John Chow Vs. Shoemoney RSS Competition

Shoemoney and I have a little competition this month to see who can get the most new RSS subscribers. The winner will get bragging rights and a link on the other person’s blog. There is where our two blogs stand today.

8585.png 10833.png

At the end of this month, we’ll look at the FeedBurner chicklet again to see who added the most new RSS subscribers.

I do not intend to lose this competition. Therefore I have came up with an evil marketing scheme to ensure I win. If you haven’t subscribed to my full feed RSS yet, please do so now and tell all your friends to subscribe as well.

If I Win, You Win

Help me win this competition and you could win some great prizes. They include:

  • A 2GB iPod nano (value $149)
  • Ad in the RSS feed (value $200)
  • John Chow dot Com Review (value $400)
  • 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex (value $20)

More prizes will be added in the days ahead. If you wish to offer up a prize in exchange for a plug, send me an email and tell me what you got.

There are several ways to enter the contest. You can subscribe to the RSS feed. I will choose a few random RSS readers to win 7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex. You can blog about this and ask your readers to subscribe to my feed. Blog winners will be given free RSS text ads for a month.

Who ever comes up with the most creative way to help me get more RSS subscriber will win the iPod nano and the John Chow dot Com review. If you can think up a new way to get more RSS readers, then do it and show me the results. It might win you some great prizes!

Let the competition begin! Shoe is going down! I wonder what odds the bookmakers are giving?

186 thoughts on “John Chow Vs. Shoemoney RSS Competition”

    1. Seopher says:

      How about trying to capture who refers the new person? So say I sign up (which I have done ages ago) but then sign up 5 more people: the benefit would be that I get 6 entries.

      Therefore creating an incentive for pushing more people towards your feed.

      1. Steven says:

        Subscribed. Will be brainstorming soon.

        1. Chino Yray says:

          so if you already are a subscriber… you subscribe again? 😯

      2. Thats an idea. The same thing I was thinking when I was reading the post. How could he know who referred most peoples and how could he determine the winner, lets say someone from here refers 100 subscribers and another one only would you determine the winner of the review John ?

        Anyway, i kinda like you more than Mr Shoe so here we go, i will subscribe (even tho i don’t have to, i read you daily).

        1. DeboHobo says:

          I subcribed a long time ago too, but I don’t even use the reader I just come straight here.

          This looks like a fun contest. Good luck I hope yo win.

          1. Sbeebizz says:

            I like the both your blog’s…both have great info and as I’ve only been blogging for a while.

            I’ll simply say may the best man win!

            Btw: I subscribed

      3. Seopher says:

        I was just thinking that you get more entries for the more friends you refer into the scheme.

        So if I join and refer 5 friends, I have 6 entries to win. Not very innovative but it’s effective all the same. Viral if you will.

  1. GettyCash says:

    Subscribed too πŸ˜›

  2. Cash Quests says:

    Subscribed three more times under different e-mail addresses. 😈

    1. Kumiko,

      aren’t you evil? perhaps more than the ‘evil one’ himself.

    2. krillz says:

      that should be counted as cheating, let’s keep the game at leat somewhat clean.

  3. Vijay says:

    Subscribed a long time ago!

  4. Brilliant idea. I have subscribed too.

  5. Been subscribed for ages. Bonus cookies? 😈

    The best way to get more RSS subscribers (if not totally evil and blackhat) is to use an iFrame, 1px by 1px which loads your Feedburner feed – and counts as a hit, or click-through to your feed page, hence increasing your subscribers *cough* – Worth a nano, Chow-man?

    1. Cash Quests says:

      I don’t know if that works or not but if it does it would result in two things as I see it:

      1. You’d have massive fluctuations in your feedburner feed (even more than now).

      2. If you sold advertising like reviews based upon how many readers you have, you’re be misrepresenting yourself to the advertiser – never a good thing if you want them to come back and probably illegal.

