Learn Competitive Intelligence From Performance Marketing For Professionals

Successful marketing is the centrifuge to business success. It’s how you maintain relationships with your customers, build your brand and make sales. People like John Rampton, an entrepreneur, marketing guru and start-up addict who founded www.artscience.com and Murray Newlands, entrepreneur, marketing guru and founder and editor of www.themail.com  are pioneers in the marketing industry, showing business professionals how to be marketing mavericks.

Their new book, “Performance Marketing for Professionals”, show’s business leaders various topics about performance marketing. It’s for sale on amazon.com. Click here to get it.

Competitive Intelligence. Sounds very elite right? There’s an entire chapter dedicated to this key component in performance marketing. What is competitive intelligence and how can you really use this information to your advantage? John and Murray give readers 5 reasons why using competitive intelligence is important.

Did you know that expanding your list of competitors is part of competitive intelligence? How do you find your competitors? John and Murray show you how! Topics like landing pages, content development research and link building strategies are all factors in this! What’s an exit site? Why do demographics, social media and alerts have anything to do with your competitive intelligence? Put your lab coat on, we’re digging into the science of marketing!

With competitive intelligence comes a side tool that you need to know, PPC with Bing and Google. You’ll learn the basics of it and why ads with a high CTR is big indicator of your PPC success. What important factors do clients and users look for in an ad? What is a good basic tenant of good marketing and copy writing? What keywords do you select for your campaigns? How do you create an ad copy so that you’re CTR and CPC is on your side? John and Murray offer 5 key points to consider when trying to improve your PPC.

You’ve set up a good campaign and you’re getting traffic, how do you convert clicks in to buyers? That key topic “keyword research” comes up again, being emphasized in optimizing PPC campaigns! What are ‘low competition keywords and how to find them? And finally, the advantages and disadvantages of PPC with Bing and Google!