Kontera Releases Offcial WordPress Plugin

The folks over at Kontera have released an official WordPress plugin. This was something I discussed at length with Kontera during my dinner with them in Ad Tech.

Unlike my TTZ Media network, the installation of the Kontera ad codes requires a user to do more than just copy and past a few lines of text. You’ll need a fair understand of HTML and FTP access to your blog. That’s all changed with the release of the new Plugin. Some of the features include.

  • Add the ContentLink tag to all your pages in one click
  • Block ContentLink ads from appearing on particular posts or categories
  • Determine when ContentLink ads will begin appearing on new posts- you can choose to block ads for a particular number of days
  • Display ContentLinks only on posts
  • Display ContentLinks only on comments
  • Change ContentLinks color

Installation of the plugin is pretty straightforward – just upload to your WordPress plugins folder and then activate it. Then it’s just a matter of inserting your publisher ID and deciding where you want to context link to show up.

Download WordPress Plugin for WordPress 2.5
Download WordPress Plugin for WordPress 2.0
Sign up for Kontera Contentlink

38 thoughts on “Kontera Releases Offcial WordPress Plugin”

  1. wisdom says:

    good news for many folks

    1. John are you using it on this blog? Or are you keeping the old set up?


      1. Hey John, what happened to the really large Kontera ads? Seems lke you used them for about a day and they were gone.

      2. John Chow says:

        I’m still running the old setup. It works. However, the plugin’s ability to let me select which pages to add the codes to is uber cool!

        1. MoneyNing says:

          It is cool… it shows they listen… I was hoping they will add the keyword density as a tweak too but maybe we have to rely on the our account manager to tweak that..

        2. Cronus says:

          Glad to see I won’t be the only one keeping the old version. Why upgrade when it already works right?

          1. MoneyNing says:

            Why don’t you want to upgrade if it’s better though? Sure the original works but don’t you want to finer controls at your fingertips?

        3. Chetan says:

          I posted this about 5 days back itself, and yeah have to agree that the plugin is very easy to install and has supercool features 😀

  2. aLien says:

    Great!! now become more blogger friendly, easy and flexible to install Kontera 🙂

  3. About time! Now, we can all download it and make some money with Kontera! How great is that? I wonder if it can block off certain posts though for those who don’t want say sponsored posts to be underlined… I’ll be trying it out!


    1. Cronus says:

      It does say certain posts you can block from running these ads so I would assume so. The best way to find out is to test it though.

  4. Llama Money says:

    Been a long-time Kontera user, but I installed the plugin. Makes theme upgrades easier, so count me in.

  5. I’m lovin’ it! Thanks John 🙂

  6. Thiago Prado says:

    Do I have to sign up for the program before download the plugin ?

    1. No but it won’t do anything unless you have a publisher ID.

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        That’s make total sense. I think I’ll apply to the program to see if it’s as good as John says all the time. 💡

    2. Cronus says:

      It would be kind of pointless to have ads running on your site without gaining any benefit form them wouldn’t it? lol

      1. Lol yeah. I’m assuming they just wouldn’t show at all unless you entered your ID though.

  7. Nullvariable says:

    “The folks over at Kontera has released”

    should be “have released” 😉 sorry I grew up with a dad who was an editor 😈

  8. MoneyNing says:

    Great…. I have an account but didn’t like the fact that it was showing up on my new pages. I’m glad about this so i can monetize part of the search engine traffic.

    I will install it after I get back from my honeymoon!

  9. Great post John. Now, Jus t edit the post be fore publishinmg.

  10. Cronus says:

    Excellent addition to kontera! Too bad my earnings are insanely low right now. I already have it implemented the old way so I might just let it sit like that for now.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      If it’s quite low, I actually believe you should take it off. You need to gain more traffic first before you even think about monetizing the blog! Readership and traffic is much more important at the beginning!!!

  11. adnriani says:

    Awesome idea, I hope “ll be much more improvement from Kontera.
    John..! I love You..!

  12. youdee says:

    I like to hear it, eventhough have not use this monetize.

  13. Didn’t Kontera used to not allow sites with less than (I think) 200k visitors?

    1. Flimjo says:

      Yes, but if you use John’s promotional code, they’ll possibly waive that requirement.

  14. Yudhi says:

    Wow, 🙂 this good news and must soon is tried. Does you have tried it?

  15. Bibokz says:

    Kontera CPC for now is quite low. I have not time for this plugins.

  16. After reading your ebook I was interested to check Kontera out myself but now I am happy that Financial Jesus is only 3 days old – I don’t have to fuss around with the code but can use the plugin straight away!
    Thanks for letting us know of the plugin 😀

    1. MoneyNing says:

      Good job starting a blog 🙂 If this is your first one, then welcome to the club 😀

      1. Thanks! It’s the first one that I’m serious about! Feel free to give me any feedback on my site blog at roman [at] financialjesus.com

  17. Flimjo says:

    I was already using a Kontera plugin that worked great. It seems like they’re identical.

  18. Good news from Kontera! Now we can get ads served faster and better.

  19. Ashley says:

    What do other people find in terms of their earnings?

    I’ve had Kontera installed for nearly a month now and I’m only earning around 3 cents per click. My click through rate is about the same as my Google AdSense, but with AdSense I’m earning probably 10-20 cents per click. For 3 cents per click it’s hardly worth losing a visitor over and doesn’t add up too much.

    I can also see that the ads are hardly targeted very well, like AdSense, so that’s probably part of the problem – they just don’t have the quality advertisers. It’s too bad Google AdSense doesn’t have a ad unit like Konteras.

    Are other people seeing about the same?

  20. Syed Balkhi says:

    Gotta write about this one even though I don’t like them…

  21. To readers of this site,
    I have a question about Kontera. I hear that Kontera is not that great to make money on blog sites. Is this true? What is your experience with Kontera? I may or may not consider Kontera on my site. Any observations?

  22. Bomb says:

    Has anyone actually installed this? Cause it doesn’t work. Maybe I am a complete idiot and maybe not. I have installed hundreds of WP plugins successfully with no problems. Installed it in multiple blogs, multiple servers, included pub id. NOTHING. Contacted their support WORTHLESS. Did I hit “activate”? yeah I did any other ideas support?

    John please knock these bozos over their heads. Their plugin and support sucks

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