John Chow dot Com – PageRank 6

Google started their PageRank update yesterday and it looks like this blog is jumping two spots – from PR4 to PR6! A check of 72 Google data centers shows John Chow dot Com at PR6 with 19 of them. Updates to the remaining data centers should be complete in the next few days.

The higher PageRank just made this blog a lot more valuable for me and a lot more expensive for advertisers. It will be interesting to see what Text Link Ads will price me at. It already cost $200 a month for a link on this blog. There is one link spot available at the current price. If you hurry, you may get it before TLA increases the price ($100 coupon here). I can also see competition heat up for the Top Commentators spot. Getting a site wide back link from a PR6 blog just for commenting will be worth the effort for many webmasters.

My ReviewMe price will be going to $400 next month. If you want a review at the current price of $300, make sure you get your order in before the end of this month. Speaking of reviews, blogs that reviewed my blog a long time ago might consider doing a new one. Your review will be linked like always, but this time it’ll be a PR6 link. 🙂

What is your new PageRank? Was Google good to you or did they slapped you? I imagine many sites will be applying to Text Link Ads in the next few days.

153 thoughts on “John Chow dot Com – PageRank 6”

  1. Eli says:

    Yep, I noticed the PR update was in progress, I’m just hoping none of mine go down! 😀

    You’ll probably make a lot of money from this post, looking at all the advertising 🙂

    1. esrun says:

      So much for the Matt Cutts grandstanding on how selling text links was bad… awesome job going from pr4 to pr6

      1. Awesome! I was wondering when the Google Page Rank would be updated. My site is going from PR 2 to PR 4. 🙂


    2. Mubin says:

      Congrats on the Jump John it was well deserved, when you jump to a 7 though, that will be a thing of a beauty for you.

      This was probably the longest PR update in history with it taking over 4 days, and leading to one of the longest threads over at DP.

      I wrote about it here:

    3. Travis says:

      God damn John,you are evil!

    4. how often does google update the whold pagerank thing though

      1. i transfer one of my domain name from godaddy to namecheap and lost the pr during the latest pr update, it really annoys me, as you know, it’s not easy to build up your pr love

  2. Congrats on the jump john!

    1. Jauhari says:

      Yes.. congrats to you John…. 💡

  3. Court says:

    John well done on the PR6! I was guessing that you would get a 7 but a 6 is still awesome. Are you able to charge more from your direct advertisers like Search Engine Guide, or is that based purely on impressions?

    1. Good question, i am also interested in the answer. 🙂

  4. HMTKSteve says:

    I’m back up to a 4 with this update. I’m still not back to the 5 I had before moving to WordPress but… It’s a step in the right direction!

    1. Jane May says:

      We went from a PR 0 to a 6!!! Guess we better redo what we’re charging for advertising huh 😉

      1. holy crap.. congrats Jane!.. looks like I’m still at a 0 🙁

        1. Jane May says:

          My reaction was the same!! Thanks! But I do have to thank John, because if it wasn’t for hiw wisdom and experience, we wouldn’t have been anywhere close to where we are now in this short amount of time.

          Thanks John and congrats on the new PR! I would say lets celebrate, but you’re kind of far 🙂

          1. In my case I think I am going from 0 to 3, also like you, thanks to John’s wisdom.

          2. Microstock says:

            Same here. 0 – 5 (22 data centers so far) on a blog published March 1st!

            I’ve been following the John Chow formula almost to the letter, but I didn’t expect this. It changes everything!

            I just hope it’s not the ‘Google honeymoon period’ I’ve heard about!

      2. Marc says:

        Way to go Jane. That’s a great jump 🙂

        1. Jane May says:

          Thanks Marc. I guess all that sweat and blistered fingered commenting paid off.


          1. Shaun Carter says:

            Nice job Jane, that’s a huge increase! What’s your secret!?

