John Chow vs Search Engine Journal

Matthew Woodward has an interesting post comparing the quality of my traffic to that of Search Engine Journal. Matt had a guest post on The Ninjas Guide To Google Alerts last month.

The post was sent to me over a month ago but got lost in my email filters. Not hearing back from me, Matt offered the post to Search Engine Journal, and they published it within 48 hours. Six weeks later, I find the post, and not knowing that it was already on SEJ, published it on my blog.

This set up an interesting head to head.

As both sites published the exact same post this has given me the unique opportunity to compare the traffic performance of both sites as well as analyze the differences in audience behavior.

I’m going to be looking at a range of metrics including social shares on each site, number of visits and precisely which post brought more value to my blog as a whole.

John Chow vs Search Engine Journal

19 thoughts on “John Chow vs Search Engine Journal”

  1. Jonathan says:

    WOW! Well I hope that your site wins there Mr. Chow. My traffic stats are going crazy for a two month old blog. Learning from the best ^^

    1. Have a read of the post, which one do you think won?

      1. Jonathan says:

        I am rooting for John Chow on this one…don’t know who won but they are both two high traffic sites for sure.

    2. Okay I took a peak I’m impressed… How so fast?

      1. Nothing like a bit of hard work, blood, sweat and tears 🙂

        Check out my income report that is month 3 of the blog, look at the previous ones to see how its grown.

        1. Blood, sweat and tears is key in my opinion to any success but two months or three months is fast and I mean really fast to have the kind of traffic rankings you two have.

          I have always been one to coach about the three D’s that one must have to succeed in any business are Desire, Determination, and Dedication. I have a history of doing this in other related businesses. Good old fashion elbow grease ..! However, I never been one to blog in the past I am however starting to find myself leaning in that direction as a result of John Chow and others success like you two.

          Perhaps I can write an article one day for the Master John Chow about the three D’s here one day. I’m just playing around now taking in all I can about blogging deciding the best ways to leverage it for my own needs. But I have another site I am working on behind the scene. I will be launching it in the future not really related to Internet marketing and more about one of my strong passions in life. But marketing it and traffic are still key to success.

          So here are a couple of questions for you two:

          Where was the focus at to get that kind if traffic that fast?

          What tweaks did you do with WP?

          Clearly both of you have built tons of content. Did you create content with high volume search topics in mind?

          Have you tweaked Feedburner in a special way?

          Do you have WordPress configured to ping an array of update services and if so what ones?

          Was your fast success related to guest posts, commenting like we are doing now and if so what percentages in each of these areas?

          There are tons of traffic building info out there as we all know on these topics by many of the big dogs. Down side is that much of it dated already. What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. I experienced that myself over past couple years when I did not have my eye on the 8 ball while going through a divorce after being married for nearly 16 years. I had sites that produced over 20K visitors a day mostly automated but mostly gone now. I have concluded that it’s also not my passion anymore. So my focus is on a new project I hope to launch in near future.

      2. Jonathan says:

        Honestly I don’t know how I did it. All I know is I am providing value to my readers and I publish great content and have a forum. The site does well in terms of affiliate income and sales too.

        My website got a 70k alexa score in one month as well as a PR1 in 1.5 months. My site is still getting better and better in terms of traffic and I am starting to see even more results from organic traffic from the SE’s.

        I try to publish content daily but could not the last few days as we were updating out custom Thesis design.

  2. Wow this is going to get good. Grab the popcorn and remote…!

    1. Haha stand by =D Need something to advertise first 😛

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for picking this up and sharing it with your visitors!

    It’s certainly interesting to see the difference in behavior in visitors from this blog and SEJ.

    I tried to get Shoemoney in on the action but he reckons-

    “I am probably 5-10x more $$ then johnchow”

    Considering buying equivalent advertising space from you both for a month to put that claim to the test!

  4. Jason James says:

    It shouldn’t matter who is 5x-10x more than who.

    1. It does when you want to spend advertising budget!

    2. Caleb says:

      To Shoemoney it obviously does matter. It’s actually just a matter of perception but getting real data over time can settle the matter easily.

  5. Caleb says:

    John’s site won! The demographics of SEJ played a big factor in this one as you got to think about the type of mindset of professionals whom mostly are already in the seo field. Since they’re not new to it they wouldn’t click on any aff links as much to buy seo products because they probably feel the product would be inferior or something they could do on their own

    But they would share it with their colleagues just so everyone’s kept up to speed.

    Also t here’s the obvious, they already have “professional” jobs while the demographics of John’s audience are more motivated to make some money and get away from jobs they probably hate.

    I could go on and on with hypothesis after hypothesis on why John’s blog outperformed but the main point is now there’s actual data for measuring two different audiences with the same content.

  6. faisal says:

    Wow, higher visibility competition, interesting. How do they measure?

  7. DJ Rony says:

    I guess both site won on their perspective. If I write an article related to technology and tried to publish it in wrong place like real estate blog then this thing can happen. Though the fields of these two blogs are almost same- but there is a huge difference.

  8. Lewis Saka says:

    Surely your both winners if everyone is bouncing back and forth between your sites as the battle goes viral

  9. Ehsan Ullah says:

    John Chow vs SEJ :O Seems a real battle, but I guess you’re the winner here John because your traffic is converting more than Search Engine Journal.

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