John Chow on Market Leverage TV

Market Leverage has posted the interview they did with me on Market Leverage TV. I visited the Market Leverage office while I was in Orlando for IZEA Fest. As part of the visit, I got to sit in on a taping of MLTV.

MLTV is a weekly show put on by Market Leverage. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here. Each episode has a new offer countdown, a Market Leverage minute, news from the industry and/or interview with a successful affiliate or blogger. As far as I know, Market Leverage is the only affiliate network to do a weekly video cast. Their embrace of bloggers and Web 2.0 technologies are two of the reasons Market Leverage has grown so fast.

I want to thank Debby at Market Leverage for doing the interview and letting me sit in on the filming. It’s very interesting to see how the stuff goes from green screen to final product. If I ever decide to really get into videos, I want the same setup they got!

Bonus – Here’s the MLTV version of the Cashinator Challenge.

24 thoughts on “John Chow on Market Leverage TV”

  1. Thanks John for giving me the opportunity to interview you on the spot! You are welcome back anytime!


    1. Great interview — saw it a couple days ago when ML uploaded it on YouTube.

      Can’t wait to see when John goes back and steals more goodies. haha

    2. Great interview
      Debby doing great in ML promotion 🙂

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        Debby is doing great. I am seeing Market Leverage EVERYWHERE!!

    3. Thanks Debby , your doing great in the promo Thanks John …great interview….

  2. By the way, John… you can embed the high quality versions of YouTube videos by using this tool:

    1. John Chow says:

      That is the high quality embed. 🙂

      1. Not according to your embed code. :p

        1. John Chow says:

          Ops! It’s on high quality now.

  3. Joe Tech says:

    Good stuff. The ML people are some of my new favorites.

  4. Samantha says:

    Market Leverage seems to be a great affiliate network. I recently emailed them, but have not yet set up an account with them. I can’t wait to try them out and see how well they work!

  5. Clog Money says:

    That was just a little cramped in there… You wouldn’t catch me getting in something like that!

    1. Not even for free money?

      1. I’d get in there for some free money, and all that publicity they’re getting for their blogs.

  6. Nice interview there John, always enjoy watching someone chat with the network I work with. ML really do rule at what they do. That presentation of that video is very professional and sets them apart! I really really want one of those “I’m Blogging This!” t-shirts, have any available? Please? 🙂

    Kind regards,

  7. 100kjob says:

    I see why shoemoney lost, he relied on his “good looking” to win this contest, which is totally irrelevant in my opinion.

  8. That interview was good. I’m going to check out their other ones.

  9. That’s it John, catch the cash in your shirt. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  10. Great interview – I’ll definitely have to subscribe to their youtube channel.

  11. Bryan says:

    Nice interview. I know I watch their news about their new offers almost daily and it is a nice program to get the lowdown on what is converting good.

  12. izu mou says:

    Good intrveiw debby is trying

  13. charles says:

    You are a certified “celebrity”. John..

  14. Very interesting and a great video post. I have applied with Market Leverage before but then decided I was too busy with other programs. Now I think I will take another look.

  15. I was searching through your archives and came across ML. I didn’t know that there was a YouTube channel. Thanks, consider me a new fan of them.

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