Last Chance To Become A Blogger

If you want to become a blogger, you have to less than 24 hours to do so. Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick will closing their Become A Blogger video training program on Friday at midnight. After the doors close, you won’t be able to get in for months again. And apparently, the price may have increased by then as well. The price has already increased once, so why miss out again and pay more later?

Yaro and Gideon are the real deal. You can prove it to yourself by doing a simple Google Search of their course, and you’ll see what other people are saying. To me, a course like this is a no-brainer because you really can’t lose.

The course comes with a 60 days no questions ask money back guarantee. Try it for a full 60 days and if you don’t like it, just ask for a refund and they’ll arrange for it on the spot. It doesn’t get much easier than that. There are also some amazing bonuses that come with the Become A Blogger course. But those will be gone in less than 24 hours as well so if you’re really serious about taking your blogging to the next level, you better act fast.

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47 thoughts on “Last Chance To Become A Blogger”

  1. I’m sure this is a fine program/course, but probably not everybody is interested in becoming a blogger.

    1. John Chow says:

      If they’re not, then why would they be reading this blog? πŸ™‚

      1. Paul B says:

        Because they want to make money online? That doesn’t have to involve blogging in any way, shape or form?

        1. Ok, but this is a blog with most tips and posts about how to make money by blogging. Blogs can be a must tool to market any other type of online biz we have.

      2. I think he’s got you there john!!

        1. Yup Become a affiliate blogger… πŸ™‚

      3. Leo says:

        I dunno John…maybe to know what you ate last night? Maybe to see some cool cars? Maybe to be WOWed by your brilliance….

      4. Because they’re naively hoping for some actual info on making money?

      5. Ben Pei says:

        Because its JC man..

  2. Allan Duncan says:

    the title Become a Blogger doesn’t interest me…even as young as 7 year old kid can be a blogger now a days…what i want to know is how i can earn money from my blogs…

    1. It’s all about making money online these days… πŸ˜›

    2. John Chow says:

      The course will teach you how to make money as well. Yaro has students that make over $30,000 per month.

      1. Paul B says:

        I here this a lot but isn’t it more accurate to say that he has a (1) “student” (who happened to be an old colleague) who makes $30k+ a month? It’s the only one that ever gets mentioned or am I missing something? The bloke with the car blog right?

        Nothing against Yaro, I’m really enjoying the Blog Mastermind course so far but I’m just not keen on the claims of students earnings $30k+ without some backup. Little things like how much were they earning before, how much now, how many of them are there?

        1. Marko Saric says:

          Selling is alright with me. Bloggers can do what they want with their blogs / email lists. It is easy for the reader / subscriber to say no to it if they do not like it.

          John at least slightly changed the generic affiliate email salespitch for this blog post. I have seen them just copy/paste it from the BecomeABlogger affiliate program.

          A personal recommendation on why you use the course and why you believe your readers need to use it as well would work much better.


          1. Paul B says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against using your blog as a sales tool. It’s just this case in particular that bugs me a bit. That “students earning $30k a month” is banded about left right and center without anything to back it up. Except of course the one student who from what I can gather makes that much purely because of his honest writing style with regard to cars as much as anything that could possibly be taught. In short it’s his writing that is the money maker there. When Yaro interviewed him that’s certainly how it came across.

            Anyhoo, I’ll get back to my Blog Mastermind course now πŸ™‚

          2. Obviously just trying to make a sale… thats all…That is how our world goes round….

      2. Ben Pei says:

        Well I guess he was one of the lucky few then…

  3. Sounds like a great course, I learn from any good source out there possible. Thanks for the heads up John.

  4. muri says:

    well I have read “becomeblogger before” this yaro starak business model have found easily at the problogger and now it is here,I think blogger top champion is close there hands together now,however,I have try them and so far I keep note on it.and what a pitty that some recomensations is recomended me “to buy More thing” in which I dont think I can afford to make this time

  5. Andrew says:

    Become a blogger in 2 simple steps.

    1) Register blog at wordpress or
    2) Write unique interesting blog posts

    1. Registering at Blogger is a terrible idea if you want to be taken seriously. People should just get a domain. They can get them for $8.

  6. Sire says:

    You mean I am not a blogger. Man, does that mean that I have been wasting my time all these years. Oh well, it’s probably too late now, as you know what they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. πŸ˜‰

  7. Pete says:

    Since when do you have to watch a video to become a blogger? I’m doing fine with my websites without ever heard of those guys πŸ™‚

  8. John have used this program? And if we sign up for this one do we get a free $500 review from your site? It looks interesting, but I don’t know if I could afford it right now.


