that said vodka cleans so many things in your house. I tried it today and it worked! The more I drank, the cleaner my house looked!!”

    …coz i made u smile!! πŸ™‚

    Millie Patel

  156. Mac says:

    I think a graphic design student like myself needs an iPad2 like the one you’re giving away. Since the majority of my classes are online an iPad2 would be beneficial, especially since most of my books are e-books. I could be in class on-the-go and be able to do my homework during breaks at work. I’m and aspiring graphic designer, I love to draw, and I recently discovered Sketchbook Pro. An iPad2 would be perfect for me. I could use it not only as a school supply, but also as a sketchbook. I would absolutely love to win an iPad2 to help me reach my creative endeavors.

    Thank you,

  157. Just had my hands on one for the first time — blown away! And have you seen David Pogue’s NYTimes post – with his two boys? hilarious. I want to be able to to a reenactment with my grandsons! Will send you a copy πŸ™‚

  158. Deborah says:

    I want to win so I can catch up to everyone else!


  159. Deborah says:

    Following on twitter, but I want to shoot Facebook for putting limits on my likes.

  160. Gagan says:

    Facebook Like : Done
    Tweet : Done
    Status :!/cbideas/status/47530371415412737
    I want iPad because I love it.

    Wish me good luck πŸ™‚

  161. Michelle says:

    I’d like to win for two reasons: I’ve never owned anything by Apple since the mid-80s and as a writer, I could definitely use this when I travel.

    I already follow you on Twitter and on Facebook.

    I also tweeted at!/zengrrl/status/47531032404176896

    Thanks John!

  162. ellen says:

    Followed @tannawings Liked-last name Beck

    An Ipad would be the world on the go, the world at my fingertips wherever I go!!!!!

  163. Kanajam says:

    As per my technical aspect i would like to be work on iPad for my professional way, as i’m a UI Developer and i usually passion to be a Interface Designer also. I strongly believe that the iPad is best suites for me. I’m not sure it will get from your side (in this contest). But in my life span i’ll definitely work on it. Thanks to you and also for Mr. Steve Jobs.

  164. Joann Loos says:

    I thought I’d see if my good luck continues. I was able to get a free iPod touch 4 thru a Key Bank promotion. A free iPod2 would complete the set πŸ˜€

  165. Wella says:

    i hope i can win this ipad2 coz i donthave internet connection.

  166. David says:

    Do you also ship it to Europe?

  167. Tony says:

    Awesome contest. I hope to win so I am able to give to my father who wanted this for his birthday. Unfortunately, I was unable to afford this and then after all the family issues with a passing and everything, I would love to give this to him as he wants it because it is simple, sleek, and the fact he can use the camera to video chat with me since I am 6 hours away. Cliche, but it is sadly the truth. I followed everything else in this contest and I hope I win.

  168. The funny thing is that I am already liking your page, following you on Twitter and big fan of yours, so the only thing i need to do to get in the draw is to tweet about the competition which will be doing right away!

    I have always wanted to win with you John!



  169. srikar says:

    hey john firstly great contest.

    Now to tell you why i deserve a Ipad 2 is that my life revolves around it (and other such gadgets) as i am a tech blogger and i could show my desire for it more as i keep staring and reviewing these things virtually,i went as far as writing a review on ipad 2 (though not hands on, but unfortunately from where i belong(India) i cant get my hands on an Ipad 2 atleast for 6 more months (not that i can afford one right away).So i hope i was able to show my desire and love for it.
    I wish i am lucky enough too,now on my way to tweet and FB like you.


  170. David Neff says:

    John, as usual, you ROCK!!!

    I am an avid photographer and am trying to get my work into local galleries in my area. A new iPad would allow me to load in my portfolio and make a big impression with the gallery owners as I can showcase my work in style, quickly, and easily.

    Show me the iPad !!!

  171. charlotte says:

    δ½ ε₯½οΌ
    I would love to win this for my husband (he’s Chinese…does that help me out here?) who is dying to get his hands on an iPad but we are in China and it won’t be out for many more months here and it will be more expensive. Not affordable for us. And maybe he’d start reading your blog and believe that I can make money online so I don’t have to go back to working as an English teacher for corrupt schools.

    Thanks for the great tutorial on installing wordpress! I had waited 3 months to set it up as I couldn’t figure it out. After reading your post my new blog was up in less than 20 minutes! You’re awesome!
    Charlotte Edwards Zhang

  172. Roberto says:

    I think that a tool like the Ipad2 will be a very useful tool for an online entrepreneur like me that is in the begining, giving his first steps to create his personal financial freedom.

  173. Hello John,

    I should win this Ipad 2, because in exchange of this one, I have made a little present for you, especially for your little daughter, that’s an ASCII image :


    Hope you’ll like it!
    I guess It’s not very beautiful on this page, I’ve uploaded it for you : (bigger)

    Like your stuff, see ya!

  174. Carrie Tang says:

    Hi John,

    I was never an Apple or a tech savvy person until I had a taste of using a friend’s iPad.

    Winning the iPad2 further transform my life – I’ll be able to blog, tweet, and do a gazillion things on the iPad – what with the wedding planning right now, I need all the resources I can get and the iPad2 is possibly the best thing a bride-to-be needs at this moment.

    You’d definitely make me a much happier woman. πŸ™‚

    Thank you.

  175. Hey John

    Facebook – Already liked:
    Twitter – Already a follower:


    Why should i be the lucky winner?
    – I am a JohnChow dot Com addict reader since 3 years.
    – I have never experienced a product from Apple, even iPod! i am not rich like you! πŸ˜€

    Good luck to me! πŸ˜‰

  176. John says:

    Hey, John! A guy was sitting at my bar with an iPad, and I pestered him with questions, so he gave me a demo: that thing is cool, so the iPad2 must be Ultra Cool! The Mrs. travels to Asia a lot (to the home of Pho) and needs something light with a good battery: winning your iPad2 will score me serious household benefits! Me, I use a Powerbook G4 to power a 23″ Cinema Display (since my dear old PowerMac G4 (Mirror Drive) conked out on me, and I can run almost everything I need from it: what more could I need (for now)?

  177. John says:

    By the way, John: this “Thesis Theme” for your blog is kicking it in a large way!

  178. Ashok says:

    As a blogger, designer, developer, marketer , I definitely need iPad, I just love it, so I’m here for participating in this contest – already liked in Facebook, followed in twitter, and tweeted too………..!

    – Ashok

  179. Ty says:

    Hey John.

    As much as I’d like to stand in a line for 13 hours, I can’t even do that. I’m currently in Thailand and official Apple products don’t show up on shelves for months. We get crazily marked-up ones trickling in, but they can go for twice retail.

    I want it to read all the magazines and newspapers I can’t get here. And Angry Birds!

    Following & tweeted: @tkroll

  180. damai rio sarita says:

    if i’m the winner,i’ll give my notebook to my little sister

  181. JP says:

    Hi John-

    I live in Jakarta, home of 33m Facebook users and insane, mind-bending traffic jams. What better way to be productive while waiting in a hissing snarl of vehicles that catching up on the world and your blog with a shiny, brand-spanking-new iPad2? And when the cars stretch around corners like a snake swallowing its own tail, then its and podcast Scrabble time…

    Liked y Tweeted.

    Salam hangat, – JP

  182. Rachel says:

    I MUST have the iPad so I can save the world from famine, war, and pestilence!

    Okay, maybe not…

    But I won’t know if I can ’till I get one!

  183. Wai Kit says:

    I am now following you on Twitter –!/waikitanggy
    and liking you on Facebook –
    You can find my tweet on!/waikitanggy

    Why should I win this iPad2?

    My two children have been asking me why I didn’t buy an iPad for them. I could only give them the same brusque and terse answer every time: I have no money dear…

    We want to live our lives the fullest. Without the iPad, we can’t experience the state-of-the-art technology while others can. My kids really want to see and feel an iPad2. Apple is going to monopolize the market’s share and change our lives, and I still haven’t got an iPad. That’s so pathetic. We have not been using any Apple’s products because the cost is considerably high.

    Now that you are giving an iPad2 away, I would really want to take this opportunity to get one. Thank you!

  184. Hi John! Just saw your email. I think its time for me to win.Desperately need an iPad2. It will be Great fun and very useful while blogging.I know i will win πŸ˜‰
    Liked your fan page,followed you on twitter with #hashstring
    Here is the tweeted link

  185. Papa Bear says:

    I want the iPad 2 simply because I could not stand it anymore looking at my 4 year old son drools each time he sees someone using an iPad or when we pass by stores selling iPad as well as when he encounters it while doing his trial and errors on the browser trying to get to his Playhouse Disney website.. (He always ended up on sites showing iPads..). SInce his birthday is in April, it would be way cool to get this iPad 2 for him.. πŸ™‚


    Comment – Done
    Like your page – Done (Berry Bear)
    Follow you on Twitter – Done (Shaxx)
    Tweet about this contest – Done (5 minutes ago: John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now! #JCiPadGiveaway @

  186. Eddy Sparks says:

    Hi John,
    You are the man. No waiting in line, just a quick phone call and your buddy Steve Jobs just hooked you up with the booty. LOL.
    Seriously, I think I should win so that I can shoot some mobile vids with it and promote your products.

    Thanks John

  187. Alex says:

    Dear John!

    I’m very happy there is a man like you who have made a site like this. I’m currently writing my bachelors about the ways of making money on the internet and your advice has been such a help for me, Thank you!
    Apart from liking you on Facebook and following you on twitter+(tweeted page) I’m also a subscriber of your youtube videos which I must say are great- both funny and entertaining.
    As to why I should receive an iPad is because I’m a huge Apple fan ever since i got my mac mini. I’ve always wanted a portable device to work on in my university for studies on the go, but never had enough funds to by a macbook or the new iPad so this device would be a great asset in studies and entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  188. Hi John,

    I need to win this iPad 2 because every night when I am sitting in front of the TV my laptop is overheating my legs and it is just not sitting comfortable here! An iPad 2 is such an awesome device and perfectly for sitting on the couch that I need to win this!

    So John, send it my wayyy πŸ™‚



  189. Jia Jun says:

    I want iPad 2!!!! I want iPad 2 !!!!!!!
    I will gain more passion on writing blog using iPad 2, especially it allows me to write up great contents everywhere in the world with the portability and the power of iPad 2!! Everywhere including Starbucks, library and others!!
    It just feel extremely awesome to get it! Life changing experience!
    I want iPad 2!!
    Thanks John Chow in advance. XD

  190. Chen says:

    Well I want to win the ipad 2 because I’ve been hearing about this ipad gizmo since the first ipad came out and I curious to see what the fuss is all about :-).

  191. Janice F says:

    Quite plainly, I would love to win your iPad2 because I feel that I deserve it – I’m a stay at home mom who works her BUTT off for her two little kiddies (both under 3) and I’d really like to have something that would be not just for me but for my little kiddies to learn off of. I hear there are TONS of awesome apps that can be used for kids to learn their ABC’s, 123’s, etc. and I’d love to have your iPad2 not just for me but for my kiddies too. Thanks!

  192. Stromaye says:

    I would really an iPad to see if it meets my expectations and also (I confess) to brag a little πŸ™‚

  193. Back in October 2010, I was finding for funding to support my research in Oxford. But to no avail until Early January as I decided to find other solution. MY research started in 15th January. I am having a loan now.

    I tell myself that if I can’t find other sponsor, I will do it myself. And by doing myself, I am going for making money online, which is something that not everyone believe in internet world.

    But, but I came across this site, And this site has very weird magnetic attraction that drive my passion to come everyday. To be honest, there is a category ‘Make Money Online’ below and I finish reading all of them. I haven’t started to earn any cents due to the hectic life in research lab.

    If I am the winner, I would have the internet access whenever I go with the Wifi version of IPAD 2. If I am the winner, it gives me even more motivation to finish my research. If I am the winner, all my friends will rush to this site because everyone knows that I was searching for funding back in October 2010.

    It is not only mutual benefit from both side, but it motivates me that internet DOES really earn money. John, if I am granted iPAD, I would like to thank you in advance here first!

    Lee Chon

  194. Oops here’s my Tweet,

    Nicholas Chase
    @nachase Nicholas Chase
    My friend John Chow is giving away an iPad 2 #JCiPadGiveaway @nachase

  195. iamAPv says:

    i need it badly! I dont experience having the first Ipad nor macbook , notebook or netbook. only desktop computer. thats why i want it badly!

  196. Enstine Muki says:

    hi John,
    Thanks for this opportunity again

    I really deserve to be the winner of this iPad for a couple of reasons
    1) I did what you asked ie
    – Followed you on Twitter
    – Tweeted this contest :!/enstine/status/47582866242146304
    – Liked you on facebook:
    2) I’m one of Africa’s #1 visitor of your site learning to make money online.
    3) That will be my first time of owning an iPad.

  197. Hi John, Thanks for your great work and ideas! I have implemented some of them for social marketing where I work to increase the uptake of our software. And it works. Thanks! If I would win an iPad it would become the center piece in our living room. I would use it mainly for controlling my HiFi non-compressed mucis enjoyement at home. And of course to do all the rest that the iPad does best; surfing the web, sharing photos, reading your blog ;-)…

  198. Raj Mehta says:

    Hi John,

    I saw your email today and came to know about apple iPad 2 giveaway πŸ™‚

    If i win iPad 2 i would love to make some video and other tutorials about iPad 2 put up on my new tech blog. I love gadgets and wanna experience iPad 2.

    I followed you on twitter and facebook and tweeted about this contest!/linetoweb/status/47584100185423873

  199. Ariel G says:

    I’m looking for a way to get a tablet pc to start managing my site from afar.
    I hope I win!

  200. Damir says:

    Hehe, the video from the people in the line is hilarious. How can they all get so excited about a toy that will be oudated by next year.

    Well I have to say I’d want one, but I’m not gonna stand in the line waiting to be the First who got it and I’m also not entering the contest because of this. I’m simply following JC because he is fun, posts a lot of awesome photos if you know where and he is also fun and useful to learn from him.

    Well I think that beats all of the “I will dance like you say JC” comments below.

    I follow people because I can learn something from them, that’s all. πŸ˜›

  201. rufinus ondieki says:

    I’ve followed U on Twitter.
    I had already followed you on Facebook,
    I have tweeted the Post :!/search?q=%23JCiPadGiveaway
    And also Subbed to your Youtube channel !(You should’ve included this too as a requirement) IMO!
    Why should i win the iPad 2?
    I’m a constant reader John , from Africa, Kenya, and I happen to hunt for online job opportunities, in a job scarcity African environment. And has been my favorite online money making advice.
    Here, we hear and see news about the iPads, iPhones, iPods, but never seen any, let alone owning. But what i certainly know, is that it must be an excellent gadget .
    Lol! this could be my dream opportunity if i won!

  202. I want to win simply because I will definitely help your website’s popularity grow here in the Caribbean.
    Tweeted ( and liked on facebook. Need to supplement my older HP TX2.



  203. hello, John,

    I’ve done the requirements for entering.

    Here’s my story, and why I need an iPad2. Heck, Ill even take an iPad1…

    I have two devices: One iPod touch, (first gen! Still going strong.) And one computer, stationary. Working, but 5 years old now.

    I also have two kids, girl, 8 yrs, boy, 5 yrs… Do you see where this is heading?

    Now, I’m generally a kind and loving father, ( although they don’t always agree with me on that), but it breaks my heart every time I have to say no when they want to use my devices (which is why they don’t agree, that, and me mentioning about the Lego and the toys on the floor… )

    I’ve tried all possible ways to be able to continue working, from buying 10 kg of Lego on ebay (talk about biting ones own a**, I even have Lego in my bed now) to saying: the iPod is on recharge, and then secretly hide in the closet with it, to post some updates (the girl found me after 2 minutes, don’t play hide n’ seek with her). I even took apart the computer keyboard to make it look broken ( turns out you don’t need a keyboard to use brickfactory, a site with hundreds of Lego instruktions).

    I’m stumped!

    They are adorable kids, and I really dont want to make them sad. And I actually want them to use these devices, because they would be hopelessy behind in 10 years if they don’t, in the world of today.

    I figured, if you let me have the iPad2 (or the old iPad1 you have laying around, unless your kids annected it), I’d always have one device free to do my work on my sites and blogs on.

    Best blogs to you,


  204. Design Flyer says:

    Well I am not interested in this giveaway..