      But the choice is yours.

      1. The choice is John’s, actually… I’m not going anywhere near my own blackhat contraptions. 😈

  6. John Shoe will trample you under feet. He has been longer in the crowd game than you. If he mean business, he would even spend money on campaign to proof that he is master in the game.

    I don’t deny that you are evil, but get ready for the jackboot of traffic baiters in recent times.

  7. Subscribed my friend. πŸ˜‰

    Ummm… let me think of an idea to increase RSS subscribers.

  8. Oh boy, this plan is dead evil! I mean, who can think of doing this? Shoe will be stunned! 😈
    My evil rating: 100/10 – Yep you just broke the rules John! :mrgreen:

  9. lyricsreg says:

    A non-reciprocal link from one of these two blogs is “kind of a big deal” πŸ™‚

  10. says:

    Great idea. I’m already subscribed.

  11. aw says:

    Hey, John, I have subscribed yours long before πŸ™‚
    BTW: Sent a mail to you to tell something about your ThreadedComments. Did you get that ?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I got it. Thanks.

  12. Etienne Teo says:

    1) like what cashquest had said, If everyone person is to help, subscribing 20 different emails on yahoo,google,hotmail will boost your rss feeds that is for sure.

    20 x 100 = 2000 subscribers, that for sure you can get it within a month, but who is in support of this, and how would they win your prize, consolidate the emails they have subscribed with?

    2) Get great sponsors like a top 3 prize that david airey had recently held, that got him 2000k subscribers, tell your readers they must subscribe to your RSS to know who wins the prizes and that should well give you more subscribers just to beat shoe.

    3) the loser way which you will not do, fake your RSS feed results with netbusiness blog….hahaha! – not a good idea seriously..

    1. Matt Jones says:

      Of course John wouldn’t do that because he has a higher feedcount than netbusinessblog!

  13. Let me guess what Shoemoney does to promote this – nothing πŸ˜€ that’s his style.

    I will blog about this though

  14. Count me in…maybe you could offer a free banner for a month or something as an incentive….

  15. John Chow, the master of online money making will win!!
    Go John!

  16. The Financial Blogger says:

    This is quite an evil plan!
    I will surely participate and help you out in your path to evilness!
    I just subscribed… good luck!

  17. Imed says:

    Already subscribed, and awaiting for the final results who is going to win! Although, i wouldn’t call this evil, as it is really a good marketing strategy.

  18. ritchie says:

    I’m really curious now for Jeremy’s first post on the topic.

  19. Mani Karthik says:

    John, I’ve sent you an email with the list of 196 email addresses that I used to subscribe to your feed. Thanks to Gmail !

    So, I hope all of those 96 email addresses stand a chance to win right?


  20. Chip says:

    Subscribed a long time ago, and now I’m watching this competition. I’m looking forward to see what will happen next.

  21. ExaGirl says:

    Maybe I should put your photo on my site so that everyone can recommend your face and subscribe to your feed! 😈

  22. Neil Duckett says:

    Prefer to visit the source directly but will subscribe just to add another reader for you.

  23. Oh man, I would love that review and nano. I’m sure others do as well. We’ll see what everyone can come up with.

  24. Dave says:

    I agree with everyone else; its a brilliant idea. I just subscribed! Best of luck in the competition!

  25. Laura Martin says:

    Arghh! I’ve become an avid fan of your blog and was just about to subscribe and this contest hits… I have to go with Jeremy since he sent me supercool shirts πŸ™‚ Good luck and I’ll subscribe next month!

  26. Mubin says:

    Just really liked the fact that even though you click on shoes feedburner chicklet you get directed to John’s feed 😈

  27. Ginene says:

    Ok I just joined even though I like you both. πŸ™‚

  28. Where is the competition? At this rate of marketing blitz, I do not see a two horse race! The sad part is that old and faithful subscribers are left high and dry!

