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codename: SIMPLE is a full day workshop that will be held in Seattle on Friday June 24. This will be the first of what we hope will be many such workshops in the future. If you’re interested in social media, blogging, internet marketing, SEO/PPC, then this workshop is for you. We brought together the best in the north west for this workshop.

The Leaders in Social Media Consulting and SEO/PPC Management come together to provide the best Interactive Marketing Strategies workshop in Seattle’s history. After working with over 130 clients, Project Bionic’s Lead Scientist and Ethicus Group’s CEO decided to share their secrets in how they’ve helped many clients rise to the top of the most Efficient and Effective Marketing Strategies online.

The full day workshop cost $299 and $100 from every ticket purchased will go to charity. The workshop is limited to 100 people. I hope to see you there!

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25 thoughts on “Join Me At codename: SIMPLE Seattle”

  1. It’s a little expensive for people who want to start affiliate marketing!

    1. John Chow says:

      Actually, it’s damn cheap for someone who wants to start affiliate marketing.

      1. Cheap or not (I think it*s not that cheap) I will not be able to make it this time. I look forward to hearing about how it went. I may try to make it to one of the later workshops.

      2. fas says:

        Why do you say that John?

    2. Try starting any other business and see what you have to pay.

    3. Syed Balkhi says:

      LOL … Affiliate summit costs like 3k … BlogWorld Expo full pass is around 1.5k ….

      This is a DIRT cheap event that may have some value. This is an investment in your business.

      I find it funny that everybody wants to MAKE MONEY ONLINE, but they don’t want to spend a single dime. There is no EASY MONEY! This is a business and like every other it requires an investment.

      1. You’re exactly right, one has to spend money to make money. Always has been and always will be that way.

  2. fazal mayar says:

    thats good for people that wants to start affiliate marketing seriously!

    1. It is really very good venue to learn and to improve more your knowledge. I think it is a treat for everybody.

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Looks like a super opportunity for anyone in the Seattle area or anyone who can travel these easily. I personally love conferences in Seattle.

    1. Sounds like they will be learning from the masters.

  4. Mark j says:

    Considering the price, by having a paid meet up it reduces the chance of meeting people who arnt serious about this business, often money invested or payed for something rather than it be free, makes you a lot more serious about the thing you invested in 🙂

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Yes, sometimes having a price ensures an event only attracts it’s true target audience, instead of being invaded by people who want to “hang out”.

      1. Yea, the $299 fee keeps the riff raff out.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I agree there. The quality of attendees should be super.

          1. I could agree with you guys but on the other hand deeper pockets do not guarantee quality. The same way that the higher price always does not.

            If your only measure of value of people is $$$ Then it*s a sad reflection on your values.

  5. DrDarko says:

    Actually, if you are serious about affiliate marketing, a good and informative workshop can make you realize new potential and earn you more than ten times the price of the workshop.
    If you do not invest in yourself and your business, you are not going to be a success!
    I am just sorry that I am in Europe and I hope that at least some hints from the workshop will be available here. Way to go John…

  6. Kevin Kimes says:

    Well, I probably won’t be back in Washington by then, so hopefully it will turn into a recurring event.

    But I am curious if you decided which charity the $10,000 cut will go to?

  7. In Seattle? Oh! This won’t be easy for me. Cause I’m form Asia. It’s too Far from me. But Good Luck to your workshop.

  8. Yeah this is good for all and Seattle is the western terminus of I-90 and resides on the I-5 corridor, about 140 miles (230 km) south of Vancouver, British Columbia, and 170 miles (270 km) north of Portland, Oregon. The city of Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, is about 110 miles (180 km) to the northwest (about 90 miles (140 km) by passenger ferry) while the eastern Washington hub city of Spokane lies 280 miles (450 km) to the east.

  9. I am amazed by your thinking,well i really appreciate to you thanks for providing this post with us.

  10. i think this event has got over

  11. Oh wow, I may be up that way at that time. guess i should look into a ticket

  12. Thank’s for invite

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