  205. I want this iPad 2, because at this moment, I simply can’t afford to buy this one and I have heard a lot that using iPad will help you to increase your blog productivity.

    Comment – Done
    Like your page – Done (Sathish Kumarr)
    Follow you on Twitter – Done (sonasathish)
    Tweet about this contest – Done (30 Sec Ago: Reading @JohnChow – John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now! #JCiPadGiveaway)

  206. Santhosh says:

    I want the iPad 2 simply because I LOVE IT.

  207. This is my first time, and I’ve never used an iPad, but I’d like to try. I live in the Jordan Valley in Israel, I’m a struggling musician and I’m dying to make something more of myself so I can be an example for my kids. Pretty dramatic, but true! πŸ™‚
    Good luck to everyone!

  208. kazem sami abusitta says:

    i was really trying to save money for ipad but im still a kid which is really hard to get one and its really expensive so i hope i could win this one i followed you!/alienfiber/following

    i liked your facebook page but im not sure how to give you a proof for that my account name is kazem sami abusitta in facebook but ull find me i commented on your facebook page and i also tweeted to join ipad 2 contest to win i pad in this link!/alienfiber/following and #JCiPadGiveaway so i hope i win an ipad 2.

  209. Wasim Ismail says:

    Always wanted one, wife always stopped me due to cost. I hope I can win this one πŸ™‚

  210. Jagan Mangat says:

    Hi John Chow.
    I entered this contest.
    I need an ipad2 and the reason is,i never used ipad.I am a tech-writer and knows about these type of gadgets and devices.But due to budget i can’t afford expensive devices.May be i can win in this contest.
    If i don’t then i will be happy to see some one else enjoying it.

  211. Daryl says:

    Hi John!

    Why should I get the iPad? I’m seriously not sure, because I don’t know how you judge for this giveaway contest. But I’m not gonna give a sob story simply because I don’t have one. πŸ™‚


    1. They’re new, exclusive and pure sexy.
    2. Double processor speed and half thickness (compared to its predecessor) simply means its better.
    3. It comes with a cool magnetic flip cover (or whatever they call it!)
    4. I don’t already have an iPad, not even 1st gen.
    5. Nope, not even an iPod touch.
    6. Let alone an iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, nor 2G.
    7. I want one, because my current laptop is dieing out (as I type, its overheating and it has autorestarted 4 times since I started typing this comment. Fortunately there is autosave.), and my parents aren’t getting me a new one, so an iPad would be a nice replacement for web-surfing and entertainment.
    8. And let’s leave the iPad 2 alone for a moment, the iPad 1 is cool enough…
    9. I love Apple products despite not owning a single one of them. that’s why I want an iPad.

    I really don’t know how you judge the winner but I just hope I’ll win! Thanks John! πŸ™‚

    1. Daryl says:

      I have done with liking you on Facebook, and commenting right here, but not so for your Twitter based requirements. I don’t use Twitter!

  212. Bessamy says:

    I would so love to win this for my hubby! That way he wouldn’t borrow mine all the time! That would make the most awesomest 20th anniversary gift I can think of!

    Thanks for the chance! =)

  213. Mike says:

    I really like the device. But the main reason is that I really need it for my work.

  214. cyc1899 says:

    Because i am lucky.

  215. Sergio says:


    An iPad would be a great tool to browse and read everywhere: on the bus, in bed or even sitting on the toilet. My ipod touch is too small, my laptop is too big.

    John Chow gives us tons of free tools to have success online. This iPad would be the ultimate tools.


    Like in Facebook: user: Sergio ArgilΓ©s
    Follow on twitter: user: sargiles
    Tweet with hashtag #JCiPadGiveaway: done!

  216. Ralph Link says:

    I need one becuase my wife stole my iPad 1 to play Plants Vs. Zombies.

  217. Marty says:

    I would LOVE to win one of the iPads you are giving away! I love technology and think I would put the iPad to great use for my kids and family.

  218. Kid says:

    I want this iPad πŸ™
    It’s maybe a dream i have never reach.

  219. Yassine says:

    hey i really want win ipad2, i’m never have this opportunity before, i don”t yet have a chance to have something from apple store if u give me this chance to win i will be happy thanks πŸ˜‰

  220. Luis Manuel Medeiros says:

    No opinion, just the will to have one.

  221. Greg Vine says:

    I am in social media marketing and this would be a dream come true. I want to win an iPad 2! I like you on Facebook and Twitter by the way.

  222. Paula says:

    Why should I be the lucky winner of an iPad 2? Well, because I don’t have one but would love to. And because my bookselves are full of books and I’d use my iPad2 to read instead of buying more paper books.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  223. fas says:

    Why should I be the lucky winner of an iPad 2

    I am a big fan of Apple, love the way they design their products. Infact I always watch the keynotes live. The iPad 2 keynote was not aired by them, so i kept watching the updates on endgadet to feel like I am there.

    I am a big John Chow fan too. I mostly love all the non- money make posts more (not that I dont like the money ones). The lifestyle which you John live makes me feel like I am too as you make us readers a part of it.

    Now getting my latest desire (iPad 2) from my favourite online celeb is what makes me crave for winning the iPad 2.

  224. Eric Tan says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the iPad2 because i need a big push to switch from PC to Mac… LoL!

    Comment – Done
    Like your page – Done (Eric Tan)
    Follow you on Twitter – Done (ericjohntan)
    Tweet about this contest – Done (!/EricJohnTan/status/47654384045273088)

  225. Pelumi A says:

    An iPad would increase my productivity tenfold. I need something that works smoothly all the time and not just the first week.

  226. Eric Bisson says:

    Here why I should win:
    – I’m following you in both Twitter and Facebook already! (for the past 2 years)
    – I just tweet your contest to my thousand followers. (in FRENCH! :))
    – I’ve bought your Make money online book when you lauch it (signed version from Michael Kwan)
    – Im probably your best french canadian fan πŸ™‚

  227. Lisa says:

    Wow – How could I not resist the temptation to win an iPad2? I’m a professional classical singer who builds websites to help support me in my love of music. Making a living as a musician isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so with people like you to offer suggestions for bettering my online business practices, I could do so much while traveling with the iPad and not be chained to the laptop! You have been tweeted, sir and ‘liked’ and I thank you for the opportunity!

    Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors!

  228. Ina Marfori says:

    Hmm. Why should I win the iPad?

    Well, let’s see: I’m an 18-year old girl who has been interested in technology ever since I was six years old. I’ve been dying to have an iPad ever since it first came out, but alas, I do not have the money for it. I also tweet, use Tumblr, go on Facebook and constantly wish that I could play Tap Tap all day. Trust that if I win it, I will put it to good use…my fingers, I mean. πŸ˜€

  229. Adam Wimsatt says:

    I should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2 because I can gargle peanut butter and I can tell if a lie detector tells a lie. I can also sharpen a lightsaber… with my teeth. Chuck Norris does my laundry and mops my floor. I taught him how to hang-glide using a napkin.

  230. Angela says:

    Ipad oh ipad
    A poor student’s dearest wish
    Will John grant her dream?

  231. Kevin Baggs says:

    I need something to make my time on the West Coast Express more productive.

  232. Eddie Gear says:

    Hey John,

    This is a good contest. I’d love to win one so that I can use it for my business and also do some awesome reviews. Thanks for the giveaways. Cheers.

  233. Eugene Bell says:

    I should win because I bought my mom an IPad 1 back in September and she’d like an upgrade to the IPad 2.

  234. Hi John, this is the first time i joined a contest like this and now I’m done with the requirements πŸ˜€
    For me, I should win this contest because I want that I never have a gadget like that. In addition, I am studying harder so my parents shoul be proud of me especially my **** grandmother :)))) so winning iPad2 is a gift for me xDD I want to be lucky this time. I wish that iPad2 is for me :DD

  235. Hi John, thanks again for installing my wordpress! I would like to have this iPad because all my friends already have an iPad 1, but not the iPad 2 yet. Actually I was the only one without an iPad. It’s not yet in the stores here, so if I would get an iPad 2 right now, you would like double my friends! If that wouldn’t be great?

    Liked you on facebook, following you on twitter (Revolutionblog_) and did a nice tweet about the give away!

  236. seanlel says:

    iPad 2 definately is an essential item for me. I like to backpack alone from city to city. I realized that carrying maps and Lonely Planet books around are too bulky and inconvenience. I’d experience which I lost my maps (due to my carelessness) when I was in Kyoto, Japan last year. I was asking the people around for the destinations that I wanted to visit. Most of the people in Japan don’t speak English, but they are very kind to help! *thumbs up* At that time, I realized that gadgets like iPad are very helpful especially to find location using their aps. It would definately save a lot of my time and I will be able to travel more places with the helps from iPad 2~ But due to budget constraint, I choose to use the money for travel rather than buying an iPad…

    Anyway, hope I can bring an iPad 2 along with me for my next destination (the Phlippines) LOL

  237. Brian says:

    I would love to win this contest! Being deaf it is very hard to communicate in this world. I have depended on the Sidekick 3 for awhile now and its so old but for the price and data is good. Owning a IPad 2 and being able to use Facetime will change my life for the better. Being able to use sign language and chat with friends and family will be a dream come true for me.

    I know the odds are against me but i thanks you for the chance and living on a prayer here.

  238. Jonah Lewis says:

    That’s a lot of work to win an ipad! But I’ll take one if I win.

  239. Doug Bracey says:

    My 12 year old son’s iPad was stolen from our home back on March 4th. It was a gift from his grandpa, and he’s been pretty heartbroken ever since. Unfortunately, the deductible on our homeowner’s insurance is the same as the cost of a replacement, so that isn’t a help. To be able to win this contest, and not only replace his iPad, but replace it with an iPad 2, would make me feel like super Dad, but more importantly, would make my son so happy!

    Thanks for the chance!

  240. Tyler Ingram says:

    As a student, I could carry less with me to school!

    As a hobbyist photographer, I could show my photos to people easier, and also take new photos on the fly.

    I can also help you slay pandas with it πŸ˜‰

  241. Lyn says:

    Dear John,
    You’ve been educating me for years now! Thank you most of all. You are my hero and what better gift could a hero give, to assure his status forever, than an IPad2? If there were a LOVE button on facebook, I’d have already chosen it! I read your blog, I Like you on FB and I follow you on Twitter!!! I don’t want to miss a thing! Thanks for all your great advice!
    Sincerely, Lyn

  242. Soares says:

    Hello John,

    I will not lick your balls, like some off the ones above…ok they follow your work and posts…but at the end a few part of them really like you.

    Where ever theres a prize you will hear always “Im fan John..”

    I receive your feed on email, downloaded ebook, placed a like on facebook on this link:!/pages/Tugazone/148823238474314?sk=wall
    Sent two tweets on my account one in my home language and the other in english:!/Tugazone

    Maybe im elected or not, but John if i dont receive or win no problem I will still visit to receive your free tips and advises.

    Best Regards from a portuguese follower

  243. Bob says:

    Hello John. I have been longing to own iPad even the old version. This contest gives me a chance to own at least the old model but if you would give me this new iPad 2, I would be very glad. I have not owned any iPads even the old models. I believe that this is already my chance to at least experience to have an iPad. I also made a post on my site regarding this contest and that’s the reason why I should be the winner.

    Thank you in advance John.

  244. Aaron Koo says:

    Look at all these vultures. Just posting comments so they can win an Ipad. That’s disgusting.

    I don’t even like Ipad’s… So I should get it because it’d be cool to see a Ipad hater be converted

    1. Aaron Koo says:

      And because I love John Chow!

  245. Jasmin says:

    I’m just here to read your blog!

    iPad or no iPad! #YouMakeMeLaughJohn

    I liked your T-shirt on the video! πŸ˜€

    Chow for now!

  246. David C Gies says:

    I would love this new iPad 2. It would help me greatly with learning and research for my educational and entrepreneurial endeavors. This tool would help me create and share. I’m going back to school this fall, and I’m starting a 3 month summer personal journey, and this iPad would help me with my photography and writing on the go (in my car/camping) with the longer battery life and easily portable (as compared to my laptop). If it turns into a book I’ll send you a copy!!!

  247. NicholasPR says:

    If you did not know, the ipad for some reason is better than a traditional laptop or desktop for people with arthritis in the hands and people with an eye stigmatism, or at least is for me. I have both. Used the Ipad a bit, but don’t own one. would love to.

  248. I really like to have Ipad2. For now, I can’t buy one for me since I have now 2 kids which I need first to support. Hope that with this contest, I will get my dream gadget, the IPAD. Thanks John for the contest. Have a great day always!

  249. Ronald Survilla says:

    Wow, nice iPad 2. I hope I can win this to replace my Archos7 hometablet Android. My device sucks very difficult to navigate using my big fingers. Good luck to everybody for joining this.

  250. steph woods says:

    I’d think I should win because every day I have to walk to work in 6 feet of snow, uphill, for 20 kms while I simultaneously battle all sorts of crazy chipmunks, squirrels and raccoons along the way. If I had an iPad it would make the walk easier, and I could entertain the critters (instead of fighting them off) with funny videos of dancing squirrels and monkeys riding pigs.

  251. Ozie says:

    I have followed you on Twitter and FB and have retweeted the contest,!/OzieJackson
    The reason I should win is because I recently lost my beloved Atari 400 to a flooded basement . I treasured my Atari 400 more than any other computer that I have owned since that time. I never got rid of it. It was in excellent, working condition and in its original box until a basement flood killed it in 2009. I was heartbroken.

    John, I believe a new iPad 2 could restore the feeling that I had for my Atari 400. It would represent something fresh, new and fun, the same things my Atari 400 represented to me back in 1984. It would also help me in my new business venture.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  252. Bilal Mughal says:

    I am a University student and i need a portable machine to help me with my lectures notes. Laptop is too bulky and slow. Do not get me started on the battery life. Carrying a heavy laptop to university back and forth is another mission.
    A tablet would be awesome. Apart from all the fun, it would save my sorry ass in my last year of University.

  253. Asif Imtiaz says:

    i could use it for my music…

  254. Why do I deserve an iPad? Because it would allow me to connect more easily with students and clients when I’m on the road. And my laptop is too dang heavy. πŸ™‚

  255. Dan Heller says:

    gotta love the new ipad

  256. Jeff Chavez says:

    Hi John,
    I would really like to win this IPad 2. I had been saving up for the IPad 2 for a semester and a half but 2 days before the release date I got into a fender bender coming home from classes and had to shell out $781 πŸ™ there went my IPad 2… I really would love to have this for my school work and it would no doubt be put to great use. Its an amazing product and i would do whatever it takes to get my hands on one of these amazing machines.
    Thank you, and I think this is awesome your doing this, someones year will definitely made, I know mine would!

  257. Jim Fontano says:

    They stopped making my favorite brand of toothpaste, Ipanna… I was turned down for a Black Amex Card… I had to plead temporary insanity to beat a traffic ticket… I have 8 kids and finally figured out something I did pretty good at and now my wife won’t let me practice anymore… I can’t even tell you what I might do with another major disappointment in my life like not winning an iPad. I sure hope I win it.

  258. Ed Cosgrove says:

    Hey Big John,

    Why I should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2? Because I deserve it.
    I am working on an outdated computer that is actually missing the “M” key and the touch pad is smashed in so I cannot use mouse functions like normal.

    I will respect the iPad like it was my new born and I will even name it JC, for the always inspirational, motivational John Chow! I will have the homepage set to and I keep it away from my wife, who likes to drop food crumbs in my current laptop, nicknamed The Slobinator. The question is, is this my wife’s or laptop’s nickname?…DOH!
    I will also take the $ I was going to invest in new technology and put it back to the JC Fund and get some needed mentoring.

    Enough rambling..I already tweeted on a few of my accounts and made my Facebook comments so now I just wait for you and Ed McMahon to come to me with balloons, flowers and my sweet ass iPad.

    Thanks John for all you do!

    [email protected]

  259. Hey John,

    I left ASW11 too early to catch up with you this year. I should win the iPad 2 because of Margaritas ASW10. LOL

  260. Courtenay says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the iPad because it would really help me with writing down blog ideas and other content while on the go and could help me advance my new site to pass the information I’m giving on to more people.

  261. Betsy says:

    I should win the ipad because the only thing I’ve ever won was a can of baked beans… this would definitely improve my ranking in lifetime winnings and would be better for the environment… or at least the immediate environment.

