John Chow vs. Matt Coddington

Daily Blog Tips has posted another Blogger Face-Off. This time, it’s Matt Coddington of Net Business Blog vs. The Root Of All Evil (me)!

Unlike the first Blogger Face-Off that pitted Darren Rowse against Shoemoney, this Blogger Face-Off against me and Matt has a voting system so you can decide who the winner is.

While the initial purpose of the Bloggers Face-Off was only to provide an interesting reading for everyone I recognize that a voting system could make things more funny. Secondly it will also make it possible to create second rounds where we match the winners of past challenges against each other! Since there was no voting session on the first edition both Darren and Jeremy will receive a free pass to the second round.

Amazingly enough, I am actually losing right now. But I think that’s because Matt posted it on his blog the instant he found out about it. I just found out now. Anyway, head on over there and vote for me please. Vote more than once if you have to (we are evil after all). 😈

53 thoughts on “John Chow vs. Matt Coddington”

  1. Promoting fraudulent voting!? You are one evil bastard. Luckily I have Shonuff on my side.

    1. jez says:

      Well Matt, you know its a very close run thing, have to pull out all the stops…

    2. Not to say the least, it is a battle between the fan-base of both camps!

  2. sam says:

    i voted for you, you’re tieing now!

    1. ilker says:

      Well.. not anymore! I gave John 666 votes 😈 😈 😈

      1. With that, John is leading, and still is.

  3. Soultrance says:

    I broke the tie!

    Go Matt!! Muhahaha. 👿

    Only cause John is an evil live lobster eater and NBB rocks. 😀

    1. lol right on! Mutiny!

    2. Matthew says:

      so your pro-lobster? lol

  4. I voted for you in both IE and FF – anything I can do to give back to Root Of All Evil!


    1. ilker says:

      I gave you 9 votes with IE + FF + Opera using original page, Anonymizer, and Proxify.

      Idealy, I could give 666 votes but John knows really well that time = money! 😈

      1. Jason says:

        Gosh … don’t you think John could win without multiple votes? 🙄

        Let’s not bring back the vote result debates with dimpled chads and all of that …

        1. ilker says:

          LOL! Its a joke obviously *cough* 😈

        2. Yea I agree. I would support ‘uniques’ voting. John does not need multiple votes to win! Calling for fair play!

      2. That would be hilarious! Just imagine the landslide we could generate!

  5. Mike says:

    Looks like John is way ahead now… he’s got 66% of the vote!

  6. Daniel says:

    John, you are leading it now! But Matt is holdind it close hehe, I guess its the influence of his friend Sho-Nuff…

  7. Chris says:

    Voted 😈

    Matt has done well though, 1k in two months 😮

    1. That is right. Putting a relatively new blogger against the likes of John, that is sure some stiff competition going on.

  8. collis says:

    ah the master vs the protege, interesting showdown ❗

  9. Erik says:

    The vote is in! John’s ahead by 20 or so votes now.

  10. ilker says:

    The winner is clearly John.. this poll is obsolete! 🙂

    1. Matthew says:

      it should be

      john’s following will prevail

  11. A fight to the finish?! Awesome!

  12. Found a great new affiliate program John that launched today. Check out my post about AuctionAds.

  13. MeTheGeek says:

    I will vote for you, but promise you will tell me how’s my English.

    As you always say, “you help me, I help you” 😉

  14. Jonix says:

    well, i think this two blogs are a bit different. the other guy blog, is more about making money online, with tips and tricks. Johnchow, can cover that part, but also entertain us with some posts, and have a more personal touch. The two blogs are excellent, and the two are worth to read and subscribe daily.

    1. Both are worthly competitors and both have their own good points. It is hard to separate them, but I would go with a daily dose of both everyday. They are like meat and vegetables. I need both to survive.

  15. Jason says:

    I voted for you John … although I have to say, it was more about the helpful tips on your site, and less about the pure evil.

    Hope you’re not too insulted 😉

  16. MeTheGeek says:

    Thanks John!! 😆

    I’m so embarrassed, the post was messed in internet explorer because of a new polls plugin I was trying… amateur stuff!

    I fell like I invited a boss to dinner, and had the house all messed up. 😛

  17. Shawn Knight says:

    Tally another vote for our king of Evil! 👿

  18. jez says:

    Damn its close, just voted with FF, JC 137, MG 138, IE gets U even 😳 138 each, they need to be checking MAC addresses with JC involved 😐

  19. Marc says:

    Well after my vote it’s 50%/50% with a marginal 2 vote advantage going to John. As Homer would say, “Don’t blame me, I voted for the blue M&M.”

  20. Sean says:

    HAHA Cool! This’ll be fun!

  21. ian says:

    Im surprised at how close the votes are, I cast my vote for John Chow.

  22. John Chow, you have my support as well! Look at how your fanbase is going to overturn the competitor! ❗

    1. Jonix says:

      Completed overtuning or not 😕 the system is faulty, you can vote infinite times in the same person, you can stay a full day voting and cheating the system. This vote widget it’s not good and will not give the truth, let’s forget about it, or you can click click click 🙂

      1. If only fair-play exists. Like I said, John does not need multiple votes! Base on unique voting, that would have been the most pleasing outcome.

        1. Jonix says:

          I was just jokin lyndon. Of course it doesn’t need that we click many times. But has a programmer that i’m, the first thing i try on a system like that is the duplicate vote, is a basic thing and a system like that should have a minimum protection against that. Here at johnchow we’re all very honest persons (i hope), but can you garantee that? Can you garantee that all matt readers don’t do that? Of course not, so the system ALLWAYS should prevent a thing like that.
          A free alternative with protection could be the WP-Polls Widget. It’s a good plugin and can prevent such things.

          If anyone is interested, here it is the link:

          1. Ah.. perhaps someone can direct this to Daily Blog Tips. 🙂 They are probably the ones in need of it. Besides, I can vouch upon my heart that I only voted, once.

          2. Daniel says:

            Right now I am using a java script poll from polldaddy, some wp plugins mess your database, and even those plugins have workarounds if people want to cheat. I guess we need to rely on the honesty of people 🙂

            Also the objective is fun for everyone, declaring a winner is just a way to increase the fun!

          3. Definitely so. Yet, it is mandate to backup your database frequently as you play around with the tools available. Gosh, I just can’t keep my hands off them!

  23. Eli says:

    Voted for you of course 😛

    Although I really like Net Business Blog, especially the theme.

  24. Matthew says:

    voted for you, now its 50/50

    1. It is still a close fight though.

  25. Malcolm Owen says:

    Just voted, and John’s behind at 46%, that’s 38 votes. I think extra evilness is warranted to boost the result.

    John: Nice response to item 11 on that list, great way to gain votes!

  26. I hope you both lose! How’s that for evil?


  27. Daniel says:

    john is making a come back, he was down to 45% this morning, but its 48% percent now and closing the gap

  28. Ian says:

    I cant believe John is losing. I thought this would be a total demolition…

  29. Sorry to see you didn’t win this one John – I was rooting for you.

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