      3. Hustler says:

        nice!! Note to self: comment at least 20 times per day on top 10 blogs

        1. Jane May says:

          Hahaha…well, that will only get you so far, then you need to use other tricks 😉

        2. When will you have the time to write some content, then?

      4. That’s phenomenal! Congratulations on the leap forward!

      5. Court says:

        Wow Jane, Bravo! I want to grow up to be like you!

    2. HMTKSteve says:

      Now this is just wrong…

      I just checked the PR for my daughter’s blog (been around 2 months) and she is getting a PR5!!!

      Yellow Pole

      Why do they get a five and I get a four?

      1. Steve Yu says:

        wow, …. wondering how google calculate the PR? So complex

  5. Nomar says:

    Very nice John,

    My blog jumped from 4 to 5 😆

    1. Right on! Time to start ramping up revenues 🙂

  6. My new blog went straight to PageRank 4 which I think is pretty good. I’m definitely going to apply to Text Link Ads and ReviewMe.

    1. That’s great Hannes! That’s pretty impressive for a few months work. Continued success.

  7. Shaun Carter says:

    So far none of my sites are moving anywhere with PageRank. Oh well, better luck next time.

    1. What was your linking strategy?

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        Well the primary reason mine haven’t moved is a lack of new links over the past several months. However I was surprised that the ReviewMe John did of didn’t have an effect and neither did the make money online review I did for

        Now that I am putting more time into my online ventures my PR should improve. Just have to wait until the next update.

        1. Good luck then, man; I’ve visited your site often, I really think it has massive potential anyway, just keep at it. 😎

        2. MySpace API says:

          Aren’t the ReviewMe pages on John’s blog still PR0? Only the url is PR6.

  8. Nice work, John! I was able to hit PR3 and PR5 on two sites that I launched about a month and half ago. I have to say that one of the main catalysts was the advice on your blog! So congrats, and here’s to you, John. 😈

  9. I checked your rank a few days ago. I found it odd that it was only a 4. Congrats on the jump.

  10. Martin Reed says:

    Hey John – are you sure you should be counting your chickens before they hatch? 😉

    In any case, you certainly deserve the higher PageRank so congratulations anyway.

  11. Jack says:

    Well, let the comment spam begin.

    1. Marc says:

      Anyone who knows what’s going on will realise that the next PR update is at least 3 months away. Spamming now would be pointless for PR’s sake.

  12. It looks like Harpzon will jump from 0 to a PR 4 with the update. I believe that was his predicted PR. Too bad he quit blogging…..

    1. Hustler says:

      Harpzon quit? How come?

  13. Aniela says:

    I went straight to a PR5. Pretty happy with the results, I know getting PR6 will be a lot tougher..

    1. Marc says:

      Tell me about it. I’m sitting at 5, though I think it’s a large value of five. I’m still going to need a really nice big backlink or two to make 6 though.o

    2. Beware, it is also possible to go down: My page was PR5 and now it is PR4, although I must have gathered lots of links since the last update.

  14. Sweet, I am moving up to a pr of 6 as well. Of course I don’t have the traffic that you get… but progress is progress.

  15. yes, i see the pr update. and my pr jump from 0 to 2 in 2 months. i think it great enough.

  16. Nate W. says:

    Congrats on your 6, John.I am glad I got my PR 5… wonder where you found that useful tool? 😉

  17. Douglas Karr says:

    Thanks for the great link! I was looking for a good resource to check my pagerank! Mine jumped to 6 as well! Woohooo! Now to keep it there!

  18. Pushed to PR4 from PR3! Time to get into Text Link Ads!

  19. Sharon says:

    I am not happy at all with the PR update. My blog had a PR5 and i converted it this week to a fully fledged blog. it was previously a website with a blog. I imported almost all the content i had but my PR plummeted to PR2. if i had known this I would have waited.

    It seems everyone else is happy and I am not 😡

    1. HMTKSteve says:

      I wnet from a 5 to a 3 when I changed from serendipity to wordpress for my blog software.