    I am retooling myself as a webdeveloper and will be working with Americorp over the next year to gain skills, contribute to the community, fund some courses for my ultimate goal and keep me from going belly up while I reinvent myself… the ipad would be a great big help in assisting me in meeting my goals.

    Please pick me!

  262. says:

    Wow, this is like friken awesome!

  263. Angad Sodhi says:

    Tweeted at!/AngadSodhi/status/47737167899934720
    fb username: angad.sodhi

    I’d like to win the iPad2 coz the iPad1 was launched in India only this January and the iPad2 will not be coming here until Jan next year πŸ™

    All of last year I’ve seen you give away so many iPads yet I had not actually seen the iPad until Jan this year!! Getting an iPad2 from you would be a dream!!

  264. Chanelle says:

    So. so many reasons.
    I want to start a blog and have just one very slow and old desktop Mac; there are Montessori apps for my son; my current desktop doesn’t even play music; I start a new teaching job in the fall for which the iPad is ideal; my husband would never, EVER buy one, and I am not financially stable enough right now to purchase one on my own…
    I think that’s enough of me.
    Thanks for this chance.

  265. waleed alomari says:

    I should get an iPad2. It has been my dream all my life to own one. Yes, even before it was announced I already dreamt of swiping my way through awesomeness and tapping that perfect, shiny screen. I would make me the happiest person in the planet, and it would also set me off for a successful life. Even more, the contest ends the week after my birthday (St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th), so it would make it the best birthday in the history of birthdays. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Waleed Alomari, I salute you.

  266. I want because I live in Morocco will not be gutted in my life will never touch it

  267. Kelli says:

    As a single wahm of 4 kids, I live on the go – with 3 in volleyball and 1 in golf, I’m sure you can imagine! Being able to become a “Mobile Work From Anywhere Mom” would be an awesome way for me to support my children in all ways!

    I’ve followed, tweeted, liked and commented! Good Luck To All πŸ™‚

    P.S. – Thanks to Laura @ affiliate marketing for beginners for her contest tweet introducing me to you, and this cool contest πŸ™‚


  268. Jason Powell says:

    I would like to enter as they are great learning tools for autistic children.

  269. marci says:

    This is awesome, awesome, awesome! I would love to win so I could get rid of my super 8 year old laptop that currently sits on a cheap fan to keep it cool. Seriously, my setup is completely ghetto and I’d LOVE to get an upgrade!! I lost my job end of 2009 in SEO and haven’t found a steady job yet. Trying to build up my own websites to earn me an income from home. So thank you for all your advice!

    I also ‘Liked’ on Facebook and am a follower on Twitter.

    I tweeted this contest with the hashtag as well.

    Thanks! marci AT dailydouz DOT com

  270. Jasdeep says:

    I don’t really want it for myself, but for my Mom. Want her to get use to this new technology plus upstage my brothers gift.

  271. John says:

    I work late and usually don’t make it home to see my 15 month old son. The new camera feature on the ipad would allow me to facetime back home and say goodnight to him where he could see me. I know it sounds lame for most, but it would mean the world to me.

  272. Why should I win this? Because I don’t suck up lol; but I do love your work and because I would just love one of those new shiny things even if I wasn’t prepared to wait 13 hours for one in a line πŸ™‚ It would be so cool


  273. Bo says:

    I’m a college student and I’ve tried to get a job at every single place in town, but I can never find anything. I’m having money issues and I have to buy either a laptop or something like this iPad for school but I just don’t have the cash. It would be awesome if I won this thing! Great contest.

  274. I’ve been your top commentator for decades now πŸ™‚ I deserve one ..facebooked, liked , tweeted

  275. Merle says:

    I should win the iPad because I’m an all around nice person who deserves a break. Besides that I really really want one bad.

  276. bert says:

    iPad for me, please!

    why? because iWant

  277. I want one coz I need one…

  278. Wilkenson says:

    I should win because i Never owned anything from Apple, i don’t have the money to afford it. I want to Learn and Experience the Apple OS.

  279. and John Chow, you are the awesome one!

  280. I hate Apple products!! Go ahead, change my mind πŸ˜‰

  281. Vicki Zerbee says:

    Thanks for the webinar this evening and the great content you share.

    As far as the Apple iPad 2, I helped spread the word and would love to have one since I have not yet worked on an Apple computer of any kind and it would be very helpful in taking it out of the office to meet with people. Thanks for the opportunity to enter:)

  282. chris swan says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love to win. I have been following you for a long while on twitter @jadenruby and just now on fb celeste c swan.

  283. I’m probably too late for the contest?

  284. Sophia Weiner says:

    I was hoping to get one for my parents for their trip to visit my aunt in France, but unfortunately due to such popularity i have been unsuccessful in finding it anywhere! Getting it would be a great surprise for them.

  285. Jennie H says:

    Great webinar today! (How to Get Rich and Famous Blogging!)
    Charles was well-spoken, and I’m eager to get his book now.

    As for this contest, a) I’m a RAVING APPLE FAN (since 1992 – as I type this on my iMac desktop!), b) I follow you religiously (though I may not always participate), and c) the iPad II would be put to very good use, using the new info I learned in your webinar today on
    my blogs! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the Education – AND for this Contest John!

  286. Shaun Carter says:

    Liked & Tweeted!

    I would love to receive one of the iPad 2’s because I would like to go completely bookless next semester at college. Instead of lugging around my backpack full of textbooks, I want to just carry an iPad and have all electronic books, which will not only save my back from pain, but also good for the environment by saving trees!

    Thanks John!

  287. George H. says:

    Hey John, I would love to get a iPad to help with a new site I’m working on, to get off of disability for a heart problem. Thanks for the COOL GIVEAWAY.Peace.

  288. Samantha Lee says:

    I am an amateur food blogger using an old laptop I purchased back in college. My old Dell is on it’s last leg and it seriously takes me hours to write a single post! I need a new computer/tablet to keep my blog up-to-date both content and technology-wise. Please let me be the winner of a brand new Apple iPad 2!

  289. I could use an extra iPad — my kids have practically assimilated mine and now it’s one of their toys that gets left laying around the house!

  290. Stephen Headrick says:

    I deserve an iPad so I can witness the Apple phenomena first-hand. With all of its success, it must be worth-while.

  291. Tyler Cruz says:

    I should win because I’ve never owned or even used an iPod, iPad, or iPhone before.

    1. Fazal Mayar says:

      tyler, i only own the ipod and people are telling me that i live under a rock. I absolutly would love to own an iphone though, Im not a big fan of the ipad.

  292. Patrick says:

    I should win an iPad because I am a broke college student.

  293. Jacob says:

    Because love means never having to say you’re sorry.

    And also, I like to fidget with things, and to create things.


  294. I should win it because a friend just bought the iPad 1 and I told him to wait as the new one was coming out, and now he is kicking himself. This would be a great final kick for me to win a iPad 2 for free πŸ˜€

  295. Carl Nelson says:

    I DARE you to give it to me. I guarantee I will still hate Apple!

  296. Tom says:

    I should win this iPad because I’ve been following for the longest time. Actually ever since you were just starting and offering backlinks to everyone that wrote a mini review about your site. Awesome times!

    Oh and ‘cos I am a fashion photographer. It’s a great way to carry and show my portfolio!

  297. Med A. says:

    Winning that iPad will surely help me a lot in starting my online adventures by earning online and towards financial freedom. Lets pray and cross our fingers. Hope you can help me get started too John Chow. God Bless.

    Lets all pray for our asian brothers and sisters in Japan.

  298. Santiago says:

    I will sell the iPad2 to pay for my most basic of needs… you know, booze

  299. hii John.. here i am again trying for 1more Ipad contest of yours.. i havent been successful till now.. lets c this time.. SO Mr. Chow, when i asked you on twitter to sell me one of 11 ipads you said no because they all are spoken now may be you have a chance to give me one of them for free.. hahahahaha.. all the best .. thanks.

  300. Joe Nickels says:

    Hi John,

    I would love to win an iPad to give my partner for her 50th birthday! I am an active blogger, reasonably new, but learning everyday. My blog is only 3 1/2 months old, so no affiliate sales yet but will persevere. I enjoy what I blog about (money and how to make it) and try to add insightful content so my readers can take away something of value from each new post.
    Thanks John for your advise and for sharing your success with all of us.

    Joe Nickels

  301. design flyer says:

    Oh my God! 324 comments and still going on..

    1. christina says:

      if post is interesting it will go up higher and higher

  302. Josh says:

    Hi John,
    I could really use this ipad for my blogging and studying. I’m a new blogger inspired by you.


  303. omar says:

    Hi John I would love to win an iPad to give my partner for her birthday!

  304. Bogdan says:


    A few months back my entire book library (almost 4000) along with my cd collection burnt after my macbook charger caught fire . I’m usually a positive person, but it’s gonna take me years to replace my prize possesions. Needless to say I am now a man on the edge of desperation forced to relocate all my daily technical routines on my windows pc (bleah!) – which can’t handle too much either. Something’s gotta give!

    Actively idle,

  305. My man John Chow,

    I should receive one of your free iPads because I am the only person out of the hundreds of comments that is about to write a rap song about you and your iPad contest. Everyone else will give you relatively boring answers that you’ve probably heard before during other contests you’ve hosted, but this is unique and guaranteed to make you smile, which is what it’s all about. Here we go.

    J to the Chow
    His blog hits like pow
    Blowin up the scene
    Shuttin other blogs down
    He bypassed the lines
    Cause he doesn’t have the time
    And he gets Apple’s props
    Because he and his blog rocks
    Got a case of ten, oh wait, add one more
    Didn’t wait in line, walked right through the back door
    If the crowd knew, they’d chase him like a mob
    But the man got the iPads like it was his job
    Put up a contest giving one away for free
    Hopefully this rap will help the prize go to me

    And if not I hope this rap at least caught your attention and put a smile on your face! It’s very nice of you to give one away for free John. Way to spread good vibrations in the world!

  306. Dhaval Vyas says:

    Hi John,
    First of all Thanks a million for this BIG one.. I was waiting for something like this to happen..and it did..

    This is Dhaval Vyas from India one of your regular reader,
    It was April 2008 when i met a guy who taught me blogging and how to make money with it..
    His name is Dipak Patel..a humble guy taught me everything for free and unconditionally…
    I am still learning many things.

    I would love to enjoy iPad..but you know john if I win this iPad I will gift it to the Dipak Patel.
    Who taught me all this things.

    If I would not have met him 2 years back..I might not be writing this to you..
    The first man he talked about was John Chow and Joal Comm..while teaching me about blogging and how to make money with it..
    I know John chow because of Dipak Patel.

    Following you on twitter and like the page on facebook..

    #JCiPadGiveaway :!/search?q=%23JCiPadGiveaway

    #JCiPadGiveaway :!/search?q=%23JCiPadGiveaway


    Thank You.
    Dhaval Vyas.

  307. Functional Disorder says:

    I want an iPad 2 so bad, I’m losing sleep over it! (it’s not even funny!)

    Thank you so much for offering this contest, as this is the only way I’ll be getting an ipad 2..
    So, I’m now following and day dreaming, and keeping my fingers crossed.

    Tweeted as @fdisorder

  308. Bobby Kane says:

    Hey John! I’m a graphic designer/developer who is in the process of learning mobile app development and this would be an awesome way to help with development for iPad!

    Honestly, I’m one of those who just wants the latest and greatest in the tech and electronic world!

    So that would be my reason πŸ™‚

  309. Ian Fernando says:

    just hand it over buddy


    I deserved the award because I did not win only once

  311. hey john
    what’s up ? =)

    humm πŸ˜›

    i should be the winner because i’m the young girl here ..
    and because i don’t have an i pad :((
    i’m studint & i don’t have a many to buy one :”(
    so i want to win <\3

  312. Kit Law says:

    I get the iPad because I want it. πŸ™‚

  313. Husain Hameed says:

    I should get it because I am really interested in it !

  314. I would like to become the winner of the iPad 2 giveaway because since the iPad 1 had been launched, I just kept on praying that one day the good Lord will give me an iPad, i’m a 16 year-old filipino guy, im going to college this coming June, sad to say we can’t afford to buy an iPad.. πŸ™

  315. Vanessa F.T says:

    Hey John..

    I’m begging you this time. Why I should be the winner ? Because, I can’t afford it and I want to give it as my father birthday present. I’m from Indonesia and in Indonesia there’re no Ipad2. Despite of my economy problem, I really want to get my father happy.

    I wish you read this, John… I really really begging ya…
    Love, Vanessa πŸ™‚

  316. Firstmatador says:


    thanks for the great opportunity

    well, I think that I should be the lucky one because I love apple’s products and I’m a geek when it comes to tech, but the problem is the prices that I can’t afford. I didn’t touch or see a real ipad in front of my eyes before, I just see it in videos an pics, and maybe dreamed of it once or twice. That was about the first version, The new one?! well, maybe I would be so lucky to touch it or see it with my own eyes a couple of years later!

    I followed you in twitter, my account is mohamed19900
    Facebook : Med Che

    Thank you

  317. Ben lang says:

    Awesome, I’m in!
    Twitter: itsbenlang
    Facebook: Dan Gorf

  318. Jeriel Tam says:

    Hey John,

    I think I should be the lucky winner because when I lined up for the iphone 3GS, the guy in front of me got the last one!!! That was one of the worst days ever and 5 hours of lining up went to waste! I eventually got the 3GS after a few months when it came back in stock.

    The 3GS was my first Apple product and I’ve been an Apple fan ever since. iPad2 releases in Canada on March 25 but I decided to never line up for a product again with my personal experience.

    I was thinking of getting this since my laptop is outdated and is pretty much dieing. This would be a perfect replacement.

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    Is a Facebook (Jeriel Tam)and twitter (JerielTam) follower and retweeted #JCiPadGiveaway

  319. Rania ar says:

    first of all thx for your give away IPAD2

    any apple products is just everyone best products so Ipad 2 is just my dreammmm
    if i ever get it πŸ™

  320. Moa'ad Bani Salameh says:

    I love it so that i hope have one .

  321. Truthfully, I want to win one to give to my wife as our 12th year Wedding Anniversary gift in June, we are going on a long trip that is 22 hours each way and she needs an iPad to keep her sanity on such a long trip. I have retweeted!/dragonblogger/statuses/48105496200216576 and hope I can get lucky enough to win.

  322. Simple reason to give it to me.

    I will create the first John Chow App!

  323. Rich Wallace says:

    Twitter = Followed
    Facebook = Liked

    I’d like to be in the running for the iPad2 as it would offer me another facet to keep an eye on my business without the hassle of lugging a full laptop around. Well, that and Angry Birds at 9.7 inches of big and beautiful high-resolution.

    Thank you, JC!

  324. John:
    One of the legit contests for sure. There are alot of other “pseudo-contests” but none compare! I do alot of cartoons for iPad covers and forgot how I stumbled upon your mention here but am going to blog about you. My samples on iPad covers here:

  325. rox says:

    Hi John,
    I’d like to win because if you’re offering it as a prize it has to be good! πŸ™‚
    Love your blog!

  326. glenmc says:

    I have been one to question (openly) the value of an iPad/iPad2. Cool/cute, yes, but value, I have been an open doubter. Here’s a great chance to prove me wrong. If at the end of a month I still use my laptop more than the iPad2, I’ll give it back to you. If I am using the iPad2 more, I’ll write about it (FB).


  327. virjog says:


    First of all, thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Not many people hold giveaways, especially for an iPad.

    I don’t believe I deserve the iPad alone; everyone who entered deserves one. However, I just want to have one not so I can show off, but so that I can use it to improve my life. I can manage my life using the device and organize it accordingly. I’m only a student, and I feel the iPad 2 (w/ the cameras and its portability) will be the perfect study tool for me, as well for all students.

    Also, I want to get into the developing race, and I find it necessary to be experienced and well-versed with the iPad. Winning any giveaway would make me filled with joy, but an iPad will make me cry tears of joy. I really hope I win and I hope that the winner, whoever he/she may be, will use it to its full potential.

    Thanks again for the opportunity John. I really appreciate it.

  328. daniel says:

    I am moving to the philippines to start school in may. I will not have a computer to continue to work on my blog. help me out .

  329. amanda h says:

    Would love to win this because I had the first ipad and loved it and had to sell it because I needed the money more… I miss it!! Thanks for the chance

  330. amanda h says:

    following you on twitter @IHeartCupcakes5

    thank you!