  29. Israel says:

    john i have an idea and I know a way to track it. I can get you quite a few sign us also. if you want shoot me an email and I will let you know about it. and no, its not useless emails being created. its actual readers that are interested in making money online.

  30. subscribed long time ago!

  31. Pingback:
  32. I’ve been a LONG time fan and subscriber.

    John, you’re very very evil! I see everything! 😈
    For everyone that needs an example of his evilness, check out the feed subscriber links above. They’re colored differently, display each sites feedcount (respectively) and… THEY BOTH LINK TO JOHN CHOW’s FEED!!! 😈

    Good work John!

  33. soccer dvd says:

    Like i said at shoemoney blog, i’ve subscribed to your blog both for like the longest time

    anyway good luck john. this sure will spice up the internet realm until the next challenge πŸ™‚

  34. Neon says:

    Nice challenge πŸ™‚
    subscribing to your feed.

    Market Matador: hahaha.. i tried to check out shoemoney feed and click the 2nd chicklet…. it also goes to John’s πŸ˜€

  35. I like shoemoney’s blog more πŸ˜› but I read them both. John seems to be a more active blogger than shoe in the last couple of months.
    By the way I’m still waiting to see the johnchow dot com income for the month of september!

  36. Tre says:

    Looking forward to the blog income presentation for september. 😈

  37. I guess you can post links inside the comment…

    So check out my site to see my blog about “Why John Chow’s Evil Marketing Works.”


  38. While the cheering crowds go for the small fish you throw as prizes, you guys are the ultimate winners with the big catch namely more readers. So who gains more ? You both or us ?

    Really an evil contest uh ? πŸ‘Ώ

    These big guys already know how to grow big. Folks why don’t you all spend your time to Link And Earn and grow bigger.

  39. arun says:

    Another way is to post about this blog’s earning in money making communities of social networking websites like facebook, myspace, orkut etc. Like giving title ” How i am making 15000$/month from a blog. get secrets now” Ask peoples to subscribe to know secreats.
    This idea surely can fetch 1000’s of subscribers.

    Second way is to make a video about this website in which telling about earning of this blog and asking peoples to subscribe in this blog to know secrets and winning prizes. Then upload this video on youtube,, google, and on other top video sharing websites where 1000’s of peoples will see this video and come to subscribe. Don forget to give it a title like “Secrets to make 15000$/month with just one blog” . This is viral marketing.

  40. krillz says:

    linked both feedburner stats to your own feed. Do you really think that readers would trust to subsribe to shoe from your blog, hmm.
    Yeah I guess.

  41. Kalle says:

    If you win against that guy without any “dirty tricks”, you got skills.

  42. Stealth says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while. This pushed me over the edge so I subscribed to your blog Yeah!

  43. Matej says:

    Oh please, there’s no looser in this “competition”… I don’t like it

  44. Klaudio says:

    competition baby competition :mrgreen:

  45. Instead of all the ways to win this victory, how about a little advertising for the smaller guys? Suggestion – How about creating a widget of some sort that is a vertical text scroller with our names and urls for the success of your victory? πŸ˜‰

  46. Suggestion – How about creating a widget of some sort that is a vertical text scroller with our names and urls for the success of your victory? This free advertising will definitely increase your FEEDS!

  47. bolehan says:

    2GB ipod nano??? Is it the lastest generation ipod?

  48. Limitless says:

    Ok John! Deal! I subscribed! I hope you win this bet, you deserve it!

  49. squaretan says:

    Can i know what is a plug? It states that if you want to send things over, then you will get a plug. What plug?

    Anyway John is really good at bribing! ^^

  50. Joey B says:

    Subscribed. also wrote a post about the contest on my blog

  51. Ok, ok… I love the idea. I saw this on shoemoney’s site so therefore would that make him able to win the Ipod for most creative way of getting someone to subscribe? πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, best of luck!

