Just How Small Are We?

Have you ever wonder where we stand in the universe? Earth seems like a big place but how does it compare to other stuffs floating around the galaxy? A little search turned up this cool video showing the relative size of our universe.

Towards the end, the video does take the ranking out of context. It ranks Betelgeuse and Antares by themselves and then goes on the list the Supergiants. Both Betelgeuse and Antares are Supergiants, but they are not the largest of the class.

3 thoughts on “Just How Small Are We?”

  1. Carl says:

    I always thought Earth seemed pretty damn small actually.. And the more I travel, the smaller it seems.

    It’s really incredible how diverse people are on this tiny little rock in the universe!

    Christians sure aren’t going to like this video, which shows irrefutable evidence that there really is more to the world than “let there be light” and “let there be man”

  2. Tyler Cruz says:

    That’s a lot of real estate for you to conquer John.. may take a while.

  3. Ron Sloan says:

    To me it really proves the Bible to be true where it says in Isaiah 40:15 that the nations are as the film of
    dust on the scales. Indeed we are smaller yet than that.
    It puts into perspective our tiny selves. And yet the creator of all of it holds out to us the prospect of eternal life here on this earth.

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