  331. Aleksandr says:

    I’ve never won anything like this and I red your site time to time. Just for the justice’s sake may I win this. I also don’t have any device from Apple, I use Nokia for my phone needs (and mp3 playback too), my computer is Asus. Who knows – this iPad may become my first step in transforming into Apple-zombie :))

  332. Luis Morales says:

    I need to win this because I’m selling my first generation Ipad.

  333. Rose says:

    Following you on Twitter
    Friended you on Facebook
    Twittered: Weddingzillas #JCiPadGiveaway John Chow is giving away an Ipad

    I want an I Pad, but can’t afford one at this time. My brick and mortar store was just closed and I’m blogging my brains out in the corner of one of the rooms. If I had an IPad, I could rejoin the world!

  334. lee says:

    i want to have an iPad, please…
    follow you on FB and Twitter

  335. Safal sha says:

    A Nice Giveaway I liked you on FB and post it on my account & Tweeted it!/safalsha/status/48278010268368896
    i think i met all the contest requirements. Wishing Good Luck for all !!!

  336. Eric says:

    I hope to win your iPad 2 so that I don’t have to wait until I’m able to access my PC at home in order to catch your latest blog post. =)

  337. Nikole Gipps says:

    I tweeted and FBed but my comment here got lost ….

    I want an iPad so my kids (5 and 2) can rock the alphabet like this kid!
    We could use it to read stories at bedtime and listen to all the audiobooks I bought for them on iTunes. (The Cat in the Hat and other stories is one of their favorites – John you should get it for your daughter!)
    They like looking at pictures of places we’ve gone too, and fun stuff we did.

  338. kanoun omar says:

    I hope to win your iPad 2 because I am really interested in it

  339. anitha says:

    when the winner will be announced

  340. Ari says:

    Like you on facebook – Done
    Follow you on twitter – Done

    Why I should win this contest?
    Because it is almost impossible for me to buy it. I am still using Old PC to make money online. I hope God bless me so I can be one of the lucky winner

  341. ALOULEN says:

    Why I should win this contest?
    Because it is almost impossible for me to buy it. I am still using Old PC to make money online. I hope God bless me so I can be one of the lucky winner

  342. deanna says:

    I would like to be the lucky winner so I can easily communicate with my family and friends while I am out of the country working as a nanny (it’s a lot smaller than a desktop computer)

  343. deanna says:

    like you on facebook
    follow on twitter @

  344. Lauren McCoy says:

    I should win so I can facetime with all my friends and family. πŸ™‚

  345. a5v19 says:

    Deploying of such contests is a brilliant idea,especially when the prizes are tempting!Anyone who has the spirit of competition deserves to win!More than that,I think I sholud win this beautiful prize because I’m a big fan of yours and I really appreciate your efforts!Congratulations and…keep up the good work!:)

  346. Gabriella Vargas says:

    I would be honored to win an iPad from you because I have yet to own anything Apple Related. Never owned an ipod, nano, touch, iphone, iPad, macbook–>Nothing (what can I say. I enjoy my HP Laptop, Microsoft Zune and Blackberry Storm). I really want to discover what everyone is talking about with these apple products and walk around without a big computer bag on my shoulder. Thanks for considering.

  347. Weiwei Qian says:

    followed on facebook and twitter. and send the tweet with hashtag

  348. ahmadhaikal says:

    huhu. i hope i’m still not late to try it.

  349. SuperMunk says:

    WOOHOO! Free iPad 2~ w0t?! Sweet.
    Met previous requirements too; done & done ( ο½₯ Ο‰ο½₯)

    Behold! A list of reasons I should win it!

    1- Not enough cute girls win in
    2- I’ve never owned anything by Apple so really, this would be my gateway Apple product.
    3- Not only do I β™₯, but it was truly the one site that first piqued my interest in blogging and got the proverbial entrepreneurial ball rolling for me. #lifechanging
    4- If I don’t win, every baby in the world is automatically synced to cry at the same time.
    5- See #1.

  350. Kelsey Brown says:

    Hey John! I am absolutely dying for an ipad 2. It would really help me out since my fiance is currently in the army and since we don’t get to see each other very often, the facetime feature would really help us out greatly. He’s already got an iphone 4, but I can’t afford one so I’ve really been aching for this ipad 2 so we can facetime! I’m also a college student with a low budget, so being able to buy e-textbooks would really help me out as well.


  351. I think I deserved this award because you do not have a laptop, and this thing goes in the culture and communicate with others, I type my comment to you in a computer of my brother, because of the lack of proprietary computer . πŸ™

  352. dillan says:

    i should own the ipad 2 because i have never owned an apple product before and i would like to have a apple ipad 2 to be the first apple product that i own it would be an honor to have one

  353. Alex says:

    Why I should win this contest?
    Because I would really like to use it for work and carry my portfolio with me everywhere I go instead of having to email it all the time. Great for job interviews…

  354. Joel says:

    i was in Israel when the iPad 2 came out. I would love to win this; and on top of that i just turned 27 on the 14th. hey its worth a shot. thank you.

  355. Hey loser give me your Ipad 2 so I can sell my old one to some schmuck who can barely keep up with the times!

  356. Ryan says:

    I really want to win an iPad 2 because… my friend has one, and keeps telling me how great it is. I’m pretty jealous.

    I look forward to seeing who wins, and I hope that it’s me! (because winning an iPad is cooler than buying one! πŸ˜‰

  357. Edward Stone says:

    I would love an Ipad 2 because they are the sexiest tap around!!! also i am currently a media student and i would love i device i could shot and record videos on quick and easy. futhermore the bragging right that come with having an IPAD is awesome! This would change the way a i view technology!!!

  358. morgan powell says:

    Hey, love your fb page and soon to follow u on twitter. I never thought someone would do this or y, but u know the world is not full of selfish people, which can be a pro to a lot of people. But u will make some happy campers, haha. So i think that i should get a new ipad because im just starting college and im going to be a manager of a business called junk force. And im going to be ALL over the place!! im going to need a device that will help me with my work and schooling. And whats better than the worlds #1 one device the ipad. haha i hate all these desperate comments, the worlds become to, well needy. So i come not begging but hoping that you will choose me for one ipad, hope all is well, and God bless.

  359. morgan powell/sirdrake says:

    hey love the twitter page 2!!!

  360. ajel hamza says:

    i’m a Tunisian student in technologies of computer but i don’t have a computer
    i have 21 years and and i need this product so much
    thank you.

  361. meredith says:

    i should win b/c i want an ipad really really bad! pick me please πŸ™‚

  362. meredith says:

    i like you on facebook

  363. meredith says:

    i follow you on twitter

  364. joe says:

    i would love to win the ipad 2 its so fast light and fun

  365. Matt Russell says:

    I just had a baby and lost my wifes wedding band. I need an ipad2 to keep my sanity.

  366. clint says:

    Sorry, I don’t have facebook or twitter so I can’t post, but i’ll spread the word verbally, hope I win

  367. Dan says:

    I’d love to win the Ipad … if only so I would not have to share my laptop at home with my kids πŸ™‚

    Liked your facebook page, followed you on twitter and tweeted with the hashtag you mentioned.

    Good luck to all !


  368. Why I should win:
    I love blogging and it will be cool if I can do it on the go as it is very light to carry around with me. With iPad 2 I can do video recording and video blogging and edit the videos using iMovie which is super cool app to edit videos.
    I can have a great time with my family with all the games or applications that I will be able to download from the App Store.
    I never had an Apple product before, so it will be a great introduction for me.

    Anyway, you have a great site which you’re able to share your knowledge for free to others but still making money out of it. That is super cool. Wish I could do the same.

    1. azamchips Mar 18, 9:10am via Web
      Reading @JohnChow – John Chow dot Com iPad 2 Giveaway – Enter Now! #JCiPadGiveaway

  369. Azlan says:

    I want to win this iPad because i have been having rough days and i need something to cheer me up.

  370. Beth says:

    As a aspiring graphic designer. This device would be perfect for showing my work. Because not only does the screen make graphics look amazing, but it is easy to use. I’ve wanted an Ipad ever since the first generation came out. I truly hope I win this amazing device.

  371. Steve says:

    Would love to win an iPad 2 because if I buy one, I may be considered a traitor since I work for RIM.

  372. Diane Bassette says:

    I would love to win this! I could keep up with all the latest and greatest tech! I’ve heard so much about apps and all the possibilities…I can dream πŸ™‚ @saraminda on twitter

  373. Shariyah says:

    I’d love to win this ipad, thanks so much for the opportunity! I think I should win:
    a) because I love the ipad, and have not been able to get one just yet…
    b) perfect timing, my birthday is April 7th πŸ™‚
    c) I’ve been following your site, and have subscribed to your newsletter, and tho the helpful info you have shared is prize in itself, this would just be icing on the cake!

    Thank you!

  374. I would really love to win this IPad. I love it, I follow your website, subscribed to your newsletter, follow you on twitter for a really long time. Besides that, I live in Brazil , and with all these damn taxes, the IPad price is REALLY HIGH. It’s not affordable right now , I can only dream with it today. :/

  375. I would love to win an iPad 2! An iPad would help me be so much more productive, and I could use it along side my monitor for maximum efficiency!

  376. Sean Yu says:

    I’d love to win an iPad…

    I’m a poor college student and lacking funds, and with my father’s birthday coming up on april 5th, I have a chance to let him feel in with the crowd!

  377. turbo says:

    iPad 2 is a product that I’m looking for right now, but unfortunately I can’t buy on my country and will wait for long time, so please give me one !!


  378. hanifa says:

    it’s a good quetion…. why do I need to win?

    Well it is because I want to win and I really want that ipad and it is not sold here in Algeria

    that’s all

    1. hanifa says:

      I wish I’ll win cause I really need that ipad
      anyway, I’m wating for the results

      thxs jhon

  379. John Owens says:

    I need this so bad because I bought a Galaxy Tab that is terrible. I paid $499 for the Tab and now its down to $199 at Verizon. Please help me recoup some of my money by giving me this awesome Ipad2.

  380. khber says:

    i don’t have money for mother’s day; so i will gives ipad2 to my mother so that it can read newspaper & magazine on her coach

  381. David says:

    I would like to win a ipad2 because they are not available in New Zealand at this stage
    And i also like that the battery life is twice as long.
    I can use it for blogging while traveling around.

    And also i really want it.

  382. Hilke Bohannan says:

    Aloha Jon!
    I REALLY need this iPad 2 because my two year old has completely taken over my iPad 1! When I try to use it in the kitchen for checking recipes, she comes in says “it’s mine!”

    1. Hilke Bohannan says:

      Whoops! I meant John, not Jon…even my editor husband missed it πŸ˜‰

  383. LeeR says:

    As much as I’d love the iPad for me, I’d really like to win it to bring this amazing technology to the people in my life who are otherwise not able to ‘compute’ due to the technology barriers. My elderly aunt, who loves to read, play solitare and connect with the news, has no interest in ‘those computers’, and is largely afraid of the technology. I’ve seen 3 year olds master the ipad & iphone in seconds…I’d hope the ipad would offer her the same intutitive experience that would finally let her see her great-nephews instantly, and read any book (scaled up to large print), and generally find a new tool (maybe a new online community) to engage with and make her life a little easier.

  384. mike says:

    i want! i want! i want to win. but why should i win? because, i hope to win. because, i am subscribed to your email marketing materials. because johnchow[dot]com had me started serious blogging. yeah. reasons aside, i will rest the hope on lady luck…

    – like on FB – checked
    – followed on Twitter – checked…

    oh, there is just one more thing…
    … tweet.

  385. Ting Chang says:

    Hi John πŸ™‚

    I have liked you on Facebook, and I was already following you on twitter (tchang936). And I have tweeted about this contest!

    I should win this awesome iPad 2 because I was one the participants for the workshop, “The Fast and Furious World of Social Media”, you talked in at UBC MiniEnterPrize!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  386. Caroline says:

    I really want to own an ipad. This would be a nice birthday gift if ever. my birthday is on March 24. Please let me win! =)

  387. Najat says:

    Hi there.. this is my first time here..

    I should be lucky to have an iPad 2 one day, I am sure of this..
    This giveaway is a chance I have to take if I am really willing to have an iPad one day!

  388. Danielloniusz says:

    I have never, ever had Apple device πŸ™ I used to test in in one of the Apple’s Store and those devices are amazing! If I had one I would use it instead of typical PC

  389. jeff ray says:

    An iPad 2 would simply be the handiest tool and toy for me. I currently use an iPod touch for my digital drawing and sketching. While a creative outlet, it also is a way I cope with my chronic health issues and pain. But wait, there’s more… an iPad 2 can simply do so much, such as with the new cameras, I can use FaceTime to keep up with my grandchildren scattered around the US.

    Thanks for making this giveaway possible!

  390. I did all you have asked: 1) Liked you on FB, 2), followed you on Twitter 3) Twitted about the contest, linking it to this post and including #text.,

    My health is bad (HepC and degenerating discs in lower back) and I would love to be able to use a computer more easily. The laptop (XP) I have is missing some keys, the speakers do not work and something is happening to the power plug.. It is difficult for me to remain sitting for any length of time. I think the IPad2 would enable me to move around more.


  391. moonhime says:

    Simply a shortcut
    I think that I am Who is eligible

  392. Tina Rath says:

    Never had any type of iPad or iPod before and feel as tho I am really missing out. Would love to win one. Like u on FB as Tina S Rath and follow on Twitter as @sewingmema and tweeted about contest.

  393. Bob says:

    I need one because my baby daughter has confiscated my ipad1!

  394. Teala says:

    I would love to win the iPad 2 to use during our many hours of travel. We are actually getting ready to drive to Alaska from the east coast! Not only would it keep me entertained, but it would keep my 4 year old from throwing a tantrum the entire weeks worth of driving. I need this iPad 2 for my sanity πŸ™‚

  395. Jake Casino says:

    The only tablet i could afford is a composition tablet. iPad 2 :))))

  396. Tris Hussey says:

    Actually I see the iPad2 as a great companion for my wife’s voice students. She can record with GarageBand and play things right back for them. Not to mention the ability to help students compose on it.

    iPads for the arts FTW!

  397. GusF says:

    Since it looks like I’ll be paying the government extra money this year, I don’t think I’ll be able to get an iPad 2 in the next couple of months πŸ™

    I used to be a skeptic of the device, but after having a friend buy one and using it for a few days I began to actually fall in love with the device. It isn’t perfect mind you, but it sure makes things easier.

  398. I need an Ipad 2 because I want to use the multimedia capability of it πŸ™‚

  399. Hi John,

    You bypassed the iPad2 lineup at apple store, I want to bypass the purchase procedure by getting iPad2 from John Chow dot com.

    Followed, Tweeted and Liked.

    Twitter @clickonf5
    Facebook mishra.sanjeev

  400. Lyndsey says:

    Hey John,
    So, I followed all the requirements, like most other hopefuls.
    Now this is to answer your question:
    In all honesty, I would really love to lose my Apple virginity to this nifty lil device. I have long wanted to take a bite out of that forbidden Apple for so long, and cross over from the PC world, into the realm where built-in apps can change the way I work. #soinlove
    Given that I am not a technogeek, and I don’t grow money trees, I cannot afford to have umpteen devices to satisfy my every whimsy. From reading to music, to networking and doing work- this little baby could help me to do it all-in-one. And it’s kinda sleek, too.
    They do say #thebestthingscomeinsmallpackages, right? ;P

  401. Daniel Weiner says:

    I really really want one. πŸ˜€ sorry for not elaborating but this is extremely important to me.

    1. Daniel Weiner says:

      Also, I dunno if you actually need this info, but I liked your facebook profile and am following you on Twitter (@danw13335). Here’s my tweet as well:!/danw13335/status/49976625839878144

  402. Horace says:

    I love the portability of the iPad and the larger screen size compared to the iTouch. Let’s face it, at my age I need the bigger print.

  403. Mark Chauvin says:

    I love reading your posts, John. But I really need the iPad 2. My wife just got out of the hospital on Friday (March 18th) after a stay since January 18. She had surgery on Feb 8 to remove 40% of her large intestine and now has to live for the rest of her life with a colostomy bag. She is still very weak, being so malnourished from the Crohn’s disease. She uses my old 2003 G4 Powerbook but it is on its last leg. Having the iPad would be an awesome gift for her, not having to lift that G4PB. Thanks!

    1. Mark Chauvin says:

      You can read all about her situation here:

  404. I would love to win the iPad 2, so that way I could stop straining my eyes surfing the net on my iPhone 3Gs and stop stealing my husbands iPad 1.

