Keyword Elite 2.0 Available For Download

Brad Callen’s long awaited Keyword Elite 2.0 is finally available for download. Keyword Elite is the best keyword research tool in the business and version 2.0 improves on it even more. If you’ve downloaded the free Keyword Minute report last week, then you’ll already know about the three guaranteed money making strategies that you can use with Keyword Elite 2.0. This is a must-have software for any Internet marketer.

The #1 Reason Most Internet Markets Fail

Believe it or not, the #1 reason most Internet marketers fail (other than not doing anything) is that they go into the wrong niche. Just because a niche sounds like a good idea doesn’t make it one.

When I was starting out, I used to look for ways to eliminate the risk. I wanted to be 100% sure that what I was doing would make me money. Well, I never had that luxury, but now thanks to Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2.0, YOU can.

The Niche Keyword Software

Keyword Elite 2.0 will literally rip apart ANY niche in just minutes. Youโ€™ll know everything you need to know and never take another risk. You’ll know within minutes if the niche youโ€™re thinking of is worth even 10 more minutes of your time.

If you’ve read the Keyword Minute report, then you have an understanding on just how powerful this software is. But that report is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many ways to use Keyword Elite 2.0 to make money online. For example, a blogger can use the software to quickly find the best keywords to put in their post to ensure it ranks well on Google.

I highly recommend Keyword Elite 2.0 to anyone looking to make money online. If you do nothing else today, at least go check out the videos. It’ll blow you away.


Download Keyword Elite 2.0

38 thoughts on “Keyword Elite 2.0 Available For Download”

  1. WP Themes says:

    Every marketer under the sun is promoting this product.

    But I think the #1 Reason Why Marketers Failed is because they give up too early. (or maybe they buy all these products and never use theme)

    1. Sam says:

      I agree. People are just too lazy and want results since the first day.
      If they don’t make 10K per day within the first month, they’ll give up.

      1. Bradley says:

        within the first month? try, the first twenty minutes… if it looks like they have to do any work. they ask for a refund. lol

    2. David Walker says:

      Haha, I have had loads of emails about this product. I am seriously considering getting it because I think it would be ideal for article marketing purposes. Does anyone have any opinions on it because if it works, then I’d definitely get the use out of it!


  2. Paul B says:

    It will be great no doubt but I’m already sick of all the bullshit flooding the internet over this. I’ll get excited when I see proof that people are using it and making money USING it.

  3. Buying all the products and never using them is the reason most people fail at their personal projects. Want to lose weight? Use the product you bought instead of just looking at it. Buying any product doesn’t assure success unless it is used correctly. That 8 week guarantee makes the product pretty tempting.
    @wp themes – of course every marketer is promoting it; at $197, I’m sure they get pretty good kickback form any buyers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. The 8 week guarantee coupled with the fact that it is a one time expense make it very attractive. Compare that with a bunch of tools that are $50-$99 per month!

  4. The internet marketers of yesterday made good money because they developed custom tools via APIs that allowed them pull out of information quickly.

    As the tools they had custom built continue to have equivilents become more open-source, they know their advantage is slipping.

    So like the gold rush moguls in the 1800s they have decided to start selling tools. That does not mean that the tools are bad or overpriced. It just means that as more people have the powerful custom tools, the competition will increase and the ability to make money will decrease.

    So do you want to make money doing “bum” marketing and re-hashing the same products? Or do you want to make money by truly adding great value through hard work? I know what path I am taking…

  5. Donny Gamble says:

    I have tried this product out in the past and have been very impressed. I am looking forward to purchasing this upgraded version of keyword Elite, I am sure that it will be rock solid

  6. I really impressed with their marketing technique. Last week they have created the environment for their new product by asking to top players to talk about this in their blog and this week they released it.

    Awesome marketing skill …

    1. That short eBook showing how to use Keyword Elite and what the inefficient free alternative is was a great way to hype the product.
      Rather than ignore the fact that Google Adwords offers some similar features, he demonstrated how much faster and more effective the product is. I totally agree, ZK, awesome marketing!

      1. Yes such marketing brain makes them different from others.

  7. Keyword research is so important. But I have yet to find a keyword research tool that gives you the same insight that you get when you go through searches manually, look at content that’s pulled up by the different keywords, look at competition etc.

    I think that the creativity that you need to become truly successful starts with keyword research, but there is a lot of danger in trying to automate this too soon.


    1. Paul B says:

      I here what you’re saying about doing it manually. In my opinion Market Samurai does a superb job of finding a balance between manual and automated keyword research. Alas, as it doesn’t have an affiliate program you’ll never hear any of the MMO whores talking about it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Ed Dale talked about Market Samurai.

        How much you paid for that ?

  8. Market Samurai is good enough for me, thanks, SY

    1. KE2 is 10x better than Market Samuari…

  9. Green PC says:

    Looks like a really neat program. Might actually have to try it out!

  10. Affiliit says:

    I really liked the original Keyword Elite, if this is anything like it, it will be amazing.

  11. EarningStep says:

    finally the new keyword tools was born… i already got the email from brad callen. i thought this is a great stuff for marketer

  12. Haha, John Cow likes it too!

  13. Dana says:

    It is worthy to try for better SERP.

  14. rexsky says:

    Hey John ,great job,I get this info from your Subscribe.thanks,I will try marketing tool I have seen.

  15. Steve Lign says:

    Nice share, thanks John Chow, downloading now!


  16. Marketers fail because they give up to early. Most of them are not aware about sand box effects and search engine delay responses. Further, i use Google award keyword suggestion tool to get list of good keywords for my target market.

  17. Sounds really cool, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing

  18. No free upgrades for users of the previous version?

  19. fas says:

    I hope it works as cool as it sounds.

  20. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I’ve been using Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do keyword research, but I believe that Keyword Elite must have something that Google Adwords doesn’t tell. Thanks for telling John!


    1. I hope so, but don’t you think that we should use Google’s data of keywords if we are optimizing our site for Google search?

  21. Having used many of Brad’s products in the past, I’m sure this will be great as well.. I’m curious if anyone that’s using Shoemoney Tools can do a comparison between the two.

  22. afzal says:

    Agree, almost every internet marketers are promoting this products. I already have SEO Elite, so it is not worth to buy KE 2 to get free another one SEO Elite.

  23. Keyword search is very important for a blogger.I had always used Google Ad Words Tool. Sounds interesting thanks for sharing.

  24. IQbizz says:

    With Market Samurai updating there software almost daily and the fact that thye have made the base keyword research tool free Brad Callen is so behind the eightball add to the fact of all the disgruntled clients who had there software unsable for weeks because of lack of updates it is what it is.

  25. Benjamin Cip says:

    I use google Ad Words tool at the moment but I would have been interested in your Keyword tool if it was available on Mac Computers…. talking about Mac, I can’t wait to upgrade it with Leopard Snow

  26. Albert Fang says:

    These marketing tools to help better analyze your competition is a must if you are serious about Internet marketing.

  27. cakhabib says:

    I recommend Keyword Elite to the original Niche..
    but.. increasingly serious competition.. don’t worry.. good keyword good income.. ^_^

  28. I have tried this product out in the past and have been very impressed. I am looking forward to purchasing this upgraded version of keyword Elite, I am sure that it will be rock solid

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