Ladies, Let’s Do Lunch!

I guess this is kinda in the same spirit as the Dot Com Lunch, but without any guys. Ladies Who Lunch is a lunch put on by Maria Kritikos, and it’s designed to empower women, ladies, girls, babes, whatever they want to be call these days. The next event is on October 19 in Vancouver and you’re invited, if you’re female.

Actually, there’s no rule that says guys can not attend, and if the guy is smart, he’ll be a fool not to go. A room full of hot ladies with no competition in sight. Talk about stacking the odds in your favor. Who knows, you might get a date with Miss Canada! Yes, she will be there.

On October 19th Fashion TV Host Mandy Ross will MC an inspirational afternoon on the

“Secret to Success”

This event will feature Maria Kritikos CEO and Founder of Ladies Who Lunch, Miss Canada Casar Jacobson, Tracey Drake CEO of Niche Magazine and Jennifer Halinda the executive director of Dress For Success.

Fashion designer Jason Matlo will reveal his BABE 2014 Spring/Summer collection in an exclusive fashion show for Ladies Who Lunch™. Entertainment for this event will be performed by international musicians Sharon Bryson & Karla Sax.

Find out the “Secret to Success” over lunch with some of Vancouver’s elite “Business Leaders, Influencers & Philanthropists”.

Tickets to lunch with the ladies are only $85. If you’re an empowered woman, and you want to network with other empowered women, Ladies Who Lunch is for you. If you’re an empowered guy who’s not afraid of an empowered woman, this event is for you too! If I wasn’t in California right now, I would so crash it. Have an extra pink champagne on me!




6 thoughts on “Ladies, Let’s Do Lunch!”

  1. Edson Hale says:

    Hey John aren’t you a little gender bias or I am so unlucky becoz I am a guy.

    1. John Chow says:

      You think you would be luckier if you were a girl?

    2. faisal says:

      Read carefully, you can go too.

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Wow this is new! Have an awesome time ladies!

  3. Kostas says:

    Now if you ask me, any guy crashing this event would be smart! In all seriousness, it does sound great and I’ll be passing it on to some female buddies locally.

  4. Jawbone Up says:

    Wow! I definitely want to go. Hot ladies with career and money. What’s there more to ask for ….

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