  405. Would love to win an iPad so I can give my iPad 1 to my lovely wife!

  406. Jeff Kee says:

    Recently won an iPad 1 through a contest at a local college – perhaps I’ll get lucky twice in a row!

  407. anitha says:

    everyone waiting but who is that lucky person

  408. Did all of that ..

    1. I would be honest … I never won a big competition so would love to win this iPad 2. I am its huge fan too.
    2. Twitter:!/nkjlive/status/50126544722599936
    3. Fan on Facebook page with name Nitin Kumar Jain and following @nkjlive

  409. Michael says:

    John, I am a big fan. I have been reading your site for years. I deserve to win this because My wife really won’t let me buy one and I NEVER win cool stuff.

    Pick me!

  410. Brian McVay says:

    Hey John, I hope I can win the Ipad2, My wife’s computer died a few months ago and I don’t have the money to replace it, I lost my job last month. Besides it would look like the younger sibling to my MacBook Pro.

  411. Johnny says:

    Hey John, loved the video on the unwrapping and how you bypassed the lines. I actually saw you asking if anyone was interested in going in on the group buy, but then reality hit me. See I definitely do not wear the pants in the relationship and would have been killed if I bought an iPad2.

    I have since been looking everywhere to try and find a way to win one, I even have been filling out those stupid contests online where you get on every list imaginable. The only problem with them is you have to signup for so many different things that I would again be killed having all this garbage come to my house including finally getting my iPad.

    I just ask you to save me from this junk email hell and vote for me to finally allow me the chance to own my very own iPad.


  412. Stephen Headrick says:

    I want to win to the awesomeness that is the iPad. From what I’ve read in reviews, this device is spectacular and I’d love to own one.

  413. jasmine says:

    who is that lucky person.

  414. Shawna Elkins says:

    Liked you on facebook. (Shawna Elkins) Follow you on Twitter. (@Mom2Rylie) and tweeting:!/Mom2Rylie/status/50551707058446336 [email protected]

  415. Deepak Yadav says:

    I am a big fan of yours from the day when i got your free e-book i have read it 10 times and i really love your Blog. I want to be like you i am 17 this time and aim that till 22 i would be a well known face on internet like john chow. You check my blog i describe about you in many posts on my Blog. There are already 400+ comments i don’t know weather i will win or not but i have entered this contest by liking you on facebook and following you on twitter i also posted a tweet about this contest

    Facebook link –
    Twitter – @MoneyMakingBoy7

  416. Deanna says:

    I should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2 because I lost my laptop to my kids in January when their netbook broke. πŸ™

    I like you on Facebook (Deanna Devendorf McClellan) and follow you on Twitter (deanna_j).

    I sent a tweet about the contest on March 23rd from @deanna_j.

  417. James Wilcox says:

    I should win because I’M AWESOME!

    Again with quality contests John, keep up the good work. I already follow you on FB and Twitter.

  418. Yumin Usmoil says:

    You ask yhy? Cause I dont have one! lol

  419. Joanne says:

    I deserve to win this because…. well I just do. The iPad 2 you’re giving away has my name written all over it. And I know you want to give it to ME! πŸ™‚

    I’m going to thank you in advance for such an awesome gift!
    THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

  420. Davey Jones says:

    I think I should win this iPad 2 from Mr. Chow because I’ve never had one.

    I have a new start up e-commerce website and I’m always on the go so it would be nice to have an iPad to make updates etc when I’m not at home on my computer.

  421. Barbara Sandersfeld says:

    I would totally use this every single day in my Early Childhood Special Education classroom with my 5 students who have autism and also the other 11 preschoolers! πŸ™‚

  422. Maher Dosoqi says:

    I am one of your fans & you inspires me.. The iPad would add much fun to my work. I am already following you on twitter and just liked & tweeted about this!

    1. Twitter:!/Maher_Dosoqi/status/50764256379011072
    2. Facebook: dosoqi

  423. Rob Zylstra says:

    hi John!
    Well I think I deserve it because I just spent many hours designing a logo for the Langara Falcons to win an iPad and my design didn’t get picked! I feel hurt and rejected πŸ™
    I would love to win this, pick me! pick me! πŸ˜€

  424. Jen says:

    Hi John Chow! I think I am deserving of the IPad2 πŸ™‚ Why, you ask? I just finished 6 years of very hard work in university, recently graduating with my masters degree in a health care related profession. I have dedicated my life to help others be as independent as possible in their lives, helping them get back to what they love to do most in life! After all this hard work, I was ready to start my career but recently got into a car accident (someone drove into our car) so now I am taking care of myself, trying to get better so I can help others πŸ™‚ I am not earning any income and have lots of time on my hands, so learning all about the IPad2 would help pass the time! Once I eventually start my career, I can use the IPad2 to help me research things for my clients, and help me with my work!

    1. Kaleb Wynne says:

      Now that is what I call deserving of an iPad2!!! John Chow, I officially recommend that you at least let Jen be at the top of your list for this! I know I would πŸ™‚

  425. Angelo Changas says:

    I think i should win is because your twiitter told me not to buy one but WIn one from YOU

  426. Annie F says:

    I can’t say my reason is the best, but its a good read. =P My boyfriend is from southern california and I’m from new jersey. we met gaming on pshome. i know how geeky right. its been a year and half and travelling back and forth has been tiring but worth it. We depend on electronics to keep our relationship strong. I’m moving out to cali in a couple years, but in the meanwhile, videochatting and instant messaging has been vital for us. I want an ipad 2 because he has an iphone. I’d love to use Facetime and play games with him. It also would be great entertainment for the numerous plane rides. Our budget’s tight since plane tickets cost money, and among other things, student loans and a mortgage. Please help me out!

  427. Jonathan says:

    I would like a new ipad 2 bc my sony vaio is like 5 years old and I need to replace it. Plus i deserve it, I volunteer and need some karma payback please. Thank you

  428. I really enjoy reading people’s comments when a giveaway is the reason of the posts but more because it really gives a perspective as to the need for such device that is being given away. I’ll be honest here, since the first time I heard of the “iSlate” [before the iPad launch of course] I considered justa big iPhone/iPod Touch, however, even though my whole perspective towards the iPad product didn’t change much after knowing every aspect of it I do recognize and I love how it handles eBooks! So, my primary reason why I would love to win an iPad is because of iBooks! I know that if my only reason is eBooks I could get a Kindle or any other tablet but none compares to iPad’s software version for eBook. I’m a college student and those of you that still remember how tedious it is to carry around your books between classes, you will agree with me that the iPad would not only a cool way to read my text books but also a more productive way to do so!! Thank you for the opportunity for this giveaway and if I don’t win this time, I do hope I could win in the future! Btw … I wowed when I read you bought 11 iPads! lol

  429. susan smoaks says:

    tony l smoaks on facebook
    i should win this super cool awesome ipad 2 because i love technology but i do not have the budget for it!

  430. camelia says:

    I think I am the most deserving to win because I will submit it as a gift for my sister
    she Is almost going to die to get it
    There is also another reason is I did not win anything in my life and I want to win this time

  431. Ebrahim says:

    i am always participating in contests but never win i want this to be my good omen.

  432. IPad 2 Beautiful and wonderful shape and distinct apple company and a successful and substantial progress in Thank you very much

  433. KP Perkins says:

    I would like to win the iPad2 because it’s a phenomenal piece of technology, my own laptop is in the process of dying, and being out of work, I can’t buy one myself.

  434. pintworks says:

    i haven’t had a chance to own one yet so… ima curious.
    following on twitter and liked on fb.

  435. Dan says:

    I need one so I can keep up to date on technology, my pocket book cant afford one.
    That is why I still use a windows 95 computer. help me please!

  436. Hardy says:

    Hi John,

    Why I should the one to get the iPad?
    Here are the list of why:
    1. I’ve liked you (that don’t sound right…lol).
    2. I’ve followed you (that sound like I’m a stalker), I’ve tweeted (is this even a word) about you and I even tweeted about this competition.
    3. I make you money (I bought your product).
    4. I’m your student (I’m a member of Blog Profit Camp).
    5. I can use an iPad to showcase my products and services to my offline clients.
    6. I’ll use the iPad to promote your products.
    7. iPad is cool.
    8. John Chow is cool.

    I hope that list is enough why for your to choose me, especially that last why.

    Let me know when you’re back to Vancouver (or Richmond) for a PhoDotCom and I’ll come.



  437. I’m deserving to win the iPad ’cause I know it will be a great help to my study and social life . This April 8 I will finally step up on stage to receive my high school diploma. I’m really eager and excited but I don’t know if it will last until this commencement exercises last. I might stop or will not be able to pursue my study on college for some financial problems. My parents hardly earn money for my education because they don’t have a stable job. If ever I get into college, I’ll be taking Information Technology. It requires a computer for a lot of researches and I know that iPad, as a personal stuff, will do a great help for me . I hope to grant me this iPad and I will promise you to give my gratitude forever. THank you so much.. I will do all the things that you require just to win this iPad.

  438. Sam Walters says:

    I should win because I am a huge fan of apple, but cannot afford to buy any of their products. All of my friends have at least one apple product and I feel left out. It would also make my work a lot easier to do

  439. Ali Holt says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the Ipad 2 because I have a husband in medical school and a TON of student loans. This is not in our budget ( obviously) and would love to have a “splurge” item…especially now that I have a one year old. Talk about awesome having Baby Einstein to play for the baby on my Ipad 2 while grocery shopping! πŸ™‚

  440. Ali Holt says:

    i follow you on twitter! (@ali_holt)

  441. Ali Holt says:

    i like you on facebook! ali hair holt

  442. DonTed says:

    Why I would like to win this contest? It’s very simple: I’ve never touch an iPad so I don’t and didn’t have one. Feel free to give me this amazing iPad 2 πŸ™‚

  443. i always watch people walking and working withe a ipad and i don’t have maney to buy one but i am happy to be in this compitition.

  444. I need an iPad because I’m 12, and want to use it for school!

  445. priscilla says:

    An iPad would help me in my scholastic endeavors. I’m a broke college student, and having such ease of access on campus would be ideal (it would possibly raise my grades and cut down prices from having to buy books–I’d switch to e-books!). I gotta win! Thanks!

  446. Donna K says:

    I am a nice girl, so I should win. πŸ™‚ I have been wanting an ipad for a long time.
    I follow you and like you. I tweeted:

  447. Christine Jensen says:

    I should win because as a mother to five children I need a little escape now and then and and ipad 2 would be perfect for a little me time ( and help me. Keep their crazy schedules strait!)

  448. C. Loftus says:

    I should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2 because I can never afford the latest gadgets. I’ve never even seen and iPad before. It would be great to have the device for web surfing, e-books, and for when I go back to school.

    I’ve liked you on Facebook.
    I’ve followed you on Twitter.
    I’ve retweeted, here:!/greeneyezmpa/status/52378276596957184.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  449. Rayvonne Johnson says:

    Followed all the directions now I would like to answer why I should be the lucky winner of this contest. This tablet will allow me to embark on a door to door salesman project. Winning will allow me to use the Ipad2 to video , edit and show proof instantly to clients which will help me to close potential sales

  450. Kate Kutny says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the Ipad 2 because it will help me market something to people. And I know my sales would be higher, and with the money I earn, I will make a larger donation to Japan to help them out because they are struggling really bad right now!

    I’m already a friend to you on Twitter and Facebook. I can retweet posts for you and tell my friends on Facebook about you as well.

    πŸ™‚ Kate

  451. Melissa Kraemer says:

    Hey John!

    I would love the Ipad because I never have nice things! I just moved in to my “new” apartment built in the 60’s….it came complete with a pamphlet on lead poisoning (I wish I were kidding).

    So, I want to spend my final years (before the lead kills me) adding something modern to my life! Please and thank you πŸ™‚

  452. Akhilesh says:

    I want IPad because my last comment was not approved . I deserve a payback πŸ™‚

  453. You need to hand me one of those swank new iPad 2 you plan on giving away! I need them to use as a giveaway for my very contest!

    Thanks in advance! =)

  454. dharamendra singh says:

    i completed all the requirements….
    i must get the ipad 2 because although i want it very badly but can’t buy it myself πŸ™ for some reasons…… lets see.

  455. Stephanie says:

    Hmmmm… “Why” should I be the lucky winner of your iPad2 giveaway? I always feel bad by giving a “Woe is me” story.. But here it goes, extremely short version… I’m a widowed Mom of 3 little girls; My late-Husband died 2wks before our twin daughters were born. Luckily he had a fairly decent job (but wasn’t able to qualify for Life Insurance- Congenital Heart Defect), and I have been able to stay at home and raise our daughters. Ofcourse that doesn’t leave any kind of money to “play” with.. Which means no Vacations, no Remodeling or Home Improvements (aka- Maintenance), and a very limited “new” anything. So. Since I will more than likely never, ever be able to afford any of the new FUN tech stuff (apple-iP’s, gaming systems, etc!).. I’m hoping to WIN them for us instead :O)
    Following, Spreading the LUV, Liking & Sharing~* @Mommy3G

  456. Robert says:

    Hey John! πŸ™‚
    I want to win an iPad 2!
    I am a fan of John Chow and i enjoy apple products.
    If i win this iPad 2 be able to watch all my fav John Chow videos and and go on my fav website
    Thanks a TON!

  457. Madhawa says:

    I desperately need your ipad because i never had an ipad and my ipod is broken currently plzz plzz plzzz πŸ™‚ I really appreciate it Thank You

  458. tmariucci says:

    I want an iPad 2 because I think that it would help improve the way that I take notes at school.

  459. Boemo Hansen says:

    with an iPad I would finally have something to smile about in my dull and dreary life… I would finally be able to start the blog I’ve always meant to start, but never got around to… I would finally own something of which I am proud…
    I yearn with every fiber of my being for an iPad 2… for all of the above… but mainly because, if I do win, it would be a sign of spring and hope in the coming year….

  460. DΓ‘niel Simai says:

    I want an iPad 2 because It is a really useful and awesome gadget. I would use it for some music work or something like that. I really like the Garage Band, I think it is a very nice software both for musicians and both who don’t play any instrument. And the iPad 2 is really good for watching movies. Thats all I think. I want to win because I can’t afford an iPad 2.

    Sorry for my English!
    Greetings from Hungary! πŸ˜‰

  461. Dan says:

    I work for a church as a media director. Use Macs and this would help workflow, presentations and personal study. Would love to use one while I minister to others.

  462. timothinho says:

    Dear John Chow,

    I think I should win because I’m the biggest apple fanboy in the universe that don’t have any apple product πŸ™

    I want iPad 2 so bad! πŸ™‚


  463. Kelli B. says:

    Hi, John! I followed you on Facebook and Twitter and also tweeted with your site (iPad 2 giveaway post) and the hashtag.
    I would absolutely love to win an iPad 2 because I’m gadget freak. I love to try any and all gadgets that I can. The iPad 2 seems like an amazing device and I can see where it would come in handy for so many things. I love surfing the web, watching TV shows on Netflix and playing games, so I think the iPad 2 and I would be a perfect match.

    This is an extremely generous giveaway, thank you so much for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  464. Geiger says:

    Nobody hear seems to be honest enough to win an iPad 2. I could use it because I’m too cheap to buy my own. Quite frankly John, I don’t think you are really all that evil anymore. Time to pass the crown to me buddy.

    Also John, I would like you to install the Invisi-shield for me. You do such a nice job! I think it’s because of you all the time you use to spend folding IDE cables. πŸ˜‰

  465. The iPad 2 would be fantastic for my 5-year-old. He is a whiz with my iPhone and excels at some really interesting educational games. I think the IPad would be an much better experience for him.


  466. iSSa says:

    * Twitter follower – CHECK! been your follower since 2009, I think.. πŸ™‚
    * Tweeted!
    * Facebook fan – DONE!
    * Why should I get the iPad 2? Because our daughter hijacked our laptop so she can watch and play her toddler videos and games. And no other gadget can persuade her to return our laptop to us except the iPad- kids these days, LOL! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity John! Hope we win! AJA!!

  467. Thomas says:

    I should win an Ipad since it would be my first Apple product.
    Followed and sent a twiter msg at 0600 CST.
    Already a fan.


  468. Jack Wilson says:

    Facebook and Twitter Friend/ Fan, and tweeted as per your request! Why should I win the IPad ? Well I don’t own a computer, I live in an Old Folks Home in KY due the fact that I have Parkinson’s Disease. I have to use the community computer! I only get $40 per month to live on so I’ll never be able to buy a computer.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an IPad!

