Join Me For Dinner In Vancouver – I’m Paying!

I’m one of the speakers at the Marketing Mastery Summit that’s happening in Vancouver on November 24-25. I’ve been given a coupon code that’ll bring the early bird ticket price of the summit down to only $147 (regular ticket prices are $297). Furthermore, I’ve been told I get a commission on ticket sales. So, I thought, why not spend the commission on dinner with the people who use the coupon?

Follow these three simple steps to attend the Marketing Mastery Summit and have dinner with me at some fancy Vancouver restaurant.

  1. Purchase your tickets to the Marketing Mastery Summit
  2. Enter discount code JohnChow to reduce the early-bird price to $147
  3. eMail me a copy of your receipt to johnchow [@]

The coupon expires after ten uses or on November 10, whichever comes first. You MUST use the JohnChow coupon code. That is how everything is being tracked. Other coupon codes might get you a discounts, but only this one will get you dinner with me.

This is a great offer and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. I expect to sell this out within the day. See you at the summit.

About The Marketing Mastery Summit

In today’s competitive market, in order to be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd. One sure fire way to achieve that is by positioning yourself as the “Go To Expert” in your industry.

By positioning yourself as the “Go To Expert” in your field, you can attract higher-paying customers, shorten the duration of the sales process and increase your sales. You will benefit from free media coverage and get invited to speak at conferences. People will know you, like you and trust you for your advice. They will evangelize you to others.

Learning how to position yourself as the “Go To Expert” is a huge task and Marketing Mastery Summit can help you.

Marketing Mastery Summit 2012 is a 2-day conference that happens Saturday and Sunday, November 24th & 25th. You will learn, practice and experience highly effective marketing and business building strategies that will help you to build your business with a solid foundation and effective marketing system.

The Marketing Mastery Summit is designed for people who desire to gain the competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplace. Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best and launch your career as the Go-To expert in your industry.

Book your Ticket now for Marketing Mastery Summit

12 thoughts on “Join Me For Dinner In Vancouver – I’m Paying!”

  1. Jason James says:

    It seems you can get discount on everything with John Chow brand nowadays.
    Wish Steve Pavlina did the same.

  2. faisal says:

    Wow John, you are master in marketing indeed.

  3. daveM says:

    Wow, John, I sure would love to spend some time with you over dinner sometime… That would be a super experience.!! Thanks for the invite. daveM

  4. Heinz Rainer says:

    Cool .. Just wish I was somewhere close by. Really love to attend. Hope there will be another opportunity. Thanks for the invite,

  5. Виктор says:

    John Chow, Hi! Спасибо за приглашение, но в данный момент я живу не в Redmond WA, а в России в городе Богучар Воронежской области. Приятно получать твои письма, я их читаю с помощью google – переводчика. Спасибо за полезные советы и книги. Я только начинаю бизнес в Интернет.
    Здоровья и удачи! Будем друзьями! Victor.

  6. moneca says:

    hey john,
    had that free dinner in new york in the summer during the affliliate summit…boy was that good. hope to catch you when you are in town. this will sell out so get yourself in asap!

  7. BUM says:

    Wait- would we be having lobster? And I don’t mean crawfish. I’m talking real lobster. : P

  8. James L says:

    It’s a rare opportunity John, but need to be in southern Calif. during that time. I’m certain you have much knowledge to share. Hope to see you another time.

  9. Ferb says:

    Oh John, I can’t join now just can’t afford it and thank you for your dinner.

  10. Dick says:

    Give me an effing break.

  11. david koh says:

    Thank you very much John ,i would love to come ,however i am quite far away from where you are , like to learn more how to generate income online as i have no idea ,will be joining a seminar on the 9/10/11 Nov to learn from one to local Guru

  12. Cindy says:

    signed up for the course. Cant’ wait to meet you and others at the dinner. Cheers!

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