Kontera $500 Video Testimonial Contest

Want to win $500 for making a video? Kontera Technology is hosting a video testimonial contest for all its publishers. Shoot the winning video and you could win $500 of cold hard cash ($250 for second and $100 for third)! Here’s how to enter.

Create an original video or animated flash describing your Kontera ContentLink experience and the benefits using Kontera has brought to your site or blog.

STEP 1: What you should include:

  • Length of video/animated flash: up to 3 minutes
  • Tell of how and when you started using Kontera
  • What sort of impact and benefit ContentLink made for your site/blog
  • Your name and website/company name
  • Whatever other biographical details you want to include

STEP 2: Upload your video to YouTube. Tag it: Kontera, Contentlink, In-Text, contextual, advertising, ad.

STEP 3: Send the URL to [email protected]

The full rules can be found at the official Kontera blog. This contest is open to all Kontera publishers or advertisers. If you’re not a Kontera member, then you can sign up for an account here. Kontera has a $25 sign up bonus going on until March 1, 2008. If you can reach 50,000 impressions during your first month, they’ll kick in an extra $25 to your payment.

Time to fire up that camcorder again. 😎

21 thoughts on “Kontera $500 Video Testimonial Contest”

  1. Sucker says:

    If I was going to enter I would setup a scene like I’m doing website usability testing, with a subject in front of cameras and then the board room full of webmasters watching the progress, etc. Then the test subject would see all the ContentLink links on the homepage and get very annoyed, and close the website.

    Wonder if that would win anything… 😎

    1. Well it sounds as an idea, and I believe someone with skills might actually use it 😛 but one question, how would you feel if someone actually steals your idea and wins? 😈

      1. Sucker says:

        I’m not a Kontera publisher so I’m probably a little late to win, so I figured I’d throw the idea out there 😀

  2. Too bad, I am not using kontera. Otherwise I would be in the running as well. 😥 . I am going to sign up right now and hope another oppurtunity like this shoots up again. 🙁 . Oh well. Best of luck for anyone else who tries.

  3. Contest Beat says:

    But Vibrant Media is better

    Sorry 😈

  4. Hey John, you still using Kontera. I thought you had stopped but I see it now.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      He is still making money from contera ($1k each month), but it is from a private arrangement, not from using it.

      Alan Johnson

  5. Lipton says:

    Hmm I’d make a video, but I doubt their $2.00 something warrants that for me.

  6. Hmm…If I need a quick $500 I’ll know what to do. 😎

    1. John Chow says:

      I think your chances are pretty good. I don’t think they have that many videos submitted yet.

  7. Will says:

    Out of curiosity, where do you get all this industry news john?

    1. John Chow says:

      99% of the time, the companies email it to me.

      1. Kabatology says:

        The Kontera idea is bad from the start, inline publicity renders reading less fluid – not an efficient way of monetizing a blog. 😎

        1. Alan Johnson says:

          It really depends on the type of website you are running, inline ads such as the ones from Kontera tend to perform better on websites with a lot of content.

          Alan Johnson

  8. Mike Huang says:

    $500 seems like a whole lot of money, but it may not beat my contest 👿 !


  9. I don’t know wether I have been with Kontera long enough to create a video that will describe my “experience” but I suppose I could give it a go! Especially if there is $500 to be won. 😈

  10. For me Chitikas “Linx” progra works much better for me rather than kontera, however if its $500 at stake I might reconsider it again 😈

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