    Jack Wilson

  469. Ummmmmm, I think that I should be the winner (actually I recommend you to make me the winner..haha) because:
    1. I’m new to blogging, this win will inspire me a lot.
    2. When I win, I’ll showcase my winning (and your blog) in my blog and to all my friends and families (I”m bribing you…haha again)
    3. I’m from Nepal…where all facing energy crisis and 14 hrs daily load shedding, so I desperately need it to maintain my blog.
    4. If I win, I’ll probably be the first in my country to get an iPad personally shipped and that too by the famous JC.

    My Twitter profile is suramyakhanal, facebook on suramyak.
    Wow, it was really nice to comment like this…haha!!

  470. I think I should win. Because I would be very useful to blog anywhere and everywhere possible. Don’t you think?

    I can’t really carry a desktop computer around can I?

  471. Nicole Richards says:

    following, here’s my link:

    liked and shared on facebook

    I would love to win an iPad2 and continue to keep up to date with current events even while out. Thank you for giving up this opportunity!

  472. Nicole Richards says:

    Following, here’s my link:

    Liked and shared on facebook

    I would love to win an iPad2 and continue to keep up to date with current events even while out.

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  473. Darryl Lee says:

    Would love to win an iPad 2 so that my kids can play with my current iPad. ;-}

  474. Vijay Kumar says:

    Goal: Win an iPod from JC

    As a reminder, that If you want something you can…..
    Getting ahead of the line….


  475. Phillip says:

    Hello Mr Chow..

    It’s not so much why i would love to win an I-pad. Though i would. I Really Really Would

    It’s more that an I-pad would love to win Me !

    You see, unfortunatley im a New World Slacker…

    So To Be Given an opportunity to Take a step Into the world Of Technology with

    An I-pad .. Would be A Great introduction for me….

    So Thankyou for this opportunity.. A BRAVE NEW WORLD AWAITS ME

    TWITTER.. teaandscones666

  476. Matt Bowen says:

    I need to get my wife something really special for Mother’s Day/her birthday, and an iPad2 would fit the bill swimmingly!

  477. Eric Dahlquist says:

    I would really appreciate winning an Ipad 2 because of its endless possibilities. I could use an Ipad to read novels and newspapers, listen to music, surf the web, watch movies, play games and apply it to my career. I could take picture and chat with friends. I have never had an IPad or tablet device before due to a lack of monetary funds. I would make great use of an Ipad 2 and I hope to win.


  478. dave says:

    I’m still using an EMachine from the late 1990’s! It’s time I warped into the new world of tech, and could have my information with me at work and when I travel. following on FB Dave Levin and twitter @mailmandave11

  479. I am a john chow reader for a while now!! im also a radio intern and music blogger who is trying to get big in the business!! and the iPad would help beyond imensley. All the apps and everything. Please help me make my future easier in music. This would make my job 100000000x easier. Also would help with school. Thank you for giving me the chance!!!
    Twitter; Following!!!
    Facebook: Check!!!


  480. Eric Hammer says:

    Hi John, the reason I should win is simple: I never win anything. Plus, I really wanted to see what you thought of my blog in your webinar the other day but you ran out of time and this would be a nice consolation prize ;). Seriously, I love your stuff and of all the people who’s blogs and Email lists I follow, yours is definitely the one I pay the most attention to.

  481. Zachariah Handran says:

    I’m starting college soon and my goal is a master in psychology. Then working at a youth ranch then a doctoret. For this I will need to write a lot of papers. I find it easier to write with a pen and paper. The ipad will inable me to write any were without running out of ink, led, or paper. I also write as a hobby and would love to just sit and write without interuption. Plus the other apps will help in my every day life. I live in a family of 6, I’m the oldest of 4 brothers. Things get chaotic a round here and on ipad would diffuse some of it. Thank you for the opportunity to win an ipad and I hop you take your time looking at all these entries.

  482. My wife bought me an Ipad 1 for Christmas but she uses it all day every day. So if I win the Ipad 2 i’m sure i’ll get a look at my Christmas gift.

  483. Dana Urban says:

    I think I should win because I need a more comfortable way to work on my new website, read your blogs and e-books. The IPad 2 would allow me a change of scenery once in a while to keep me fresh with new ideas. I already follow you on Twitter and Like you on Facebook – wish me luck.
    Dana Urban
    Fusion mind…body…spirit

  484. Jeff says:

    Why should I be the lucky winner of iPad 2?
    Being a PC enthusiast and gadget lover, iPad 2 is one essential gadget to have.
    And iPad 2 is the only thing missing is my hands. and if I win, John Chow, you would have remove one of the things in my list. Thanks in advance! ^_^

    Twitted, followed and liked you.

  485. Kylie says:

    I’d like to win because : 1. iPads are cool. 2. Winning is cool. 3. Winning an iPad would be really cool. (I’m also excited by the fact that anyone pretty much anywhere can win!)

  486. Norman says:

    I should win the iPad because we’re both Chinese and you gotta help out a Chinese brotha!
    Plus I would really really love to have one.

    Pleeeeassee. =)

  487. because i’m asian!

  488. Benny Wildey says:

    Wow.. so many entries.. how will you choose?

    I’m restructuring my life as I know it.. starting fresh and the iPad would add a nice touch πŸ˜‰

    With Gratitude.. Benny

  489. BryStearns says:

    John, I DESERVE this Ipad2, because I have earned it! Not only that, if I get it, then I can take you with me where ever I go, seeing as my phone’s internet is crap, but that’s a different story.

    Also, I should clarify, I don’t want to physically take you with me where ever I go, cause that would be awkward. And weird. And more than likely kidnapping. But let’s not split hairs.

  490. Fazal Mayar says:

    I should win because I never had a worthy gadget since a while and Im a poor student with no money ! πŸ™ I am a nice guy in general, I just have a lot of bad habits but I would make sure to buy a invisible shield for the ipad 2 as showin in your tutorial that you posted lately and take care of that little gem!

    PS: John, I did everything in your instructions by the way. You can confirm with me if you want. and thanks for the reminder i didnt know it was the last day!

  491. One of my volunteer university students named Jared has worked hard & tirelessly for 2 years in our charity. His birthday is Saturday and I would love to repay him for his dedication and hard work in helping children get clean water in the Highlands of Guatemala.

    He would leverage this tool to save more children’s lives in developing countries.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity John.

  492. Michael says:

    Hi John, the reason I should win this Ipad 2 is because I’m a hard working student in dire need of an equipment upgrade. I will use this Ipad 2 in graphic design/UX, web & app development, and of course Internet Marketing. I have so much potential for success but this laptop from 2003 just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Trust me when I say I’ll return the favor with testimonials, JVs, and more! My twitter is _masterpiece_ and my facebook is

  493. Why should I be the winner?
    People are hard to seduced that they can make a living in Internet.
    Showing them my new iPad2 will be the hard-to-denial proof…
    -If you have tried hard enough, may be you would have what you want!-


  494. Hey John. I could really use an iPad 2 so that I could run a contest giving away an iPad 2 to the person who makes the best comment on my site about why they need an iPad 2. Do you follow me? haha πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, I find your content very valuable. Keep up the good work!

  495. Jim says:

    I have been a long time follower, and bought a few of your affiliate programs you recommended. But that isn’t the important thing, the most important thing is that after a few years of sitting on the fence, it was a post of yours a few months ago that really made me dive right into the blogosphere.

    I liked you, followed you on twitter. and after I submit this comment, I will be tweeting your hashtag.

    Thanks for everything,

  496. Anthony M. says:

    Hey John, I’m on twitter as jamccloud76 , and at I’ve been in IT Infrastructure for about 10 years now, and have recently decided to go back to school and finish my degree. I’m currently studying multimedia design and management. As a full-time network admin, part-time college student, and father of 2 great boys, an iPad 2 would be very helpful. Take care!

  497. Julie says:

    Hi John, You should pick me to win the iPad 2 because having it will mean at the end of a long day of working in an uncomfortable position on a bulky laptop… it would mean being able to view your ebook on a smaller, easy to read and manage device (while on the back porch sipping a marguarita!)…. which will result in actually being able to focus on your material and follow your advice… which will ultimately make me $40,000 a month…. a lot of which I’ll then be able to give back to the community… and people will ask, “How did you come to earn this vast amount of income?”… and all I’ll have to say is two words. John Chow. You’ll be this decades Yoda. πŸ™‚

  498. I did all things you wanted me to do
    – clicked – Like
    – followed You
    – sent the Tweet
    — now where is my iPad2? — LOL

  499. Hi John. My wife has wanted an iPad for awhile. We’ve just got separated, but I’d still like to give one to her.

  500. Symonecurry says:

    I will be the winner because I am speaking it into existence !!

  501. Ker Meier says:

    Hi John,

    Facebook Like – Check
    Twitter Tweet – Check (I rarely use Twitter, so my 2 followers won’t be much help, sorry)

    Why I would like the iPad 2?
    Well reading the comments here, I get shivers when people don’t really know why they want it, or would just give the 500$ device to their 5 year old.

    I am an independent Web Developer (times are hard though – I’m barley surviving, that’s why I read your blog) and have recently started developing small games for iOS devices.
    Unfortunately my 3 year old iPhone 3G is not capable of running those games, so I can only simulate them on my Laptop while programming them. Which is ok, but I can’t see what they feel like or if they have performance issue on an iOS device.
    For that reason it would help me out a lot if I could get my hand on an iOS device such as the iPad 2.
    As I am a Web Developer it would also help me to see my website on an iPad so I can optimize them.

    Don’t get the wrong idea, although I can develop websites and small tools/games, I don’t have much money, other else I would have bought the iPad 2 myself.
    One of the reasons I came across your blog is how I could use my web development skills and actually make money with blogs.

    I moved from Europe to Vancouver in January and I’m here on a 12 months working Visa, hoping to stay here for good tough. I noticed you are living in Vancouver as well. According to your mailing list, you were living just around the corner from me (I’m at corner of Quebec Street and National) but I saw your address has changed and you moved down to Richmond now πŸ™‚ Hope you like it there.

    Ker Meier

    1. Ker Meier says:

      Oh sorry, here is the twitter link, so you can confirm.!/KerMeier/status/53320056247037952

  502. Julie says:

    I have long been wanting to have a gadget for myself. I never had the means to buy one for myself. Hope by this giveaway, I can have something I could call my own.
    1) been following you on twitter!/jules6742
    2) liked on FB
    3) Tweeted about the ipad giveaway!/jules6742/status/53325790401675264

  503. Hi John,
    It was good to talk to you and your guest the other day… great seminar. As for the iPad2, well, it would be great to have a real mobile computing platform to check your site with!
    Thanks for putting this contest on, folks can use your gifts!
    My twitter is begin9now and facebook

  504. Mats says:

    Hello John,
    The iPad will be my John Chow University at the Gym! How?:
    I do 60 min workout on these stair machines, and instead of wasting that time watching TV, the iPad 2 makes me even more creative watching Internet Marketing Education in .mp4 format, (converted with the free app “Youtube Downloader”)
    so I can be a resource to help others to their succeess.


  505. Ixrel @ BBI says:

    This contest giving away an iPad 2……Now this is SO TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! I just want to use it for some really huge help on my blog for contests and especially the apps. The Apple store said they have AWESOME apps for the iPad. If I win by luck, that would be TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

  506. Jauhari says:

    This iPad 2 will be me πŸ˜‰

  507. Grace says:

    Hi John,
    I’d love to meet you,
    please choose me
    to win the iPad 2!

    (I’m dying to test out the HD video function on the iPad as well, very curious to see how it turns out quality wise as well as how it fares when edited!)

    Thanks for being so generous & having this contest πŸ™‚


  508. Daniel Ruggiero says:

    Hi there John, I’ve somehow subscribed to your e-mails and have been going on your web site ever since. I figured I would take the chances of winning an iPad 2! I have always wanted one of these amazing devices but the price exceeds my wallet. I would like to use it for school to record notes on and browse the web on my free time. It would be a device that could come in great help as I begin my junior year in college. This is when all class works gets tedious because I begin my upper-level classes. An iPad would keep me very organized with it’s multitude of features. I have subscribed to your Twitter and Facebook page and tweeted what you requested to be tweeted. Hopefully, I have a great chance in this contest. I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of your blog posts. Thank you. Take care.

    Daniel Ruggiero

  509. Larry H. says:

    Winning an iPad 2 would be fantastic. I never bought an iPad 1; they’re just too expensive..of course, maybe your ebook will help teach me to earn enough money to buy an iPad 2 since my odds of winning are very low. If I DO win, I am buying a Zagg; they look awesome. I follow you on twitter as @cakeblast and “Like” your blog on Facebook –

    I also tweeted with the hashtag. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

    cakeblast [ at ] gmail {dot} com

  510. Hamidah says:

    I would love to win an iPad but I’ve never been that lucky. Whatever I have, what little I have, I’ve had to work for it. No freebies for me, except perhaps my cell phones…birthday gifts from my daughter or sister. Or hand me down phones when the previous one can no longer work. But I’m ok with it.
    I’ve seen the iPad and thought how wonderful to have one thing that can do so many things. Makes traveling so light. I hope someone really deserving wins it.

  511. Lavern says:

    I wanna win the iPad 2 because i am a tech blogger but hey! i’ve never seen and touch an iPad in my whole life. It may sound funny but i have not owned any Apple gadgets. before. If i win, it would be the greatest gift from John Chow and Apple too! Goodluck to us all!

  512. Laurie says:

    A reason I should win? Well, I’m a BIG fan in your entourage, and with the warmer weather coming, I’m a cool breeze!

    But seriously, John… I’m a self-employed graphic designer. Since I don’t have a laptop, my cool factor is greatly diminished as I currently have to ask my clients to bring their laptop to a meeting so I can show them my latest design work. An iPad 2 would answer that problem and blow other portfolio presentations right out of the water! This win would then be a big win-win for me and my clients. And when I like something, I make sure EVERYONE hears about it!! I go to a lot of meetups and between this and social media, I’ll be sure to let everyone know I won!

  513. lasuardi says:

    errr, I don’t ever think that this stuff will come to my country, especially to me..
    and if that gonna really happen to me, wow, that will be a surprise!!

    if you can prove that this ipad 2 will be mine, so, I deserve to get this ipad 2. πŸ™‚



  514. Manuel Oliva says:

    With this iPad, it would surely boost up any of my current work and industry needs. Speciall relating to IT services, websites, design and multimedia. With this I can surely can cope up with todays demanding needs of mobility.With the iPad’s capabilities, that are sure to suit all of todays IT,Web, multimedia and even personal needs, all is covered.Added the fact that ipad’s maybe a bit hard to order now,when it is sold out,specially in my location.

    Definitely this will boost and help in leveraging my current startup business in the Web industry.Add also that having this one is a sure “stature” plus.

  515. Wilman says:

    Hello John, I always receive your email via my account [email protected]. Now i’m very interested how you offer the iPad for some people without any problem. Seriously, i’m get motivated to follow you. The last 2 days i learn do dig ‘something’ from I will show to other people how i get my iPad from John Chow. You know, i’m living in Indonesia, and the thing like iPad is a very luxurious stuff. Now i’m planning my website (it’s Under Construction – hopefully in a few more days launched). You’ll see the link to so other people like me can learn John Chow be the best known people who get the income over $40,000 per month by blogging.
    Now, i currently follow you in twitter, wilmanbhigu1108 and facebook.

  516. I love Apple products & iPad 2 is one of them. Can’t spend my whole money on that, so want to win it πŸ™‚

    RT LINK :!/tospost/status/53347750154211328
    Twitter ID for Confirmation : @tospost
    FB ID for Confirmation : @mani0993

  517. Raghu says:

    I have been a great admirer of Apple products especially the iPad Series these days…
    I just see it in other’s hands…but nw I want to see it in my hands….
    My fingers are crossed for the results…

    Itz u JOHN who can make my admiration to bcme TRUE!!!

    Following u @twitter n liked ur page @fb…
    Tweeted here,

  518. Ome says:

    Hi John πŸ™‚

    The reason why I should win the Ipad2 is I will use it to promote you as numero uno pro blogger right here in Malaysia … you are still relatively unknown here and I will put in your name at the back of the ipad2 and use it everywhere …

    My facebook profile that likes your FB page – Azmir Ismail
    My twitter that follows @JohnChow – omecool20

  519. Darryl Tott says:


    The opportunity to win the ipad 2 competition is like taking the stabilizers of my first bike. Let me explain.