    2. Keep checking your PR. Sometimes it fluctuates. Same with SERPs.

  20. Louiss says:

    Boss, you are great! I just write a review for your blog, and I also mention that your blog now is pr6! My main blog is still maintain at pr 5. My new blog with a link jump to pr2. A bit surprise! And again, congratulation to you.

  21. Josh Buckley says:

    My blog stayed at 4 😐 But, subpages got pagerank which is nice

  22. Looks like I’m headed from PR 0 to PR 4! Woot! Yep, I’ll probably be applying to Text Link Ads soon!

  23. Tobsy says:

    Dammit. While my blog only went to PR2 (hey, it’s not even 2 months old. Stop laughing *g*), one post has a PR5. Without your jump I could have said “ Hey, my post has a higher PR than his site.” Another lost opportunity ;-).

  24. MeetHere says:

    I was the first one to look the PR of ( before I looked mine ) 🙂

    Congrats for a jump to PR6..

    Mine jumped from PR2 — PR3 only 😥 But i think its a partial update, it will hike after 2 weeks as it usually does ( same thing happened in january too)

    Best of luck again. 😀

  25. Matt says:

    Congrats on your PR6.

    My Blog jumped from a PageRank of 0 to 4. In only the 4 months I’ve had it my blog up. 😀

  26. DMOZ says:

    Your site still showin a PR 4 here 😛

    1. it takes some time for all data centers to use the new PR value. John’s blog will be a PR6 once all data centers use the same value soon.

  27. Ed says:

    Isn’t this yet more statistical nonsense?

    As of now, the predicter says that my page rank is now higher than John Chow dot com’s yesterday.

    So where’s my $8000 a month and 4000+ subscribers? (Or does Google deliver all that tomorrow?) 😯

    1. Marc says:

      PR’s just a fictional value represented by little green pixels.

      You’re going to need a lot more than that to pull in $8k/month (probably $10K this month).

    2. Ed, PR is just one indicator of your site’s value. To take advantage of your high PR (check with the site to verify its consistency), start selling links to your site via TLA, start doing payperpost, ask for sponsorships, etc etc. If you want to outsource your site rep duties, contact me. I offer cheap staff leasing for website owners.

  28. Ronaldo says:

    From zero to 4, thanks to the link from John.

  29. went from pr1 to pr4….not to shabby I guess! 😛

  30. Congrats, John! That’s a nice upward movement. Finally, Google, in this rare instance, adjusts PR to a level that matches the popularity/value of a site. It’s not always the case. I only see your site’s link and advertising value going up up up. Good job!

  31. Louiss says:

    Congratz boss, you are great evil! I love it !

  32. Lyndon says:

    Grrr…. My main site has dropped to a PR3!!!

    Congrats on the update

  33. Does this explain clusters in search traffic coming to my site? I am about to move from pr 5 to pr 6.

  34. John, how about an entry/mini-article on HOW TO INCREASE PR from 5 to 6 and from 6 to 7?

  35. Nice job jon! You deserved it! pr 6 w00t 👿

  36. Thomas says:

    Crap, I just used that tool and I’m seeing that my PR dropped from 6 to 5 on some Google servers.

    By the way, did you notice that The Tech Zone also dropped from 6 to 5 on some datacenters?

    1. The techzone is nowhere like it used to be…the overall traffic of the site is lower than John’s blog…it can’t really be the money maker it used to be…I checked the stats 😀 Is it John?

  37. Steve Yu says:

    Wow, congratulation John. Ya, you deserved your new PR.

  38. Hustler says:

    congrats man. Mine is up to 4 on

    sweet..if only TLA would accept me..bastard!

  39. Emanuele says:

    My blog now is PR7… yeah! :mrgreen:

  40. green says:

    My net domain jumped pr 4 (old value was pr 3)

    Now waiting for com domains new value (old was pr3)

  41. Louiss says:

    Another big boom here. Congratz! You are the man!

  42. Ma2T says:

    One of my sites it sticking on 6 which is good. Many of my other new sites got a 5 which is great.

    John, congrats on the 6, I will race you to the PR7!

