Kontera Introduces Hybrid Ads


Kontera Technology has launched a new ad unit to help you make more money online. The Kontera Hybrid offers exciting new possibilities for users to interact with content and for publishers to enjoy greater user engagement and more income.

As you know, Kontera ContentLink ads make it possible for publishers to serve relevant ads upon user’s interaction. The new Kontera Hybrid takes In-Text to the next level by delivering contextually relevant content and advertising within a single unit. Kontera Hybrid features links to related articles, videos, and images related to a highlighted keyword within a site’s textual content. The Hybrid focuses on user-engagement by delivering related content, from the publisher’s site or the web, and has an optional advertising component.


When mousing over the keyword, the user is presented with a layer containing additional information related to the topic he or she is reading about. This In-Text layer offers related content from your own website, thus increasing your site’s stickiness. Additionally the Hybrid serves related content from the web, thus providing your users with more relevant information.

The Kontera Hybrid presents the reader with an all-in-one related information unit which encourages further exploration of your site, side by side with a contextually relevant ad that will generate additional revenues for you.

Kontera Hybrid is currently offered to select publishers only. If you’re already a Kontera publisher, ask your rep to see if you qualify. If you’re not yet a Kontera publisher, you need to apply for an account first.

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67 thoughts on “Kontera Introduces Hybrid Ads”

  1. Wow, those look cool, and a bit intrusive as well. I wonder about the load time.

    1. mr nice guy says:

      This is the pretty cool information from Kontera today. Might try this one as well.

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Wow, your site is busy enough as it is ….. i guess another won’t hurt!

        1. Yea, I’d have to say there is a lot going on at Mr Nice Guy’s Site.

        2. Syed Balkhi says:

          haha yes it can’t hurt to add another one.

      2. Lol. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a sidebar that goes down twice as far as the homepage content!

      3. John Esberg says:

        A wise man once said, a confused mind always says no. When I look at your site, there’s so much it can be confusing to a person quite quickly. Just some food for thought, my friend.

    2. I am thinking the load time would be about the same, if they do it right. Other than that, I guess it’s more of an opportunity to earn for Kontera users, so that’s a plus if people aren’t annoyed by it!


  2. Reed says:

    Nice! Clean and full of relevant content, advertising at its best.

    1. Robert says:

      I think it’s a genius move. It’s a win-win for all: advertiser, publisher, and Kontera.

      1. Chetan says:

        Agree that it would be good for all the three parties if it gets some success.

  3. Shawn Knight says:

    Very cool! I like that it can display content from your own site, great idea. I will have to talk with my Kontera guy to see if I qualify 🙂

  4. Are you going to add them to this blog John?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I think I will give it a try.

  5. mr nice guy says:

    John Chow’s monthly income for Kontera is $1,000 per month but I couldn’t see any content link ad here. How did that happen John? or maybe you have other blogs as well. What can you say?

    1. He is special 😉 (can’t tell really, but he has a good amount of referrals under him, but I remember he mentioned in a comment that gets paid $1000 even if he won’t reach $1000 a month)

    2. Internetsalsa says:

      hey Mr Nice Guy.
      He does have Kontera (content link).
      Just check on his main page…
      Wherever you see blue word just put your mouse and you will see the box pop up.

      1. Hannah says:

        Even on the static page for this post I had one kontera ad.

    3. I guess John’s sneaky like that 😉 If you look around, there’s plenty of Kontera to be found!

  6. I wonder if they are still accepting new customers using your link as you say in your book?

  7. Kenric says:

    Wow, looks ridiculous to me. Not much better than having pop up ads all over your screen. Plus now it really takes forever to load. ❗

  8. John Esberg says:

    Personally, I would much rather see Kontera advertising than another pile of Google links. Google is developing a bad taste to many of the internet users today. From time to time I ask around what people think of Google’s advertising. The responses I get are just a little less negative than what you would find for spam email.

    1. Robert says:

      There was an article today in the Miami Herald about Google’s revenue going down because of their recent decision to decrease the click space around Google ads.

      1. John Esberg says:

        I ran a search and read the article. I can see why Google wants to claim the decrease in clickable area will lower thier revenue, but that sounds a little fishy as an explanation. Then there is the comment about Google trying to adjust the quality of the links they provide to the online user, which is fine too. But I suspect they have a bad taste of the recession pulling back advertising budgets hitting them more than than they want to admit. Lets hope the economy pulls a good rebound from the slump we’re sitting in now.

  9. Simon Lau says:

    My success with Kontera has been declining lately. I use to get over 100 dollars a month with them but it has been dropping lately. I think more and more people are implementing ad blocks. 😈
    I’lll give this new version a spin since it has related links too.

