Last Day To Get An Instant Payday At A Discount

Instant Payday

Today is the last day to get Kim Roach’s Instant Payday Formula at the $77 grand opening price. On Friday at 12PM EST, the price will increase to $97 so you need to act fast if you want to take advantage of the grand opening offer.

To recap, Kim spent that past 4 months dedicated to making her product exceed all expectations. Instant Payday Formula reveals complete step-by-step guides to market research, competitive intelligence, advanced keyword discovery, high-profile content syndication, untapped link building strategies, and much more. The program is packed with over 180 pages of killer, no-fluff content and over 10 hours of video training via the Video Dashboard.

The best thing is, you really can’t lose on this deal. Kim is so sure that Instant Payday Formula will help you make money online that she backs it up with a eight week no questions ask money back guarantee. If for any reason, you feel Kim’s program isn’t for you, let her know and she’ll refund your money. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re at all interested in Kim’s program, then you need to grab your copy now before you miss out. I’ve seen the system and all the value it provides, and I know it could easily sell for 10x the asking price if Kim repackaged the program as a monthly course like the Become a Blogger video series. Instead, Kim is giving you access to everything for one low price. But remember, you have until Friday 12PM EST to get it at the grand opening price.

Get Kim Roach’s Instant Payday Formula

22 thoughts on “Last Day To Get An Instant Payday At A Discount”

  1. Ruben Ricart says:

    Thank you John…almost missed this – will take a closer look at this.

  2. Thanks for this mate, was a interesting read.

  3. Eric says:

    Tweeting This

  4. I’ll be curious to hear from those who sign up for it how well it works.

  5. Thomas says:

    Hey John, thanks for the reminder, I’ll be signing up for that. I also wanted to say thanks for How To Do An Aweber Blog Broadcast, I really learned a lot and am using it now on my site for Catholic gifts.


  6. Brian says:

    Nice, $100 for 24 videos and 1 ebook. haven’t watch them yet, but downloaded. I’ll see if I can get anything back from this investment. (Hopefully…)

    1. Brian says:

      I saw your comment on the John Chow blog saying you’d bought the Instant Payday Formula course: I just wanted to ask you if you think it is worth the money? Does it really teach you all that stuff that it promises to?

      Hope you don’t mind me asking. Nobody else said they’d bought it so I googled your email addy. I’m a web developer, but lost my job recently so I have lots of time, not too much $$$ ! I’d be really interested to know what you think about it as I can see from your blog you’ve done this type of thing before.

      Short answer: it’s worth for your money whether or not you earn money right after you’ve learned the videos. I can tell you that, I’ve spent quite big money for these online businesses, but failed. However, everytime I failed, I collected my mistakes and improved them. I don’t have much money, but I am willing to pay for my mistakes because I believe I will be successful when I got enough mistakes. I mean, investment will guarantee nothing if you don’t take action and accept failure.

      What I paid for is Kim’s knowledge, experience and mistakes, not hoping that I will earn money RIGHT AWAY.

      Buy it or not, you decide.



  7. love to hear of anyone that takes advantage of this deal and is willing to post up a review.

  8. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Seems that’s a good offer. I will consider about that since I still have time. Between, any free gift given such as premium wordpress themes? 🙂


  9. Do you know if there were any pre-release / summary copies given out? Thanks!

  10. It seems a must have program, I will check it out and give it a closer look.

  11. Manori Money says:

    actually the price can be 67… Just pretend that you are going to leave the site and a msg will pop saying if you buy it right now you will get an additional discount of $10… Just saved you guys another $10…hahah

  12. Well I am not going to miss this one. I just want to take full advantage of this …

  13. diabetes man says:

    thank you for remmaind me, john…..

  14. This is awesome, thank you John

  15. interesting find..thanks for the info

  16. Interesting… I will check it out 🙂

  17. John,

    This is a great offer, trying to stay current on bills, will have to wait for this even at the increased price.

    How about a contest, participants send you a photo or (Flickr link) of their most outrageous dessert using Hagen-Daz ice cream?

    Winner receives one of Kim’s packages?


    Nicholas Chase

  18. great review, the sales page really did a good job. i give this product a try.

    thanks john for the recommendation.

  19. Hi John. I bought the course last Thursday and it seems very much underpriced for what it teaches. I’d like to thank you for blogging about the program because I probably wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

  20. I regret that I missed out this bright opportunity

  21. I have missed out too, I believe there is some “must have ” information in there.

    I´m going to have to spring fir the full price andtake advantage of good offers in the future.

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