    On a sidenote, it looks like the other “make money online” guy, Mr Darren Rowse is dropping from PR7 to PR6, so that makes you equal there. interesting.

  43. congrats again john!! i was the first one to report your PR update on the boeing post 🙂 good going !! :mrgreen:

  44. Deb says:

    I’m buckling in for a bumpy ride. I hate the week that we go through this waiting to see if the news is good or bad!

    Congratulations to you! I hope it sticks

  45. well done john, i hope i will get some pr love from google in their next pagerank update

  46. Leftblank says:

    Congratulations John, was about time for it though. Google did something more evil than slapping or promoting me; my rank didn’t change! Despite I’ve received about 4k new backlinks since I received PR4, I’m still at it…

    1. Court says:

      The question then is how did you get the links, and how high was the PR of the pages you got links from. If most of the links are from pages that can be discounted that would explain it.

  47. Steve Yu says:

    My blog get PR 4, delighted to get it for a two and half month blog.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      Wow nice job for a brand new blog. My new blog apparently wasn’t up long enough to benefit from any PR during this update.

      1. Steve Yu says:

        just have to wait for another 3 months for the next update. Best Wishes from me.

  48. Green turned from 0-4.

  49. MarkJohn says:

    Congrats on the PR6. I saw one of my sites get to PR3 and my other site just hasn’t been around long enough and will miss being included in the update 🙄 , o-well live and learn 😉

  50. blogdinero says:

    400 $ per a review sounds good

  51. KennyP says:

    My pagerank increased from PR0 to PR3, I am happy

    1. wow congrats.. it seems a bunch of people saw a huge jump this time around?.. and some others didnt 🙁

  52. You know your post is an evil hit when you get a surge in comments. 😈 Again, ‘hear hear’ for the much deserved success. 🙂

  53. uncle sha says:

    congrats john! mr ‘evil’ you!

  54. Congrats John! And you’re now ranking #1 for “make money online” in Google, well guess you must be doing something good… er.. evil i mean!

    My blog got from PR0 to PR4 (2 months and a half so it’s not bad), which i’m pretty happy with, will try to get that up to PR6 next update 🙂

    1. What is the time between servers updates? at Google?

  55. Congrats! you are doing a great job there!

  56. Dj Flush says:

    My Blog jumped from PR 0 to PR 5

    It is 3 months old

    Yay I m Evil 😈

  57. PSP Skins says:

    We sell SKINS!! wheres our page rank? Time to get to work. Thank you


  58. Tony says:

    So many of you guys are splitting your page rank up between the and as well as /index.html if you 301 redirect your domains and pages to the one point it concentrates the pagerank at 1 spot rather than spread it out over 4 different pages.

    If your not sure what I mean check you will see that it doesn’t have any pr yet does on some sites you will see the index.php has a page rank different to the main domain. At the moment what ever pr is going to index.php on johns site isn’t being concentrated onto the main domain.

    1. Yes, It takes a while to sort this out! But splitting it isn’t a good idea. I fixed mine ages ago, but I noted a couple of websites with split prs and the less used one had a better ranking!

      Go figure.

      1. Tony says:

        Yeah Investorblogger I used to have a pr4 a pr3 and a pr1 and a pr0 once I 301 all of them to my pr at the next update went to a pr6 traffic trippled and profits went up. Not bad for 4 lines of code.

    2. John Chow says:

      Thanks. I 301 the non WWW into the WWW domain but haven’t thought about doing the index.php. I figure no one ever links to me using It would always be or

      1. Tony says:

        John, I know other people have probably told you this but one of the main flaws with wordpress is they don’t allow for each page to have a unique meta description. I now it would be a lot of hard work but using a plugin that allows you to add unique meta descriptions to your blog would also increase the traffic flow from your pages. I have used Add-Meta-Tags on a few blogs and with each install after a small period of time usually 6 or 7 days I have noticed large increases into the old archives of the blogs.

