Kontera Offers 100% Revenue Share for John Chow Readers

Have Kontera got a deal for you. And it’s only available for John Chow dot Com readers. Sign up for Kontera now and they will give you every dollar you make for the entire month of July. That’s right. 100% revenue share! And here’s the best part. No minimum traffic is required to get the 100% deal.

Email From Kontera

For anyone that signs up through you and goes live in July, they will get 100% of the revenue generated – regardless of size, for the entire month of July. This will be for any new publisher who signs up and only through the John Chow partnership.

If you haven’t signed up for Kontera yet, now would be the time to do so. Getting 100% of the money is a great way to test them out. This offer is open to new publishers only. To take advantage of this deal, just use the sign up link below.

For those who don’t know, Kontera serves those double underline links you see on this blog. The ad opens when you hover over the link. The main advantage of Kontera content ads is they take up no ad space so it’s like getting free money. Kontera has been one of this blog’s most consistence money maker.

Sign up for Kontera and make 100% Rev Share

75 thoughts on “Kontera Offers 100% Revenue Share for John Chow Readers”

  1. fas says:

    Wooow, thats a superb gesture for johnchow readers.

    1. Abdul says:

      Sure is and the people over at Kontera are also very smart they knew offering this would get them more customers and more earnings from August and onwards!

  2. Shanel Yang says:

    Too good to pass up, so just signed up! Thanks, John! 😛

  3. Paul B says:

    So that’ll be $0.08 a click now! Only joking, Kontera are great and if I wasn’t using them already I’d be taking advantage of this.

  4. Amirulcyber says:

    john your are my make money online idol.thank for your offer,i really appreciate it. 😆

  5. This is awesome. Thanks man.

  6. TravelAdda says:

    What about those who already use Kontera? 🙁

    1. Abdul says:

      Too bad you should have saved up a membership for an offer like this. I just signed up and hope to make great earnings!

  7. Lane says:

    What’s the revenue share revert back to after the 100% special offer in July ends?

  8. Kontera is giving me hardly 5-6 cents per click 🙁 Does anybody get any better rate per click?


    1. Geiger says:

      It’s hard to say. I did a $1,000 experiment with keywords and Kontera, it’s on my blog. I lost about $500. That was with $.25 clicks. They don’t have a keyword bidding tool which seems way silly to me. I will never advertise with them again without it.

    2. Ashley says:

      I was actually getting less than 5-6 cents per click. I was getting a good number of clicks – about the same as I do with AdSense, but I was only getting 2-3 cents per click where as on AdSense I get 10-20 cents per click.

      In addition, they never really “optimized” their ads for my sites, I was always seeing some really strange ads that didn’t really match my content.

      1. Gary R. Hess says:

        Same here. There really isn’t a reason for me to use Kontera. With it, my visitors are angry because of the random linked words and untargeted ads so pageviews were down plus people clicking Kontera instead of AdSense. Without it, more pageviews and more money from AdSense/CPM ads.

    3. I genuinely hate the kind of the earnings Kontera gives. And if the readers see in-text ads, they don’t think too highly of you as well.

  9. Edwin says:

    Oh great information. but why it is worth in just July? I ask for more 🙄

    1. Abdul says:

      You think Kontera wants to give free services?
      Then what is in it for them, this offer is just to attract more publishers!

  10. Muhammad says:

    Awsome. Chitika is doing a silimlar thing…

    The problem is that I already use Kontera 🙁


  11. Sherry says:

    wow.. so sad.. I have signed up sometimes ago.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      same here, I signed up a while back. Kontera doesn’t make me a ton of money, but a little bit of extra cash every now and then.

  12. Mr. Rajawang says:

    Yeah too bad I already signed up months ago..

  13. Thanks, John. I’m ready to come back and try Kontera again with my new company. Enjoy the commission I’ll earn you.

  14. ideasr says:

    Me too, I’ve already signed up 😡 But I’m still thinking is it really worth it ?

    1. Try it out and see. They have a $100 minimum payout which you probably won’t reach, after a few months I still don’t think I even reached $10.

  15. Thiago Prado says:

    I didn’t sign up yet because I read some articles saying that Kontera loads too much information to show the ads in the blog.
    Can someone explain that information?

  16. That’s awesome but I already dropped Kontera. It didn’t work out for me. I barely made anything.

    1. Abdul says:

      You’re kinda scaring me. I hope it works for me!

  17. dcr says:

    Great offer. I’m reasonably sure I haven’t previously signed up, since I don’t have Kontera running on my blog. 😉

    Hmmm. Should I sign up now or wait for a 200% payout. 😈

  18. Thanks John. I have been blogging for under a week now so my site does not have much traffic yet. Kontera with no minimum traffic requirement will prove to be a valuable asset.

  19. Jolin says:

    Kontera matches well in my site and I have been running it a long time. Any promotion for the exist users? 😎

  20. Will you have a similar promo for Chitika or other of your recommended moneymakers which hopefully I haven’t joined yet?

  21. John,
    Done with your spreadsheets for the June 2008 income report? I am predicting the income to be at $43,000! Any guess, folks?


