John Chow Vs. Shoemoney – The Battle Continues

The good folks at Logo Samurai has put out a demo of their animation skills with a flash movie featuring myself and Shoemoney in an ultimate battle to the death. I had a good laugh watching the movie and I think you will to.

Not only did Logo Samuari showed off their animation and design skills, they also show they know how to do linkbait as well. I’m sure Shoe will be posting this video once he sees it. Find out who won the battle by playing the video.

36 thoughts on “John Chow Vs. Shoemoney – The Battle Continues”

  1. BlogSavvy says:

    I’d love to be part of the clean up crew after the battle has been won.

    1. dcr says:

      After the battle? Start cleaning up as the coins and dollars are hitting the ground!

      1. Debo Hobo says:

        You fellas really know how to make it ‘rain’! 😉

  2. TheMoneyac says:

    Pretty interesting. But, it’s clear that it’s a pure linkbait.

    1. Couldn’t agree more about the linkbait… but isn’t that the whole point. Otherwise I would say these guys had an unhealthy obsession with JC and Shoe

  3. Sam says:

    animation flat out sucks.
    Link bait 100%

  4. Ian Fernando says:

    hahahahaha! great animation! dollars in place of bullets – that is how much money you guys bank!

  5. lol! good way of linkbaiting and getting good traffic 😀

  6. SEO Genius says:

    Great video 😉 some nice animation work done there

  7. James Wilcox says:

    The animation is cool but that music has to go.

  8. My 4 year old cousin watched this with me and literally said “this is the shittest cartoon I have ever watched!”

    What a load of crap…! :mrgreen:

    1. Guk says:

      I don’t understand why you have to insult the people that have probably put some part of their time and effort in creating the animation.

      By the way, nice marketing tactic by Logo Samurai.

      1. This cartoon is rubbish, if I was paying them to create something funny this would not be it. Im not insulting anyone here but their animation skills are not exactly elite.

        FYI, I dont usually insult anyone whether crap or not but this….

  9. Enkay Blog says:

    hahha. I liked the animation. I think Shoemoney shooting out cash was the funniest part! Good Stuff!

  10. Shaun Carter says:

    That was pretty cool, and definitely clever with the money cannons!

  11. Scorpiono says:

    I visited their website after seeing the ad, now I see the video.

    Great work, hilarious but pure link baiting. worked! 😉

    Cheers John!

  12. Norhafidz says:

    haha..nice video, no one wins at the end 🙂

  13. Mike says:

    Pretty lame.
    Here’s some funny flash humor with no animation abuse:
    Geeky Comic.

  14. I’d have a bag open so that all the money could go flying in. Wicked video.

  15. Israel says:

    cool. the shoemoney doesnt look like shoe tho. they should have made the extra skin under his chin and the ears. John Chow was too thick too. He should have been skinnier.

    Nonetheless, very cool.

  16. John, this gives me an idea. How about a Super Affiliate competition! Say for thirty-days, each Super Affiliate creates a new campaign, and then at the end of thirty-days, the Affiliate with the most $$ from the campaign, awards the proceeds to a commentor of choice?
    I recommend the following participants, John Chow, Jonathan Volk, Shoemoney and John Cow! Let me know what you think? Any names that come to mind? Of course you could select the market niche and ad criteria, Adsense, MSN or YSN. Respectfully, Nicholas

  17. Mr. Javo says:

    I like the animations made by Logo Samurai, pretty funny 😆

  18. That’s cute! I guess the battle comes down to who has the most money and who’s willing to shoot it at the other. 😛

  19. ha ha ha nice stuff…..i would love to know how many leads did Logo Samuia get from here…good concept

  20. Dan Mihaliak says:

    Nice marketing move! Appeals to all ages.

  21. Asim says:

    That was pretty funny !!>.. Shoe money would be shooting up and coughing up money for the ammo! 😛

  22. You should start embedding the high quality versions of YouTube videos, John. It adds to the overall effect… especially when you post a Flip video.

  23. John, you are comming up with lame posts man… the anim could have been better!

  24. Ahah awesome. :mrgreen: A+ on the linkbait too.

  25. Pangeran says:

    That was sharrrrrp!

    Why I never think about that?

  26. Pretty funny – John is cooling coooooooool

  27. Seopher says:

    Am I the only one who thought this was actually awful? The animation was pretty poor quality and it didn’t make a single point – just showed John and Jeremy firing money at one another.

    It’s linkbait but not well executed in my opinion; sure it works but there’s absolutely nothing viral about it, it only serves to satisfy the egos of two very important players within the niche.

    I’m donning a hat of cynicism today it seems.

  28. Sheriff says:

    Nice animations. Logo Samurai has done and shown their traffic strategy… anyway good marketing skills…

  29. KickA$$ says:

    WTF :mrgreen: juz wasted my time

  30. Hilarious video! Do you and shoe battle each other alot? Is there some kind of rivalry between you I don’t know about?

    It seems like alot of the big name bloggers are listed in your blog quite often, but I did notice that Yaro seems to always be left out of things, like the super panel and the World Blog expo, and other random things.

    So I guess the question should be: who of the other top bloggers is really your rival?

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