        1. Tony says:

          I meant to say large increases of traffic to my blogs.

  59. Webby says:

    Good going John, congrats on PR jump.
    This is not a pleasent update for me. not many of sites moved up..but still none of them went down either 😆

  60. Sorin says:

    After this pagerank update my article directory went from pagerank 0 to 4 😉 A good start I’d say!

  61. Tyler says:

    Well this is fun…. The domain I used to use has now a PR of 5 where as my current domain is still at a PR of 0 😉 went from PR 1 to PR 5, thats a nice little job for something I haven’t played with in more than a month.

  62. Hi to all

    I was waiting for this update eagerly and I knew it would be taking place soon.
    I just built a blog on Feburary 27th and three months later , I have got a pagerank of 3 😆
    Not bad ❗
    What you say ?

  63. Alvin Phang says:

    Great article my website blog at just got PR3 to PR4 today! Cant wait for the reviewme price to increase too =)

  64. Shashank says:

    he he
    me too getting a Page rank 5 this google PR update…

  65. Matt Jones says:

    I am finally free of ‘having’ to be a top commentator! Now that the update has given me a PR4 I can wait till next time :mrgreen:

    1. Why? Now you could aim for a PR6!

  66. rahul says:

    me got PR 3 🙄 let’s c how much I can improve it 😈

  67. One of my sites is jumping from PR0 to PR6.

  68. Louiss says:

    The more link you get, the higher you, believe me, grab more pr 5 or pr6 links, you will show will get pr 5 too!

  69. Ades says:

    Congrats on your new PR John! My blog didn’t change, still PR7. (PR8 would be great though 🙂 )

  70. Congrats John … i’m shocked you are moving so fast up the ladder … that Linking Promotion is really paying off now!

  71. FayZ says:

    Absolute winner John! My blog also went from PR2 to PR3..This is good news since it was only set up 4 months ago and only have less than 20 postings.. wee haa 😆

  72. moneymaker says:

    congrats on your pr6. my site in now pr 4 😀

  73. Lake Tahoe says:

    I am waiting for a pagerank on my site, I am sure it will take a few months since I have just started this little venture. 😈

  74. Well I think my PR is still 0 😥

    I really must try and fix this!

  75. I wonder who would pay the first $400 for a ReviewMe review…can you let us know, John? 😈

    1. Steve Yu says:

      you are getting richer and richer…. 👿

  76. My site is PR5 😆

  77. My blog went from a pr1 to a pr4 and my traffic is up up and away…nothing like yours but I get about 100-120 more visitors per hour now!

  78. Darin says:

    now my site PR5, last was 4, I wish my pr will jump like yours… but 5 is ok i think..! next google update must be pr6 just same like your blog.. 🙂

  79. PR isnt everything…

    1. for people who wants to earn from advertisements and publishing them, PR is everything. It determines how many people look into your page.

      If you don’t think so, you shouldn’t even be here in this post and in this site in the first place.

  80. like I’ve said some time ago in another blog, earning 100 links from other sites to your blog is hard work.

    But when the links are already more than a thousand… 10,000 or even more and a PR6 rank is inevitable.

  81. shashank says:

    Pagerank updated Finally check your final pagerank now..i got PR 5 😎

    1. Steve Yu says:

      wow, congratulation. I get 4 …. but looking forward for 5 or 6 in the next update 😀

  82. Ryan Dlugosz says:

    Big day for me: My Cincinnati Photography blog went from a PR0 to a PR3 today, with a few of the individual article pages going to a PR4! Thanks for the great articles, John! 😎

  83. Dang dude… Your site is going to get quite expensive in the next few weeks. Good Luck in your endeavors, and I’ll expect you to be making over $150,000 a year very soon. 😈

    -Sam from

  84. MeTheGeek says:

    I too got a PR of 4, and my blog is less than 3 months old! 🙂

    And the best part is I still did not review this blog! 😈

  85. I am still at a zero, but my site is ready to shoot right on up! :mrgreen:

    Congrats on a 6!

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