  52. sia says:

    I saw this as well at shoemoney. Great idea great marketing, glad to see this doesn’t keep you down when google doesn’t ironically shine down on you, good luck, may the best marketeer win !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  53. Joey B says:

    Subscribed and post on my blog.

  54. Subscribed a long time ago, I’ll post towards the end of the month as doesn’t that FeedBurner stat only show the number of people of read via RSS yesterday?

  55. Kanute says:

    I subscribed a long time ago. Hope you win. Sure to get a brilliant idea

  56. Pogung177 says:

    How you choose the winer randomly..?
    but I prefer subcribe Shomoney that you… πŸ˜†

  57. Pogung177 says:

    How you choose the winer randomly..?
    but I prefer subcribe Shomoney than you… πŸ˜†

  58. Crenk says:

    Hmmm.. Im not to sure who should win the Chow or the Money

  59. Keith Dsouza says:

    Hey John,

    Here is a cool way to increase your RSS subscribers. I have created a plugin that allows fetches all the emails from feedburner and sorts the uncofirmed emails allowing you to send a personalized email to them.

    Here is the plugin link Hope this helps you increase your subscribers and wins me some prizes


  60. Papa Rage says:

    Write a comprehensive review of current feed readers to drive traffic to your feed by two means

    1) make it controversial to get the attention of people who have a favorite reader already

    2) use it to also explain how feed readers work to get the attention of people who have never used one.

    Another idea is to do a couple posts that are reverse partial feeds. Instead of a small bit of content in the feed that links to the website, have some small bit content in the post that links to the full feed. (may not be possible with your current setup)

  61. Eric says:

    John, hope you’ll win, but I made a post about yours and Shoemoney’s RSS challenge and explain why I’m gonna win if I should have joined the challenge 😈

    Check it out

    Btw I subscribed to your RSS feed and will only subscribe to Shoemoney’s RSS on the 1st of November 😈

  62. Papa Rage says:

    Since you are making something like 6 cents for each page view, use PPC and buy clicks for less than 6 cents. Use your stats to identify the pages with the highest subscription conversion rate and target those pages. If you can get your clicks for less than 6 cents you’ll won’t be losing money (theoretically) as long as paid traffic converts at the same rate.

    While you’re looking at which posts convert subscribers best, write more posts like those this month.

  63. Simon says:

    While I’m here…

    I shot you an email with an idea – in fact I’ve been working on it a bit this evening in a couple of spare hours. Good luck with the contest.

  64. It is a nice trick by the two masters to ramp up their subscribers. Hey, why not. This is all marketing, baby. By the way, I am also giving away a Sansa 4GB MP3 player

  65. says:

    I’ve posted my own challenge for you on my blog.

  66. This would be an interesting competion, we’ll have to see who the better marketer/blogger will be.

    Keep us updated.
    Carlo Selorio

  67. Collin says:


    Here’s something you two big time bloggers should be doing to test your skills in this feild.

    Pick one new blogger each. There feed count has to be under 10 and work with them to increase there subscribers along with yours. Shoemoney should do the same and see who has the best advice and knows the most about growing a blog. You two guys are already huge, and making great money……..change someone elses life and continue to grow your blog…….Theres a challange John

  68. Wahlau.NET says:

    I thought you had itouch up for grab too….

    1. John Chow says:

      I do, but that is for another contest.

  69. PreBlogging says:

    it all sounds good to me ! Subscribed (CYM John :))

  70. Etienne Teo says:

    you have broken your 9000 readers! :mrgreen:

  71. Starboykb says:

    I support you!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!

  72. Punny Money says:

    John, I’ll rent you my Feedburner button spot for $100 for a week. People will think they’re signing up for my RSS feed when they’re really signing up for yours! πŸ™‚

  73. Lewis Empire says:

    Hey John, I have an idea for you. Why not have all your fans write a quick post about your contest then have them post YOUR RSS feed link into their post (We can mass-title the post ‘It’s Time To Chow Your Shoe’). As an incentive, you could offer a John Chow Golden Platinum review to a random blogger who inserted your feed.