    Stabilizers allow someone me to ride a bike but restrict me on how far I can go and what can be achieved, they are used to prop me up and hold the bike steady allowing me to practice. Currently I work 8 – 7 everyday, this is the support (stabilizer) on my internet journey providing me the full time income currently to per sure affiliate marketing and blogging for a living. The lack of mobility comes from owning an IMac and being able to work during my lunch breaks at work, much like the anchor points that stabilizers act as.

    Once stabilizers are removed from a bike there is always a time when I was unsteady, however I found my technique and formula and become location independent and became better at riding. Winning the Ipad would be the step to remove the stabilizers, my job, my providing me valuable time and location independence to take my online venture to the next level. It would allow me to follow the principals you have taught, consistent, regular and informative updates. The small unsteadiness would be when I eventually could leave my regular employment and settle into making a full time income online.

    The ipad 2 would provide me so much more than a piece of well engineered machinery and software. It would provide me the opportunity to become a better blogger, to make a different to the internet and to set β€œMy World! My Rules!” as said by the great πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for reading this post


    1. Darryl Tott says:

      **Apologies about the above, it was written at night and posted before work. This was the draft version, please see my official entry below”


      The opportunity to win the ipad 2 competition is like taking the stabilizers of my first bike. Let me explain.

      Stabilizers allowed me to ride my bike, but restricted me on how far I could go and what I could achieve, the stabilizers propped me up and held the bike steady allowing me to practice. Currently I work 11 to 13 hours days, this is my stabilizers paying me a full time salary allowing me to support my journey to making a full time income online. The restriction of mobility comes from owning an IMac and only being able to work from home, like stabilizers not allowing me on the road, I am unable to work on my online business during my commute, during my lunch breaks or when I am away from home.

      Once the stabilizers were removed I was initially unsteady, but free to find a technique and style of my own and found location independence. Winning the ipad 2 would be the step to remove my current stabilizers, my job, by providing me valuable time and location independence to take my online venture to the next level. It would allow me to follow the principals you have taught; consistency, regularity, adding value and making the internet a better place. The small unsteadiness would be when I eventually can leave my regular employment and settle into making a full time income online, taking that step and taking my business to the next level.
      The ipad 2 would provide me so much more than a piece of well engineered machinery and software. It would provide me the opportunity to become a better blogger, to make a difference to the internet and to set β€œMy World! My Rules!” as said by the great John Chow πŸ˜‰

      Plus if you are in the UK I will give you a tour of the technology center where I work. See if you can remember what company from Vegas!

      Thank you for reading this post


  520. AhTim says:

    Hi John,
    Please count me in the game. I like FREE things πŸ™‚
    I deserve to win because:
    1. I’m your royal reader since years ago
    2. To read Johnchow’s blog anywhere anytime
    3. To blog anywhere anytime in the world
    4. To believe FREE things from Internet is possible!

    Already liked your facebook and follow twitter since years ago. Tweeted too.

  521. Ana says:

    Hey, I have been a fan for the longest and I really need one because imagine how difficult it is to get through everyday without a laptop. GASP! Yes , I know, where have I been but the ipad is the answer to m prayers.
    I would be forever in your debt.


  522. Aaron Ang says:

    Hi John,

    This would be the first time ever commenting on your blog as i’ve been really struggling online to make decent bucks like you do. What you’ve done, your videos are truly an inspiration to all. I guess 2010 last year was a setback for me where i was down, unlucky and above all in a lot of trouble. I’m guessing after following your blog more, i truly realize the greatest potential of being a giver instead of a receiver. “If someone can add value to another persons life, they will be blessed” and i quote you are one of them. When i started sharing, giving, it made me connect with many friends across facebook regardless creed age or race. They’ve empowered me, shared their strategies tips and everything about life to me and its a great feeling to be a giver.

    I spend my time harvesting and gathering information all across the web and later offering it to others for free. In four months, after following a few mentors, John mainly one of them, i’m seeing breakthrough in everything i do.

    I guess i would be one of the last few to enter this contest. I don’t expect to win anything but at least this is a single chance and any chances count. I know i might sound like a person who sucks up, but truly there is no need too. Over the years, you’ve seen many comments thanking John for always sharing Good GOLD nuggets all in his blog, how he changed his life through taking the leap of faith online.

    I will always be a supporter of John in all that he does, although i don’t say i’ve been following all his blogs being a silent reader, absorbing all the knowledge, wisdom, experience he has accumulated all over the years. I appreciate all the effort John puts into his works!

    Towards All Your Success,

  523. Selina Wing says:

    Hi John,

    I wish to win iPad 2 because I am Deaf person who really want to chat with my friends via the sign language in iPad 2! Imagine if the Deaf people prefer to use FaceTime, they can see the bigger screen than iPhone 4! They will enjoy to communicate with their Deaf friend via sign language. I should use this iPad 2 as my office work while I am blogger and working freelance! πŸ˜€ Not many Deaf get jobs with high salary because this is barrier communication between hearing and Deaf in world.

    I always get your articles via email. It is very informative and talk everything about the internet networking so interesting! πŸ˜€ I also hope that I can become like you!

  524. Lin says:

    I am entering this contest knowing that there is no chance I will win. But why am I trying again?

    Well. It is because
    1) I am new to John Chow dot Com and
    2) John Chow has shown that he can do anything, so I want to believe that I can do it too. I want to believe that if I keep on trying, maybe luck will hit me, even if just once.

    Followed on Facebook and Tweeted.
    Waiting for luck to happen (while not giving up on hope!)

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  525. John says:

    Blogging on the Go! I’ve got this idea about live blogging through one of my rounds of golf, and a pad is just the tool for the job!

  526. juergen says:

    hey John.

    what the HELL is going on…

    greetzzzz from Munich Germany!


  527. fas says:

    That is alot of entries over here, including me. Chances of winning automatically go down.

  528. Julie B says:

    Let’s see…why I need an iPad 2…well, I’ve been a full time blogger for 5 years now. I love what I do and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Not only am I a full time blogger, but also a mother of 3. It would be amazing to have an iPad to carry with me to all of those Karate classes, meetings, dr. appts, etc. I think every busy mom could benefit from an iPad and I would love to be more productive, even away from the house! (I won’t use it while driving…promise πŸ™‚ ).

    Thanks for the chance!

  529. Julie B says:

    I’ve ‘Liked’ you on Facebook and twitter for a long time already πŸ™‚ FB – Julie Bonner and twitter @juliebonner

  530. Caleb Spilchen says:

    HI John,

    I would like to win the iPad because I am a 16 year old internet marketer, and I need something that allows me to go mobile, and work on my marketing business.

    Liked as Caleb Spilchen on Facebook, and followed/tweeted as CalebSpilchen16 on Twitter.


  531. g says:

    I need my first Apple product. This will bring world peace and end world hunger. Well… okay, maybe it’ll just be a nice tool for me. Thanks John.

  532. MuJE says:

    why should i win this iPad 2? because it is Apple and for those who owns Apple product is so cool! πŸ˜€

  533. Hi John,

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity! The reason I really need this Ipad 2 is that my wife, now 5 months pregnant, has been talking about the Ipad since it was first released, but unfortunately due to our current financial situation and the upcoming birth of our first child (it’s a boy!), I can’t afford to buy her one. Please consider us when making your decision to give away the free Ipad 2.

    Thanks for all of your help in the blogging world,

    Sean Copeland.

  534. Joan says:

    Why I should win an iPad2… (besides the fact that I already liked you on FB, started to follow u on Twitter and commented with the hashtag as instructed)

    Once upon a time there was this cool blogger dude named John Chow and he was giving away a greatly sought after tech item called an iPad2. This lesser known, but equally brilliant internet marketer wanted to win that iPad2 really bad. John recognized her brilliance when she posted a really cool story about him in the comment section of his blog on winning the iPad2.

    She was so happy when she won that she went to her friends in PR, friend at Good Morning America and friends all over and did her best to make sure she got on the news and spread the word even more about how awesome of a blogger dude John Chow was.

    Then, the awesome blogger dude, John Chow, became an even bigger mogul and made even MORE money and all because the brilliant Internet marketer chick told even MORE people all about how informative his cool blog was and how she won the much sought after tech item from him and how cool THAT was.

    So, as a result (and we know results are most important), John Chow became a household name and ended up with more followers than Lady Gaga and he was very, very happy with the extremely lucrative pay off and all because he gave that iPad2 to such a brilliant internet marketer.

    The End

  535. Amber Benge says:

    I very rarely enter giveaways, but I can’t resist this one. Why should I win? Well, since I’m a woman of lists, here are my reasons.

    1. I just discovered you and your website last week and since then, I have spent hours devouring your ebook and old blog posts.

    2. I have told everyone I know who is interested in online work opportunities to come check you out.

    3. After 2 years of freelance writing, I took your tips and build a website for my in-laws to promote their business. I was worried it would be a waste of time, but they made 2 sales within the first full week it was launched. BIG Sales. Now I’m moving my business from simply providing bulk online content to also design and seo.

    4. I’m a poor preacher’s wife and can’t afford an iPad… okay, does that win me a pity vote?

    5. Please? πŸ˜‰

  536. lin azlina says:

    i really need this ipad because I’m in love with Ipad! I haven’t picked up a book in ages and yet the need to read is coming back lately. Sitting at my computer, or even reading on my laptop just isn’t comfortable or easy for my mind to β€œget”.
    But, Ipad isn’t just an ebook reader.
    Please..i really need i ipad..i want it…give me..

    already like ur facebook and tweet the post…
    hope i can be the lucky one to have this ipad from John Chow.. last day #JCiPadGiveaway
    my twitter : @lynn8384
    my fb : lin azlina

    hope i can it…really need it…

  537. Dave Grosse says:

    Hi John ~ I think that I should win the iPad2 because i need it! Well maybe I just really, really want it…anyway I think its almost the perfect computing device. I’m new to internet marketing and would love to be able to have an iPad with me all the time for those random times when ideas hit me. Plus, my kids love them too. My son and I play with them every time we go to the Apple store – he loves to shoot videos and to play with the calligraphy app. he’s only 3, but hey maybe if you pick me he will be come the first successful 3 yr old blogger!

    here’s my tweet –!/davidtgrosse/status/53441326561230848

    thanks for the opportunity to win and the great advice you put out

  538. Sindre says:

    I should be the lucky winner simply because I don’t care. I would never buy an iPad anyway. I don’t need one, I don’t think it’s necessary. By winning, I could get a chance to see what all the fuzz is about.

    I think it’s better to give it to someone who don’t need it, than to take away the “I earned it”-experience from someone who really want it. Don’t rob them from that experience, John.

  539. Hafism says:

    Hi John,
    I have LIKE your facebook, FOLLOW your twitter and TWEET about this giveaway.

    Why I should be the lucky winner of an iPad 2?

    As a blogger, I really need a handy tool to help me posting new entries anywhere I want.
    Apple brand, as we all know, a helpful stuff for us. There are a lot of useful applications especially for a blogger.
    I am a Malaysian. In Malaysia, the price of iPad 2 is quite high compared with other countries. It is hard for me to get the iPad 2 as I come from a average income family.
    It will be my sweetest memory if I could be the lucky winner of the iPad 2.

    This is my twitter:!/feeziologi
    This is my facebook:

    Thanks John. Wish my luck!

  540. Perry says:

    The Twitter link is appearing as an “Invalid URL” at 10:20 EDT.

    Thanks for the iPad offer.
    I’ll use it to read your stuff.

  541. Mark says:

    why? so that my 8 yr old son can use all the cool education apps to learn even more! there are such great apps that teach math and natl geographic has great resources too! BUT the key here is it HAS to have the Zagg shield on it to make it as 8 yr old proof as possible!… AND his bday is coming up soon too!… AND he is a super kid with a great attitude in life and a consummate sales person following in Dad’s footsteps! Thank you for letting us enter!

  542. Khairul says:

    Hi John,

    I’m the lucky winner of an iPad 2 because i want it from you and not from other people..special from you πŸ™‚

  543. Michael lee says:

    Hi John, id like to win this because im an ambitious 16 year old boy whomhas spent the last 3 years following internet Guru’s such as yourself. Finally this year i managed to start up my own internet investment and created

    Ive been following you for a while now and its helped me alot, i hope one day to be in your shoes. Im happy with my website and if i could get hold of this amazing prize i could review it and that could lead to a great increase in traffic to my website.

    Id really appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time,

  544. Ruziha Osman says:

    Hi, John.

    The iPad2 is mine… So there’s no doubt I am the winner… Thank you so much, John! πŸ™‚

  545. lisa v says:

    Dear John, I should win the iPad for multiple reasons. I travel a lot for work and it would be nice to have movovies and books and your site to enjoy on my travels and second, right now im stick doing all that on the tiny little screen of my smartphone! I’m getting too old to stare at such a small screen, so an iPad would be a great addition to my aresenal.

  546. Josh says:

    Hey John! Would LOVE this iPad to give to a family member who is sick with cancer. FaceTime would be such an amazing comfort for her. Thanks!

  547. I should be the lucky winner because I haven’t got an iPad yet πŸ™‚

  548. Michelle says:

    Hi John! I should win because I just bought one, had to get in line at 8am with my 2 little ones, and now my husband wants me to return it. πŸ™ He says it’s too much money and not in the budget. Says I should put the money in savings for the girls. He’s probably right. Why does he have to be so practical? My 3 1/2 yr. old is on it right now and loves it!!!
    Well, that’s why I should win! Thanks!

    Are we supposed to comment for each thing we do? Well, I apologize if not.

  549. I should be the lucky winner because I have two little boys who would love to be entertained. It would also be amazing for being able to work while taking the boys to McDonald’s πŸ˜€

  550. Michelle says:

    I already follow you on Twitter and I just liked you on FB! Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

  551. Michelle says:

    I tweeted (@babycouponstuff) and I will likely do a blog post. Thanks one last time!

  552. Joseph says:

    My reasons for wanting to win the IPad2:

    1) My wife to be. She’s been really good to me, and she’s wanted an IPad for a long time. It would make a really great gift.

    2) I’m getting into web design (and social media) and would like to learn how to design for the IPad.

  553. Harlan Yee says:

    When I was at the Dot Com Pho “Wanton Destruction Edition”, I was the only one there that didn’t have a Facebook account! Well your contest has finally put me over the edge and as a result I am now on Facebook.

    Now I need to win the iPad 2 so I can keep tabs on who’s looking for me on Facebook. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have a new slick device to surf the web while I’m in front of the tv. I should be at dot com pho this week to pick it up personally if I win!

  554. BobbyT says:

    I should be the lucky winner of the iPad 2 because I have been rather unlucky in the past when it comes to big item giveaway.

    If I don’t win this time though, I’ll just keep stalking JC and try to win the next giveaways πŸ˜‰

    Good luck everyone!

  555. Hey John!!!!
    Well what can i say… iΒ΄m a poor guy living a third world country πŸ™ …. NAAA!! iΒ΄m just kiding!!! it could be great to win this ipad2, because i love all the apple stuff, and well i could be a little bit cocky with my friends and family here in my country colombia, and tell them that i am friend of the all mighty JohnChow and that he give me as a gift this great Ipad2, this could be great… Please!!!! Send it to me πŸ™‚

    Kind Regards john and greetings from Colombia.

    Bye Man!

  556. What an awesome opportunity!
    Ok, first I have to tell you that I don’t want to win this for me. Don’t get me wrong I do love the iPads but this one would have to come wrapped in a red big bow and given to my husband.
    Why? Well it’s been on his wish list for months now and looking at our financial statements lately it’s not about to happen – however, he DESERVES it big time because he just spent the weekend putting his two left hands to work with an el-cheapo renovation project we’ve been delaying. I mean the guy was seriously scraping off stucco off our ceiling for 2 days – and he’s NOT a handyman – – he’s a tech guy and that’s where he now deserves to be – in front of this awesome iPad 2, courtesy of course, of the amazing John Chow dot com!
    By the way, the room looks amazing and that’s the only way I know I could show him how GRATEFUL I am πŸ˜‰
    – and I would forever be grateful to you too John!!!
    ps. we both love you and the hubby send me a link to you ages ago πŸ˜‰ – see how awesome he is ;D

  557. Hey John, I need to win the Ipad 2 cause I want to be just like you. I know your one of the top bloggers online. I need this Ipad to watch your videos and read your blog post and live the dot com lifestyle. Can’t wait to get there, your blog has already gave me a little boost, how about another boost with an IPAD2! Thanks John

  558. Solomon Babs says:

    Hey John.

