John Chow Kick Ass Game

I managed to kick my butt 37,151 meters! You think you can beat that? You’re welcome to try! Make sure you switch your speaker on to hear me screaming. Thanks to Vincent Chow (no relation) for making the game.

157 thoughts on “John Chow Kick Ass Game”

    1. Marc says:

      Nuts. I got 77 331. You just beat me 👿

      1. Nomar says:

        Nice game lol

    2. I really wanted to do that, for a loooong time! 😈


    3. Nasr says:

      sorry, i got 101,391!!! … =:) :mrgreen:

  1. Teresa says:

    I currently hold the top ass kicking score…54991 meters! SWEET!!
    Moto…you just got your ass kicked by a woman!

  2. Andy says:

    44,363 🙁

  3. John Chow says:

    I guess my 37,151 wasn’t so great after all. 😥

    1. my first was 776**! Try again John! :mrgreen:

  4. Yogesh Goel says:

    77852 metres man….
    i got the nuts out of you…..lols…
    good thing, good game and as usual a wonderful find……keep it up….


  5. Manthem says:

    96,234! No idea how. It was my first try and only one click!

  6. Yogesh Goel says:

    i tried again the 2nd time…
    thought would beat the heck out of u totally….
    well i succedeed….
    its 107225 metres…lols….
    seems i am the max till now….


  7. Ryan says:

    97,904 meters.

    This game is hilarious, thanks for posting it.

  8. Got 96582, got a screenshot as well!

  9. Doug Green says:

    96,406 I rather liked the bouncing.

  10. 102,072!

    Absolutely the funnest little “Kick Ass” game I have come across in some time.

    Was this your first game about you John? 😉

  11. Doug Green says:

    102,072 on second try. And John, you could only kick yourself 37K – not masochistic at all, areya.

  12. Victor says:

    Hey, this game is a little addicted, my record is 103103, sorry John, nothing personal . . .

    1. derrich says:

      Exactly what I got. 103,103.

  13. Ha ha that’s awesome! 😀

  14. 77.340 meters …. I’ve kicked your ass really hard John 😈

  15. Top Score is 107,937, I have the high score now :), screenshot provided here.

  16. Sarat says:

    Highest score! 108255 metres! I guess many of you might not believe..

    Kicking your ass was fun, John. 😉

    1. Alex says:

      I got 108255 too.. I guess that’s John’s flight limit.

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        108115 for me.. 🙁

  17. Ryan Shamus says:

    102,072 here….damn I thought I set a record! 👿

  18. 136,768

    because, I have always wanted to kick John’s [email protected]!!!

    1. Damn, that rocked my 114,124 score! 😡

  19. just keep clicking until Chow lands in the dirt!!!!!!

  20. Bob Schmuck says:

    My best was 101,744.

    1. I got 114,124 … darn 🙁

      Ha ha … nice game … I have to say, John … you bounce real good! 😛

  21. 96581

    not far away

  22. 101392. Reminds of the old penguin game.

  23. John Chow says:

    I managed to get up 97,093 meters. Improving. 🙂

    1. I think this proves that you can’t be the best in kicking your own butt, John. 😀

  24. 97,094 on the third try. Not bad.

  25. Lejer says:

    Aye! 101567 meters? you were like a bouncing rabbit:)

  26. Alex Goad says:

    This is even more satisfying than anticipated…

  27. Rea Maor says:

    I didn’t know you can be so flexible,
    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa….. 🙂 102,340

  28. First try 55477
    Second try 14321
    Third try 96234

    You are an acrobat John

  29. brandon says:

    101,217 meters. boo-yah.

  30. Gdog says:

    62047 for me…nice game, LOL! :mrgreen:

  31. 37461 in first try.

  32. Michael says:

    77,681 was my best

  33. Apparently I’m a major asskicker: 109,993

    Sorry John, still got some ass left? You will get kicked some more with this game 😉

  34. kaiwah says:

    My 1st try is 73,218 meter. Not bad huh?

    Cute game and I’m sure this will be a hit among JohnChow’s fans.