  9. make150aday says:

    John–Your answer “If they’re not, then why would they be reading this blog?” is litttle way off..And i know you are trying to joke coz, you have a smily face next to it..Thats diplomatic.

    Anyways–Getting back to the post–I would trust this program if there is an actual person besides Yaro, John, Darren making the amount as they are claiming.

    I can also show you how one can make $200/day or higher in simple steps.

    i)Register for a domain

    ii)Design your site or hire someone to design

    iii)Get some nice content

    iv)Market your blog

    v)Get more domains and duplicate with different topics.

    Thats it.

    Now how you can make money…

    i) Monitize your blog/websites

    ii)If you make $2/day on one of your website then you can make $400/day with 200 websites.

    Your investment.

    i)Cost of domain names–as low as $6.50/year
    If you get 200 then will be about $1300/year

    ii)Design cost–If you do yourself then its free otherwise you can get for around $100/200 for simple one. Then just do the same for rest of your domains. BTW–Wordpress is free..

    iii)Hosting Cost–
    May be about $120/year and you can host more than one domain.

    Again you don’t have to get 200 domains all at once. You can start with fewer in the beginning and test.

    With the steps that I showed you–you can make about 2-3k/month . I know you wanna make $30000/month but lets be real—Do you think you can make $30,000/month or $2500/month

    If you are still hoping for 30k/month then you gotta be very lucky and very aggresive and its not overnight.

    So what do you think? Seriously….

    1. That is exactly what I am saying…. I am making money on one blog and know how to do it why cant i just make many blogs and build my income……

      But I think about that then.

      200 different blogs…. 200 different articles you gotta write a week and maintain… A little crazy I think when some people have 1 blog and make really good money every month.

      I do agree that maybe you should try different niches and see which one is the most successful and running 3 blogs seems reasonable and all three of them can help each other out..

    2. … and you’ll eat blog …

    3. Alvin Lim says:

      How long it takes in order to see the profit? I am new to blogging.Thanks

  10. a lot of interesting feedback.

  11. I really hate to knock people but I do have this to say. I believe Yaro has good intent, I’m sure if you knew nothing about blogging he’d teach you something, however, there is just a massive amount of FREE blogging advice and how to that you can learn from. Either how to just blog or how to also make money at blogging. I would not spend money like that when you can learn it for free. His free e-book with secrets was nothing more then fluff and a means to sell. John’s e-book I actually did learn from. Not trying to promote John, just stating facts. I would not recommend signing up.

    1. Reyn Aria says:

      It’s true, but too much free information is a problem by itself. You probably won’t know which are important and which are not. This course can be great to avoid the information overload issue because they have picked only the tips you needed the most.

    2. Interesting. I’ve never paid for the program because I don’t need it, but I’ve also read John’s ebook. It did teach me some things I didn’t know about.

  12. SEO Tips says:

    It does look like a good course but again I doubt its worth the money, information is all over the Internet if you want to learn start reading.

  13. Yea i will look into this.. But John I have a question… I get comments on my blog and you can tell they are probably just to get a link on my website. Some of them go to websites with viruses but they look legit like ex: johnsblog . com ….. not a real blog just example and i check it out and my computer is under attack. Even better trackbacks…. virus websites…. What do you do or do u have an article about this…

    Brian P

  14. This is a smart way to fill up those last few spots. Nice marketing move. Looks pretty good, but there is so much free content on becoming a blogger on great site.

  15. Sounds like a great course, I learn from any good source out there possible. Thanks for the heads up John.

  16. Becoming a blogger takes a minute or two, but becoming successful at it is something completely different altogether!

  17. Silvia says:

    I think To be become a blogger doesn’t mean to take a course,that is the greatest experience got by efforts and the time.

  18. Oh man…I missed my chance…

  19. And here I thought becoming a blogger requires as much as launching a blog.

  20. Silvia says:

    This is only the first step.

  21. Ricky C says:

    Yes this program does really can teach you to become a pro blogger but i personally choose a free ways to become a problogger, Not an instant but slowly to the top

  22. ma halim chy says:

    Hello sir,

    i want know how i join to become blogger

  23. Dex Anthony says:

    damn I just missed this.. Oh well I signed up for the early notification list.. Thanks anyway John

  24. Gagan says:

    @ Andrew

    very right !! πŸ™‚

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