    Winning this Ipad means I’m destined to win by God. But I’ll say whatever comes, keep up with the good work Bro!!

  559. Benjamin Rhoney says:

    Because I have NEVER EVEN HELD AN IPAD original… I have Been deprived for too long… I don’t know How much Longer I can continue on like this. I was born a tech neophyte, but as a result of my being a broke college student again, I am no longer in a financial position to live up to my destiny…. PLease help me live up to this destiny, I beg of you…..

  560. Marlene says:

    Lets face it..everyone in their own right deserves an iPad 2. That’s just how versitile this gadget is. EVERYONE can benefit from it! Why I should win is I guess where the difference comes into play. Point blank, even though I have a job, I’m a mom, and I can’t afford a beautiful gadget such as an iPad. To win one will really make my life a bit easier. Planning my day to day activities, working on my blog that I am very proud of, and even use it for those long trips with the family to play a movie on to keep the kiddies entertained. Now a day’s, who needs a big boring flip tv in your car, when you can have the iPad!! I enter contests every so often thinking that maybe someone like me could possibly win, but it’s always a no go. But I always congratulate the winner and wait for the next giveaway. If it was meant to be, then it was meant to be…but please for the love of peanuts…PLEASE PICK ME!!! πŸ™‚
    I tweeted the giveaway, liked you on FB and was already following on Twitter. Thanks for doing this Giveaway John and Good luck to all the entries!

  561. sriramraj says:

    Hi John, You are one of the top blogging experts in web. I generally spread information about the best bloggers in web. I have shared your website and also about the contest in my twitter

    And why I will win this contest, because i am like you spreading the world about the best. πŸ™‚

  562. Jim Wright says:

    I should win this iPAD2 because I live in the Middle East (Jordan) and it will take ages for it to get here. Because of the crazy-assed taxes and customs duties on these things, if I buy it when it DOES get here I will have paid about 175-185% more than anyone in the USA. My friend in Dubai showed me his last summer. He had to wipe my drool off the screen before he could use it again! My only alternative to winning it is to take the very risky route of attempting to have it smuggled into the country…now, would you want me in a dark, sweltering Jordanian prison submitting to the whims of a giant Bedouin prisoner named Osama because I absolutely must have an iPad that I can use for my travel blog and the new blog I am about to launch?

  563. Allie says:

    You’re the man, be-otch!
    So I already follow you on Twitter and FB. Why should I get that sexy iPad?

    That sleek little tool would look sexy sitting in the passenger seat of my new Camero SS, orange with a black strip. Do you think they make a cover to match? (I’m trying here. LOL)

    If I don’t win, can I at least get a signed autograph picture of you in your “I’m John Chow, Bitch!” t-shirt? That is so funny! I love it!

  564. Joe says:

    Have been following you for almost two years and I was just laid off from work. Today I start blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook to build a following. Then we will move forward with implementing the strategies from your latest ebook. However, my PC is on it’s last legs and our other PC just failed a few days ago. Sounds like bad timing but it’s actually just right. We’ve talked about moving to MACs with an iPad for a while and decided this would be a good time. Winning the iPad would be pure synchronicity! My wife will be using it to show her beeswax + color rich paintings and her galleries to collectors and curators. And in the evenings we’ll dock it for music to warm the heart and soothe the soul.

    Tweeted and facebooked. If we win..fantastic! If somebody else wins..fantastic! If we win..fantastic! Thank you John!

  565. tony kalvin says:

    i should win because it let’s us big dreamers know..that sometimes dreams do come true..twitter @tonykisses1

  566. Amy Kline says:

    I should win because I am following the steps you outline in your book. I moved my blog to a private site, I’m in the process of setting up my ads and marketing my blog to make it grow into a successful business venture!

    I iked you on Facebook, I tweeted (@amyfinelypolish) and now I’m hoping on a wing and prayer that I win so I can use it to make my blog a huge success!

  567. “Pick Me – John Chow”

    Woah oh yeah
    (Woah oh yeah)
    Eh Eh
    Woah oh oh oh yeah

    You’re the finest BITCH I’ve ever seen
    And I wonder do you know this
    Every person you meet ends up catching feelings for ya
    You can have any of ’em
    You can take your pick
    But you need to check with me
    BITCH I promise, I’m legit

    Yes, I’ll go to the movie with iPad
    In a theatre holdin’ iPad in my hands
    I’ll walk iPad home from work
    I’ll walk iPad to lunch
    Playing my 360 yes iPad’ll be my best friend
    But most of all iPad you’ll be my only one

    You should Pick Me – John Chow
    So tell me can you dig it
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    And I should be your one and only choice
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    Yeah, you should Pick Me – John Chow

    You’re website is my favorite part of the day
    And every morning I look forward to visiting
    I just need to see it some more
    BITCH I’m the kind of guy who can appreciate a website as amazing as
    So you gotta Pick Me – John Chow

    Tell me can you dig it
    You should Pick Me – John Chow
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    You should Pick Me – John Chow

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    Woah oh oh yeah
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    Eh Eh
    Woah oh oh oh yeah

  568. Taufik R says:

    i think i’ll never find one in my country .. very cool John ..

  569. Tommy Vassiliades says:

    Dear John Chow,
    My birthday is April 2nd. I’ve been calling around stores that are supposed to have the ipad 2 but theyre all sold out. Ive been saving up since I came out of the womb but I still don’t have enough. I do chores around the house for my parents for money but still havent gotten there. I’ve applied for several jobs only to be turned down because of the lack of positions. If I was given that iPad, it would make my life, honestly. You have no idea how much this means to me. Im sorry I didn’t make a poem like other people did but I just wanted to let you know that this seriously means the whole world to me! So please John…… Pick me. πŸ™‚

  570. Lucy says:

    I would love to win this. Here’s my reason: I own an iPad 1 — my father bought it for himself this fall, but after seeing me enjoy it when I came home in December, he decided to give it to me for Christmas. I’m a starving PhD student and was really amazed at his generosity… Lucky daughter…! It’s been great for my productivity — I take notes, find articles, read PDFs, etc. So I would love to win this iPad 2, because then I would give it to my dad, to return the favor. He deserves it! And since both my little brother and I now live far away (over a day’s drive), I know he’d really appreciate the camera for FaceTime calls and all that. Well, and playing lots of Solitaire. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  571. Jason says:

    If I win an ipad2 I’ll be able to read in more places and I can spend more time applying John’s tactics with my own blogs…which desperately needs help. Maybe I can also do some video blog guest appearances for John’s website with my new ipad2 and discuss email tactics and help him build out more email-related content. You rock John…keep up the good work. We love your energy and great advice!

    Tweeted and liked you on facebook.

  572. Bob Matharoo says:

    I should be the winner because i Want an Ipad2 real bad and i should be the winner…lol πŸ˜€
    Thanks John

  573. Michelle Gaail says:

    I AM CANADIAN, and I’m a huge fan of John Chow.
    I’ve been following his blog for a long time now.

    I need an iPAD β€˜cause I have no gadgets.
    My computer is so old, I’ve really had it!

    The iPAD 2 is faster and lighter and thinner.
    It’s easier to handle, now that’s a real winner.

    This king of tablets has a great new design.
    Most of all, I just want it to be mine.

    I can see my friends with FaceTime video chat.
    All that I can say is, how cool is that!

  574. Justin says:

    Hi John, I think I should be the lucky winner of the iPad 2 because I would use the iPad as a MIDI controller for my dj software!!! I love music and technology, and I’d love to have an iPad 2 to add to my djing setup. Thank you for having this contest!!!

  575. Sheldon Pearce says:

    I need to win this so I can take back my first gen iPad from my 3 1/2 year old son, he loves it!

  576. Julio Cezar says:

    *crosses fingers again*

    Hope I win, they are too expensive for a blogger here in Brazil.

  577. I should get it because of all the good I could use it for.

  578. Cameron Wikoff says:

    Because I stalk you @ night duh!!

    and I want yr hair…

  579. I think I should win the ipad because it’s one of the best tools to use to work & learn with and you of course John are the best guy to have one of the last ones available around. ANd of course because John Kim is the best dude around!!!

  580. Sam Brewer says:

    I think I should win because I’ve entered countless contests online, but I’ve never won, I think it’s my turn this time

  581. agus says:

    this competition is very succesfully held, it was really great

  582. Julia Vu says:

    Hey John,

    I should win because my company has an ipad application out that would help boost and heavily promote my business but I was not smart enough to think of other ways to bypass the lineup! We do video phone communication. The facetime+our application will help pay for my next year at UBC! Pick me please =)

  583. Mrs. Money says:

    I would love to win one so I could give it to my hubby for his birthday!

  584. Zack says:

    An iPad 2 would really help out my up and coming video production company, 265 Productions. With an iPad 2 we’ll be able to keep in contact with our customers and fans of our YouTube, special effects videos.

    Crossing my fingers!


  585. Rafal says:

    Because I live in Poland. The most amusing country in Europe, where Apple does not officially exist.. Winning, I could get to know the hardware, which delight the millions.
    (ps my twitter: @rkoszela)

  586. Phong says:

    I should be the winner because I will put it to good uses and will do it justice πŸ™‚

  587. Karthikeyan says:

    I want to win this gadget, I am hardcore apple fan, Just missing it on my table. If i win i will use it for blogging purpose

    Tweeted @Kartkyan

    Hope i win this !! if not congrats to the lucky winner πŸ™‚


  588. Andrew Kuo says:

    You will increase your annual blog revenue by 50%

    Giving me this iPad 2 won’t change this outcome because I will make it happen anyway, but giving it to me would be in your best interest.

  589. Marilyn says:

    Hi John,
    Being the lucky winner of your iPad 2 could change my life – and turn me into an Apple fan (like Sally!). I promise not to ‘shrink’ you!
    I look forward to seeing you at DotCom Pho.

  590. Laz Pujol says:

    Hey John-

    Thanks for the great webinar the other night. It was very valuable.

    Someone stole my netbook while I was in Haiti a few weeks ago! But I figured out that by adding a fair bluetooth keyboard and use Google Docs, the iPad2 can be a replacement for a netbook. The last Apple I had, was the original iMac which sits as an antique piece of furniture in my living room.


  591. John, I should win because I need the ipad to expand my peonies flowers business. If you know anyone who needs June wedding flowers please send them my way. Thanks.

  592. Craig says:

    John, I’ll be honest, I don’t know anything about you or your blogs. I just noticed a video of you on YouTube. All I can say is if I somehow win this thing, I will be committed to learn all I can about you and your website. You will have a follower for life. That is as honest as I can be.

  593. Jovan says:

    I should be the winner because vegas, ces 2011 and the parties we hit up were the bomb because of me.

    I need to win so I can resell that over priced piece of junk!!!

  594. Allen Young says:

    I deserve to win because I followed the contest directions. I bet many did not. Its my turn to be evil win a contest.

  595. rania says:

    i never won online all my life , so i wish its my first time its kind of a dream
    greetings from palestine

  596. NETbloger says:

    Hello, I am polish blogger but I have just started with english business. I think, ipad2 can help me becoming full time blogger.

    I am your follower on twitter and I like you on Facebook. I hope, ipad2 will help me with online business and I will be big blogger like you πŸ˜€

    So, I believe that I will be able to read your blog via ipad2 very soon πŸ˜‰

    Simon Janik (NETbloger)

  597. Virtual Gina says:

    Hi John.

    I meet the criteria specified and, I think I should win because as an Online Biz Expert/Manager or as some ppl know us, a Virtual Assistant, having an Ipad will enhance my ability to serve my clients in a more timely manner when I am on the move.

    Just give me the damm thing already!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow! Virtual Gina! You won already Congrats!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Virtual Gina says:

        Thanks – I still can’t believe it!!!! I am so excited.

  598. Debra F says:

    I should win because I have the best husband who REALLY wants an Ipad, but I just can’t afford one.

  599. Sheryl Cullum says:

    I am following on facebook and liking ya on twitter & tweeted this.
    All I can say is I would love this ipad just like everyone who entered and do I deserve it?I really couldnt tell ya I am a good person so maybe πŸ™‚ Hope I did all i was suppose too!

  600. Georgie Casson says:

    I should win this time because I dont have money to buy one .. I dont even know exactly what it does but I know it’s all the rage now a days and would like to see what it’s all about, thanks for the chance
    I did all entry requirements! I twitter @electricisland

  601. everyone will love to have ipad

  602. Ben Childers says:

    I think I should win the awesome ipad 2 because of many reasons. I would like it to use for all my business and school needs. I would use it for entertainment whenever I’m bored or just need something to do. I would also use it to share with my friends and family so that they can enjoy the ipad 2. I hope I win.

  603. anitha says:

    love to buy the latest one on ipad

  604. Graeme says:

    please john get me an ipad 2 …im begging u…ill do anything…ill work for u on the internet if u want me to…….anything you want ill do it….help me out please please please…..i dont want to seem needy but i want that ipad2 soooooooo bad

  605. king says:

    hey john please give some of your ipad2 PLEASE im begging you or a use ipad 2 as long as it works PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  606. Ahmad Adel Ahmad saif says:

    oh noo it is very nice <<>>>>

  607. Crystal Smith says:

    I just entered and did everything you said to do!!!! Let me know when you need my address πŸ˜‰ Or maybe we could do Pho soon!

  608. John Rampton says:

    Crystal Smith, He’s not going to your address. He should already have mine all ready to ship it!

  609. Julio Cezar Mari says:

    I had already followed you and liked you in the past but here is my entry (as well as the other in your site).

    Good luck getting more followers, not that you need luck, and best of Luck to the contestants, and me too, as iPads are way too expensive here in Brazil.

  610. Crystal Smith says:

    You’re right!!! I’m meeting him for Pho and he’ll hand it over with a congrats and a firm handshake! πŸ˜‰

  611. Anjo Sanchez says:

    Nice to meet you John, My name is Anjo and I am a budding entrepreneur who is the process of starting a marketing firm dedicated to helping mom and pop shops in my area. Most of the work I do is pro-bono but do take donations in any amount that my client can give me at the moment. Having an iPad 2 will definitely help me out tremendously in providing a faster service for my clients – I am currently working on a netbook and it is slow as molasses.

    Best of luck to all of the contestants.

  612. Andrew Mason says:

    Great contest! Count me in!

  613. Nick Throlson says:

    I want to win!

  614. Caroline Jaffe Pickett says:

    Great contest, I’m in!

  615. Craigslist Hunter says:

    I entered in allll directions!!! =) I’m ready for the new iPad2!!

  616. Lee Chon says:

    joining too!=D

  617. Yassine Lambarki says:

    i entered and i’m ready for the new ipad2 πŸ˜‰

  618. Justin Le says:

    i want 1 ipad πŸ™

  619. Ozie S. Jackson says:

    I have entered the contest and I promise I will post pictures of my new iPad2 so you all can see it after I win πŸ˜€

  620. Andrew James Abajian says:

    As an artist who is passionate about social media and community, having an iPad would greatly increase my ability to promote not only my work and vision, but also those who I admire and appreciate, such as yourself! Take a look at my work to understand how an iPad would be a lovely tool!

  621. Andrew Bennett says:

    Entered the iPad 2 contest

  622. Justin Germino says:

    My wife tried to buy one from local Best Buy on the weekend and they were sold out here. I entered the contest and hoping I could win one for my wife.

  623. Jeff Ray says:

    thx for making this giveaway possible – Wow! Apple just keeps making their computoys better and better.

  624. Jl Wolff says:

    Would love to have one.

  625. Jl Wolff says:

    I can’t find them here.

  626. Jl Wolff says:

    Following you on twitter. Tweeted you on Twitter. Would love to win this Ipad. Cannot find them in my area!

  627. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    I need one for the technology, cant afford one shoot im still using a windows 95 computer, Help me get up to date!

  628. Stephanie Lt says:

    Yay~* I just found you on Twitter! I seriously have some reading up to do :O) #JCiPadGiveaway @Mommy3G

  629. Stephanie Lt says:

    Ps. Entered your iPad giveaway :O)

  630. Anggi To says:

    I just want that , I need that πŸ™

  631. Rania Abouremeleh says:


  632. Szymon Janik says:

    I love Your contests ;D

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