  35. SeanS says:

    i got 114,307..
    I didn know kicking john’s ass is that easy 😈

  36. 102,072!! Took me a while though…


  37. Andy Dang says:

    101216 yea, its insane, but I found a loophole in the game, guess what it is and drop a comment. if you guess it right, you’ll get a free t-shirt, when I make my first print out. Take care john!

  38. Nick says:
    Thats as high as I got – something like 2 tries…awesome to finally kick John’s ass! j\p 😛

  39. Jeff Kee says:

    101566 for me.

  40. Wow, real gamers here 🙂

  41. 101,216 hilarious game John. I enjoyed kicking your evil ass! 😈

  42. adrian says:

    113946 meters!

  43. justinf says:

    he he .. i kicked your butt to 61883 metres – thats 61.8 kilometers.

    no idea how i did it!


    you’re gonna need a lot more beer to deaden that sore butt!

  44. Jonathan T. says:

    102,072 🙂

    Had to take a screen-shot of that one ;).

    1. Screen shot of John flying through the air…not a bad idea! 😆

  45. Matthew says:

    101,568!! 🙂

  46. Louiss says:

    I get 101743. I have a tips here. To score high in this games, you just wait for the John Chow Butt at the lowest point then you click. John chow, kick yourself again and try this out! 😀

  47. i kick ass it was 67,000 something great little game.

  48. 108,113 meters — I got it on my first kick LOL!

    1. your first try?.. wow.. it took me forever to get near that..

  49. Andrew says:

    101216, take that! 😈

  50. John Chow says:

    Up to 108,112 meters now! 😈

    1. I still beat you by 1 measly point, John. 😆

    2. I bet your at this game all day eh John? 😆

  51. Tania says:

    I was really gentle – less than 35K! Do we get points for minimum distance??? Like achieving it with half a click maybe? So Zen-like!

  52. Tania says:

    Huh – I just did it to 13729 😳 when John’s ass was not close to the kicker’s foot!

  53. Leo says:

    55,700 on my second try! Had a great time kicking your ass John 😈

  54. Aaron Cook says:

    LOL John, I kicked your ass 114,124 meters…and that’s after a six-pack of beer. 😉

    Here’s a glimpse of you in mid-air screaming your head off on the following kick. 😆

    Shine on,

  55. Mobile Blog says:

    178,387 meters 🙂 John Chow is down 🙂

    1. Aaron Cook says:

      LOL, I think any claim above 110,000 should perhaps require photographic proof like a few have already given, eh?

      For example, here’s mine (114,124):

      Mobile Blog, you say 178,387? Sorry, but I don’t believe that one for a second…at least not without an accompanying screenshot. Unfortunately, my drugs are not that strong. 🙂

      1. Mobile Blog says:

        114.438 from onother computer 🙂

  56. Improving: 108113

  57. Andrej says:

    113,587m !!! 🙂

    I bet John made this 😈

    Did you?

  58. Wolf Stone says:

    101,743…on my second try !!

  59. Blantonious says:

    I kicked your ass 73,032 meters my first try. Then I realized its not how far I kick your ass but how many times I kick your ass. 😈

  60. mohdismail says:

    55,700… ha ha 🙂 i like it!

  61. Sean says:

    That’s so funny John!

    I kicked you 101567 meters… you bounced pretty good at the end too 🙂

  62. Clever Dude says:

    96,406 on my third try.

  63. Sean says:

    I also just realized that I currently have the record for kicking your ass to infinity and beyond 🙂

  64. 114438, that’s as far as I can kick John.

  65. Jiang says:

    50156, 哈哈

  66. Swapw says:


    100813, not bad I guess…heh..