  10. Mayank Rocks says:

    I am not a fan of Kontera to be honest. Just because of the excessive slow page loads

    1. Robert says:

      I don’t really think it creates that much of a problem.

  11. In my opinion, this just makes Kontera more annoying than it already is.

    1. “Annoying” definitely can attract a lot of attention from visitors though…

  12. Hannah says:

    They do look cool, definitely! I don’t use Kontera, but those look really nice!

  13. Looking cool, maybe i ope account with them.

  14. Chetan says:

    Would you please announce when you actually giving a try with this John?
    Lets see how it looks in your blog, then would try using it in my network.

  15. Asha says:

    It would be interesting to see how the Hybrid ones perform 🙂 . For me so far even the normal ones are not performing as good as the Google Ads.

    1. I am interested as well. Google Ads outperform my Kontera too, but it’s definitely good to diversify w/ advertising and giving Kontera a chance.

  16. Robert says:

    I like this change. It appears to be more user-friendly and might attract more clicks.

    1. Chetan says:

      But the only worry is about the page load speed and many people are expecting the load to be more slower than before.

  17. erika says:

    I wonder if this would work well with my site.

  18. Thx for the post the post John. I was about to join Kontera. But I have something in mind. Would it hurt my ranking? Because one of my blog just got rolled over from 3 to 0 and i guess that because i write reviews..

    1. Chetan says:

      Never ever heard that Kontera hurts rankings..
      Its just a type of contextual advertising like adsense.

  19. Hardi says:

    They always improve the ads but never improve the publisher panel…

    1. Sava says:

      Yep … the only thing nice about the publisher admin panel from Kontera is the flash graph. The rest could use a lot of extra work.
      Don’t really like the ads … but if they bring up more cash I won’t say no to them 😀

  20. Bash Bosh says:

    Yeah, looks good idd
    I have applied them on my site too

  21. Robert says:

    Since you like Kontera, and Shoemoney doesn’t, I’d like to see a viral video debate between JC and Shoemoney on this issue. That would get hits.

    1. Chetan says:

      That would get some huge number of Hits..
      Both the rivals fighting again would be a great watch 😆

    2. I’d enjoy watching it as well… it would definitely draw some nice attention to both blogs 😉

    3. Syed Balkhi says:

      agreed that would make a good video. I will agree with Jeremy about kontera it does slow down the site alot.

    4. Sha says:

      I’d like to see that. And then I’d like to see an SNL skit version.

  22. Looks cool: Kontera making improvements!

  23. johnd says:

    One thing I like aboe the Kontera ads is they give you more page space. Instead of always having to devote page space to the ad, it only blows up if people are interested in it.

  24. Terry Tay says:

    Is the load time of your site still going to be the same with the new hybrid ads or will it make it take longer to load? You do have a ton of stuff loading for each page so I just hope you do anything to make it take any longer. 😉

  25. Matt says:

    Must’ve taken time to copy and paste their press release

  26. Well So far my Adsense if WITH the lack of good content matching still does better than my Kontera, but I like the idea of Kontera. The ads are just underlines and then expand when you mouse-over.

    I think it might slow the page load some, BUT the pages do load almost as fast as normal. And the Kontera underlines gradually start to appear as you’re reading.

    Not crazy about the admin panel, but hey as long as the visitors side looks good…

  27. Paul says:

    With pictures, it may encourage more clicks and more money but to some, it looks like pop-ups and the user experience may be affected.
    After a while, people may just avoid the underlined words.

    1. Chetan says:

      But the ad preview as shown in the image isnt looking that ugly to be ignored by people.

      1. It will be interesting to see if John’s income from Kontera goes up the first full month he runs these.

  28. Brian Nguyen says:

    I have submitted twice but NEVER get any response from Kontera. Any reason? 😐

  29. Syed Balkhi says:

    I didn’t like Kontera much .. they make the site load slow. And always load at the end so for couple minutes until the site is loaded … it shows in the status bar. .. Kontera Loading ….

  30. Sha says:

    Someone mentioned people using adblock which does block Kontera ads. More & more people are definitely using it so I guess it depends on how many of your own visitors are using it. Of course if around 80%+ are, you won’t be seeing much of an income.

  31. Mazzel says:

    I hope this would be my next money resources from the internet. Thanks John.

  32. Alexx says:

    cool, I love politics Kontera also try to put an innovation

  33. Infogle says:

    nice upgrade from kontera i think this will attract more click then the previous one

    1. I’m wondering when John is going to start using it here.

  34. Wade says:

    Sounds good, but I think it feels more like an ad than ever. Most users may be pushed away.
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