Kitchen Company Making Money Online (Case Study)

Over the past couple months I have been working with a Kitchen Remodeling company, Snappy Kitchens.  Over the past 6 months we have improved their online results 10x by doing a few simple steps.  These steps can be applied to most niches and most businesses online. I’ve applied this over the past six months to Snappy and it should be easy for most people to apply to their own business in a matter of a couple days.  It’s pretty easy, give it a shot.  In this post I will go over how to improve the results of your kitchen company in general.

Above is an example of the main landing page that we made for them.  Prior to working with me the client didn’t have a big button at the top that says “FREE Kitchen Estimate”, if you put a strong call to action on your site it will improve your results ten fold.  Make sure that the word FREE stands out and that it’s in a different color then the rest of the call to action.  I like to place my strongest call to action in the top right hand corner of every post.  That is the 2nd strongest place besides your logo that people will see.

We also added the addition for a person to signup and receive kitchen design tips, designs and many more things.  This doesn’t convert very well but we still have people trickling in all the time off of it.  We collect the first name, last name and email.  This helps us keep track of people .  We personally use Mailchimp though Aweber and others will work as well.

Another big addition to this website that we made was we changed the main photo to be something that everyone dreams about.  Before we had a really nice average person kitchen.  People want way more then their average anything.  They want to be wow’d away.  You wouldn’t come to JohnChow’s website if he talked about Honda Accords, you come here cause he’s got exotic cars and talks about huge ideas and topics.  It helps you dream bigger.  Do the same for your website and you’ll convert much more!

Another strong thing that you need to make sure that you have is the best hosting around.  Having the top hosting around will give you an edge over everyone else.  Did you know that part of your website ranking well is pulling up fast in the search engines?  Yup, a fast website will rank much better than a slower website when accompanied together.  If you take two website that are pretty much the same and ad super fast hosting to one of them, it’ll rank much better.

Most important of all is your call to actions. When you’re trying to get the user to do a specific task.  I like to give people no more than 4 tasks or things to do. Example below:

Notice that we have four different steps clearly marked for the customer.  This way they know aprox. how much time they are going to be spending putting their dream kitchen together.

By knowing what your goals are and things that can help your website you can change things up on your business site and start earning money online.  By many of these simple changes on this website we have improved our conversions on this site by ten times.  They’re getting more leads, earning more money, and gaining many valuable clients!

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14 thoughts on “Kitchen Company Making Money Online (Case Study)”

  1. Mitchell says:

    Everbody loves FREE! On that note, does it get abused or how do you avoid people getting thoughts like, “Oh, it’s just another ‘FREE’ scheme”?

  2. Devin says:

    Hey John really great post! I think Snappy Kitchens is squared away and it looks like they’re doing things right. It’s all about CRO baby!

  3. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Interestingly I have been also about to start working in the similar niche, but afaird to officially climb into the pool as Google and other online stuff is reacting very badily these days. But, now I have noticied a good appealing content can makes its own way without any push and force.

    Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  4. Jason James says:

    the word ‘FREE’ is like a spell.

  5. Simple and smart! Free always work!

  6. Tony Nguyen says:

    Well, in the online and socialism environment nowadays, everything must go viral. I think this post will help me a lot in my local business. It provides me some open ideas such as online coupons or reserving system.

    You’ve done a great job. Thank you!

  7. Sylvie says:

    what about a free honda accord XD

    The challenge with one of my sites {not my blogs} is that everything it offers IS free already. I’ve already done quite a bit of pizzazz about every new feature that gets added, yet it’s failed to generate much of any new excitement.

  8. Guestalot says:

    Have you thought about testing different newletter sign up headings too?
    see what works best?

  9. Ted Wilson says:

    I could’t agree more… A strong call to action is invaluable. For many bloggers, it is also very hard to write. Closing sales with a strong call to action is one of the most important parts of a sales page.

  10. Great tips & advice, thank you!

  11. Adam Green says:

    Great post, really like the level of detail you went into. The Free offers always seem to work best.

  12. faisal says:

    Landing page is very important, so is conversion.

  13. daveM says:

    I appreciate seeing your comment about positioning in top right of the page for best effect. What new people like me need is to see exactly what the experienced people have actually implemented to get results. Thanks for this.

  14. Victor says:

    Very good brief and this post helped me alot. Say thank you I searching for your facts

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