Join Louis Yagera and Win Binaural Beats Technology

The people who choose to read John Chow dot Com come from all corners of the Earth and from all walks of life. Many of them are very interested in the world of Internet marketing, but that doesn’t mean that their other interests and hobbies are necessarily alike.

Some may like fast cars and others may prefer haute couture. Louis Yagera approaches an entirely different area of interest on this blog and, over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at what he has to offer.

Be All That You Can Be

Louis Yagera says that this philosophy in life is comprised of five different mantras and variations of these cycle through the main header image area on his blog.

In the screenshot above, for instance, he tells us that you can be all that you can be. This relates back to one part of his life philosophy: “Be as best as I can be.” The grammar isn’t exactly perfect, but you get the idea. He also says, “I am THAT I am” and that “life is a journey” and you should “enjoy the ride.”

His blog isn’t technically about Internet marketing. Instead, he focuses mostly on the law of attraction, meditation techniques, and — most recently — the power of “binaural beats technology,” possibly to achieve “theta states.”

Who Is Louis Yagera?

Currently residing in Valencia, Spain, Louis Yagera describes himself as a “pretty normal guy.”

He has a great interest, as mentioned, in the law of attraction and he says that mastering this early as a teenager helped him “find my ideal job as a software programmer” and “live in the area of my choice,” even though it’s a “nice place that I thought I could not afford.

Beyond the law of attraction, Louis also expresses great interest in progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, meditation, and other techniques. You’ll find an almost spiritual-like tone through much of the content on his blog.

Writing Style and Comprehension

It’s possible that I’m coming from a slightly different perspective, since I make my career as a freelance writer, but I found that Yagera’s style to be somewhat unclear.

Take the blog post above as an example. This post is meant to be an introduction to the site, as it is titled “If You Are New to this Blog.” I think part of it has to do with sentence structure, since there are many run-on sentences.

Writing style aside, those interested in meditation and achieving certain mental states may find the information provided on to be of some value. It is worth noting that while the publication date of each post doesn’t seem to appear in the post themselves, they are included in the permalink structure. I’d personally have the date visible somewhere in the post.

I’d also recommend trying to shorten some of the blog post titles, as the resulting URLs can be very long. This could be little more than a matter of personal preference, but there could be some SEO ramifications as well.

Enter to Win High Quality Binaural Tracks

Possibly in preparation for today’s review, Louis lined up some stuff to give away as part of a contest. Yup, it has to do with binaural beats again.

The kicker is that his contest won’t just have one winner. He’s selecting a total of eleven winners and they’ll be given a range of content that includes binaural beats technology.

The grand prize winner gets Gammadrone MP3s, Deltadream MP3s, and Insight meditation MP3s. Three other winners get a Gammadrone CD and the remaining seven get the Insight Meditation MP3. With the exception of the single CD, all the prizes are digital. I guess that’s how he can manage to have eleven winners.

The winners will be chosen on September 15. To enter, sign up for Louis Yagera’s newsletter on his site.