    The blogger might win a $400 value review and explode their readership and you could get 500+ blogs X their 100+ readers!

  74. UniqMan says:

    Competition is good idea! But i think not with the number of RSS subscribers because you’ll wind the counter…

  75. Azeem says:

    Wow!..this should be definetely a great it…Good luck Chow!

  76. MrPrizes says:

    Good luck in your competition with Shoemoney.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have added this contest to several categories within our contest and sweepstakes directory.

    Please feel free to let me know of any changes you would like made and also keep me up to date on future listings. Have a great day!

  77. MMMomma says:

    πŸ™„ Competition is good, contests are good. Subscribed.

    Like a campaign “Chow on the Shoe”
    Controversy breeds more RSS feeds
    Charity, I get X number of subscribers I will donate to (charity plug goes here)
    Build it and they will come, build a crazy marketing scheme and they will come in droves, over great prizes and we can be bribed πŸ‘Ώ

  78. Jeff Quipp says:

    You said you wondered what the odds are … well just goto and search for ‘John Chow’ … then vote. Its a prediction engine starting to make predictions about likely winners based on collective social opinion. You’re in the lead currently!

  79. craig says:

    Shoemonkey is a liar and posts fraudulent accusations about ODP. I wish you the best.

  80. Okay blogged it on my blog ! ! ! I am in your support with a gun. Lets see how we do it πŸ™‚

  81. brokencode says:

    How can I trust you with the prizes ?
    I don’t care. Subscribed !

  82. Paul says:

    Hey John,


  83. Paul says:


  84. I’m a relatively new follower of your site. I think it’s great marketing and congratulate you on your success. I’ve referred several people to your site. I hope you win the competition – good luck.

  85. Your blog’s great. Subscribed. Hope you win!

  86. Zlatan says:

    Subscribed πŸ™‚

  87. derek says:

    I have made a post of your RSS competition Mr. Chow, hope you like it! *wink *wink

  88. Rahul says:


    Subscribed! Great offer John, thanks!

  89. Poker says:

    Great contest! I would like to be one of the winners :)!

  90. Joe says:

    Running a small tshirt contest in conjunction with theirs! Here is my post about it.. hopefully this won’t get caught as spam. Just trying to add a little more fun to the contest, and perhaps help myself!

  91. Good luck John was just over at Shoe and he still has the lead by a small amount πŸ™‚

  92. Kristen says:

    I am working on an evil scheme to get people to sign up for the RSS Feed. I will keep you posted.“““““

  93. Hey John,

    How are you going with this contest? I’m sure that you’ll kick Shoemoney’s butt.

    Carlo Selorio

  94. crap..takes so long just to load the page cause of the comment .. anyway… it shows how popular johnchow is..

  95. Sunny D says:

    My buddy and I just initiated the exact same challange as John Chow and shoemoney. I have 2
    subscribers…. wah. Please subscribe to my
    solar power blog about state
    incentives and tax credits

  96. Interesting challenge…How are feeds counted exactly?
    What if someone is subrscribed on 2 readers? Say on a google homepage and in google reader? on in yahoo, pageflakes e.t.c.?
    Anyway, good luck, I’m sure you’ll win……………….you always do 😈

  97. Jaseem says:

    The best way is to give me something. What happens then? I will spend my time to blog about your RSS competition. Yes, getting linked frequently in a news blog counts. hooohahaha..!

  98. andrew says:

    John you need to catch up seriously. Shoemoney has everyone signing up 4x each and you barely have mentioned this contest in a week.

  99. Domtan says:

    Looking at figures in the chicklets you posted there really is no loser here. Number of subscribers have skyrocketed for both of you. Both won. That’s if the current subscribers don’t drop back down once October ends.

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