    1. dcr says:

      I’ll predict $38,722.07.

      Does the person who guesses the closest get the money? 😈

      1. dcr says:

        Oops. I forgot to take the extra $10,000 from Brian Campbell into consideration. If JC counts that, my income guess will be $48,722.07.

        1. Abdul says:

          I doubt that he’ll add that in his earnings!

        2. My prediction of 43K includes Brian’s 10K

          1. dcr says:

            I’m beginning to think we’re not going to be seeing June’s earnings any time soon. 😐

  22. zk says:

    Thats a great deal for your readers..thanks

  23. Joy Smith says:

    Awww. That’s such a shame since I am already a Kontera member. But its great for anyone who’d like to become one! :mrgreen:

  24. Kontera never worked that great for me. Good luck with you new sign ups. 😉

  25. OCGolfCourse says:

    Amazing promotion! Too bad I’m already a member though. But then, maybe Kontera should do something for us that signed up but aren’t using it right now because it hasn’t been performing 😈

  26. Jan Alvin says:

    How about if someone has already signed up a long time ago?

  27. Earnblogger says:

    Good offer for new bloggers. Well, this will definitely help Kontera to increase their publishers base.

  28. zk5182 says:

    thats really awesome……

  29. VeRonda says:

    You know, getting some new insight on something can be a good thing… And, when doing this blog thing, it’s definitely a benefit to try arenas that have been successful for those who are successful!

  30. tyna says:

    I just signed up,lets see what happens next.

  31. Phil says:

    Kontera sucks. Most of their ads are irrelevant (shopping.com anyone?), they pay peanuts compared to what I had with Vibrant Media and they make promises they can keep. They’re a bunch of liars and scammers.

  32. rodel says:

    crap! I just signed up months ago.. tsk tsk tsk.. how i wish this offer was earlier..

  33. kahoongchai says:

    actually what is the different with sign up kontera our ownselves and sign up through john chow ? I did tried to sign up through johnchow but seems same with sign up our ownselves ? 😉
    There is no stating that we will get 100% earning also ? :mrgreen:

  34. Stockerati says:

    I’d love to try Kontera, however my blog (http://stockerati.com) shares my analysisof up and coming stocks that I trade. Kontera creates a disruptive experience–doesn’t it? Any ideas on how I can use get past this issue with Kontera? Thanks

  35. Speaks volumes about John Chow… not to sure about Kontera though – I’ll have to do more research to see if sending my visitors away is worth the exchange in price..

    Seth Daley
    “10 – 15 Laser Targeted Prospects Chasing You Every Week…
    in 90 Days or Less!”

  36. Revenue says:

    I like and i will try
    Best regards

  37. Paul says:

    I’m not ready to use Kontera on my site yet but I’m thinking of signing up with Amazon since they will be giving me my own store.

    1. Thorsten says:

      any experiencd with Adsense for your ventures?

  38. Flimjo says:

    That’s a nice little promotion. Still, is anyone making any significant money from Kontera?

  39. 5cents per click? I call that ok payout if you can get 1% CTR! 0.5$ ecpm

  40. I can’t decide if I should use Kontera or not. This seems like a great deal though.

  41. Awesome deal. Thanks for this one 🙂

  42. Bryan says:

    Great deal. Thanks!

  43. What a great incentive for John Chow Dot Com readers. I am already a member and use Kontera as a money maker it is well worth signing up. 😀

  44. 😕 ❗ ❓ Ugh! I can’t decide whether to sign up for Kontera or not. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I think that readers might not respond well to it. I feel like it would damage the integrity of my content. Especially since it isn’t necessarily relevant content. On top of that I don’t see where I could make that much money off of it…..but if John Chow reccomends it, there has to be good reason for it! I don’t know man……just thinking out loud.z

  45. Wooow. Nice one…

    We just need to sign up and that’s it? Don’t need to write something saying that we are John Chow readers?

  46. Ray says:

    Why is everyone complaining? The worst that can happen is we make money……even if it is just a few dollars.

  47. Rod says:

    Actually is not just something they did for you anyone who goes to kontera.com and signs up from their promotion page get’s the 100% revenue

  48. Albert says:

    I don’t get it, so Kontera doesn’t normally give you 100% of money you rightfully earn?

  49. fas says:

    No Kontera does give the money, but they will give you double now for signing up through John Chow.

  50. Phillip Lyon says:

    Kontera is a joke just like this blog is. You said you can only get this deal through John Chow but anybody can get this deal. You seem to like to deceive people to make money. By the way Kontera affiliates do not receive any money from Kontera until they make 100 dollars. I have a blog that gets a few thousand visitors a month and I only accumulated about twenty bucks in three months using Kontera. It would take most average bloggers a long time to accumulate 100 dollars with Kontera. Kontera is not worth the annoyance to readers.

  51. Sounds great, I woudl have signed up, if I wasn’t already registered with them!

  52. Wade says:

    That brings me to a question. Why do you always get $1000 from them every income report? I don’t think you do that much with them, they just pay you that flat rate for spamming their name across your site. There is no way you get an even amount, every time.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

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