  67. Oh, man I only managed to 61504 😎

  68. darkzzt says:

    107402 was the farthest I got
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    😛 😎

  69. Brad says:

    101920 now, its time to go and make some money ❗

  70. Jaypee says:

    Most of you claim to have gone over 100,000 but you need to have a screenshot to prove it. 😛

    1. I have posted a screenshot in my blog: 114,438

  71. sami says:


  72. SEO Blog says:

    82.599 in 3 tries…

  73. Tyler Ingram says:

    139,845 meters for me. Do i win a stuff toy? 🙂

  74. Deelip says:

    70000 I only played twice.
    It feels great to kick your ass hey john.

  75. Roberta says:

    Darn it, I only managed to kick his butt 77k meters…..but it was fun….my 7 year old kicked his butt 73k meters…hehe

  76. Aaron Cook says:

    Whoa, Tyler really kicked your ass far! And he just had foot surgery. They must’ve given him some bionic parts. 😀

    Looks like 139,845 is the score to beat.

  77. Meethere says:

    Thats a nice game 😛

    I kicked you upto 190984 😈
    Can show you proofs..

    I dont think anybody can beat me 😎

  78. keytruekong says:

    who did the best? 😀

  79. keytruekong says:

    it is so nice to kick Johnchow’s butt. 114125 meters 😆

  80. Martin says:

    108018 on 2nd try

  81. GA says:

    Come on John, please remove the buy me a beer rubbish!

    It’s so not John Chow. Show us real ways to make money !

    Best wishes,

  82. Dan says:

    I got 107,000 😀

  83. Sean says:

    HAHA that’s fun. My best was 77 331, that was my 2nd try too 🙂

  84. SEO Blog says:

    108.255 was my best. This game is really nice. I would love to kick John’s ass because he does not include my review in one of his batches 👿 😈

  85. 102,425 on my second try. I think I’ll just keep that as my high score.

  86. Wahlau.NET says:

    haha..this is fun…I did this with my friend’s picture. Thanks

  87. Simple Info says:

    I got 73198 mts..

  88. Slaptijack says:

    And I thought 61178 was awesome. Shucks.

  89. I kicked him the farthest, 102K…105K…finally, 108,112.

    Here’s tip: watch his butt first. Note the lowest point he pushed his butt. Aim your mouse on that point. Then, wait until he pushed his butt to your cursor and Fire. Then, watch him flying far far away and his head will be dislocated while on air.

    Now, it’s your turn to break my record.

    1. There have been a few who got higher scores than you actually. I had a 108,113 two days ago, but from reading the comments I think MeeThere has the gold with 190,984. 😎

  90. 67533. You need a lot of butt crack showing when John bends over. 😯

    ➡ Don

  91. wow.. John’s butt must be sore by now 😳

  92. Johnny says:

    107225.. that’s my furthest. :mrgreen:

  93. Jamie Hellen says:

    However much I try, I can’t kick your ass more than 50,000 meters. But I’ll get there. Just a little bit more time! 😕

  94. Wahlau.NET says:

    114.438 seems to be the highest already…wonder how does those ppl get higher than that

    anyone got any proof?

  95. MeeThere with a score of 190,000+ claims he has proof. A screen shot of that would put our minds at ease, wouldn’t it. 😈

  96. Andy says:

    Exactly the same as matt huggins

  97. Jean Ghalo says:

    well i kicked ur ass 61835 that was fair enough for me from the 3rd trial 🙂

    catch ya up later with a better kick…


  98. Eugene says:

    68,000+ here but i notice the technique is to kick johns ass early! hehe

  99. LayGuy says:

    Managed a glorious 107,402 – have given up now…

  100. luckylily says:

    114124 here…this is good exercise b4…

  101. It’s a really great way to alleviate stress, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with my score and this would be the last time I’m kicking John’s behind. 😎

  102. brittany says:

    this is fun.



  103. Anne Maybus says:


    good game, great brain rest.

  104. First try I kicked your butt 108,255 Muhahahahahahahahaha

  105. This game breaks your site’s layout badly in my browser (firefox/win)

  106. CFandM says:

    I don’t know you but it was fun kicking your butt..Had a score of 108255..It seems the trick lyes in the movement of the mouse but it might be just me..If you’ve played those bowling games its the same thing..Keep up the great work..

  107. Tony says:

    Haha I got 44680!

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